Dog Sitting II

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This story is fiction. Any similarities to living people is a coincidence. This story is for fun, and includes a spanking of a pre-teen girl. By no means does the author encourage the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story.


When a half an hour had passed, Charlie went to check on Robin. She had fallen asleep, so he woke her up. "Honey, go upstairs and start getting ready for bed. I'll come up in a little while to tuck you in. I want you in bed by 8:30." Robin felt too groggy to argue with her dad. She got up and pulled on her panties and her pants. It really hurt, but she didn't want to walk upstairs without them on. When she got up to their bedroom, Jennifer was sitting on her bed reading a book. Jennifer jumped up when Robin walked in. "Are you okay, Robin, what happened?" Robin explained the whole story to Jennifer about her social studies quiz. Jennifer said, "Oh, man! That sucks! Wow, I can't believe Daddy flipped out like that! So you got a spanking?" Robin nodded. "But you know the weird thing, Jenn? Daddy gave me a choice about my spanking!" Jennifer said incredulously, "You mean, he gave you a choice whether you should get one or not?" Robin said, "No, I mean, he gave me a choice whether I wanted a hand spanking on my bare bottom, or to be spanked with a belt over my clothes." Jennifer waited. Robin said, "So, I chose the hand spanking. The belt sounded horrible. I figured I should stick with what I know. The hurt is starting to fade already. Well, I'm going to go take a bath. Daddy said I have to be in bed by 8:30. That doesn't give me much time." With that said, Robin went into the bathroom to run her bath.

The next day, after school, the girls went next door to see the puppy. After all their neighbor, Mrs. Schotz, had said they could come visit it anytime. When Lisa called them again to help with the babies, they tried not to talk about the puppy too much. They were talking about it later, though, trying to think of a way to ask their parents if they could have a pet. Jennifer said, "Maybe we could show how responsible we can be." Robin agreed, "Yea, like with taking care of Melissa and Steven, and doing extra chores." Jenn added, "That's a good idea, Robin. We'll start showing Mommy and Daddy how well we can take care of them and ourselves. They'll be sure to let us get a dog." Robin said, "Let's hope!"

They put their plan into action that afternoon. They did everything their mom asked, and even more. They did every chore they could think of around the house. Lisa noticed. She said, "Well, you girls sure are helpful today." Jennifer said, "Sure, Mommy, we like to help out. Anything else we can do?" Lisa looked around, "No, I don't think so, why don't you go do your homework?" Jennifer said, "But it's Friday, we have all weekend." Robin said, "Yea, but Jenn, if we get it all done today, we can do other things all weekend." Robin looked sternly at Jennifer. Then she got it. She said, "Oh, yeah, right! Let's go do it all now." They grabbed their knapsacks and ran up the stairs. Lisa said to herself, "Well, that's strange, I wonder what's up!"

The rest of the night the girls did everything. They set and cleared the table, washed all the pots and pans, and loaded the dishwasher. Robin offered to give Steven his bath, and Jennifer said she would change Melissa and put her into her pajamas. After both girls had left the room with their charges, Charlie turned to Lisa and said, "All right, what's up?" Lisa shrugged her shoulders. "I have no idea. Your guess is as good as mine. They've been very helpful all afternoon." Charlie said, "Hmmmmmmm!"

At 10:00, Charlie and Lisa went to tuck the girls into bed. Even though they were almost 13, they liked their parents to kiss them goodnight. It was nice. It just felt right. Jennifer said, "Oh, Mommy, I cleaned up all the toys in Steven's room while Robin gave him his bath." Lisa said, "Yes, I noticed how clean his room is, thank you." And Robin said, "And we cleaned our closets. All our laundry is folded and put away." Charlie had had enough. "Okay, what's up? Why are you two doing all this work?" Robin said, "What do you mean, Daddy?" Charlie said, "Let's see, you set the table without being asked, cleared it off, and washed everything, helped with the babies, folded and put away your laundry without ten reminders? Something's up!" Jennifer looked at Robin. Then she said, "No, nothing's up!" Charlie looked at them. "You're sure? Nothing happened at school today that you didn't want us to know?" Robin said, "No, Daddy, really, nothing's up! We just wanted to show you how responsible we can be." Jenn added, "Yeah, you know, we're almost 13 and we can do more around the house. We know you're busy with work, and Mommy, we know you're busy with the little ones. We just want you to know you can count on us to help out."

Charlie looked at Lisa. Lisa looked at Charlie. Neither knew what to think. They both looked at the girls. Despite what the twins said, they both knew something was going on. Lisa broke the silence. "Well, we're glad we can count on you. It will help us out a lot. Thank you." She leaned down and kissed Jennifer, then Robin. Charlie also kissed both girls. They all said, "Goodnight!" until it sounded like an episode of The Waltons. Charlie and Lisa went downstairs to relax in the living room. Charlie said, "Well, what are you thinking?" Lisa said, "Well, they obviously want something. This 'responsibility thing' is definitely leading up to something, but I don't know what." Charlie agreed, "Hmmm, neither do I, but I have a feeling we'll find out soon enough!"

