Dog Sitting I

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This story is fiction. Any similarities to living people is a coincidence. This story is for fun, and includes a spanking of a pre-teen girl. By no means does the author encourage the spanking of young children. Enjoy the story.


Robin and Jennifer squealed with delight when they saw their neighbor outside her house holding a cute, little puppy. They ran up to the neighbor, and Robin said, "Oh, he's so cute." Jennifer added, "Oh, Mrs. Schotz, what's his name?" Mrs. Schotz replied, "His name is Curly. He's a Yorkshire Terrier. He won't grow too much more than this. Isn't he cute?" Both Robin and Jennifer agreed that he was the cutest puppy they had ever seen.

Just then, Lisa called them in to help her with the babies. Steven was almost 3 and Melissa had just turned one. Robin said, "Okay, Mommy, we're coming." Jennifer gave Curly one last pet and turned to go into the house. Mrs. Schotz called after them, "Come on over and visit us any time. Okay?" Both girls yelled back, "Okay, great!" The girls rushed in to help their mom. All they could talk about was the puppy. Robin told Lisa, "Mommy, he's so cute. He's light brown, and his fur is really straight." Jenn added, "And to be silly, they named him Curly." All afternoon, they couldn't stop talking and thinking about the puppy. Jennifer said to Robin, "I wish we had a puppy. Do you think Mommy and Daddy would let us get one?" Robin said, "Yeah, right! Like that's gonna happen anytime soon." Jennifer said, "Well, it can't hurt to ask." She looked at Robin, and saw her face. Jenn said, "Of course, it would have to be at exactly the right time. We'll have to play it by ear."

At dinner that night, the girls were trying to feel their dad out on the subject of getting a dog. They told him about Mrs. Schotz's puppy, and tried to gage his reaction. All he said was, "That's nice." They tried not to overdue it talking about dogs. They knew they had bugged their mother about the puppy next door a little too much that afternoon. Suddenly, Charlie said to the girls, "How was school today?" Jenn answered, "Fine, the usual." Robin didn't answer. He turned to her, "And you, honey? How was school?" Robin was unusually quiet. Charlie sensed something was wrong. He asked, "Well?" Robin said, "I need you to sign this quiz that I took." She put her hand into her pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. Robin had gotten so caught up in the puppy, and Jenn's discussion of getting a pet, that she had forgotten all about the failed social studies quiz.

She handed it over to her father. He looked at it, and then looked at her. Robin looked down at the table. Charlie then turned to Jennifer, "If you're done, you can take your plate in. You're excused." Jennifer looked at Robin and mouthed, "Good luck." Then she got up, carrying her plate and glass to the kitchen. Then she hightailed it up to her room. She didn't want to stay around and wait for her father to lose his temper. Charlie said to Robin, "Did you study for this test?" Robin answered, "No, I didn't know about it, I mean nobody did. It was a surprise quiz." Charlie chuckled, "Yeah, I remember those. Remember pop quizzes, Lisa?" Lisa nodded. Charlie turned back to Robin. She had been holding her breath. She hoped her dad was going to drop the subject of her failing the quiz as he reminisced about his own schooling days. No such luck!

Instead, he said, "When did you take this test?" Robin answered, "It wasn't a test, it was a quiz, it doesn't really count for much, but my teacher is making everyone who failed it get it signed." Charlie repeated, "When did you take this tes-, I mean, quiz?" Robin replied, "Tuesday, why?" Charlie said, "Are you sure your teacher didn't give any indication on Monday that there would be a quiz on Tuesday?" Robin said, "No, Daddy." Charlie was giving Robin a chance to come clean, but she said nothing. Then he said, "May I see your assignment book from Monday?" Robin was shocked. "Don't you believe me, Daddy? I told you she didn't tell us about the quiz." Charlie said, "Robin, let me see your assignment pad. Now!" Robin got up and opened her knapsack. She took the small assignment pad out, turned a few pages, until she came to the past Monday, and handed it to her father.

