Dog Sitting IV

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This story is fiction. Any similarities to living people is a coincidence. This story is for fun, and includes a spanking of a pre-teen girl. By no means does the author encourage the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story.


Both Robin and Jennifer go out into the backyard. They look all over; the yard is not that big. "Uh-oh!" Robin says. They start to call his name, "Curly! Curly? Here, boy! Here, Curly! Where are you, boy? CURLY!?" Jennifer says, "Ohmygod, Robin, he's gone! What're we gonna do?" Robin says, "He's not gone; he's probably here somewhere, let's look out front." The tv show is all but forgotten, as two girls search and search for a little puppy.

As they get into the front yard, they see their mom with the double stroller. Steven is sitting up front and Melissa is laying in the back. Lisa says, "Oh, girls, there you are! I was on my way to the park with the kids. I didn't know where you were. You didn't come right home. I was starting to get wor..." She stops. She sees the look of fear on both their faces. "Girls, what's wrong?" Robin starts to cry. "Oh, Mommy, Curly's missing!" Lisa pushes the stroller over to them. "What? Robin, what happened? Jennifer?" Robin starts to answer, "Mommy, we let..." Jennifer cuts her sister off. She answers, "We went straight to Mrs. Schotz's after school and took Curly for his walk. Then we were out back playing with him like we always do. I threw the ball and it went into the next yard. Then Curly went to get it and didn't come back. We've been calling and calling for him, but he ran away!"

Robin just stands there and stares at her sister. She cannot believe how the lies just tumbled out of Jennifer's mouth. She says, "What are you talking about?" Jennifer pulls Robin to the side and says, "Look, Robin, we're already in a lot of trouble, you want to get into more by admitting the truth? Just play along!" They walk back over to their mother, who thankfully is fussing over the little ones. Lisa says, "Well, I'm going to get them over to the park, now. You two keep searching. I'm sure that by the time I get back, Curly will have shown up." Robin has tears coming down her face. Lisa says, "Really, Robin, don't worry, you'll find him. I'll be back in 45 minutes."

After Lisa has left, Robin stares at Jennifer and says, "What are you crazy? You just lied right to Mommy's face!" Jennifer replies, "It's not like it's the first time, Robin. She doesn't have to know how we lost Curly. What's the difference? Come on, we've got to find him. Mrs. Schotz's friend, Nancy will be home soon." The girls search the yard a dozen more times. They search their own yard, and all the yards adjacent to it. But Curly is simply nowhere to be found. Now Jennifer is crying, too. "Oh, Robin, what are we gonna do? Mrs. Schotz is going to be so mad!" Robin says, "Yeah, and what about Daddy? He's going to be fuming mad. He didn't think we'd be able to take on this much responsibility." Jenn says, "Oh, my god, you're right! Now we'll never get a dog of our own!" The girls go back inside Mrs. Schotz's house. They turn off the t.v. Then they sit and write a note to Nancy explaining what happened. They leave their phone number on the note. Then they go back to their own house.

The girls are upstairs doing homework when the telephone rings. Lisa buzzes them on the intercom, "Girls, it's Nancy, from next door." Jennifer jumps up. "Maybe Curly's back" she says. Jennifer picks up the phone. Her smile turns to a frown. "Oh, yeah, I know. But we looked everywhere for him. We didn't know what to do. She's coming home tomorrow? Oh, god! I don't know. My dad will be home soon. Maybe he'll drive us around and we can continue looking? Yes, I'll call if we find him. Okay, thanks!" Jenn puts down the phone. Robin guesses, "She didn't call to say she found him, huh?" Jenn says, "No, she just got home and saw our note. Mrs. Schotz is coming home in the morning. Now what?"

Charlie comes home about a half hour later. He trudges through the door. He goes to his bedroom and changes his clothes. Then he goes into the living room, sits in his chair, and puts his feet up. "Oh, what a day! All I want to do for the rest of the night is sit here," he says to himself. When the twins heard him downstairs, they ran down. They started talking to him at the same time. Charlie held up his hand. "All right, slow down, one at a time!" Jenn said, "Oh, Daddy, you're going to be so mad at us! We're so sorry!" She just threw herself against Charlie's chest and cried. He pushed her away gently and said, "Okay, what am I going to be angry about? What happened?"

