Dog Sitting III

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This story is fiction. Any similarities to living people is a coincidence. This story is for fun, and includes a spanking of a pre-teen girl. By no means does the author encourage the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story.


After breakfast the next morning, Charlie and Lisa sat the twins on the living room couch. Lisa started, "So, that's what all that was about? You wanted a dog, so you showed us how responsible you could be?" Both girls nodded. Charlie said, "Well, having a pet is a big responsibility, you're right. Doing your chores and helping with the little ones did show us that you can handle more now that you're 12, but I'm not sure if adding a pet right now is a good thing." Jennifer said, "Please, Daddy, we'd do everything. We'd take care of it, feed it, walk it, everything." Robin said, "Really, Daddy, Mommy, you wouldn't have to do anything." Lisa said, "Well, that's not true. A dog has to be walked several times a day. You girls are in school, and you have extra-curricular activities. Robin, you have art club." Jennifer said, "Then I'll walk the dog on Thursdays. Please!" Lisa said, "It's not just art club, Jenn. You were thinking of trying out for cheerleading, and then there'll be other school activities. I just know I'll end up doing the most for this dog." Robin said, "No, Mommy, we promise, you won't. Really!" Lisa and Charlie looked at each other, and then at each girl. Charlie said, "Girls, I know you want a dog, and that you've shown us some responsibility, but with the kids so little, I don't think now is a good time to get a pet." Robin said, "Please, Daddy, dogs are good with babies. And we'd keep it away from them if they didn't like it. We'd take care of the dog. Please!" Charlie knew that he was breaking their hearts, but he said it anyway, "I'm sorry, girls, now is just not a good time to get a pet."

Robin and Jennifer got up and ran up to their room. Lisa put her arm on Charlie's shoulder. "I know that was hard, honey, but you did the right thing." Charlie said, "Yeah, I know." Then he just sighed. Robin and Jennifer moped around the whole afternoon. They were so bummed. Jenn said, "It's just not fair. We would take care of it." Robin said, "I know. They didn't even listen."

The next day was Monday. After school, the girls went next door to visit Curly. At least if they couldn't get their own dog, they could visit their neighbor's dog as much as possible. The girls knocked on the door. Mrs. Schotz was on the phone but waved them in. The girls knelt down to pet the dog. They couldn't help but overhear what their neighbor was saying on the phone. "Well, are you sure, Kevin? It would just be for a few days. I need someone to at least come in and walk him and put the food down. All right, if you think of another way, please give me a call back." Mrs. Schotz hung up the phone and sighed. She said out loud, "Oh, what am I going to do?" Robin asked, "What's the matter, Mrs. Schotz?" Mrs. Schotz answered, "I have to go out of town for a few days, and I have no one to stay here and take care of Curly. I really don't want to kennel him; he's so young!"

Robin and Jennifer just looked at each other and nodded. Jennifer said, "We can do it, Mrs. Schotz. We can come in and take care of Curly." Mrs. Schotz looked at the twins. "Oh, I don't know, girls." Robin said, "Really, we could. We could do it!" Mrs. Schotz said, "Well, I really don't know. What would your parents think?" Robin pulled Jennifer aside and said to her, "Maybe this is what proof Mommy and Daddy need to see how responsible we can be. If we take good care of Curly for a few days, maybe we can get our own dog." Jenn said, "Yeah, so we have to convince Mrs. Schotz and Mommy and Daddy that this is a good idea." They walked back over to where their neighbor was standing. Jenn said, "Please Mrs. Schotz, give us a chance. If our parents say yes, then can we?" She thinks it over. "I'll tell you what girls. I will continue to try to get a friend. In the meantime, you can ask your parents. If they agree, then we'll work something out. Okay?" The girls agree. "Okay, we'll call you later, Mrs. Schotz!"

The girls run to the house. They ask Lisa the second they are inside the door. Lisa says, "What!?" They repeat their request. Their mother says, "Well, l don't know about that. Let's wait until your father comes home and see what he has to say about this." The girls are so excited they can barely sit still to do their homework. But their mother said they had to have it finished before their father got home. About 6:00, the girls heard their dad's truck pull into the driveway. They ran down the stairs and practically fell over each other on the way to the front door. Lisa heard them and said, "Girls, now you wait until we're at the table. Your father wants to change and wash up and stuff. He's not going to want to deal with this as he walks in the door. Now, how about coming and setting the table?" The girls turn around and go to do what their mother asked.

