The Tutor

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This story is just for fun, in no way do I encourage the spanking of young children, yada, yada, yada.


Charlie comes home from work much too early. Lisa says, "Hi, honey, what are you doing home? I thought tonight was your late night!" Charlie replies, "It is, where's Robin? I just got back from meeting with her science teacher, and boy is she in trouble!" "What'd she do?" Lisa asks. Charlie says, "She's not doing too well in class and she lied about a test she took. She is going to be one sorry little girl in a minute!" Charlie goes upstairs to find Robin. He knocks on the twins' door. "COME IN!" Charlie walks into the girls' room.

Jennifer looks up from the book she is reading. "Hi, Daddy, what are you doing home?" Jenn throws herself into her Dad's arms and gives him a big hug. He says, "Hi, honey, would you please go downstairs, I need to talk to your sister." Jenn looks up at her dad; she realizes that he's not smiling. "Um, okay, is Robin in trouble?" Charlie doesn't say anything, and Jenn quickly leaves the room.

Robin looks up at her dad. "What's the matter, Daddy? Is something wrong?" Charlie says, "Your science teacher called me this afternoon. I just got back from meeting with her." Robin looks at the floor and says, "Oh!" Charlie says, "That's all you have to say, is 'oh'?" Robin says, "Well, I was going to tell Mommy about the test, later, after dinner. I guess I just forgot over the weekend." Charlie says, "Oh, and did you forget about your homework the past three weeks, too?" Robin answers, "No, it's just that, well, I didn't really understand it, and I guess I was afraid to tell you, and um..." Robin starts to cry. Charlie says, "You might want to hold that crying for a few minutes, because I'm going to give you something to cry about." Just then, Charlie grabs Robin's wrist, and gently pulls her across his lap. "Daddy, NO!" Robin shouts. With his other hand, Charlie slides down Robin's pants and underwear.

"No, Daddy, I'm sorry, no, not on the bare bottom!" Robin starts to cry. Then Charlie takes his hand and brings it down on Robin's backside over and over and over again, harder and harder. While he is spanking her, he is also lecturing her. "You know better than to lie to us about your grades. You know that we wouldn't be mad at you for not doing well on a test, and we wouldn't be mad if you didn't understand something. You are being punished right now for lying, to us, and to your teacher. I can't believe you told your teacher that we were too busy with the babies to sign your test. You're going to wish you hadn't told her that." All through the lecture, Charlie's hand is continually slapping Robin's bottom. It has turned from white, to pink, to a deep red. Finally, Charlie's hand stops. Robin is sobbing. "I'm sorry, Daddy, I'm so so sorry."

Charlie pulls Robin's pants up and pulls her into his lap. He tries to soothe her and starts to rub her back. "There, there, it's okay. All right, let it out." Robin continues to sob on her Dad's shoulders. "I'm sorry, Daddy, I should have told you about the test on Friday. And I should have told you I was having trouble before that. I'm sorry." Charlie continues to rub Robin's back and her tush. When she finally settles down, he says, "Okay, here's the deal. First of all, you are grounded until your science grade goes up." He pauses to look at her. Robin nods. Then Charlie continues, "Plus, I've hired you a science tutor. His name is Billy. He'll come to our house every day after school for an hour to help you." Robin says, "A boy? I don't want to work with a boy." Charlie says, "I'm sorry, he was the only one available, maybe if we had had time to find someone else, we could have had a girl, but you left me with no choice. I was lucky to get Billy. He's 14, in ninth grade, and he is an excellent student, from what I hear. He'll come every day from 3:30 to 4:30, so make sure you come home straight from school." Robin says, "But art club starts at 3:30." Charlie says, "I'm sorry, but you'll just have to give up art club until your science grades go up." Robin starts to cry all over again, "But, that's not fair!" Charlie says, "It's very fair. Now why don't you go lay on your bed until Mommy calls you for dinner. And you can bring a pillow down with you to sit on, okay?" Robin doesn't answer; she just throws herself on her bed and starts to cry. Charlie gets up and heads for the door, "I'll be home late tonight, so good night, honey, I love you." Robin doesn't answer.

