Mrs Wilkins VI

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My wife has always used spankings as a normal part of a loving marriage and as reminders to me to behave better, to get home on time, to finish the dishes every night, and to do my other household chores on time. I go to bed with a red bottom two or three times a week but I also know I am well loved and one of the luckiest men around. Recently she has found an Auntie in New York to take care of me when I am away in the Big Apple on business trips. These stories were written for Aunt Matilda to give her some idea of what makes me tick and why I am 32 going on 10. We would love to hear from other like-minded couples who know that spankings are important to a loving relationship and a well-behaved husband.

Mrs. Wilkins Part VI by Randy

"Billy, I usually spank just before bedtime because I think it helps a child think about what he did wrong if he goes to bed with a warm bottom. If I have to spank in the afternoon, I usually put the naughty child to bed for a nap afterwards. Are you going to be Belinda's good little boy and take a nap or am I going to have to give you another spanking?"

"I'll be good and take a nap, Belinda, I'll take a nap."

"That's my good boy. Why don't you stand up now so we can get this shirt off."

Billy felt even younger when Belinda unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. He lay on his stomach, his bare bottom displayed to the young woman whose knee he'd just lay over. In a moment of tenderness, Belinda sat on the bed and gently rubbed his cheeks. Immediately, Billy remembered what one of his baby sitters had done. In a small voice, he asked,

"Can I have some cold cream on my fanny, Belinda?"

"Would you like a nice cold cream rub, sweetheart?"

"Yes please," he replied.

"OK, sugar, you just lie here and Belinda will be right back".

When she returned and Billy felt the touch of her cream-filled hand on his warm bottom, he melted. Until that moment, he couldn't have imagined feeling any younger or more secure in the afterglow and peace of a well-deserved spanking. But the touch of her creamy hand opened up a whole new world of sensations. He couldn't tell if he was a little baby being changed or Belinda's younger boyfriend who was being initiated into something intoxicating which he didn't fully understand. Without knowing it, his thumb found its way to his mouth once again. It was a cream rub he wanted to go on forever. And when the cream had been rubbed in, Billy whispered,

"Some more cream, Belinda, some more cream".

"You like this, don't you, sweetheart?"

"Yes, Belinda." After another five minutes, Billy signed deeply and murmured,

"I love you, Belinda".

"Sometimes you say the sweetest things, Billy."

By the time the second dose of cold cream disappeared into Billy's fanny, he was in quite a state. Thankfully, he was lying on his stomach so his babysitter couldn't see. After a final caress, she pulled up the sheet, kissed his head, and left him to take his nap. But sleep was the farthest thing from Billy's mind after all that cold cream. As soon as Belinda closed the door, he kicked off his sheet, moved his pillow under his loins, and began thrusting against it while using his hands to heighten his pleasure. He continued for a few minutes until a familiar voice interrupted his reverie.

"What in the world do you think you are doing, young man?"

He glanced over his shoulder and saw Belinda looking through the half-opened door. Apparently she had come back to check on things. He frantically grabbed the sheet and tried to move his pillow back up but it was too late. Belinda had seen everything and she was obviously very angry.

"Young man, you are very, very naughty to play with yourself like that. Do you know how I treat naughty boys who play with themselves? Do you? The best thing for that is a good spanking. And that's exactly what you're going to get right now, Billy, another spanking. Only you're going to remember this one for the rest of the day. And you won't be getting any cold cream afterwards."

"Please ... nooo ... Belinda ... please, don't spank me again. Please I don't want another spanking."

"What you want is of no importance, young man. Let go of that sheet, right this instant."

With a firm tug, Belinda jerked the sheet away, seized Billy by the ear, and lifted him to his feet, exposing his urgent condition. Moving quickly, she sat down on the bed and put Billy between her legs so that his bottom was raised over her left thigh. Putting her right thigh over the backs of his legs, she locked him into place. Thus immobilized, Billy realized he couldn't kick or even twist his bottom. Belinda would be free to spank as long as she wanted.

Though she didn't spank that hard - she never did - she kept him over her knee for a good twenty minutes to make sure he learned a real lesson. Of course, he cried freely after the first few spanks. And within a few minutes, he was reduced to a sobbing child promising her the world. In addition to giving him a longer spanking, Belinda also scolded him more thoroughly and treated him as if he were a toddler.

"If you were my little boy, Billy, I'd put you to bed with a good spanking every night. That's what you deserve, little boy, a bedtime spanking every night. Do you hear me? Mrs. Wilkins told me she plans to spank Johnny right through high school whenever he's naughty. Since you're just as immature, I think you need to be handled the same way. Do you hear me, little boy? You can count on a sore fanny next summer if I babysit for you. And the summer after that as well. I don't care how old you are. Your pants will come down and you will go over my knee for a sound spanking every time you misbehave. Do you understand? And if I ever catch you playing with yourself, I'll spank you again like this ... even if I'm not your babysitter."

By that point, Billy could not answer her questions nor was he really expected to. He just lay there and continued to cry amidst intense little boy feelings interspersed with thoughts of himself as a sixteen year old going over Belinda's knee.

