Teacher's Punishment

From: [email protected] (Tom)

It was Friday afternoon and work was just winding down, when I received a phone call from my step-daughter's math teacher. "Mr. Jackson I would like you to come to the high school immediately, its about your daughter, Kate." I tried to explain that it was difficult for me to leave work right now, even though I owned the business. However, Ms. Henderson was insistent that I leave immediately, as she wanted to go on a skiing trip. She was extremely rude, and I wound up saying that I would be right over, but it had better be important or she and I would be visiting the Principal's office.

When I arrived at the high school, I went straight to Kate's classroom. There I saw my 16 year old step-daughter standing with her nose to the wall, sobbing her eyes out. Ms. Henderson was seated at her desk with a very smug look on her face. I immediately asked her what was the problem and she said Kate was caught cheating on a test. I knew this was impossible as Kate was one of the brightest kids in the class. Why is she standing in the corner crying, I asked.

"I spanked her and told her to stand in the corner", she responded very curtly. "When and where did you spank her. I spanked her right in front of the class, I believe that punishment should be immediate. I then saw the straight-back chair in the front of the room and the thin ruler sitting on top of it.

"Kate come over here."

She turned, wiping the tears, from her eyes stood in front of me. She was wearing the traditional outfit of St. James Academy for Girls, blazer, starched white blouse, blue skirt that ended at the knees, blue knee socks and loafers. Being 16 and a sophomore she hated this outfit, it made her look like a 8 year old grade school child. She stood at attention, heels together, head up, hands at her side, just as I had taught her over the past year, when she was going to be questioned about an incident. I had married her mother a year ago. Ms. Henderson looked very impressed at her obedience.

"Kate have you cheated on this test?"

"No, sir" she answered.

"Why does Ms. Henderson think you did?"

"Because I was passing a paper to another student prior to the test."

"What would happen if you were cheating?"

"You would spank me so I wouldn't be able to sit for a month."

"Now lets see the spanking, Ms. Henderson gave you, bend over this desk, pointing to Ms. Henderson's desk." She bent over to the desk and stretched herself across it. I turned towards her and flipped her skirt above her waist revealing white cotton panties and very red ruler marks on her thighs.

"Pull your panties down to your knees and show me your bare bottom." Again she did as instructed. Her bottom was fire engine red from the spanking that Ms. Henderson had given her. You could see the marks from the ruler all over her rounded cheeks.

"Ms. Henderson, did you do this to my daughter?"

"Yes, I did."

"Did you do this in front of all the other girls?"

"Y-es" she answered not quite so confident.

"Did you have my permission?"

"W-ell no, but..."

"There are no buts, Ms. Henderson."

"Did you actually see my step-daughter cheating?"

"Well no... but."

"So, Kate was not cheating, She was spanked in front of her classmates and you did not have my permission to spank her. Is this all true, Emily?", he said, addressing her by her first name.

"Well- Y-es."

"Fine, Kate stand up, pull your panties up and go to back to the corner, Ms. Henderson and I have something to discuss." "Yes, sir." She quickly did as she was told and headed for the corner she had just come from.

"Ms. Henderson it seems to me that what you did to Kate was both wrong and I believe you overstepped your bounds. You should have at least asked my permission prior to spanking her. In addition, you were wrong about her cheating. Do you have anything to say for your self, Young lady."

I looked directly in her eyes. She was tall standing about 5' 9" in her high heels and beige suit, but I was taller at 6' 1". She started to look away, then became very defiant. "Look I am 35 years old and will not be talked to as if I am guilty of something. I am going skiing and have no more time for this nonsense. If you have a problem go see the Principal, she will back me up. I have to go." She spun around and started to leave the classroom. She had long blonde hair, her legs were long, lovely and straight; her short skirt and tan colored stockings displayed them beautifully. I grabbed her by her wrist before she could leave the room and sat down on the straight-backed chair that was still in front of the room. Over my lap she flew her head on one side and her long tanned legs on the other. I swatted her a good 5 times on her skirt covered fanny. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! That got her attention. "Yeoooooo - You HAVE NO RIGHT WHO do you think you ARE!!!