Charlie goes down into the kitchen. He relays the entire episode to Lisa and Jennifer. Then Charlie turns to Jenn and says, "And no teasing from you, either. It wasn't that long ago that you had your backside warmed." Jennifer smiles. "I know, Daddy, I won't say anything." Charlie has to get back to work. "I'll be late tonight, good-bye, honey, bye, Jenn. Be good." Charlie kisses the tops of Steven and Melissa's heads and leaves. Lisa calls Robin to dinner. No one says a word when she shows up in the dining room with her pillow.

The next morning, Charlie is feeding baby Melissa and Steven while Jennifer pours herself some juice. Lisa comes into the kitchen, "Where's Robin? Isn't she up yet?" Just then, Robin comes into the kitchen. She is still in her pajamas and she looks terrible. "Why aren't you dressed? What's the matter, honey?" Lisa asks. Robin says, "I don't feel well, and I didn't sleep very well." Charlie says, "Oh, you're fine, you're just not used to sleeping on your stomach, you are going to school, now go get dressed." Robin says, "That's not fair, I don't feel well." Lisa puts her hand on Robin's forehead. "You don't feel warm. Come, let's go upstairs and take your temperature." Charlie follows them up. "Well, no temperature, what hurts you, honey?" "I don't know, my head and my stomach, and I guess my tush, too." Robin starts to cry. Charlie says, "Okay, you can stay home from school, but no tv, and no phone calls. You can sleep and study, and you're still going to be dressed to meet with your tutor at 3:30, all right?" Robin nods.

Charlie is home with Robin during the day. Since he worked late the night before, he goes in late. He makes her some eggs when she wakes up around 11:00. At a quarter to twelve, he tells her he has to leave. "Now, remember, honey, no tv or phone calls, you do your homework. Mommy should be back around 2:30-3:00. And also your tutor is coming at 3:30." "Okay, daddy."

Around 3:00, the telephone rings. Robin answers. "Hi, honey, it's Mommy, there's a special 'Mommy and Me' class that I want to take Melissa to, so I won't be home until close to four. Make sure you offer your tutor a drink and behave yourself, okay?" "Okay, Mommy." Charlie calls at 3:15 to make sure Robin is ready for her tutor. "You all set, Robin?" "Yes, Daddy." "Put Mommy on the phone for a minute!" "She's not here. She took Melissa to a 'Mommy and Me' class. She'll be home by four, she said." Charlie is mad that Lisa will not be home when Robin's tutor gets there. He does not think that she should be alone with a 14-year-old boy in the house.

At 3:30 sharp, Billy arrives. Robin and Billy introduce themselves. Billy sits down at the dining room table, as Robin brings out cookies and milk for them. Billy starts to make small talk with Robin about her science class. "I really messed up, my dad was really mad, and now I have to miss art club." She is not eager to start the session. About 15 minutes later, Jennifer rushes through the door and bounds up the stairs. Robin says, "I'd better go see what's wrong with her, be right back." Billy sits there not knowing what to do. Suddenly, the door bursts open again, and in Lisa walks with three year old Steven, and baby Melissa and enough baby paraphernalia to last a lifetime. Billy jumps up, "Here, let me help you." He grabs a couple of items and puts them down on the living room couch. Lisa says, "Hi, you must be Billy, where's Robin?" Billy looks around, "Oh, she just ran upstairs to check on her sister." Lisa says, "Oh, well, I'd better go get her, and find out what's going on. Do me a favor and just watch this one." She points to Steven. Lisa puts Melissa into her playpen and goes upstairs.

