Short Stories III

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Spanking Other People's Children

Girlfriend's Mom


In the mid 50s when I was 12, I was spending a rainey Saturday with abunch of the neighborhood kids playing Monopoly. There were six or seven of us (4 girls and 3 boys)playing and after landing on somebodys hotel and being put out of the second game I lost my temper and got into an argument with my next door neighbor, Sally, that led to my calling her a bitch and pushing her down. She started crying and my mom came in after hearing all the comotion to see what was wrong. Sally told her I had knocked her down, because I was a poor looser.

Mom quited Sally down and then said she would deal with me, and hearing this the other kids started to leave, but mom stopped them and told them that they should continue playing. Mom then told me to strip to my underpants because she was going to give me a good spanking. I protested that she should wait until everybody went home but she told me that I had misbehaved in front of my friends so I would be punished in front of them.

A few minutes later mom returned to the game room with her wooden hairbrush, and found me standing there in only my underpants. She pulled out a chair, sat down and turned me over her knee and then she pulled my underpants off and began to spank me with the hairbrush. After I had gotten 15 to 20 sound swats with the hairbrush and had started to cry mom stopped and had me stand up next to her. She then had Sally take her place and made me bend over her knee while she gave Sally the hairbrush and told her to continue my spanking. Sally really got into the program and gave me about 30 really hard swats before mom thought that I had received enough.

Mom then made me stand in the corner for 30 minutes with my very red behind showing, before she returned and gave me a second spanking far harder than the first one.

We continued to play Monopoly for the rest of the afternoon, but I was playing in my birthday suit with a very red and sore behind.

For the next week mom had Sally come over after school to give me a spanking, always on my bare behind.

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Spanking Other People's Children

Recently a co-worker who is divorced was complaining about the behaviour of her children, and especially her 11 year old son who seemed to be talking back most of the time. She knew that my children were all grown up, so she asked me how I handled my boys at this age. I told her that I believed in spanking and that if my boys had done what she had described, then they would have had their bare behinds blistered.

She asked me if I would come home with her after work to help her teach her son a lesson, and I told her that I would be happy to help out.

About 4:30 we left work and I followed her home where her housekeeper/babysitter had the latest tales of misbehaviour. She called the children into the den to hear their story and the two girls ages 7 and 9 told how their brother had been teasing them all afternoon.

When her son, Mark, told her that he could do what he wanted and he did not have to listen to the sitter, his mom blew her stack and introduced me. After the introductions she informed Mark that I had come home with her to give him a good sound spanking. Mark was astounded, and when I grabbed him and pulled him to a kitchen chair he begin to yell and cuss me out. I shook him soundly and then turned him over my knee and gave the seat of his pants about six good swats. I then pulled his shorts down to his knees and asked his oldest sister to take them off. As she was removing his shorts I pulled down his underpants and had her take them also. When his bottom was bared I delivered a very sound and hard spanking that consisted of 50 swats, which turned his bare behind a very bright red and left him crying. When I was finished I made him stand in the corner for 15 minutes and then I gave him a second spanking, but this time with a hairbrush of his mom's.

The combination of a good sound bare bottom spanking in front of his sisters seemed to have the desired effect. He stood in the corner for 30 minutes after the second spanking with his bright red bottom on display, and his sisters had fun when they invited a few of their friends over to play and walked them through the den so that they could get a good peek at Mark.

I left that afternoon with a boy who had learned his lesson and two young girls who did not want to see me again, especially if they were in trouble.

During the next few weeks I made several trips to this lady's house and each time her son received a serious spanking, even though it was apparent that his mom was now spanking him and his sisters herself when the need arised.

Within about two weeks she asked me home and took me to the house of one of her neighbors where I spanked this womans two twin 13 year old sons and her 11 year old daughter. The lady had noticed the change in Mark and had asked his mom what had brought on the change, and she told her about my spankings.

I now am called by four different parents (single mothers) in her neighborhood to spank their junior high aged children when they misbehave, and this means that I administer about one bare bottom spanking a week.

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Girlfriend's Mom

When I was 13 I had a girl friend and spent a lot of afternoons after school at her house. One day she and her mom got into a big argument about the amount of time we spent together and during this argument her little sister brought up the fact that she had caught us kissing in her bedroom on several occasions. Carol told her mom to quit treating her like a little girl and that she had the right to do whatever she wanted in her own room.

Carolís mom really lost her temper and she grabbed Carol and turned her over her knee, lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and spanked her bare behind in front of me and her little 9 year old sister.

When she was finished, Carol called her a bitch and that got her a second spanking, but this time with a big wooden spoon. I tried to talk her mother out of this second spanking, because it didnít seem fair, but she just pushed me out of the way.

When she was finished really blistering Carolís behind with the spoon she told me that I had no right to try and interfere and in fact that it was partially my fault that Carol had been spanked at all. In fact she decided that I deserved a little of the same medicine from the wooden spoon. Carolís mom took my pants down, turned me over her knee and blistered my bare behind with the wooden spoon and then had me stand in the corner next to Carol.

It was embarrassing being spanked in front of Carol and her little sister, but while we were made to stand in the corner with our red bare bottoms showing, her little sister brought 5 or 6 of her friends into the house to see the result of the spanking. While they were watching, Carolís mom came back into the room and gave us both another spanking with the wooden spoon in front of all of these little kids.

Carol and I went together for two years, until we turned 15, and during that time her mom would spank our bare behinds whenever she thought we needed it, no matter who else was in the house at the time. In fact she spanked my bare behind fairly often, and not always when she was spanking Carol.

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