Short Stories II

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At the Beach


At the Beach

I just returned from vacation and wanted to share something I saw at the beach this summer.

I just returned from my two week vacation to an island off of cape cod where my wife and I go every year to get away from the heat and to soak up some sun.

My favorite beach is an isolated area of a public beach shielded by large clay cliffs that is designated as clothing optional and is normally full of people who enjoy an all over tan. My wife willingly accompanies me even thought she will not join me in nude sunbathing. This clothing optional section of the beach is clearly marked by a large bolder and after that point there is about /2 mile of beach where you can find the usual crowd of 100 or so nudes enjoying the sun. This group is not unusual and consists mainly of adult couples or singles enjoying the freedom of getting a good tan unencumbered by swim suits, but there quite a few families with children, some of which enjoy being naked and others who wear swim suits. The final group consists of groups of 10 -14 year olds who come to practice skinny dipping.

One day at the beach my wife and I found a section of fairly nice beach and set up our chairs and blankets and were soon surrounded by 4 families. The first to arrive had three girls who I would guess were 8,10 and 12 years old and the whole family enjoyed playing in the surf naked. The next group had an 8 or 9 year old girl and a boy who was probably 10 or 11. Mom and dad stripped immediately, but the kids kept swim suits on. The next family had 5 boys from age 6 through 14 and they immediately stripped and headed into the water. This family must have been regulars to the beach, because they all had a deep dark tan from their head to their toes. The last family to arrive had a 13 year old girl and a 15 year old boy, who initially kept their suits on, but got rid of them after they had spent about an hour on the beach.

These clay cliffs are quite an attraction and a lot of people from the public beach, especially adolescents stroll the nude beach to look at the scenery and everything else they can see.

Last week as I was sitting on a rock in the surf around noon enjoying the sun and cold water I watched a young boy, who I guessed was about 12 wade into the water and remove his swim trunks to play in the water naked. I guessed he was 12 because he did not yet have any pubic hair, but he seemed to enjoy being naked in the surf.

A few minutes later he put on his trunks and came to sit on the rock next to me and started talking about how great the water was. I asked him how old he was and he told me that his name was Mike and that he had just turned 13. I asked him where his family was and he told me that they were way down by the entrance to the public beach, but that the group they came with consisted of a lot of 10 year old girls that bored him to death, so his mom let him go off by himself as long as he was back by 4:00 and he did not go onto the nude beach. I asked him why he only took his trunks off in the water and did not participate in the total use of the beach and he said that he felt embarrassed by the way he looked. I assured him that he was no different than any other 13 year old and that as long as he was disobeying his mom that he ought to enjoy the nude beach.

I pointed out a group of about 6 girls his age that were walking the beach, enjoying the sights and I mean all of the sights, and suggested that he leave his suit behind and go strike up a conversation with the girls. He slipped off his trunks and left them on the rock while he waded toward the beach on an angle that would intersect with the girls, with it all hanging out and I do mean out.

I rejoined my wife and sat down to read my book, but watched his progress. The girls stopped and spent a long time talking to him and two of them even stripped and went into the surf with him to play on his boogie board, while one of the other girls went to the rock and stole his swim suit and put it in her beach bag.

The girls left a little later and it must have given him confidence because he spent the next three hours strutting along the beach or laying out on a flat rock that tourists had to walk by if they were looking at the bluffs. He watched each group approached and was sure to strut his stuff if he saw any young girls, with or without their family.

By around 2:00 he had talked two younger boys, around 10 years old, into removing their swim suits and the three of them had a great time playing in the surf and displaying themselves on the rock. These boys were with their parents who were enjoying nude sunbathing, but until they met Mike they had been playing in the water with their swimsuits on.

What Mike didnít seem to notice that he was turning bright red all over his bare behind and other private parts that he had been proudly displaying to anyone who wanted to see. Around 3:30 my wife packed up the towels and started toward the car while I got the chairs and cooler and started to follow her to the parking lot. About that time the boy came over in tears and said that his swim suit wasnít on the rock anymore and that he had to rejoin his family and their friends, but he didnít have any clothes.

I walked with him back to the bolder marking the nude beach and then walked about 300 yards through the public beach to the umbrella that he described to get a towel from his mother. I found the family and told his mom what had happened and that he needed a towel to rejoin them. His mom was furious and grabbed a short plastic shovel the younger girls had been using to dig in the sand and asked me to take her to her son.

We went down the beach toward the rock and I noticed that she had not taken a towel only this plastic shovel. When we reached the rock the boy knew he was in trouble and tried to explain what had happened, but his mom would hear none of it, she grabbed him and then sat down on a rock and turned him over her knee and paddled his bare, very badly sunburned bare behind, with the plastic shovel.

When she had finished spanking him she marched his naked red butt through the family beach to their location. I followed at a discrete distance, and watched her add additional swats with the shovel every 20 or 30 yards. When they reached their group the girls were excited to see him show up naked and asked all kind of questions while his mom turned him over her knee and paddled him again until he was crying and begging her to stop.

I walked the long 1/4 mile trail back to the parking lot and my wife and I loaded the car and stopped to enjoy an ice cream cone before driving back to the house we were renting. Just before we left this family came up the trail from the beach, with Mike still in his birthday suit getting a swat every few yards from his mom. They packed the two vans they had and then she turned him over her knee and gave him a severe spanking with the shovel again before sticking him in the back seat with seven young girls, who obviously had enjoyed watching his bare butt get spanked. Across the parking lot at a picnic table the six girls he had met on the beach were watching his mom deliver this last spanking and as his family drove out of the parking lot the girls stood where he could see them and waved his swim suit, to make sure he knew what they had done.

