From:[email protected] (MR MIKE REESE)

My stepmom Julie was a stern disciplinarian. Shortly after she married my dad, she insisted on having an active role in my discipline, and dad who travelled a lot on his job conceded to her demands.

Although dad had occasionally spanked me, when Julie assumed the task, I was spanked more frequently and on the bare bottom. Hardly a month went by that Julie didn't pull my pants down and take me over her lap for a bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush. Those spankings really hurt and I dreaded every one of them.

Then one evening, my parents had gone out for dinner and left me with a sitter, Sydney, who was the daughter of one my stepmom's friends. I was 11 at the time and was somewhat resentful that I had to stay with a sitter, especially since Sydney was only about 15 herself at the time. I gave Sydney a difficult time and she explained this to my parents when they returned.

Julie was upset about this and immediately pulled my pants and shorts down for a spanking. At first I was very embarassed as my buttocks and groin were exposed in front of Judy and Sydney. But as the painful spanking to my bare bottom began, I suddenly found something rather pleasurable about my punishment being witnessed, remebering how Sydney just stared at my bare bottom and penis and grinned.

Later in my room, while recovering from the spanking, I noticed a tingling sensation run up and down my spine as I massaged my sore bottom.

Several weeks later, I was out shopping with Julie one summer afternoon and raised a fuss when she wouldn't let me buy a pair of shorts I wanted.

Julie sternly grabbed me and indicated that I would be spanked as soon as we got home.

At that point, almost without thought, I told Julie that if I was to be spanked, I wanted to get it overwith now. A clerk overheard our conversation and mentioned that Julie could use the lounge area adjacent to the women's bathroom.

Julie thanked her and dragged me to the designated area. There were two other women in the area and were startled when Judy first led me in, but a quick explanation from Julie brought nodding apporvals from both. The tingle went up my spine again as Julie lowered my pants and shorts to bare my bottom for infliction of punishment.

With the two women present, Julie started to blister my buttocks. Despite the pain, I was keenly aware that I was still enjoying the fact that I was exposed in front of the women. The other thing I sensed was that due to it being a hot day, Julie was wearing shorts and I could feel my penis and testicles rubbing against her bare thigh.

After going home with this spanking in mind, I soon found myself with a full fledged hard-on.

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