The High Price of Film

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Preface: As a spanking fetishist, I am clearly enthralled with the subject of spanking. I have written several stories, both autobiographical and fictional, that portray the spanking of children. It would, I feel, be remiss of me to post such stories without, at the same time, clearly stating that I am strongly opposed to the spanking of RL children and believe that spanking children is wrong. There are better ways to guide a child and better lessons to be taught by caring parents than though hitting. I believe that real-life, non-consensual spanking is both debilitating to the child's physical and psychological well-being and debilitating to the child-parent relationship. This is particularly true in this story where, outside the confines of this fictional story, I would clearly find the mother's behavior totally reprehensible. Still, I am a spankophile and while I am opposed to the RL spanking of children I nonetheless find the fictional account of such stories, and some remembrances of my own and other's RL experiences, very arousing. If such stories and remembrances do not interest you, move on.

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Saturday morning found Josh wheeling a grocery cart behind his mom at the neighborhood supermarket. With five growing kids to feed, the Johnston family’s weekly trek to the grocery store was an established family ritual.

The cart that Josh pushed was one of three carts that chugged up and down the various isles. His mom led this procession, with Josh, age 12, somewhere in the middle, followed by his sister Janet who, 11 months his senior, was tasked with bringing up the rear and keeping any and all stragglers in line. The other children shuffled along, wedged between the carts. The twins, Brian and Ben, age 10, followed their mother. Elizabeth, the youngest in years, at age 8, but seemingly more mature than either of the twins, nestled between Josh and Janet.

Their father was away on a business trip. He’d been gone a full week already and would not return home until the following Sunday. He was, in any case, excused from this weekly ritual. Dad worked most Saturdays, and was allowed the luxury of remaining home on the few Saturdays he had off.

As the Johnston’s caravan continued moving up one isle and down the next, Josh spotted what he was looking for; film. Josh was enthralled with photography and had long begged his parents for a 35mm camera. Finally, his persistence had paid off and he’d received a 35mm camera on his 12th birthday. When his parents gave him the camera they told Josh that they had done their part by buying him the camera, and that it was now his responsibility to take care of the camera, and to pay all expenses related to his hobby. Josh, who had just started 7th grade, belonged to the school’s photography club. As a club member, he could develop and print color pictures at school at no cost, but film was something he had to provide on his own.

Four dollars and seventy-five cents, Josh winced when he saw the price. Josh received an allowance of five dollars a week for doing various chores around the house. Four dollars and seventy-five cents seemed like a lot of money to pay for one roll of film, Josh thought to himself. Film sure was expensive; it would take all of the money he had. If he bought the film he wouldn’t have any money left for other things -- not even enough for a movie ticket at the local dollar theater, the place where he and his friends hung out most Saturday afternoons.

Josh knew the difference between right and wrong. He knew stealing was wrong. What to do? He needed that that film, but he sure didn’t want to miss out on going to the movies with his friends. What to do? What to do? He reached for the film and placed it in his grocery cart. Whatever he decided, he knew the cart would only pass this way once and if he was to get the film at all, he had to pick it up now.

Josh looked around -- no one had noticed him place the film in his cart. The twins, as usual, were keeping their mother busy. And his sisters were actively engaged in one of their lengthy "girl talk" conversations. He was wearing his school coat; a large warm coat with huge pockets. He looked around again, no one seemed to be paying him any mind. Four dollars and seventy-five cents was a lot of money to pay for a roll of film. Quickly, he took the box of film from the cart and slipped it into his coat pocket. His heart seemed to be racing a thousand beats a minute. He knew that stealing was wrong, but he wanted that film. Why did film have to cost so much, anyway?

At last they had reached the frozen food department. The last port-of-call before approaching the check out stands. Josh had calmed down a bit since slipping the film in his coat, but was still a bit nervous as they approached the registers. He was sure that no one had noticed him slip the film into his coat. Still, he would feel a whole lot better once he and his family were out of the store. Soon he would have the film he wanted and all the money he needed to have a great time at the movie theater that afternoon. All he had to do was remain calm and not draw attention to himself while leaving the store.

Josh pulled up behind his mother and helped her place this week’s groceries on the black conveyer belt that slowly moved this weeks haul, stop and go, from the back of the stand to the cashier’s scanning gun and on past the register to the bag boy. The twins were arguing again, nothing new about that. As usual, the twins were trying to persuade their mother to buy them some candy or chewing gum. Mom was quietly, but firmly telling them no.

"We have plenty of left over Halloween candy at home," she explained.