Charlie looked at his daughter's neat handwriting. He read off all the assignments to himself. Then he said, "It says here to read Chapter 12 for social studies. Did you read Chapter 12, Robin?" Robin looked at the floor again. "No, Daddy." Charlie said, "And why not?" Robin said, "I hate the social studies book, it's so boring. No one reads it; we never needed to read it before. Mrs. Caggiano always just gives us notes from it the next day, anyway." Charlie said, "Well, obviously, she wanted you to learn something from that chapter, and you didn't even bother to read it. She probably realized that no one ever did her homework and wanted to catch you. And she did! Along with the rest of the class." Charlie was now shouting. Robin started to get scared. "Am I in trouble, Daddy?" Charlie said, "Yes, you will be punished, but not for failing the test. I'm sure you did the best you could considering you did not do the required reading. I wouldn't punish you for that. But you will get a spanking for lying to us."

Robin looked surprised. "I didn't lie to you, Daddy." Charlie said, "Yes, you did, twice even. First you lied Monday night when we tucked you in. We asked you if all your homework was completed and you said 'yes'. That's lie number one. Then just now I asked you if your teacher gave you any indication that you were going to have a test the next day, and you said 'no'. You neglected to tell me that you didn't do the reading assignment." Robin said, "But I didn't lie. I just didn't tell you." Lisa said, "Robin, when you purposely leave out information, that is considered lying. Your father's right, you did lie to us more than once. Now clear off your dishes and then go into our bedroom and wait for Daddy." Robin whined, "But that's not fair! I didn't lie to you." Charlie looked sharply at Robin. "Young lady, you are much too old to whine like that. You sound like a 5 year-old instead of an almost 13 year-old. Do as your mother says, right now, or you'll be sorrier."

Robin picked up her plates and stormed off into the kitchen. She didn't stamp her feet like she wanted to, because she knew that would only get her into more trouble. After rinsing off her plate, she went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, and went to wait in her parents' bedroom. Back in the dining room, Lisa and Charlie were still talking about Robin's test. They both signed the bottom. Charlie said, "Well, I guess I'd better go take care of this." He started to get up but Lisa pulled him back down. "You know, honey, when I was 12, my father stopped pulling my pants down for a spanking. He started hitting me over my clothes with either a slipper or his belt. In fact, I was usually given a choice." Charlie said, "Are you telling me you think the girls are too old for bare bottom spankings?" Lisa nodded. She said, "Well, I wouldn't do away with spankings all together. They still need correction." Charlie thought this over. "Okay, maybe from now on, I'll give them a choice, either a hand spanking on the bare bottom, or being strapped with the belt, like my father used to do with me." Finally, Charlie got up to go.

Robin looked up when she saw her dad enter his bedroom. "I'm really sorry, Daddy, I promise I'll do my reading from now on. I didn't mean to lie to you, either. Please don't spank me." Charlie said, "Robin, I don't like to spank you, but you need to learn lessons. Now, I'm going to give you a choice. You can either get a hand spanking on the bare bottom, or 10 swats with my belt over your pants." Robin couldn't believe she had a choice on her spanking. She thought about it for a few minutes. Spankings always hurt, but they didn't last very long. She couldn't imagine being hit with a belt. She chose the hand spanking.

Charlie sat down on the big red chair that Lisa couldn't part with. He pulled Robin to his side. He put his hand into the waistband of her pants-she still wore the old polyester plaid pants that were popular in the seventies-and pulled them down. Next, he pulled down her panties and guided her across his lap. He then proceeded to spank her over and over again. He alternated between cheeks, smacking at least 50 times, until her bottom was bright red. Robin was now sobbing. Charlie helped her stand up. She stepped out of her panties and pants which had been at her ankles, and laid down on her parents' bed. Charlie kissed her cheek and said, "I love you, sweetie. You just cry it out. I'll be back in half an hour." As Charlie was leaving the room, he looked back at his daughter as she curled herself up into the fetal position, and closed her eyes. She fell asleep and dreamed about getting a dog.

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