The door to the girls' room is open, so she walks right in. She hears voices coming from within their bathroom. She knocks. "It's Mommy, what are you both doing in there? Robin, you need to go back down and finish your lesson." Robin says, "Okay, Mommy, I'm coming right out." She opens the door, walks past Lisa, and down the stairs. Then Jennifer comes out of the bathroom, too. "Hi, Mommy," she says. "Jennifer, what's going on?" Jennifer says, "Nothing. Just girl talk." Jennifer doesn't want to tell her mother that on the way home from school, she had an accident. Lisa is unsure, but just walks out of the room and down the stairs.

When Charlie comes home at dinnertime, he tells Lisa that he was angry she left Robin home alone with the tutor. "Not that anything would have happened, it's just that it's not appropriate for a twelve-year-old girl to be left alone with a 14-year-old boy." Lisa apologizes and says it won't happen again.

After dinner, one of Robin's friends calls her to see how she's feeling. Sally tells her she missed a great project in art club. After Robin hangs up the phone, she cries on her bed in frustration. "It's just not fair. I love art club. I don't want to miss it again. I hate science! And I hate my tutor. I hate boys!" Jennifer says to Robin, "You hate your tutor? But he's so cute, I would study with him in a minute! Hey, I have an idea!" Robin looks up from her bed, "Oh, no, not one of your ideas, they always get us in trouble." Jenn says, "Oh, but you'll like this one, what if you could meet with your tutor and still go to art club?" Robin is definitely interested, "How could I do that?" Jenn says, "Easy, I'll pretend I'm you and meet with Billy, and you'll go to art club. Easy enough, huh?" Robin is so preoccupied with the thought that she will be able to go to art club after all, that she does not see the consequences of what she and her sister are about to do.

The following day, Robin goes to art club and Jennifer goes home. She tells her mother that Robin will be home any minute and that she does not want Lisa around while she is studying with her tutor. Lisa says, "Fine, I'll take the little ones to the park down the block. As long as you stay home. Daddy doesn't want Robin home alone with Billy." Jenn sighs. "Okay, Mommy, I was going to go to Janet's house, but I guess I can stay home." Lisa leaves with Melissa and Steven. "Oh, my god, this is working out too well, " thinks Jenn.

The girls do this for several days. Billy is amazed at 'Robin's' progress in science. Robin, of course, is not improving much in science, and her teacher is concerned. Finally, the science teacher calls Charlie at work and tells him she is concerned at Robin's lack of improvement. Charlie is saddened to hear this. He realizes she's only been working with the tutor a little more than a week, but he was hoping she would catch on. Only yesterday, Billy had said how much better Robin was doing. But that was on the phone. Charlie would have to see for himself how Robin is doing. He would surprise her the next day.

The next day, Jennifer (pretending to be Robin) was sitting at the dining room table with Billy. They were drinking sodas. Billy was trying to show "Robin" a chemical reaction. Jennifer, on the other hand, was trying to figure out a way to get Billy to notice her. She had been "studying" with him for over a week, and he still treated her like a child. Then she had an idea. She purposely spilled soda on her shirt. "Oh, my goodness! I can't believe I did that. I'm going to go change my shirt. I'll be right back." And with that, she dashed upstairs. Billy looked at the clock. He muttered to himself. Suddenly, the front door opened. In walked Charlie. Billy stood up. "Hi, Mr. Clemente? I'm Billy." The two shook hands. Charlie said, "Hi, where's Robin?" Billy said, "She spilled something on her shirt. She ran up to change. She should be right back." Billy started to show Charlie what they were working on. Then Jennifer burst into the room. She didn't even notice her father, at first. "Okay, I'm baaaaack." Both Charlie and Billy turned to look at her. Both their jaws dropped to the floor. There was Jennifer standing in one of the lowest cut shirts and shortest shorts either of them had ever seen. She had put her hair up and put on long dangling earrings. She had also put some rouge on her cheeks. When Jennifer saw her father, she froze. She also wet her pants. Charlie noticed. He grabbed her by the arm and turned her away.