The twins knew this, but never fully accepted this line of reasoning. In their opinion, one could never have enough candy and so, never failed to ask for more. Further, the twins never accepted ‘no’ as an answer, not immediately anyway. They always pushed and pushed, until their mother was on the verge of loosing her temper.

Finally the bill was totaled and mom was busy writing out a check. Soon they would all be out of the store and headed home. Josh was sure he’d committed the perfect crime but would feel a lot better about the situation when he was safe at home.

Josh followed his mom past the register at the end of the check out stand. Suddenly, an alarm sounded. A red light mounted on top of a white pole just past the register blinked on and off and was accompanied by a loud, ear piercing electric buzzer. The alarm was going off right next to Josh’s ear. Every eye now seemed focused in their direction.

The store manager came over quickly and silenced the alarm. He exchanged a few words with Mrs. Johnston who, for the moment, stood dumbfounded, without a clue as to what was happening.

Following her initial confusion, now cleared up by the store manager’s explanation, Mrs. Johnston turned towards the twins and asked if they had taken something without paying. Brian and Ben looked at each other accusingly, their mouths wide open. The two boys looked guilty and about to cry, but both claimed innocence. The manager remained calm and told Mrs. Johnston not to worry, false alarms sometimes occurred if and when items were not properly scanned. He asked that everyone move back, past the check point, and exit again - one cart, and one person at a time.

Mrs. Johnston exited first, followed by the twins -- the alarm remained quiet. Next followed two grocery carts -- again the alarm remained silent.

Josh, knew he was in trouble, his heart and mind were racing, his stomach was doing flip-flops. He wanted to slip the film out of his coat pocket but the store manager hovered about, like a hawk, watching his every move. If the film had cost a little less he would have had enough money for the film and the dollar theater. He would have bought the film. It just wasn’t fair. Why did film have to cost so much? No one had seen him pocket the film. Why did stores have to resort to traps like that alarm?

It was Josh’s turn to move. He couldn’t raise his eyes from off the floor, his heart was beating like a drum. Slowly he shuffled past the check out point. Immediately, the light resumed flashing (the store manager had muted the buzzer). The manager exchanged glances with the boy’s mother and then leaned down to ask the boy if he’d please empty his pockets.

Josh stood there, frozen, his eyes locked firmly on the ground.

"Josh," his mother spoke calmly, "do what the manger tells you. Empty your pockets. Did you put something in your pocket without paying for it? " She knew the answer, she knew her son well enough to recognize the pale guilt ridden look that was plainly etched across her son’s face. Still, she found it hard to believe that Josh, her oldest son, would be so foolish as to shoplift, and not just shoplift, but do so with the whole family in attendance. This was the sort of stunt that kids his age sometimes pulled when they were alone or while hanging out with friends. But, to embarrass the whole family like this . . . then and there, Mrs. Johnston made a mental note to teach Josh a thing or two about embarrassment when they got home.

Josh remained frozen -- his eyes moved neither left, nor right, but were cast firmly at a point just in front of his feet. Mrs. Johnston reached over and gently removed the boy’s coat and handed it to the store manager. In a matter of seconds, the manager was holding the box of stolen 35mm film in his hand.

At this exact moment, it occurred to Josh that his allowance money was in the same pocket as the film. If he’d acted a bit quicker he might have been able to convince everyone that this was all just some sort of honest mistake -- that he’d put the film in his pocket to keep it separate from the other groceries and then forgot all about the purchase. The lie might have worked a few minutes ago, but one look at his mother’s face spoke volumes. Josh was never good at lying -- less so when trying to tell a lie to his mom. She could read him like a book. Josh correctly sensed that telling a lie now, would only make matters worse.

The manager exchanged a few words with Mrs. Johnston. Store policy he explained, under these circumstances, was to take down the boy’s name, address and telephone number and then release him to his parents. If the boy were caught stealing a second time the store would notify the police.

Mrs. Johnston thanked the manager for not calling the police and told him not to worry -- "This sort of thing won’t happen again, I can promise you that."

She turned to Elizabeth and asked her to take charge of her grocery cart. Then, she placed her hand firmly on Josh’s shoulder, and led him and the second grocery cart out the automatic doors and headed towards the family station wagon.

When all the shopping bags had been loaded into the back of their car, everyone took a seat. Josh, who would normally have sat in the back with Elizabeth, found himself seated in the front, between his mom and Janet. While Mrs. Johnston fumbled with her keys, Josh could hear the twins and Elizabeth whispering in the back seat. He knew they were discussing him, and were secretly pondering, among themselves, what kind of punishment Josh would get when they got home.

