John's Irish Nanny

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This story involves the fictional spanking of a juvenile male by his parents. If you are a minor, or this type of story offends you please stop reading. The situations depicted in this story are fictional, any resemblance to actual persons or circumstances is coincidental. If this story is reproduced electronically, or otherwise, proper attribution is to be maintained and the title should remain unchanged.


John Green was 14 and his mother was pregnant again. His younger sisters were 7 and 9 and now his mother was about to give birth, the ultrasound showed, to another girl. John's mother wanted help with the new baby and the other kids, so she decided that she would hire a nanny. A friend of the family had hired an au pair and was very happy with the young girl. Mrs. Green checked with the agency and when she found out that there would be a long wait for a qualified au pair, the director of the agency suggested that she call one of his ex-clients. This girl, Catherine, was a trained nurse from Ireland, had once been an au pair with the agency. Catherine was currently waiting for her visa to expire and would soon face returning to Ireland if she didn't find work and renew her visa. While she couldn't work as a nurse in the US she could work as a nanny.

Mrs. Green met with Catherine and they hit it off immediately. Catherine explained that to work longer than three months the Green's would have to apply to Immigration and Naturalization to extend her visa. Mrs. Green wasn't sure if she wanted to commit right away, but she said they'd give things a try and if they worked out they'd help with her visa. Catherine moved into the Green's house almost immediately. The girl's were as enamored of Catherine as Mrs. Green was. Catherine's wavy, jet black hair, green eyes, hour glass figure, and peaches and cream complexion all conspired to make her a very attractive young lady, who looked much younger than her twenty-five years. Catherine's bubbly personality, along with her wonderful sense of humor and unflagging optimism endeared her to everyone she met. And her lilting Irish voice could melt even the most hardened of hearts. John however, was somewhat more reserved in his reaction to "her." The girls had taken to calling Catherine "Miss Kathy," Mr. Green called her by her given name, and Mrs. Green thought of her new friend as "Kat." John just called Catherine "her," "she," or "hey you" depending on whether he was talking about Catherine or directly to her.

While the rest of the family absolutely adored Catherine, John was at constant odds with her. Mr. and Mrs. Green thought John was just being a smart mouth kid and offered, or rather threatened, to show him some parental attention designed at changing his attitude. Catherine told the Green's that John was at an uneasy age and they should show more patience with him, he'd come around soon. Catherine knew that this was the age when John would have started rebelling against his mother, his emotions towards a strong female figure coming into direct conflict with his emerging sexuality. Even though Catherine was eleven years older than John was she looked and acted much younger than her age; (she got carded at any bar she entered and was served most reluctantly, sometimes being denied service with the admonition to give the license back to her sister) John was obviously channeling his feelings of confusion towards her. The tension between John and Catherine grew as the days turned into weeks.

By the beginning of the third month even Mr. Green wasn't sure who was running the house anymore, Catherine had things running so smoothly that even the Green's were afraid to step in and tamper with anything. That is why the Green's didn't understand John's constant struggle to accept Catherine. Lately John's outbursts and protestations had earned him a few swats on the bottom and more than a few times he'd been threatened with having his mouth washed out with soap. The whole issue came to a head one evening when the family was watching television. The girls had been sent to bed at their accustomed time and at nine o'clock Catherine told John it was now his time to go to bed.

"But mom," John pleaded his case, "you know I love this movie, can't I just stay up 'til it's over."

"No." Mrs. Green responded. "Tomorrow is a school day. Now off to bed."

"IT'S NOT FAIR!" John began screaming at his parents about how unfair things were now that "she" was here. During his speech every time John said "she" or "her" he pointed an accusatory finger at Catherine. Catherine sat on the couch and looked on misty eyed as John told his parents that he didn't like having "her" in the house, and how he wanted things back to the way they were. During his impromptu speech John let an occasional "damn" and "hell" slip in, when these slips occurred his father quietly cautioned John to watch his language. His mother on the other hand had been telling John to stop yelling and making such a scene.

John's father came up with a compromise, "John, you can watch this until the next commercial, then you can set the VCR to record the rest and watch it tomorrow after school. But I can see that you're overtired."

John somehow thought that he had a chance of winning this argument and started anew, perhaps spurred on by the barb about being overtired. But this time he was almost in tears and spiced up his tirade with the word "bullshit." While the Green's and Catherine were all shocked, nobody was more shocked than John as he felt his father pull him over by the arm and with one tug pulled the boy's pajama bottoms and underpants almost to his knees.