"Go clean up, change, and wait for me. I will be up in five minutes. And you have a lot of explaining to do, young lady." Jennifer started to cry. She ran up the stairs to her room. Billy was standing there shocked. "What happened? Sir?" Charlie had not answered him right away, he was looking toward the door that Jennifer had just exited. He could not believe what he had just now figured out. Charlie turned to Billy, "It seems, son, that you have been tricked. This whole time you thought you were working with Robin, you were really working with her twin sister, Jennifer." Charlie stopped. He knew Billy needed a moment to let this information sink in. Billy said, "Oh, I'm so sorry, I had no idea." Charlie answered, "No, of course you didn't, and I don't blame you. The girls will be dealt with. Tomorrow is Friday, why don't you take the afternoon off? You'll still be paid. We'll start over fresh on Monday. I promise you'll be tutoring the right girl. Okay?" Billy agreed; then he left.

Charlie ran his hand across his face. He was not looking forward to what he had to do now. Slowly, he climbed the stairs. He did not knock; just walked right into the girls' room. Jennifer had taken her hair down, washed the makeup off, and changed into pajamas. She was laying on her bed crying. Charlie walked over to her. He was very angry. "What on earth possessed you two to switch places? How long did you think you could pull this off? I don't even understand what was in it for you!" Charlie was shouting. What could Jennifer say? How could she explain to her father that she was trying to get Robin's 14-year-old tutor to notice her as a potential girlfriend? She couldn't, so she didn't. She didn't even answer him. Charlie pulled Jennifer's pajama bottoms down. He pulled her underwear down. He pulled her across his lap and began to spank her.

Meanwhile, Lisa, Steven, and Melissa were walking home from the park. Actually, Lisa and Steven were walking; Melissa was in the stroller. They were about a block from their house, when Steven pointed and said, "LOOK!" Lisa looked to see what Steven was pointing to. It was one of the twins. From this distance, it was difficult to tell which one. She was walking toward the house, too. "Mommy, let's wait," said Steven. So they waited. When she got a little closer, Lisa realized it was Robin. She started to frown. Steven yelled across the street, "Hi, Robin!" Robin looked up. She saw her mother and brother and sister. "Oh, no!" she thought to herself. Robin considered turning around and walking back the way she came from, but she knew it was too late; her mom had seen her. She started thinking fast. Unfortunately, she had become very good at lying lately.

When Robin got to Lisa, she stopped. Steven started hugging his sister and dancing around her. Lisa asked, "Robin, why are you just now coming home from school? What about your tutoring session?" Lisa looked at Robin and waited for an answer. Robin thought fast, very fast. "Um, well, I had to stay after school. So I, uh, called Billy and canceled for today." Lisa said, "You did? Why did you have to stay after? It wasn't for science, was it?" Robin felt terrible lying, but she kept going. It was too late now to turn back. "No, Mommy, for math, my teacher asked me to help her after school, and I just couldn't say no." Lisa said, "Okay, well, let's get home." The four of them started walking toward the house. They were all talking and did not notice Charlie's car parked in front. Then, Robin noticed and stopped short. Steven noticed, too. "Daddy! Daddy's home!" Lisa said, "That's funny, he's not due home for a couple more hours." Robin's lip started to tremble. She knew she was in big trouble. She contemplated turning and running away. Lisa was far in front of Robin. She turned around. "C'mon, honey, what's the matter?" Robin didn't know what to do. Lisa said, "Robin, let's go." Robin reluctantly followed her mother inside the house.

They walked in the house. Charlie was upstairs spanking Jennifer. Someone had left the intercom on, and everyone downstairs could hear what was going on upstairs. Lisa said, "Sounds like Jennifer is in big trouble. Robin, do you know why your sister is being spanked?" Robin started to cry. Just then, Charlie's footsteps were heard coming down the stairs. He walked right into the kitchen. He stood frowning at Robin. Lisa went over to give her husband a kiss. Charlie was in no mood. Lisa was shocked. Charlie said to Robin, "I want you to go into my room and wait for me. You are in big trouble. Do you understand?" Robin was openly crying now. She just nodded and walked out of the room.