The girls led their father into the living room and they all sat down. Robin went first, "Daddy, we lost Curly." Charlie said, "What!?" Jennifer said, "We were playing with him in the backyard, and he ran off. We called him back, but he didn't come. We looked and looked for him, but we couldn't find him." Robin continued, "And now Mrs. Schotz is coming home tomorrow, and we lost her dog!" Both girls continued to cry. Charlie said, "Okay, I think you'd better start from the beginning and tell me exactly what happened." Jenn said, "We don't have time for that, Daddy! We have to find him. We were hoping you could drive us around so we could search the neighborhood for him, before it gets too dark." Lisa interrupted, "You all have to eat dinner, first. Then you can go out and look for a little while. But girls, Curly is a little dog, and you might not find him. He's been gone for a long time now."

The girls look at the floor. Robin sobs. Then she says, "I bet you're really disappointed in us, huh, Daddy?" Charlie answers, "Well, I can't imagine there's anything you really could have done. The yard's not fenced in, Curly's a little dog, and very fast. If you didn't find him right when he ran off, he could have gotten very far by now. Come, let's eat dinner. Then we'll look for him." Robin feels terrible. She knows that they could have done more. They weren't even with him when he ran off. She looks at Jennifer. She was feeling it, too. If they had known Curly ran off, they could have looked for him right away, and probably found him. But they didn't. It was too late now. And it was too late to tell the truth. Their father would be mighty angry. He always tells them to come clean with him right away. Oh, when would they ever learn?!

After dinner, Charlie takes the girls out in the truck. They search the whole neighborhood. They knock on several neighbor's doors. They leave their phone number and Mrs. Schotz's number with each person they speak to. Oh, where is that dog! Finally, after searching for over an hour, Charlie says to the twins, "Okay, girls, it's dark, now, time to go home. I'm sure Curly will show up." Robin says, "Oh, please, Daddy, just a little more." Charlie says, "No, I'm sorry, honey, we did the best we could. Time to go home now. It's getting late. If he's still not back in the morning, you and your sister can search again." Jennifer says, "But he's just a little dog. He can't stay out all night. He'll freeze to death. Oh, Daddy, I feel so guilty!" They pull up in the driveway.

Charlie ushers the girls into the house. Lisa looks up from folding laundry, "No luck, huh?" They all shake their heads back and forth. Lisa says, "Well, I'm sure some nice family found him and he's laying on their living room rug right now. He'll be back in the morning." Robin replies, "But, Curly has a dog tag, with a phone number on it, why don't they just call?" Charlie says, "I don't know, honey." Jennifer says, "Maybe they did. Let's call Nancy, maybe Curly's back." But a few minutes later, Jennifer hangs up the phone. Nancy hasn't heard from anyone.

Charlie says to the twins, "Okay, I want both of you upstairs, finish your homework, and take your baths. You can come down and watch some t.v. after we've put Steven and Melissa to bed." Both girls drop their heads and drag their feet. They walk solemnly up to their bedroom. Robin takes a bath first, and then Jennifer. While Jennifer is in the bath, Robin pokes her head into the bathroom. "Hey, Jenn, can I come in? I've been thinking!" Jenn says, "Yeah, me too. You first, though!" Robin says, "Well, I know it won't bring Curly back, but I think we should tell Daddy the truth!" Jenn nods. "I think so, too, but I don't know why." Robin says, "Well, I just feel really guilty. We should have taken him for a walk like we were supposed to." Jennifer agrees, "Yeah, it was because we wanted to watch that stupid show! And we didn't even get to see who the winner was!"

A little while later, Robin and Jennifer, both clad in their pajamas walk down the stairs. They go right into the living room, and stand before their parents. Charlie looks up from reading the paper. "All nice and clean?" The girls nod. Jennifer starts, "Mommy, Daddy, we want to tell you something." Robin adds, "Something we're not very proud of." Charlie says, "Uh-oh, do I want to sit down for this?" Jennifer says, "Daddy! You are sitting down. This is serious." "Okay," Charlie says, "Shoot." The girls sit on the couch opposite their parents. Robin says, "Well, here goes. Mommy, Daddy, it's our fault that Curly ran away today." Lisa and Charlie look at each other. Lisa says, "Girls, I thought we had been all through that. We told you it wasn't your fault." Charlie added, "Yes, I told you, Curly is a small but fast dog. I'm sure you did your best to try and run after him."

Jennifer blurted out, "Butwedidn'twedidn'tevenknowheranaway!" Charlie tried to sort that out, but he couldn't. So he said, "What did you just say, honey?" Jennifer was openly crying now, "Daddy, we didn't know he ran away, because we were inside while Curly was outside!" Lisa said, "What do you mean? You told me you were outside playing ball with him!" Jennifer said, "We, uh, um, well, I lied!" Lisa said, "What? You lied to me?" Jennifer shook her head as she cried. Robin said, "What happened was this: we ran straight over to Mrs. Schotz's house because we wanted to see this television program. Then I was on the phone with Debbie, and Jenn was on the couch watching tv. Curly was jumping up and down and we knew he had to go out, but we didn't want to miss the show, so I just opened up the back door and let him go out there. He must have run away while I was on the phone. As soon as there was a commercial, we looked out the window, but we didn't see Curly. When we got out there, we saw that he was gone." Robin collapsed on the couch hysterically crying.