Mrs. Johnston pulled the station wagon into the family driveway, parked, stepped out of the car, and told everyone to help carry the groceries into the house.

"When we’ve finished bringing in all the groceries, I want to see everyone down in the living room. I have something important to say. There’s some family business that needs to be taken care of, and I want everyone to listen and pay close attention." Then, speaking directly to Josh in a firm voice she pointedly remarked, "And that means you too, mister."

Josh was a good kid really. All of the Johnston kids were good kids, most of the time. The twins seemed to get into more mischief than the others but they often paid a price for that mischief. All of the Johnston kids knew that misbehaving carried a price.

Failing to do chores on time, coming home late, or not letting their parents know where they were going before leaving the house -- these sort of things were all spankable offenses in the Johnston household.

If the school called home to report a disciplinary problem or a teacher called to complain about missing or late home work assignments, the offending child could expect a paddling from mom. Getting caught in a lie or talking back, meant a spanking session with dad -- a private session conducted in their parent’s room. A long, bare bottom hand spanking followed by a few strokes with their father’s razor strop. The strop was kept in their parent’s walk-in clothes closet and was brought out whenever it was needed.

As he helped carry groceries into the house Josh knew all this -- Indeed, it was foremost on his mind. Stealing was at least as bad as lying, he was sure of that. But dad wasn’t home and wouldn’t be home for another week. Would his mom let his punishment wait a week? Not likely. She certainly had no qualms about paddling the children when they misbehaved. But she always paddled in private and never spanked bare. Oh, she’d pull your pants down all right, but she always allowed the offending child to retain some sense of dignity by letting him or her keep their underwear on. Why was his mother calling everyone together like this?

When the groceries were put away everyone headed to the living room, as instructed. Mrs. Johnston directed the two girls to sit on the sofa and had the twins sit on the floor at their feet, then she sat down on the large stuffed leather chair that sat kitty-corner to one end of the couch. Then, directing her attention to Josh, she told the boy to stand in the center of this arrangement. From this stance, Josh stood several feet in front of the twins, directly facing his mom, but at only a slight angle to those seated on or near the couch.

Quietly Mrs. Johnston began to speak, "Why don’t you begin by telling your sisters and brothers exactly what you did at the supermarket today."

Josh stood silently in front of his family, just as he had in the store. His head caste down and his eyes locked on the rug at his feet.

"We’re waiting, Josh."

"I’m sorry," Josh mumbled.

"What’s that? Speak up. We all want to hear what you have to say for yourself," announced the boy’s mother.

"I’m sorry," Josh repeated with a little more volume than before.

"Yes, I imagine you are, but not half as sorry now, as you’re going to be in a few minutes. Do you have any idea how embarrassed you made me feel at the supermarket? -- or how much you’ve disgraced our family? You know better than to steal. Elizabeth knows better than to do something like that, and she’s only eight. What could possibly have possessed you to do something so foolish as to shoplift? -- and with the whole family present. Do you think we enjoyed being the center of everyone’s attention at the store?"

Josh listened but could not voice a response. There was no excuse, none that his mother would accept anyway. How could he tell her that he wanted the film for his camera but didn’t want to spend a whole week’s allowance buying film? Why did film have to cost so much?

As if reading his mind, the boy’s mother continued. "I gave you your allowance this morning -- you had enough money to pay for the film didn’t you?"

Josh nodded.

"Speak up," Mrs. Johnston spoke with a trace of anger. "You had enough money to pay for the film didn’t you?"

"Yes . . ."

"But you decided to steal the film instead of paying for it, is that it?" his mother interrupted.

"No . . ." Josh tried to explain but was again cut off as his mother interrupted a second time.

"You stole the film didn’t you?"

"Yes, . . . but I’m sorry."

"Yes, so you’ve said. Well sorry isn’t good enough, mister. Right now I think you’re just sorry that you got caught. But believe me, young man, by the time your father gets home next week you’re going to be a lot sorrier than you are now. Do you understand what I’m saying?"

Josh began to cry. "Yes," the boy choked in reply to his mother’s cross examination/lecture. Looking pale and forlorn, Josh used his left arm to wipe away the tears and snot that were already running down his face.

