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Spanking by a Stranger

Daughter Spanked at School

Altar Boy

Spanking by a Stranger

This is a story that a friend told me several years ago and I am reasonably sure of its accuracy because I was a witness to the Monopoly game spanking he received. I will tell this story in the first person, just as he told it to me.

When I was 11 years old I went to a coffee shop with my mom and it was crowded so we had to wait for her to get her coffee and our bagels. I got bored waiting and started to whine and give her a hard time in general and in fact made a real pain out of myself. One of the men in line asked mom if she needed any help in making me behave and she said that she wished that she had not given up spanking, because it was obvious that I need a good sound one. The man volunteered to help her if she really wanted to spank me, but she said that she could no longer make a lasting impression, because she did not spank hard enough. She then asked the man if he would be willing to give me a spanking and he agreed. He grabbed my hand turned me over his knee and pulled down my gym shorts in front of everybody in the restaurant. He then explained to my mom that he intended to give me 50 swats if she thought that was enough, and he then asked if he should spank my underpants or my bare bottom. Mom did not answer him, but she pulled my underpants down and told him that she thought 50 would be to light and that 100 might make a better impression on me.

The man then gave my bare behind 100 of the hardest swats I have ever had and by the time he was passing 50 I was crying so hard that I no longer noticed that I did not have any pants on and that my bare behind was attracting a fairly large gathering of spectators. I could not believe how much each smack hurt, his hands were huge and covered my entire behind each time he brought it down.

When the spanking was finished I had to stand in the corner of the restaurant with my pants down around my knees while my mom and this man finished their breakfast and talked. When mom was ready to leave about 20 minutes later, I was allowed to pull up my pants.

I behaved well for several weeks after that spanking, but finally had a really bad day where I talked back to her several times while I was playing Monopoly with my friends, Larry, Sam, Sally, Carol and Betty. Right after lunch the doorbell rang and mom got it while we continued to play. I looked up from the game to see my mom and the man from the restaurant standing in the doorway to the game room. I panicked and started to tell my mom how sorry I was, but it did not do any good. The man made me take off all of my clothes except my underpants, while my 5 friends watched and giggled. He then described the spanking I was going to receive, which was 100 swats on my bare behind followed by 25 more with a paddle he had with him. I argued with him and tried to get away but he caught me and turned me over his knee and had one of my friends, Carol, pull off my underpants which left me in my birthday suit.

He then gave me 100 swats with his hand which left me in tears and with a bright red behind. I was then made to stand in the corner for 15 minutes while he and my mom discussed the punishment I had received. After the 15 minutes were up he turned me over his knee again and told me that because I had tried to run away the punishment was changed and he gave me another 100 swats with his hand, before he used the paddle to really blister and I mean blister my behind with 50 swats.

When the spanking was over my friends were sent home smiling and talking and I was put to bed sobbing.

About an hour later my mom called me back into the game room to discuss my behavior and the punishment I had received. I told her that I thought that the spanking was unfair and that she had no right to have someone spank me in front of my friends. When I finished talking the man came back into the room and I got another spanking worse than the other ones. I got 200 hard swats with his hand followed by 100 with the paddle, with no pause in-between.

My behind was red and sore for several days after these spankings and my behavior improved for months after that. After this my mom continued to spank me on my bare behind, when she thought I needed it and she used the paddle instead of her hand so that she was sure that I got the message.

My behavior only justified this man coming to our house two other times and both times it was a painful and I mean painful experience, which my bare behind vividly remembers to this day. When I was 14, I came home early one day (Wednesday) because school had let out due to a power failure and I saw a strange car in the driveway.

I went around to the back of the house and peaked into the window and was surprised to see my mom turned over a mans knee with her skirt pulled up and her panties pulled down to her ankles while the man who had spanked me was blistering my momís bare behind with the paddle, just like he had done to me. I watched my mom getting her bare behind spanked with the paddle for about 15 minutes until she was sobbing like a little kid. When he was finished with the spanking which left her behind bright red and she was made to stand in my corner while she continued to cry.

I quit watching and waited until he left a few minutes later before going to a friendís house to play until school should have been out. I then went home to find my mom making dinner as if nothing had happened, but it was obvious that she was having trouble sitting down for dinner.

I have often wonder how many times this man had spanked my mom during the years. I now can remember many times when she acted strange and had an unusual smile on her face, and I would be willing to bet that each of these times she also had a bright red and very sore fanny.