Lisa looked at Charlie's face. She couldn't remember a time that he looked so angry. "Honey, what's wrong?" Charlie answered, "A lot. First of all, why weren't you home when Robin was supposedly with her tutor?" Lisa was surprised. "What do you mean 'supposedly'? I haven't been home all week after school. Jennifer told me that Robin didn't want me around while she studied. I know you didn't want Robin home alone with Billy, but I figured as long as Jennifer was here, then it would be all right." Charlie sighed and sat at the table. Lisa was still confused. "Charlie, I'm lost, what's wrong?" Charlie said, "You've been duped. The girls have been lying to you. Robin has not been working with her tutor at all. She's been, god knows where, and Jennifer has been here with Billy." Lisa said, "WHAT? I can't believe it. Those little brats!" Charlie and Lisa continued to trade information. Lisa told Charlie about the incident that happened just before they entered the house. Neither parent could believe the lengths the twins had gone to, to deceive their parents.

Charlie said to Lisa, "Well, I just gave Jennifer a spanking, and now it's Robin's turn. I don't even think one spanking is enough. Those two are going to be punished for a while. Tonight, after dinner, I think we need to sit them both down and have a long talk." Lisa nodded her head in agreement. She said, "And I'm going to wash both their mouths out with soap for lying to us. Maybe every night for a week. They're not going to forget this lesson any time soon." Lisa and Charlie checked on the little ones. Steven was engrossed in a video and Melissa was playing contently in her playpen. Both parents went to punish the twins.

Charlie walked into his bedroom. Robin was sitting on the edge of the bed. Her face was red; she had been crying. Charlie beckoned her over to him. She came. He looked at her sternly and said, "Do you know what's going to happen now?" Robin nodded. Charlie asked, "What?" Robin said, "Oh, Daddy, do I have to say it?" Charlie waited. Robin continued, "I'm going to get a spanking." Charlie nodded. He said, "And do you know why you're getting a spanking?" Robin started to sob. She hated this part. She just wanted her dad to get it over with; she hated having to say what she did wrong. Robin said, "I lied to you and Mommy about the tutoring. I went to art club when I should have been studying with Billy." Charlie nodded, mentally confirming to himself that what he had suspected about Robin going to art club was correct. He said, "And?" Robin continued, "And because Jennifer and I switched places, and we're not supposed to do that." Charlie nodded again. Then he pulled down Robin's pants and panties and laid her across his lap. He began to spank vigorously. Charlie had been furious when he found Jennifer pretending to be Robin. And now that Robin confessed she had gone to art club all these days, Charlie was angry again. Charlie spanked Robin until her bottom was red and he felt she had had enough. Robin stood up. She was sobbing. She started rubbing her bottom just as vigorously as her father had spanked it. She tried to get the sting out. Charlie pointed to her pants and panties that were at her ankles, "Up or down?" Robin answered, "Down." She couldn't imagine pulling them up over her sore bottom; it hurt so much. Her father told her to lie on his bed and cry and try to calm down.

Meanwhile, Lisa had gone upstairs to confront Jennifer about all the lying she had done this past week or so. Jennifer was still upset from her spanking. She knew she and her sister had messed up big time this time. She was also trying to think of a reason why she had agreed to switch places with Robin. Her father had told her they would be talking about that after dinner that night. Jennifer was stumped as to what her reason would be. For now, though, Jennifer was sitting, uncomfortably on the edge of the toilet, with a bar of soap in her mouth. Ugh, it tasted horrible. Jennifer swore at that moment that she would never lie again. Or at least she would never get caught lying; soap tasted awful.

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