"Save the tears for later, Josh. You’ll be doing a lot of crying in just a few minutes. Did you think, just because your dad is away, and out of town, that you could get away with something like this? Or, that I’d put off spanking you until your dad got home? Well, think again, young man. You’re going to get spanked right here and now and you’re going to get spanked again next Saturday as a reminder of what it means to steal, and what its means to embarrass our family in public. When your dad gets home, you can tell him why a boy who just got his allowance and had enough money to pay for something honestly, prefers to steal. Believe me son, by the time your dad and I are finished punishing you for this incident, you’re going to be one well spanked little boy. Now, sit down and take off your shoes and socks."

Josh plopped on the floor and began to remove his shoes as he’d been told. The twins were only a foot or two away. Brian looked him in he eye with some degree of compassion, but Ben looked at him with smugness, self satisfaction, and more than a hint of enjoyment in is eyes. This was pay-back time. Pay-back for all the times that Josh had openly enjoyed watching their mother drag Ben off for a well deserved spanking. For you see, Josh enjoyed a good spanking -- when the someone getting spanked, was someone else. With his shoes and socks now off, Josh got back on his feet.

"Now," motioned his mother, "step over here while I help you take off your shirt and pants."

"Please," Josh protested, but approached his mother nonetheless.

"Don’t please me," his mother chided, as she pulled the boy towards her by grabbing the front of his blue jeans and deftly started to unbuckle his belt, release the snap and unzip the fly. "Step out of those pants," she demanded as she gave the pants a downward tug and proceeded to unbutton the boys long sleeve shirt. When this was done, she turned the boy around, so that he faced towards the couch, and lifted the shirt up and off his shoulders, then let the shirt drop to the floor.

Now wearing only underwear, Josh glanced sheepishly at his bothers and sisters who seemed to be clearly enjoying his situation and the abbreviated strip show. Josh felt his face flush as he turned again to face his mother.

"Do you know how much you embarrassed me today?"

"Yes, I know, you’ve told me. I said I was sorry," Josh exclaimed sullenly. Then, sensing that he’d made a mistake in voicing his irritation, tried to soften his initial outburst with an apology. "I’m sorry."

"Don’t get smart with me Josh. I don’t think you fully understand just how embarrassed you made me feel, or how much you embarrassed this family. Maybe, I should help you take off your underclothes. Then, you’ll have some sense of the embarrassment you put us through."

In the blink of an eye, she pulled the boy’s undershirt up and over his head and had her thumb and index fingers looped on opposite sides of the boy’s underpants. In half a heartbeat, she had the boys underpants tugged briskly down below his knees -- all before Josh even knew what was happening.

Josh was slow to react. When he realized what was happening he tried to recover by reaching down for his underpants but soon found himself upended and seated on the floor, as naked as the day he was born. His underclothes were now well out of reach, stuffed into the side of the leather chair at which his mother was seated.

"Now, get up on your feet and stand back in front of the couch."

Josh remained seated, knees locked together and bunched tightly to his chest, in an effort to cover himself. "Please," the boy cried. "Don’t do this -- not here -- take me to my room for a spanking. Spank me bare if you want, but don’t do this. Please don’t spank me here."

"Are you embarrassed Josh? That’s too bad! You embarrassed me, and you embarrassed our family. Now its your turn to feel embarrassed. You’re in no position to bargain, young man. You brought this on yourself. Now get up on your feet and do as you’re told. Don’t make me ask you again. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," the humbled boy replied as got to his feet. "But please, don’t spank me here -- I’m sorry. Please!" Josh continued to plead as he stood naked, covering his privates as best he could.

Ben and Brian began to giggle. Janet and Elizabeth sat in silence, but with their eyes open as big as saucers.

"If you twins think this is so funny perhaps you’d both enjoy a good bare bottom spanking when I’m through spanking your brother -- you know you two weren’t exactly angles at the store this morning."

Following this sobering remark Ben and Brian both tried to wipe the grins off their faces -- they largely failed at this effort but were smart enough to keep from giggling out loud.

Turning her attention back to Josh, his mother continued. "Now Josh, let me ask you again -- Do you now understand just how much you embarrassed me at the store this morning?"

"Yes, I’m sorry," the boy replied contritely.

"Yes, I think you’re getting the idea. As for being sorry, we’ll all see just how sorry you are when I turn you over my knee." Then, turning her attention towards the couch, Mrs. Johnston spoke to her oldest child.

"Janet, you know where I keep the oval hairbrush -- in the master bathroom -- please go and bring it here."