John, who was already teary-eyed began to sob, almost begging his father not to spank him in front of his mother and Catherine. Mr. Green ignored his son's pleas and only responded with "I'll give you something to cry about." Then he did.

John was spanked infrequently, and always in the privacy of his bedroom, but this time his father was so outraged by his behavior that he decided swift justice was necessary. John was positioned over his father's knees and his bare backside felt his father's strong hand fall the first time. The sting from that first spank was different from any other John had felt, he'd rarely been spanked bare and never in front of a non-family member. John's immediate thoughts were of the embarrassment of being stripped bare in front of Catherine and his mother but after about fifteen hard spanks on the bare bottom the only thing John was thinking about was the end of his punishment. Mr. Green's hand covered most of John's chubby, teenage bottom cheeks. Catherine could see a white hand imprint with each spank, and that imprint would turn red just as the next spank fell. As a nurse Catherine had seen many naked people, so that didn't excite her, and she'd seen her brothers strapped and caned at home, so that had no effect on her, but to see this rude little boy get his comeuppance made her feel good. Catherine sat a little straighter in her seat and was enjoying watching John's bare bottom as it made the transition from pale white to bright apple red.

In the two minutes John spent over his father's knee he must have felt Mr. Green's blazing hot hand land fifty or so times. As suddenly as the spanking started it stopped. Mr. Green stood John up. John's hand shot back to his burning rump, oblivious to what that action left on display to the two women seated on the couch. John was crying loudly when his father told him to stop it and pull up his pants. John's tear filled eyes popped open wide as his father said that, realizing that his penis, fresh pubic hair and all, was in plain view of his mother and Catherine. John yanked up his jockey shorts and pajama bottoms before running upstairs to his bedroom, ignoring his father's instructions to apologize to the ladies for his bad language.

The Green's and Catherine sat in an embarrassed silence as they heard John slam his bedroom door and the loud "thunk" as he threw himself on his bed, his cries died off suddenly as he buried his head in a pillow. The three adults were staring at each other in an awkward embarrassment when they heard the strains of the movie's theme song begin signifying the end of the commercials, so they had an excuse to stop looking at one another and instead stare at the TV in awkward embarrassment.

That spanking cemented Catherine as an authority figure for John. He began to respect the woman and rarely had to be told twice to do something. The Green's filed the requisite paper work with INS to keep Catherine from having to leave, and she was needed more than ever now that little Jennifer had been born. When Jennifer was around six months old John got very ill, necessitating a trip to the doctor. The doctor determined that it was an upper respiratory infection. She prescribed antibiotics but was concerned by John's high fever, his allergy to penicillin meant that they would have to let the slower working broad spectrum drugs to work. The doctor wanted them to take John's temperature once every hour or so until it came down below 102 degrees, it went up to 105 she wanted Mrs. Green to take John to the emergency room.

"John, I want you to go right up to your room. I'm going to take your temperature now. Kat can you bring me the thermometer please." Mrs. Green said as they arrived at the house.

John and his mother went into his room, she watched as he changed into his pajamas and got into bed. Although it was a warm day, the temperature made him feel chilly. Catherine entered John's bedroom with her purse in her hand.

"Are you going somewhere?" Mrs. Green asked.

"Yes. I have to go to the pharmacy." Catherine replied.

"Why? I picked up the prescription on the way home?"

"Um, I can only find Jennifer's thermometer. I have to buy a new one."

"Why don't be silly, that'll do. Can you bring it please?"

"Sure." Catherine left to get the baby's thermometer, she could hear John whining to his mother about it.

Catherine brought the small basket, shaped like a swan into the room. In the basket was a small bottle of alcohol, some cotton balls, a small jar of Vaseline and a plastic tube containing a thermometer.

"John roll onto your stomach." Ordered Mrs. Green.

"Mom." Whined John, actually stretching it out into a three-syllable word.

"John, I can't argue with you about it. Jennifer will be waking up soon and I have to feed her. After dinner I'll try to sneak out and pick up an oral thermometer. Now come on." Mrs. Green patted her son on the hip.

"But Catherine has to leave."