After this time I was still spanked by my mom when I needed it, but each time she blistered my behind I pictured her over this mans knee getting her behind blistered and it made me feel better.

Author's note: During our high school years my friend and I often cut class on Wednesday afternoons so that we could go to his house and watch his mom getting her Wednesday afternoon spanking from this man. It has been ten years now, but I am sure she is still enjoying the paddle as it is skillfully applied to her bare behind.

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Daughter Spanked at School

When my daughter was 13 she received a spanking at school from her teacher in front of the principal and two other facility members. This spanking was for talking back in class, and she was given 10 swats across the seat of her jeans in front of these 4 adult staff members. She came home after school and had a note I had to sign acknowledging that I knew she had been spanked.

Upon seeing the note I was furious, and called the school and talked to the principal. I told her how upset I was and that I wanted to meet with her and the other witnesses as soon as I could get there. My daughter and I left for school immediately and within 20 minutes were in a conference room with the 4 staff members who had witnessed my daughters spanking.

My daughter's teacher described her misbehavior and stated that they were sorry I was up set, but that it was school policy to paddle children for certain offenses.

At this point I grabbed my daughter and pulled her pants down before turning her over my knee. I then pulled down her pink panties and used my hand to spank her bare behind in front of these witnesses. When I had finished giving her 50 swats, her behind was bright red and she was bawling and begging me to stop.

I pulled up her panties, and then asked her teacher to give her another spanking. This teacher turned her over her knee and started swatting her panties, when I stopped her and said that if she deserved to be spanked she deserved a bare bottom spanking. The teacher willingly lowered her panties and gave her bare behind a good sound open hand spanking. I then had the principle administer a third spanking to this very sore red bare behind.

When the principal was finished, my daughter got dressed and we went home, after I told the staff that I supported paddling for misbehavior but that I believed that if a spanking is needed it should be administered to the bare bottom. In addition they had my permission to spank my daughter in the future whenever she misbehaved, but only on her bare bottom.

That night my daughter received another very hard and long bare bottom blistering with my wife's wooden hairbrush. I had not spanked my daughter for over a year before this episode, but afterwards she spent a lot of time with a very sore behind.

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Altar Boy

When I was growing up in the 50's my parents believed in spanking whenever it was needed and this method of punishment was used by most parents and schools. The idea of childrens rights was unheard of, our right was to behave or face the consequences which were often a bare bottom spanking by any nearby adult.

This is one of a number of stories that describe spankings that I received in public from my parents that stick in my memory, even today.

We belonged to a small Episcopal church and when I was 11 years old I served as an altar boy during the 11 o'clock service every Sunday.

One Sunday dad and I had an argument going to church and I could see that I had overstepped safe boundaries and that dad was really getting mad, so when we got to church I hurried to the classroom building to put on my robes before the service. I got my robes out of my locker and then noticed that my dad had followed me and that he was standing behind me. Dad informed me that I was about to get a spanking for my behavior in the car, and I tried to delay the punishment until he calmed down by saying I had to get dressed for church. Our Priest, Father Fowler, overheard our conversation and said that I did not have to be ready for 20 minutes and that dad had plenty of time to take care of me properly.

Dad grabbed my arm and took me to a chair where he pulled down my pants and underpants before turning me over his knee for a bare bottom spanking in front of our Priest and the other 5 altar boys. The spanking consisted of 50 hard swats which left me crying and with a very sore and red behind. When he was finished spanking me dad made me remove my pants and underpants and then he let me put on my robes for the service. I attended church taht Sunday with my sore red bare behind under the long black robes of an altar boy. Our Priest started his sermon and then stopped and advised the congregation that he had just seen something that caused him to change his sermon and that the new sermon was on taking parental responsibility seriously. He made a strong point on the responsibility of parents to ensure that children understood the difference between right and wrong, and enforced these lessons with consistant discipline. He illustrated what he meant by calling me to the front of the church and making me face the altar while he lifted the back of my robes so that the whole congregation could see my shinny red bare behind.

When the service was over my dad met us in the changing room and gave ma another spanking before I was allowed to put on my pants. This spanking was even more embarrassing than the first one, because the children's choir was getting their robes on for an after church peformance and these 20 boys and girls got the witness the second spanking.

After this I served as an altar boy at my church several times in the next three years whit nothing but a red behind on under my rober after being spanked by either my dad or Father Fowler.

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