His mom had had the occasion to spank Josh with the hairbrush several times in the past. It always got his attention. Josh was all too familiar with this hairbrush. His mom spanked long and hard and that hairbrush hurt like hell. Each time he’d been spanked with that hairbrush he was quickly reduced to a quivering little boy -- kicking and squirming, crying and begging for her to stop. But that had always been in private, and with underpants on. Josh had never been spanked bare by his mother and, at this moment, could only imagine how much worse the hairbrush would feel when applied to his bare bottom -- in a few minutes he wouldn’t need his imagination, he’d know for sure.

"Please mom, don’t spank me here -- not with the hairbrush, not in front of everyone. Please, I’m sorry, honest. I love you. Please don’t do this."

"You should have thought of that before, Josh. Before you stole that roll of film. Well mister, you’re about to find out that the price of stolen film is going to be considerably more expensive than the four dollars and seventy-five cents it would have cost you to buy it honestly."

As she finished these remarks, Janet returned and handed the hairbrush to her mom and returned to the couch.

"Are you ready for a good, long, hard and well deserved spanking?"

Josh recognized this question as this was the same question that mom always posed before giving her children a spanking. He knew the question was largely rhetorical, but he knew too, that the spanking today would indeed be long and hard. Mom’s spankings always seemed to take forever. His mother never rushed a spanking. Instead, she took her time and applied the hairbrush with a sense of purpose. A spanking from mom was always thorough, and now it would be administered not only long and hard, but bare too. Josh knew this spanking was going to be anything but good.

"Yes." The response was obligatory. Why couldn’t this have happened to one of the twins? If he’d known what kind of punishment his mother had in store, he never would have taken the film. He’d never given any thought to getting caught -- not until it was too late. He’d hoped that, with his father out of town, the punishment would be put off, or that his mother would go a little easier on him knowing what kind of spanking his father was likely to give him when he returned home. Instead, this paddling was going to be far worse than anything he’d ever experienced before and, to make things worse, he was going to get a second spanking next Saturday and, when his dad got home, he was going to get it bare with the razor strop. Life just wasn’t fair.

Now, having responded to his mother’s final question, Josh quickly launched one last appeal, in hopes of persuading his mom to change her mind and spank him in private.

"Please, don’t spank me here -- not in front of the girls and the twins. Spank me in your room, use the strap if you want., but please don’t spank me here - not in front of everyone."

"No Josh. Spanking you here, like this, is just what you need. This will teach you an important lesson." Then, turning to the other children seated on or near the couch, she continued -- "Let this be a warning to you. Any child foolish enough to shoplift, as Josh did this morning, deserves whatever punishment is given. Any time you’re tempted to pull a foolish stunt like this, you think about today and remember the paddling I’m about to give your brother."

With that said she scooted to the front of the leather chair and motioned for Josh to approach. Quickly, she lifted her son up, off the floor, and positioned him over her lap, using her right leg to lock Josh’s legs in place.

She’d experienced his kicking and squirming before and had already worked out a plan to keep this errant little boy’s bare bottom positioned for a good spanking. She delivered a quick slap to his naked right butt cheek and, just as she knew he would, Josh thrust his right arm back to fend off the next attack. Mrs. Johnson was ready. In a flash, she grabbed the boys arm and soon wrapped her left hand tightly around the boy’s thin wrist, then slowly positioned the boys arm so that it pressed snugly against the small of his back. There it would remain, firmly locked out of harms way, until the spanking was over. The boy’s left arm was already pressed tightly against her body. Now there wasn’t too much Josh could do except suffer the spanking. An experienced spanker, Mrs. Johnston had long ago mastered all these little tricks of the trade, and was now free to concentrate on the important business of giving her oldest son the spanking of his young life.

As Mrs. Johnston paddled her son she quickly realized that spanking him bare like this had its advantages. From the first swat it was clear that the hairbrush was delivering a much greater STING than Josh had experienced before -- Josh was clearly feeling the difference between this and the previous paddlings she’d administered. Moreover, paddling him like this took a lot of the guess work out of spanking. Spanking him bare guaranteed that every spot on his quickly reddening bottom was spanked and spanked several times over. The boy cried and pleaded as he had never cried and begged before. He tried as best he could to wiggle out of position, but found that the more he squirmed, the tighter his mom held him, and the more determined she became.

After several minutes, Josh was sobbing uncontrollably and the boy’s face was covered with tears and runny snot -- soon, all signs of protest stopped. She gave him several more swats then stopped and placed the hairbrush on the floor. Keeping the boy over her knee, she allowed him time to regain some degree of composure. After five minutes she helped Josh to his feet then used the boys discarded underwear to wipe away the mixture of snot and tears that were pouring down his chin.