The next day was Saturday, and Charlie had to work. Usually he worked late on Friday and went in late on Saturday, but he had switched with another manager. He had to work at the supermarket from 7 am to 10 pm. It would be a long day. Lisa and the girls were going to just hang out at home. Melissa was coming down with something, so Lisa did not want to bring her out. After several hours, Steven was going stir crazy. Robin suggested she take him to the park. Lisa thought that was a good idea. "You can both take him." Jennifer said, "I really don't want to go. I'll stay home and help you take care of Melissa." So Robin and Steven left for the park. Melissa woke up from her nap and was crying very loudly. Jennifer went to change Melissa. She had made a b.m. that was yellow. She also felt very hot. Jennifer ran to tell Lisa. Lisa took Melissa's temperature, and realized she had 104 degree temperature. Lisa started to panic. She called the pediatrician and told him Melissa's symptoms. He told her to bring Melissa to the Emergency Room. Lisa called Charlie and told him what was happening. He told her he would meet them at the hospital. Jennifer started to cry with worry.

Lisa turned to her and said, "Jenn, I need you to calm down. Pull yourself together. If you really want to help, you'll stay here and wait for Robin to come home with Steven. Then you two can call Aunt Joan to come and pick the three of you up. In the meantime, dump the diaper pail into another bag and put the garbage out back. Okay?" Jennifer sniffled and nodded. Then Lisa put on her coat, bundled Melissa into her coat, grabbed her keys, and started for the door. She called back over her shoulder to Jennifer, "It'll be okay, honey, we'll call you as soon as we know anything, I love you, see you later!"

As soon as Jennifer was alone, she started to panic. "Okay," she said to herself, "I just need to keep busy until Robin gets back." She looked around the house, "Okay, um, let's see. I know, I can unload the dishwasher." She went to do that. Then she dusted the living room and the den. Then she went upstairs and made her bed and then Robin's bed. She tidied up the playroom. "Boy, they have been gone so long. Where are they?" She looked at the clock. Her mom had only left 20 minutes before. "Oh, god, now what? I'm going crazy!" She spied the phone. "Okay, I'll just make a few phone calls while I wait." Jennifer called several of her friends. She told them about Melissa, they talked about boys, and homework, and makeup. Finally, Robin and Steven came back.

Jennifer ran up to Robin the second she walked into the door. "Oh, thank god you're home, where have you been? You've been gone so long!" Robin looked at Jennifer like she was crazy. She took off Steven's coat and he ran into the den to watch tv. Robin said, "What are you talking about? We weren't gone that long! Where's Mommy?" Jennifer said, "It seemed like you were gone forever. Melissa got sick. Mommy had to take her to the hospital. Daddy's meeting her there. I was supposed to wait for you guys and then call Aunt Joan to pick us up." Robin said, "Oh, I hope the baby will be all right. Okay, I'll call Aunt Joan. I think you had better sit down, sis."

Ten minutes later, Robin was putting Steven's coat back on. Aunt Joan picked them up and brought them to her house. They played with their cousins, Joseph, Jody, and Patrick. Joseph was 10, Jody 5, and Patrick was just a baby. Aunt Joan had heard from Lisa that they were still waiting at the E.R. Both twins were worried sick about their little sister. Minutes turned into hours and soon it was time to think about dinner. Uncle Jack said, "How would you guys like hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill? It's cold out there, but I think I can do it. What do you think?" Joseph, Jody, and Steven said, "Yay!" But all Robin and Jennifer could do was worry about their sister. Uncle Jack said, "I know you girls are worried, but you have to eat. What would you like, hot dog or hamburger?" Robin said, "hamburger", while Jennifer said, "hot dog".

After dinner, the Levines got a phone call. Melissa was fine. While at the hospital, her fever had broke. She was going to be okay. Charlie said they would pick up Steven and the girls on their way home. Uncle Jack said, "Don't be silly. You just get that baby home safe. You must be exhausted. The girls are in the middle of a game. I'll bring them home in a little while." Charlie said, "Okay, thanks, Jack, that might be better."

Charlie and Lisa brought Melissa into the house. They laid her on the couch and pulled off her coat. They took her into the kitchen and gave her some of the medicine the doctor had prescribed. Then they took her into her room to get her changed into pajamas. As soon as they walked to her room, they smelled a very foul odor. Charlie said, "Oh, man, what is that?" Lisa said, "Oh, shoot! I told Jennifer to dump the diaper pail into a bag and take out the garbage! Hours ago! How could she?" Charlie put the baby down on her changing table. He said, "Okay, you change her, I'll take care of this." He brought the whole diaper pail with him into the bathroom. He got a garbage bag and dumped the contents of the diaper pail in. Then he filled the pail with soap and hot water and left it in the bathtub. He took the garbage bag out back and put it in the trash can.

