Puberty Spanking

From: [email protected] (Krista Leonard)

Here is my true story... I was only spanked once, it was enough!

My name is Krissy and I was 12 years old in the summer of 1982. My parents had gone to Hawaii on vacation and sent me to a catholic summer camp in northern Indiana. I loved this camp and had been going overnight for 2 weeks since I was 7. This was about 1 year prior to the camp finding corporal punishment was illegal.

The camp was co-ed and most of the counselors were 20-25 years of age and about half were nuns. They were pretty cool but sneaking out at night to do vandelous things was a HUGE NO NO!

I had a little friend named Chris who was 13. We were inseparable... we had been going the same session every summer since we were 8 and 9. I was always teased that he was my boyfriend but neither of us were overly mature for our ages and hadn't yet discovered the "joy" of the opposite sex. Chris was about 5 feet, pale blond hair and a huge mouthful of braces. He was a thin and wiry but athletic. I was very petite for 12, about 4' 10 or so. I always was cursed with orange hair and more freckles than pippi-longstocking and acted more like a boy than Chris did!

We decided to sneak out and meet at 11:00 to toilet paper another cabin and string another camper's underware up the flag pole. We waited until our counselors were asleep and met by a spot called the 6 trees. We had a blast... running around free like wild animals spreading our wealth of TP with the entire camp.

Well as we were sneaking back towards the cabin areas a tall figure jumped out in front of us. We both bolted like a bat out of hell but we were trapped! It was Father Dave? He was one of the male counselors and the only one that was a priest instead of a college student. He was about 27 and very tall. He was all the kids' favorite.

He said, "you guys shouldn't have done this. I was on duty and I could lose my job." Well, neither Chris or I realized that he would be held responsible like that. I felt my heart drop to my stomach. I never wanted to hurt anyone, especially father Dave. I glanced at Chris and I could tell by the look on his face that he felt just as bad.

Father Dave was really mad at us. He said, "I'll tell you what, we will stay up all night and clean up this mess. You won't get sent home and I won't get fired. But you two have to be punished! This is unacceptable... and I though you two were the good ones... ha." He growled,"both of you follow me. NOW!"

He led us into the main lodge and to the back room where all the dance and drama clinics were held... a large room with a few very short "kiddie" stools and mirrored wall all around. He flipped on the lights. Chris and I were both terrified. What did he have in mind for punishment? Was he going to make us scrub the floor or what?

He said, "I went to camp here when I was your age and I was caught doing similar things. I was spanked very hard by a mean old nun in front of the whole camp at flag raising. I don't believe in public humiliation and I like you two... so I will do it here tonight. You are both only Jr. Chiefs (10-13 year olds) and you both get 8 whacks on your behinds."

A spanking? Oh my god... I was in total shock! At least I wasn't alone. Chris and I would have to tell the other tomorrow how the others spanking went. But to our utter suprise he said, "We are running out of time if we want to clean up this camp. You will both go to a stool take down your shorts, bend down and grab the stool."

Neither of us moved. We were paralyzed with embarrassment and fear. "Chris!" He yelled. Go to a stool." Chris slowly walked up to one of the stools, they were only 8 inches off the ground. "Pull down your pants!" I watched as Chris lowered his blue Nike sweats. He had on white briefs that accentuated his tanned pubescent peach fuzz legs. "Underpants too Chris!" "What?", cried Chris, " Please noooo... nooo" he whined as he started to tremble. In flash father Dave zipped over to Chris, spun him around to face us, knelt down and pulled his underpants right down to his ankles! His tiny pink penis bobbed a little from being caught in the waist band. There was suprisingly very little hair for a normal 13 year old. Chris tried to cover his private area with his had but was turned around. "Feet apart and grab the stool, Chris."

As Chris bent over he was crying softly. His slim bottom was spread and revealed his fuzzy scrotum and tiny red anus. "Stay" yelled Father dave. I was bright red. I had never seen a boys penis. I was embarrassed for him and humiliated at the thought of what was in store for me. "Krissy, Go to the other stool." The walk there seemed like an eternity. I was about 10 feet from Chris. "Now pull down your shorts and panties all the way to your ankles!" I was sobbing as I slowly pulled down my shorts to reveal my Mickey mouse panties. He said,"Krissy don't make me have to pull your panties down... I will!"

I couldn't take it anymore... I started to cry hard! At least Chris was facing forward and could maybe see a little from the side. Father Dave walked slowly toward me and knelt behind me. He patted me on the head and whispered, "I will be gentler with you don't worry." He turned me around to face him. Then I felt his fingers in the waistband of my panties and felt the chill as a my small red patch of hair was exposed right in front of his face! He turned me around and said, "feet apart and grab the stool." As I bent over I realized that Chris (looking in the mirror) and Father could see my anus and the little patch of hair and folds between my ready upturned cheeks.

Father gave Chris 8 hard whacks! With each whack I noticed his tiny red penis get more and more erect. Chris was sobbing like a baby.

It was then my turn. I could just imagine the view he had of my pre-pubescent livelihood. With each whack I felt a strange sensation. I felt my back arch and meet the paddle. I looked in the mirror and saw my red burning cheeks now revealing more of my pinkness.

Well we both just stayed in our positions for awhile...father rubbed some cream on Chris (not to miss a part)... and did the same for me. As I pulled up my panties and shorts, Father pulled up Chris's briefs and sweats. We cleaned the camp all night in total silence.

Chris is 29 and I am now 28. We E-mail and still visit... we never forgot that night... nor did we ever mention it to a living soul!

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