With the spanking now completed, Mrs. Johnson told Josh to keep his hands at this side -- she didn’t want him clutching at his bottom or covering his privates. Instead, she wanted the boy to sense every bit of the punishment she had administered and wanted him to feel every bit as embarrassed as she had felt that morning.

After a few minutes she took the boys hands in hers and steered him in the direction of the large fireplace that formed one complete wall of the living room. The fireplace was fronted by a large brick ledge that extended several feet into the living room and formed a half oval in front of the hearth.

"Now young man, you stand right here and don’t you move. I don’t want to see you moving about. I don’t want to see you looking around. You keep those eyes of yours pointed straight ahead and your hands at your side. While you’re standing, I want you to think about what you did today and how much you embarrassed everyone. You stand right here until I give you permission to leave."

After giving these instructions to Josh, she told Brian and Ben get up and clean their room. Janet and Elizabeth were given the job of cleaning up the living room -- picking Josh’s clothes up from off the floor and putting them in the laundry room. Elizabeth volunteered to vacuum the living room and made a point of doing an extra good job -- particularly in the areas just behind and to the left and right of her recently chastened brother.

Soon after Josh assumed his sentry post in front of the fireplace, the door bell rang. When Mrs. Johnston answered the door and was greeted by three of Josh’s school friends who where headed to the cinema and wanted to know if Josh was ready to join them.

"No boys," replied Mrs. Johnston. "Josh won’t be going anywhere for a week or so. He was caught shoplifting this morning at the supermarket. Do any of you boys want to see what happens to shoplifters in this household?" Then, without waiting for a response, she opened the front door more fully and led the boys into the living room. Here, as the boys were quick to notice, stood their naked friend, with his bright red bottom prominently on display.

"Your friends are here Josh. I thought they might benefit from your experience. The next time you go out together you might want to offer them some words of advice as to the wisdom of shoplifting?"

Josh’s friends didn’t say a word. They didn’t know what to say. They felt sorry for their buddy and, at the same time, embarrassed. They didn’t stay long -- but once outside, and headed towards the theater, they all started talking at once.

"Did you see how red his bottom was?"

"Yeah man, like a fire engine. That must hurt like hell. I didn’t think anyone spanked their kids like that any more."

"And his mom inviting us in like that. How long do you think she’s going to make him stand naked like that -- and with his kid sister running around, too."

"Beats the hell out of me. I’m sure glad she’s not my mom."

Josh stood in the corner for a half hour before his mother finally told him he was free to go to his room and get dressed. At the same time she made it quite clear that all was not forgiven and that the boy was still in a lot of trouble and should consider himself on restriction.

True to her word, Mrs. Johnston gave her son a second "reminder" spanking the following Saturday. She relented somewhat, by agreeing to spank Josh in private, but kept the practice of spanking him bare, and further decided that a second opportunity to "reflect", while standing vigil in front of the fireplace, would do the boy a world of good. Ignoring all protests and pleas, she led the sobbing, bare bottomed, and red faced boy to the living room.

The twins, who had pressed their luck all week, and sorely tried their mother’s patience again that morning at the supermarket, now made the big mistake of taunting their brother. That proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Mrs. Johnston grabbed Brian and Ben by their upper arm and soon had them scrambling towards her bedroom. In record time she had the two boys in their birthday suits, stretched across her lap, and was soon busy giving four bouncy butt cheeks a paddling that neither boy would forget any time soon. Then, when she was finished, the twins discovered, to their dismay, that there was ample room in front of the fireplace for three bare bottomed boys.

When Josh’s father returned home the next day and learned of his son’s misadventure at the supermarket, he was angry. However, upon discovering that the boy had been paddled the day before, Mr. Johnston gave his son a long talking to and decided to postpone the boy’s strapping until the following Saturday. Josh had a whole week to think and worry about this spanking -- a whole week to think and worry about his dad’s razor strop.

Saturday, after all the groceries were brought in the house, Mr. Johnston led his son to the master bedroom and gave the lad a strapping like none the boy had ever received before -- and hoped never to experience again. When he was finished, he let the boy get dressed and sent him to the bathroom to wash up and regain his composure. As was the custom in the Johnston household, Josh apologized to his parents. With this apology, now accepted, the punishment was over. Josh was allowed to go to the movies that afternoon with his friends, but he had a very hard time sitting still.

One thing for sure. During those weeks, Josh learned a lot about spankings and embarrassment -- and he learned one thing more -- Josh now knew all there was to know about "The High Price of Film."

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