"Kate go down to the office and bring the Principal here to Ms. Henderson's classroom, I want her to witness this." I happened to know Linda Dawson very well having dated her a few times and having spanked her on more than one occasion. Off Kate went on her mission.

"Young Lady, your attitude and rudeness leave a lot to be desired. Not only were you wrong in spanking Kate and embarrassing her in front of her peers, but you are a unrepentful brat that is acting like a child and should be treated as a child. Now you stand here until Linda gets here, and we will see what she has to say." She stood before me rubbing her skirt covered bottom

Just then Linda arrived and I explained to her what I intended to do to Miss Smartypants and that I wanted a witness. Linda started to protest but I gave her one of my "don't say a word looks" and she immediately agreed. I told her that since Kate was the one punished she should also be a witness. Emily started to protest, but once Linda gave me the okay there was not very much she could do. Linda explained that if I pressed charges she could be suspended, so she better cooperate.

"Hand Linda your jacket." She was wearing a long-sleeved silk blouse under her jacket. I then told her to bend over and to grasp her ankles, as I wanted to see if she would have to remove her skirt, as it was short but tight. Emily hesitantly, turned perpendicular to me and planted her ankles about two feet apart and bent forward, grasping her trim ankles firmly.

I watched, amazed, as Emily's skirt tighten around her backside and rode up her back, the small slit at the bottom of the rear of her skirt opening as wide as it could. From my angle, her hem line was a taut straight line in front and I could see the tops of her pantyhose in the back where the color changed to a darker hue. Her waist was trim, the top of her skirt tightly encasing her silky white blouse. Her feminine hips swelled and her legs were graceful and tight. Her hair fell forward, most of it tumbling down the left side of her neck.

I knew her skirt would rise over her hips, if I wished to spank her on her panties. "Young lady, stand up and come over here." I was standing beside the straight backed chair. She approached me with her head down. I made her stand directly in front of me. "Now, stand at attention Young Lady, I want your hands at your side, your heels together and your eyes looking directly at me, just as Kate was standing a few minutes ago. Intimidated she did as she was told. Her face turned a bright red as she looked at both Kate and Linda, who were both watching intently. She tried to push her tight skirt back in place as it had ridden up from bending over. "Now, Ms. Henderson, you will answer me with a Yes or No Sir, as I ask you questions. Is that clear?"

"Yes Sir!"

"First, I want you to reach under your skirt and pull your pantyhose down to your knees."

"Absolutely NOT"' she yelled at me. "There is no way you will treat me like this, I am not a child."

"Is that so." Once again she found herself over my lap. This time I was determined to teach her a lesson in obedience as a warm-up to her real spanking. "This is just a warm-up for when I really spank you, when I give you an order I expect you to obey it immediately."

Whack! Whack! Whack! Emily cried out in shock and in discomfort. Whack! Splat! Spank! I noticed the material at the seat of her skirt bunched up for a second each time my hand landed on her backside, then jiggled as Emily's bottom absorbed the swat Then the material tightened again as her bottom returned to its normal, lovely, round shape. Her rear hem had ridden up a few inches by now and I could clearly see the base of a pair of small, lacy, white panties, the middle scrunched deeply in the middle of her cheeks.

I continued to whack her fanny over and over, she was struggling to get away. She twisted and bucked over my knee in a desperate attempt to relieve the ache and sting. I took hold of her right arm as she reached back to stop the spanking and pinned it to the back of her. I continued my assault upon her skirt covered bottom, until she stopped squirming and resigned herself to her punishment.

Ten more hard spanks and she was sobbing quietly, her head had dropped and was resting next to my leg, her legs had stopped kicking she knew I meant business and was willing to submit if I would stop spanking her.

"Okay, Young Lady, on your feet." Emily got to her feet quickly glad to be off my lap. "Now, Emily what did I ask you to do."