Lisa and Charlie sprayed Lysol in Melissa's room. The smell was so bad that they didn't want her sleeping in there. They brought her portable crib into their bedroom and put her to sleep there. Charlie called work, but was told his shift was covered and to just stay home, take care of the baby, and take it easy. Charlie thanked god he had a boss who understood about family matters. He had just sat down in his chair in the living room to relax, when Jack walked in with a sleepy Steven, and the twins. They all took off their coats, and Robin hung them in the front hall closet.

Lisa took Steven to his room to get him ready for bed. The girls started to follow. Charlie said, "Um, just a minute, Jennifer, I need to speak to you." Charlie and Jack shook hands and talked for a few minutes. Charlie thanked Jack for all his help, and then Jack turned to go. "I'm glad she's all right. Take it easy, we'll talk soon. G'nite Jennifer." "G'nite Uncle Jack, thanks for the hot dog." She turned to her father, "What's the matter, Daddy? Is something wrong?"

Charlie said, "Yes, there is. Was there something your mother asked you to do today that you did not do?" Jennifer started to get scared. She thought hard. Boy, she had done so many things today, what didn't she do? She said, "I can't think of anything, Daddy." He said, "Well, then, come with me." He ushered her into Melissa's room and said, "Take a deep breath. Tell me what you smell." Jennifer started to sniff. "Oh, yuck!" she said. Then she realized. "Oh, no, I forgot to empty the diaper pail. Oh, it totally slipped my mind. I'm really sorry, Daddy." Charlie said, "Not as sorry as you're going to be in one minute. Get over here." He sat down on the only chair in the room. Jennifer walked over to him. She knew what was going to happen. "I'm sorry, Daddy, it was a mistake!"

Charlie was too angry to listen to excuses. He even forgot about giving Jennifer a choice. He pulled down her pants and panties and laid her over his lap. He started to spank her bottom. First one cheek, then the other, alternating with each spank. And while he spanked, he lectured her. "You've been trying to show us responsibility, and the one time we really need you, you totally blow it! Do you know how bad it smelled when we walked in here half an hour ago?! I am very disappointed in you, young lady!" Jennifer heard her father, but was crying too hard to respond. Of course, she felt bad. It's not like she did it on purpose, she thought. By the time the spanking ended, Jennifer was sobbing, and her bottom was bright red. Charlie stood her up. "Now I want you to stand in the corner in here for half an hour! I want you to remember the pain of your bottom and the smell of this room, so next time you'll remember." He walked out.

Jennifer leaned against the wall and cried and cried. She could not believe this was happening. She had not seen her dad this mad in a very long time. She cried for a long time. Finally, she stopped. She rubbed her bottom. It was warm to the touch. Then she started talking to herself out loud. She said the things she wanted to say to her dad, but didn't know how. "I didn't mean to do it, I mean, not do it. I meant to dump it as soon as Mommy left. I just forgot. I was so worried about Melissa, maybe I wasn't thinking clearly. Then I did other things. I emptied the dishwasher, dusted the living room and den, tidied up the playroom, and made mine and Robin's bed. I just forgot about the diaper pail. Now we'll never get a dog. All we wanted to do was show Mommy and Daddy that we could be responsible; that we could take care of a pet. And I totally blew it! Daddy was right." Then she started to cry again.

Charlie was standing outside the door. He had heard every word. He started to silently yell at himself. Of course, she was upset. Her baby sister was sick and had to be rushed to the emergency room. He cursed at himself for losing his temper and spanking in anger. He didn't usually do it that way. He liked to lecture and get at the truth before he spanked. This time, he didn't do that. He had just jumped on her without letting her tell her side. He knew he had to make things right with her.

Charlie walked into Melissa's room. He said to Jennifer, "C'mere, baby!" How easily, he slipped back to her childhood nickname. Jennifer looked up at the familiar name. She saw her dad had his arms opened wide. She knew she had been forgiven. She ran into his arms, not even caring that her pants and panties were at her ankles. She stepped out of them. Charlie half-walked/half-carried her into the living room and sat her on the couch. She put her head on his shoulder and cried into his chest, "I'm so sorry, Daddy, I didn't mean it!" Charlie said, "Shh, there, there, it's okay, I'm here. Shh!" He shushed and soothed her for a little while. Then he said, "Okay, go find your panties and pants, and we'll talk."

Jennifer returned fully dressed not a minute later. Then she told her father everything that she had just said out loud to herself. Charlie didn't tell her he had overheard. Her father said, "I'm sorry I got so angry, Jennifer. It was probably just the stress and worry I felt over Melissa, and then to come home and that bad smell, and Mommy told me she had asked you to dump it. I didn't think of your feelings, and that you were very worried about your sister. So I apologize, too." Jennifer was shocked. She had never heard her father apologize after he had administered a punishment. Charlie saw her amazement and said, "Yes, honey, parents make mistakes, too. That's why we punish children, so they learn from their mistakes. I think you and I both learned an important lesson today. Now it's getting late. We'll talk tomorrow about this pet business. I want you to go get ready for bed."

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