After such a long spanking, Belinda's hugs and reconciliation at the end were all the more satisfying. The intense emotions of the whole experience also left him exhausted and ready, at last, for his nap. This time, when she put him to bed, he really did fall asleep. After an hour, when Belinda woke him, Billy's bottom still had a warm, rosy glow. He lay there, enjoying his sleepy feeling while she fetched his clothes. Telling him to roll over onto his stomach, Belinda then had his lift his legs into a fetal position and pulled on his underpants as if she were diapering him, bending his backwards to slip them over his bottom. Next came his shorts. She then sat him up and put on his shirt before giving him a hug and telling him what a good boy he way and asking him if he wanted to play Monopoly. And that's how they spent the rest of the afternoon until Mrs. Wilkins and Johnny returned.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now Billy was sixteen and returning for another two month summer vacation with Johnny and his mother. As he unpacked his things in their room, Billy remembered a story he had overheard Mrs. Wilkins tell his mother just a year before when she had stopped by for tea. Apparently Mrs. Wilkins had gone shopping an hour earlier and had told Johnny not to play stickball near the house. When she returned with the groceries, the first thing she saw was a broken window. Inside was a note from Johnny apologizing and explaining that he was off to the hardware store to get a new pane of glass. Billy remembered overhearing Mrs. Wilkins tell his mother,

"Imagine playing ball near the house when I expressly told him not to. And then thinking he could get away with it simply by fixing the window. When I get home in an hour, I'm going to be doing the fixing. Johnny hasn't gone over my knee in two weeks and it's starting to show."

Since Billy still had a crush on Mrs. Wilkins - if anything it was worse at sixteen - her remark had caused quite a commotion. After all, it was unusual for mothers to spank their sons at sixteen. Billy's mom had stopped spanking him the previous year at puberty. And the thought of Johnny's sexy mother putting her seventeen-year old boy over her knee was enough to occupy Billy's mind for many sessions of masturbation.

Now here it was a year later and he was back for most of the summer. As Billy put away his clothes in Mrs. Wilkin's summer house, he couldn't help wonder if she still spanked Johnny. And if so, would she still spank him too? Since reaching puberty three years earlier, Billy's interest in Mrs. Wilkins had taken on a new life. She was now in her early forties with a ripe, swaying hourglass figure which captivated him. As he daydreamed, he suddenly realized he had quite a hard on. Since Mrs. Wilkins and Johnny were off getting groceries, he lay down on the bed, unzipped his pants and masturbated. The idea of a spanking from Mrs. Wilkins quickly brought him to a wrenching climax. He also wondered if Belinda was still summering there with her mother. Would she remember babysitting him three years earlier? And would she remember her threats to spank him?

In the second week of his stay, Billy got the answer to his first question. With rain forecast for the next few days, Johnny had agreed to mow the lawn before dinner. Mrs. Wilkins had then gone off to her tennis club, leaving the two boys free for the afternoon. Instead of doing the mowing first, Johnny suggested they head for the beach on their bikes for an afternoon of under age beer drinking and checking out the girls. Billy was about open his fourth beer when who walked by but Belinda. Spotting him trying to hide his beer under his towel, she came over with a wry smile on her face and said,

"Hi Billy ... remember me. I babysat for you three years ago."

"Uh ... yeah ... uh ... yeah I remember", he said, trying to act nonchalant and hoping she wouldn't say nothing about the beer.

Moving closer to him so the others nearby couldn't hear, she murmured,

"I certainly remember you Billy, especially when you were lying over my knee with your pants down around your ankles. You had a very spankable bottom ... did I ever tell you that?"

Billy blushed and looked down at his feet.

"Does Mrs. Wilkins know you're down here drinking beer, young man? I don't believe you're eighteen yet."

Aw ... please Belinda ...please ... I was just having one with the guys... you're not going to rat on me are you?"

"Billy, I'm not blind. I can see those empties in your bag right there. It's obvious you haven't learned how to tell the truth since the last time I saw you, have you?"

Billy blushed again and looked down guiltily for the second time.

When you lie to me, young man, you forfeit your right to be treated like someone your age. Because of that, I am certainly going to tell Mrs. Wilkins what I saw here today. And if I know her, you will be learning a good lesson from her before the week is out. Bye bye, Billy," she said with a laugh as she continued down the beach.

Billy wondered if she was serious about telling and if Mrs. Wilkins really would "teach him a lesson". Out of nervousness, he quickly finished off the beer. By then, he was tipsy enough to have lost track of time. So had Johnny. Before they knew it, dark clouds began sweeping in around three o'clock and they jumped on their bikes and raced for home. Unfortunately, the storm came faster than they could pedal and it began pouring when they were still a half mile away. By the time they got home, there was nothing they could do but seek shelter inside and watch the driving rain through the windows.

When Mrs. Wilkins returned a half hour later, it was still pouring. After a stern reminder about the mowing, she said,

"Johnny, I think you and I need to have a little chat right now down in the basement."

With a panicky glance over at Billy, Johnny replied,

"Mom, please ... not now ... ... give me another chance on that mowing .. please ... I swear I'll get to it first thing after it dries up."

"Not another word out of you, young man. I told you to do that mowing today before it started raining. I'm going to finish putting away these groceries. When I'm finished, we're going down to the basement."

Johnny's silence was answer enough. To distract him and try to humor Mrs. Wilkins, Billy suggested they help put away the groceries. With three people working, it only took a few minutes. As Billy retired to the living room to read a magazine, Mrs. Wilkins escorted her son through the basement door and closed it behind them.

Billy listened through the sound of the rain beating heavily on the roof as they clomped down the steps. After a minute, he could just make out Mrs. Wilkin's angry voice. Unfortunately, the closed basement door made it impossible to hear what she was saying. Then there was another minute or two of silence. Suddenly, above the din of the storm, Billy heard the faint but distinct sound of a bare bottom spanking. There was no scolding nor crying - just the faint, regular sound of smack ... smack .. smack ... smack ... smack ... smack ... smack ... smack. On and on it went. At times, it was completely drowned out by the rain. Then it would reappear faintly, whenever the storm noise abated a little and continue with its own steady rhythm.

It went on for about ten minutes. Billy knew because he looked at his watch. Then there was absolute silence for another few minutes. Finally, he heard footsteps coming back up the stairs. The door opened and a very red-faced Johnny came into the room. Avoiding all eye contact, he mumbled something about reading in his room and disappeared upstairs until dinner.

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