"Pull down my pantyhose."

"Do you think you will do so now or do you want to spend another ten minutes over my lap."

"No, sir I will do it."

"Okay fine, stand at attention, reach under your skirt and pull your pantyhose down to your ankles and stay like that until I tell you to move." She reached under her skirt and wiggling from foot to foot because her skirt was so tight. She began to lower her hose, down it came past the hem of her skirt, down her knees to her ankles. Ms. Henderson stayed just as I had ordered, bent over her firm cheeks pushing against her skirt, her head touching her knees, her hose at her ankles. "Now, so that you learn that what I say goes, I want you to practice raising and lowering your pantyhose until I tell you to stop. "NOW BEGIN" She took her hose and reversed the procedure, up her legs, over her knees, and pulling the hose under her skirt once again had to wiggle to raise her pantyhose over her hips. Her face was blushing a bright red. She started to hesitate, but quickly did as she was told, after a quick swat across her skirt. I made her do it five times. Each time she had to wiggle from foot to foot to complete the task and each time I caught a glance of her lacy panties. I finally ordered her to stop, as I was anxious to began her real spanking. I ordered her to come and kneel in front of me for the next part of the session.

As she knelt in front of me as I sat on the straight backed chair, I reached down and placed my hand under her chin and made her look into my eyes. I wanted to make sure she understood every word I was going to say.

"First of all Emily, you will never again spank my daughter or any other student in front of the classroom again. If you do I will do the same thing to you. Is that clear." "Yes, sir" she answered in a very low voice tears coming down her cheeks. "Second, before you spank my daughter, I wish to know, if you don't notify me I will spank you again. Is that clear." 'Yes, sir." "Third, Young Lady, I want you to standup in front of me and raise your skirt above your waist. I am going to have Linda pin your skirt to the back of your blouse. I then want you to apologize to my daughter for spanking her. You will also apologize to her on Monday in front of the entire classroom." Is that clear." "Yes, sir." "Fourth, once you are finished apologizing to Kate, I want you to ask me for your spanking. I am going to paddle your behind with the ruler and by the time I am finished with you, you will not sit for a week. Is that clear." "Yeees, siirrr" By now her tears were streaming down her face from embarrassment and concern over the spanking she was about to endure. Her bottom was stinging from the two spanking she had just received and it was over her skirt. "Now standup and raise your skirt over your hips and lets get started."

She stood and started to raise her skirt, once again because of the tightness of the skirt she put on quite a show, as she had to wiggle this way and that way to get it over her hips. Her white lacy, silk bikini panties were now fully on display. The were extremely skimpy and barely covered her two cheeks, which were a light rose colored from the earlier spanking. I pointed to Linda, who proceeded to pin her skirt to the back of her blouse. All of her arrogance had left her. "Now proceed with your apology and make it sincere or else."

"Kate, I am so sorry I spanked you in front of the students, I was wrong. Please forgive me, I will never do it again."

"Very good Ms. Henderson, now stand up straight, hands at your sides, heels together, we are going to have a question and answer session before I tan your bare fanny."

"Do you deserve a bare bottom spanking?"

"Yes, sir"

"When was the last time you were spanked?"

She hesitated then answered: "When I was 8 years old."

"Who spanked you and why?"

"My Daddy did for lying to him."

"Did he spank you hard?"

"Yes sir."

"Was it on your panties or on your bare fanny?"

"On my jeans."

"How old are you now, Young Lady?"

"35 sir"

"Do know what I am going to do to you Ms. Henderson."

"Yes, sir."

"Come over here and stand to my right side. I am now going to treat you has if you were 8 years old and about to spanked by your Daddy only it won't be over your jeans but on your naughty bare bottom. Now lay yourself across my lap and stretch out as far as you can for your tanning." She slowly bent over my lap her hands were positioned in front of her and her long legs were stretched out straight to my right side.