Charlie was shocked. He knew his girls had lied to him in the past, but he could not believe this. When the shock had settled, Charlie said, "Girls, I am very disappointed in you." Both girls just continued to cry. Lisa said, "Your father and I have to talk. Go to your room and wait for us!" While they were talking, the telephone rang. It was Nancy from next door. Curly had been found by a neighbor, and he was bringing him back. All the adults were relieved. Of course, Charlie and Lisa still had to deal with two very irresponsible girls.

Charlie and Lisa climbed the stairs slowly. They knew the girls had to be punished, for lying to them, but they felt bad to have to do it. When they got to the twins' room, Charlie knocked softly. "Come in," one of the girls said. Charlie and Lisa walked into the room. Both girls were lying on their beds reading. Lisa said, "Girls, that was Nancy on the phone. Curly's been found!" Robin and Jennifer jumped up. Robin said, "He has? Oh, thank god!" Jennifer said, "Oh, I'm so relieved. I'm glad he was found before Mrs. Schotz got home." Charlie said, "Yes, well, I'm glad Curly has been found, but there's still this little matter that we need to deal with. Sit down, girls!" Robin and Jennifer sat down on the edge of Robin's bed. Their parents sat opposite them on Jennifer's bed.

"We are very disappointed that you felt the need to lie to us, girls," Charlie said. Lisa added, "Especially, after acting so irresponsibly." Jennifer said, "We know, we're sorry. We should have taken Curly out as soon as we got there. It'll never happen again." Charlie said, "No, it won't. Because you will not be dog-sitting again for a very long time. And you can forget about getting your own pet for awhile, too." Robin said, "We'd still be in trouble if we had told you the truth from the beginning, wouldn't we, Daddy?" Charlie said, "Well, you'd still be in trouble for acting irresponsibly, but now you've unneccessarily added several lies. That is very unfortunate." Jennifer asked, "Are we gonna get a spanking, Daddy?" Charlie answered, "What do you think, baby?" Jennifer said, "I thought so." Lisa added, "You'll also be grounded for what you did, and I'm going to wash your mouth out with soap for lying to us. I'll start with you, Jennifer, since you were the one that lied to me first." Jennifer follows her mom into the bathroom.

Charlie beckons Robin to join him on Jennifer's bed. When she is standing next to him, he pulls down her pajama bottoms and her panties. He leans her across his lap and starts to spank. First he spanks one cheek and then the other. He continues to alternate each cheek. Robin starts to wiggle and scream. "I'm sorry, Daddy, I'll never do it again. Daddeeee! Please! It hurts!" Charlie continues to spank Robin's bare bottom. This is the longest and hardest spanking she has ever gotten. He doesn't stop until he's hit her 100 times. Then he stops. He stands her up and leads her to her own bed. He tells her to cry it out. He leans down and kisses her cheek. "I love you, sweetie. I hope I won't have to do this again for a long time." Then Charlie pops his head into the bathroom. "Jennifer, I'll be waiting for you in my bedroom. Come down as soon as Mommy is through with you."

Fifteen minutes later, Jennifer knocks softly on her parents' bedroom door. Charlie gets up to open it. Jennifer walks in and stands by the big red chair. Charlie sits down and motions for Jennifer to stand next to him. Then he pulls down her pajama pants, and panties, which fall to her feet. He pulls her across his lap and positions her. Then he begins to spank, first one cheek, then the other, alternating between cheeks like he did with Robin. Jennifer tries not to scream, but after about 30 spanks, she does. "I'm sorreee, Dadddeee! Please, stop! I'll be good, please, Daddee!" Charlie does not stop until both cheeks are bright red. He has smacked her 100 times, same as with Robin. He pulls Jennifer to his feet and walks her over to his bed. "You can lay there for half an hour, until you calm down." Once she is settled on the bed, Charlie leans over, and kisses her on the cheek. "I love you, baby, I know you will try to behave." Jennifer nods through her sobs.

Charlie goes into the living room. He sits down and puts his feet up. "Finally," he says to himself, "I can put my feet up. Man, it's been a long day." Upstairs, Robin is uncomfortably sitting on the edge of the toilet with a bar of soap in her mouth.

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