"John. Stop being a baby, Catherine is a nurse, now roll over." This time Mrs. Green pulled down the blankets and gave John a sterner pat on the hip.

John reluctantly rolled over and pulled down his pajama bottoms. Just then his baby sister Jennifer started crying. Catherine made for the door but Mrs. Green stopped her.

"Catherine, can you finish in here, I have to nurse Jennifer."

Five minutes later Mrs. Green returned to John's room carrying the baby held against her shoulder, trying to burp her. "So how's the patient?"

"I don't know, he didn't let me take his temperature, John wanted to wait"

"I'm not letting her take my temperature that way!" John cut off Catherine.

Mrs. Green offered the baby to Catherine. "Turn over John." John did so and felt his mother yank down his pajama bottoms and jockeys. John was surprised at how rough she was taking down his pants like that, and was even more surprised when he felt his mother's hand slap his bare bottom. Mrs. Green spanked John's bared posterior twenty or so times in rapid succession. Her open palm landed in the same spot each time, spanning the peaks of John's bottom, giving him two bright red patches in the center of each cheek.

"Now stop thinking of just yourself. I need Catherine's help and she can't finish nursing Jennifer, but she can take your temperature. If you don't stop it now I'll go get the wooden spoon, whether you're sick or not."

John was sobbing quietly into his pillow when he heard his mother leave with Jennifer. The last time he was spanked with the wooden spoon his mother was still pregnant so she couldn't put him over her lap. Instead she had John take down his pants and lay flat on his bed, Mrs. Green pulled down John's underpants and gave him a good spanking with the spoon for lying. The loud cracks of wood on bare flesh coupled with his shouts and cries of protest brought Catherine and the girls to see the commotion. From the open door they saw John spanked until his pale bottom was glowing red. As the spanking progressed, each pistol-like ***CRACK*** of the wooden spoon would have John bouncing on the bed like a fish out of water, this only served to expose himself, front and back to the small audience assembled at the door. Mrs. Green lectured John for a few minutes after the spanking, during which time Catherine and the girls left to finish playing. John was still crying five minutes later when Catherine entered with a sheet and draped it over the boy's partially naked body, still racked with sobs.

He was still crying from his most recent spanking as he listened to the flat metallic sound of the Vaseline jar being opened and felt the bed sag as Catherine sat next to him. John's tears were rolling down his face as he felt the bed bounce slightly as Catherine shook the mercury down in the thermometer, and had he not been biting into his pillow he would have gasped as he felt the young nurse place her left hand on his burning rump. Catherine's palm was straddling the crevice of John's bottom, resting on the exact spot where Mrs. Green had spanked John only moments before. John's eyes were clamped shut and his head pressed into his pillow when Catherine spread his warm, red bottom cheeks using her middle and index fingers. John's eyes popped open and he gasped a little when he felt her right index finger lightly circle his anus, leaving behind some petroleum jelly, a second later he felt the cold thermometer enter.

Catherine took her hand from the boy's backside, allowing his chubby cheeks to close, holding the thermometer in place. John clenched his bottom cheeks tightly, putting little dimples at the meatiest part of his butt checks. Catherine patted the upper part of John's backside. "Just relax, it'll only take a minute."

John began sobbing again; embarrassed that Catherine could see his backside. Catherine began straightening the boy's room as she hummed a song. Instead of having a calming effect on John, the lilting Irish tune and Catherine's lovely voice, teamed up with the embarrassment of having his bottom bared and spanked, and knowing that Catherine saw him quite intimately, gave him an uncontrollable erection. As John's erection grew it pushed with more force into the mattress, and it began to hurt. John was sneaking peeks at Catherine, who was busying herself by folding his clothes and putting them in his dresser, but in his mind he was sure that she was staring at his naked gluteus. He soon found himself alternating peeks at the back of her head, to the seat of Catherine's tight slacks. The one time that Catherine looked at the boy she caught his gaze and he turned his head rapidly and buried it in his pillow. After two minutes, which seemed like an eternity to John, Catherine removed the offending object. John rolled onto his side so he was facing away from Catherine and quickly pulled up his underwear and pants.

She continued humming as she held the thermometer up to the window. "Well your temperature is still the same. See you in an hour." Catherine said as she rubbed John's head, messing up his hair.

"Do you promise?" John thought to himself as Catherine left closing the door behind her, leaving him alone to deal with his other offending object.

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