About a half hour later, the family is at the table. After everyone has food on their plate, the girls look at their mother. She gives them the go-ahead. Jenn starts, "Daddy, you know what? Mrs. Schotz has to go away on business for a few days." Robin picks up and says, "Yeah, and she's looking for someone to take care of Curly while she's gone." Jenn says, "Yeah, and we thought maybe we could do it." Charlie looks at Lisa questioningly. She just shrugs her shoulders. Charlie said, "Well, I don't know, girls, that sounds like a lot of work for two young girls." Robin said, "Oh, no, Daddy, it wouldn't be. All we'd have to do is walk him a couple times a day and put his food out." Jenn said, "Yeah, it wouldn't be hard." Charlie says, "Hmm, I'm not sure this is a good idea." Robin and Jennifer say in unison, "Please, Daddy, Please!" Then Robin said, "If we can't have our own dog, can't we just take care of Mrs. Schotz's dog? It would only be for a few days!" Jenn said, "Yeah, and when you see how good we are with Curly, maybe you'll let us get our own dog." Lisa looked disapprovingly at Jennifer. "Don't push it, Jenn." Jenn said, "Sorry."

Charlie says, "Well, why don't we go next door and talk with Mrs. Schotz? Let me find out exactly what you'd have to do, and then I'll make my decision." Both girls look optimistically. "Okay" they both say. Lisa calls up her neighbor on the phone and tells her that Charlie and the girls are on their way over. She is there to meet them at the door. "C'mon in, Charlie, girls," she says. Charlie says, "Hi, Connie. How's it going?" The two adults exchange small talk for a few minutes. Then Charlie asks, "I understand you're going away for a few days, Connie?" Mrs. Schotz answers, "Yes, my company needs me to trouble-shoot something, in Ohio, of all places. It couldn't come at a worse time. After all, I just got Curly, and I feel he's too young to board at the kennel." Charlie says, "Well, I'm not sure if two 12 year old girls can handle being the sole care giver of a puppy for 4 days." Connie says, "Well, actually, Charlie, I got my friend Nancy to come and dog-sit while I'm away." The girls are surprised to hear this and are crestfallen. "But," Mrs. Schotz continues, "Nancy works all day. Maybe the girls could come in and walk Curly when they get home from school and play with him for a little while." The girls get excited. Jennifer says, "Oh, we can do that." Robin says, "Yeah, can we, Daddy? Please?" Jennifer says, "Please?" Charlie looks at Connie who is smiling and mouthing 'please'. Charlie relents, "Okay, I guess you two can do that!" The girls hug each other and jump up and down. "YES!" "Oh, thank you, Daddy!" "Thank you, Mrs. Schotz! We'll do a good job!"

The first few days go by without incident. The girls come home every day after school, drop off their things, and go next door. They put Curly on his leash, grab the pooper-scooper, and head out. They walk all around the block. They come back to the house and take Curly into the backyard. They let him run around. Curly is so good; he doesn't even run off and the yard is not fenced in. They throw his bone and he picks it up and chews on it. They throw his ball, and he runs and gets it. He hasn't mastered bringing it back yet. They are having a good time. Jenn says, "I wish we had our own dog to do this with." Robin says, "Me, too, but we'll just have to be happy with Curly for now."

On the last day, Friday, the girls rush right to Mrs. Schotz's house. There is a special tv program that they just have to see. It starts at 3:30. There's a nationwide search for a new "Barbie". Robin is so excited. She still loves Barbie dolls. Jennifer, of course, doesn't still play with Barbies, but she is fascinated by the hair, clothing, and makeup aspect involved. They get inside their neighbor's house, and quickly run into the den, and put on the tv. Curly is so excited to see them and rushes up to them, jumping up and licking them. They basically ignore him. They are so centered around the tv. Robin picks up the phone and calls her best friend, Debbie. Debbie goes to private school and gets home way before them. "Debbie! OH, my god! Are you watching? Isn't that so cool?"

Jennifer says to Robin, "You know, we had better take Curly out." Robin says, "Not yet, I want to see this, oh, no, Deb, I was talking to my sister." Jennifer says, "Well, maybe we should just let him go out into the backyard." Robin looks up from the tv for a minute and says, "Yeah, that's a good idea, Jenn, then we won't have to miss the show. Debbie, hold on a sec, okay?" Robin puts the phone down, goes to the back door, and calls for Curly to come. As she opens the back door, Curly goes running out. Robin picks up the phone and resumes talking to Debbie. "What? Oh, my god, no, I didn't see it, where?" She takes the phone into the den and watches the tv. Jenn says, "Yeah, you just missed it, Robin, they're down to the last three finalists." Robin says, "Oh, are they going to show them again?" Jenn says, "Yeah, in a second, oh, darn, there's a commercial." Robin is still holding the phone. "What? Oh, she does? Okay, I'll call you later." Robin turns to Jennifer, "Debbie's mom had to use the phone." Jennifer says to Robin, "Hey, where's Curly?" Robin puts down the phone. "What? Oh, yeah, I forgot about Curly." Both girls go to the back door. They look out. They do not see Curly.

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