Her skimpy white lacy panties rode up between her cheeks, as she stretched over my lap. I took my thumbs and grasped the inside waistband and slowly and deliberately pulled them down over her full hips, making her rise as they passed over her bottom. Slowly they descended, inside out, down to her knee hollows. "Kate get me the ruler, Ms. Henderson spanked you with and hand it to me. I am going to give her the same treatment she gave you and I guarantee she will be crying loud sobs once I am finished."

I was determined to make sure that this spanking would have the proper effect on her attitude. I slowly and deliberately patted her bottom with the ruler, first one cheek than the other. Causing her to fidget nervously on my lap, as if she wanted me to get the punishment over with. I decided to oblige her and using my wrist snapped the ruler solidly across her right cheek. It left a red mark on her already blushing red fanny. Again I lifted my hand and SMACK on the identical spot as the first spank. Once again I spanked her on the same spot. Three terrific spanks on her right fanny cheek. Emily started to kick her legs up and down and I could hear her trying to stifle a cry.

I then repeated the performance on the left cheek and she started to cry. her head was bobbing up an down and her legs were kicking in unison. "Stop jumping all over my lap or I will add to the spanking I am about to give you." This seemed to slow her down, but her fanny cheeks continued to twitch. I then started to spank her in earnest up one side of her fanny down the other. Over and over, not missing a single inch. Once her backside was a vivid red I started on the top of her legs and continues right down to her knees. After her thighs and behind were a deep crimson, I started concentrating on the creases between her backside and legs. She lay still all of the fight out of her, accepting her punishment. Her attitude had changed I could feel her defeat.

"Now, young lady, do you think you have learned your lesson?" I punctuated my question with the flat of my hand on her already stinging backside.

"Yes, sir" she wailed.

"Will you ever spank another student without informing their parents?" Once again I swatted her on her full round bottom.

"No, Sir" she sang out. "Pleaseeeee NOOO more it hurts. I will be sooo good." She started to cry as if she were 8 years old.

"Do you think you have more respect for me and the rest of the parents?" This time I gave her three quick but forceful spanks on the middle of her fanny.

"Yes, sir."

"Okay get up, leave your panties and pantyhose down and go stand in the corner. I want to speak to your Principal." Up she got, wiping her eyes and sniffling. She started to rub her bottom, but thought better of it, and did a funny little dance hopping from one foot to the next. Holding her dress up to her waist. You could see the ruler marks on her thighs and bare bottom as she shuffled slowly towards the corner. Her pantyhose and skimpy panties at her knees.

"Linda, come over here you as the Principal are responsible for your teachers actions, I think maybe a few minutes over my knee will make you remember your responsibility." I grasped her wrist and in one motion pulled her over my knees. Flipping up her skirt I was treated to her silky black skimpy panties framed by her garter belt and dark stockings. WHACK! WHACK! I spanked her before she had a chance to protest the indignity of her position Down came her underpants, I could see the red palm prints. I began to spank her bare bottom over and over WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "Don't ever let this happen again or I will tan your backside until you won't sit for a month." WHACK! WHACK!. By this time Linda was sobbing and trying to catch her breath. I continued to spank her until she started to hiccup from her crying. I then tucked her skirt into her waistband, and told her to get up.

"Now stand here and listen to me I should use the ruler on you, but I am going to let it go this time, but don't ever let it happen again. I want Emily to write 500 times on the board." "I WILL NOT SPANK ANOTHER STUDENT WITHOUT THE PARENTS PERMISSION." You will supervise her and let me know when she is done. I expect a call from you later tonight, do not let your skirt down or pull your underpanties up until Emily is finished. I am going to take Kate home with me. NOW get over there and supervise, and I landed two swats on her bare bottom.

"Come on Kathleen Marie Jackson", Kate's full name, you are grounded for the week, I want you in your punishment jammies when we get home. No TV and you will be showered and in bed by 7:30." As we left I could see Linda motioning with the ruler for Emily to start her punishment, skirt still pinned with her red bottom on display.

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