I know that this kid learned his lesson, if not from the public spankings he got from his mom, and the embarrassment of being paraded naked through the public beach and in front of his little sisters and their friends, then from the major sunburn he would have in areas that would be embarrassing to treat as well as painful. I would be willing to bet that he was so sunburned that he couldnít wear any pants for several days, and that his mom would continue to ensure that the sunburn was not the only thing that caused his behind to be red and sore.

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The summer I turned 12 one of our neighbors asked me to baby sit her three little boys, the youngest was 6 and her 8 year old twins. My first job was to watch them for an afternoon and everything went fine.

The next time I watched them for an evening, and part of my duties were to feed them, give them their baths and have them in bed by 8:00 at the latest. I managed to get all of this done, but the house was a mess and the kids didnít get to bed until almost 9:30. The next time I sat with the boys bedtime ended up being closer to 10:30 and I obviously had little control over the 8 year olds, who were getting into mischievous.

About a month later she asked me to watch them for an evening, while she went to a part down the street and I accepted. Once more she told me to bathe them, and have them all in bed by 8:00. At about 8:45 the boys and I were watching TV when their mom came in and surprised us. She wanted to know why the boys were not in bed, and had obviously not even had their baths yet. She took over at that point and told the boys to undress immediately, because they were going to get a good spanking before their bath.

The boys stripped to their underpants while she was out of the room, and when she returned with a ping pong paddle in her hands they were already beginning to cry. She saw the boys and then asked me why I still had my clothes on. I didnít understand her and asked what she meant and was told that when she told the boys to undress for a spanking she meant me too. I told her that I was too old to be spanked and even if I wasnít nobody but my parents could spank me. She laughed and told me that she knew that I was spanked fairly often by my parents and that she knew several people in the neighborhood who had witnessed these bare bottom spankings. She then gave me a hard swat across my pants with the paddle and told me to strip and make it quick. When I was down to my underpants she turned me over her knee, pulled off my underpants and gave me a good hard spanking with the ping pong paddle.

I stood in the corner while she spanked the three boys with her open hand and then she took the four of us to the bathroom and gave us each a bath. The spanking was embarrassing and hurt, but being given a bath like a little boy was really embarrassing. After the bath she explained that we had been spanked for not doing what we were told. The boys because they knew their bedtime was 8:00 and me because she paid me to follow her instructions. She had suspected that the boys had been up late the other nights I had watched them, because they were tired and cranky the next day.

She put the boys to bed and took me downstairs, where she explained what she expected me to do again. This time I listened carefully, because I was in my birthday suit and she still had the ping pong paddle. I told her that I understood and then she said that she was glad I did, but that she was going to make sure by spanking me again. I went across her knee and she blistered my behind until I was crying.

She left for the party again and told me she would be home by 12:00. At a little after 11:00 she came home again and told me that the party had broken up early but that she and I had a little unfinished business to attend to before she walked me home at 12:00. She picked up the ping pong paddle and told me to remove my pants, because she wanted to be sure that I understood how she felt about the way I had not followed her instructions when watching the boys.

I removed my pants and watched as she got a kitchen egg timer and sat it on the table. She set the timer for 15 minutes and said that she would spank me until the bell went off, but I said that I couldnít take a 15 minute spanking and begged her not to spank me for 15 minutes and she said OK and reset the timer, this time for 20 minutes and I begged her not to use the timer, but to just spank me for a few minutes like she had before. She turned me over her knee, pulled down my underpants and then put the timer where I could see it and then she reset it to 25 minutes and began to paddle my bare behind.

When the timer finally went off I could barely hear it because I was sobbing and my entire mind was concentrating on each smack that turned my behind on fire. After the spanking, one of the hardest I had ever gotten, she had me stand in the corner until I wasnít crying anymore and then she walked me home. Dad was waiting up for me and before I could go to bed my neighbor told him what I had done and that she had spanked me.

Dad agreed with her that I needed to be punished for not following her instructions and invited her into the house while he sent me for his belt. Dad talked to me about the responsibilities of taking on a job, like baby sitting and then told me to remove my pants and bend over the chair in the living room. When I was in position he pulled down my underpants and was impressed by how red my behind was from the spanking she had already given me. He told her that it looked like I had been spanked enough that night and he was going to send me to bed, but that he would use the belt on me in the morning to ensure I knew how he felt about what I had done, and that she was welcome to drop by and witness the spanking at 8:00.

At 8:00 the next morning dad had me get the belt, take off my pants and bend over the chair in the living room, as he explained why I was being spanked the door bell rang and dad let my neighbor and her three boys in and told them to sit down while he got down to business. Dad pulled my underpants off and gave me a sound spanking with his belt which consisted of about 50 swats, which on top of the spankings I had received the night before and the embarrassment of being spanked in front of an audience, left me in tears.

I continued to baby sit for this lady for the rest of the summer and always followed the rules and made sure I did exactly what I was told each night, but she continued to set the timer and to blister my bare behind with the ping pong paddle when she came home. The only difference was that she did not tell my dad about these spankings. I continued to baby sit for this lady and others in the neighborhood until I turned 16 and was considered to be one of the most responsible sitters that anybody used. I owe this to the way I learned to baby sit, and the consequences of not following instructions. When her boys turned 12 they no longer needed a baby sitter and as a 16 year old boy I decided to give up baby sitting, but I missed the bare bottom spankings she still gave me when she returned home each time I watched her boys.

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