Family Secrets

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Kim was washing her hands in the bathroom sink. She could hear her daddy and uncles playing cards like they did every Sunday. The women had all gone shopping but she decided not to go with them because they were always grilling her about school, boyfriends and stuff. She peered into the mirror, there it was hanging behind the bathroom door, an eighteen inch solid maple paddle. No matter where you were in the bathroom, on the toilet, in the tub, it was always there as a reminder... of consequences. If that wasn't bad enough, every one who came to visit saw it too. The opnly displayed paddle was a perpetual source of embarrassment to Kim and her older brother Bill.

Where the heck was Dill, anyway? Outside somewhere. She was almost to the barn when she heard the screen door. It was Uncle Jim coming out to the car, probably to get another pack of cigarettes. Uncle Jim was Kim's favorite uncle. When she was little, he used to bounce her on his knee and she'd make him promise that he would marry her when she was all grown up. She'd pretend pout until he promised and then she'd cover him with kisses.

Kim smelled smoke.

"Where'd you get those," she asked her brother who was sitting behind the barn smoking a cigarette.

"You scared the shit out of me, sneaking up on me like that!"

"You're not exactly hiding. So where'd you get'm" she said as she sat down beside him.

"Uncle Jim's car. I get a pack every week, he smokes so much he never even misses them," he said exhaling a gentle cloud.

"Can I have one?"

"You don't smoke."

"Do to, every Friday when I go to the movies, my friends and I, we smoke all the time."

"Right. Can you say goodie, goodie?"

"You don't know my friends."

"I don't want to know your friends," he said smirking. "Here have one," he shook one free from the pack. "Need a light?"

He flicked the lighter for her and she took a couple of puffs.

"Try inhaling like this," demonstrating his expertise.

She took a small puff and coughed the smoke back out.

"Don't worry about it, it just takes practice."

Bill finished his cigarette.

Kim mostly held hers. Fearing discovery, she nearly wet her pants when a rabbit shot past them scattering loose gravel and some dust.

"We better get back before someone comes looking for us. Here's some gum," Bill said as he offered Kim a stick and took one for himself. He stuck the cigarette pack down the front of his pants and pulled his t-shirt over the top.

As they walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water, Kim was overwhelmed with a sense of guilt. She was sure everyone would know what she had been doing.

"You kids know anything about some cigarettes missing from Jim's car," daddy asked looking up from his cards.

They both went white.


"Don't lie to me," he said with deliberate emphasis. "Where are they?"

Bill reached into the front of his pants and handed the pack to his dad.

Their dad pushed his chair into the middle of the floor and pointed to Kim. "Sit!"

Kim sat down instantly.

He cocked his head down the hall and Bill took the cue. Kim watched her daddy follow Bill past the steps into the bathroom which couldn't be seen from the kitchen. The door was closed and she could hear muffled voices. Then it started, the unmistakable sound of wood slapping bare flesh. Her uncles were completely silent, there wasn't another noise in the house but the crack of the paddle. Her stomach was in knots. Bill was brave, he never cried out or begged like she did. Finally it stopped and she heard her brother run up the stairs.


She walked down the hall, her dad was sitting in the bathroom with the paddle resting on the sink. Slowly she entered.

"Were you smoking too?"

She nodded.

"Close the door."

She unzipped her jeans and pushed them down. "Please don't..." she whimpered as she bent over her daddy's knees. He tugged her panties down just enough to expose her bare bottom. Putting his arm around her waist, he picked up the paddle. She tensed her cheeks in anticipation. He paddled her quickly, hitting the same spots over and over painting a bright red stripe right where she sat down. The task done he pulled her panties back into place.

"Your uncle expects this kind of behavior from your brother but not from you. Go out there and apologize."

She gently pulled up her pants and went to the kitchen. As she stood beside her uncle she wiped her eyes. "I'm sorry..."

"Do it again and you'll be dealing with me," giving her butt a swat hard enough to drive out a couple of tears.

She quickly went upstairs to her room and threw herself across the bed and cried into her pillow. "Do it again and you'll be dealing with'll be dealing with me," his words echoed in her brain. She knew that she shouldn't want it but she did. For the next week she could think of nothing else; when she was doing her chores, at school. It was worst when she was alone, when she was in the bathroom or in bed. Would he use his hand or the paddle ( hopefully not his belt)? Would she have to pull down her pants? Would daddy and Uncle Jim both spank her? Who would go first? Would Uncle Jim watch her getting paddled? She couldn't remember a week where she had touched herself so often.

Kim was sitting on the stoop listening to her daddy and uncles playing cards, when she heard her daddy start to yell,

"Bill get your ass in here...I can't believe that after the talk we had last week you stole Uncle Jim's cigarettes again."

"But I didn't," Bill pleaded dumb founded.

"Lying only makes it worse."

"I didn't."

"It was me," Kim said sheepishly as she came through the screen door and pulled the unopened pack from her jeans pocket. She locked her gaze into her uncle's eyes.

"Get in the bathroom."

"Let me take care of this," Uncle Jim volunteered .

Her dad paused and looked at his brother, "OK."

Kim's heart was pounding as Uncle Jim followed her into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. She could feel a familiar moisture between her legs, would he notice? Standing in the middle of the room her eyes on the floor, she blushed deeply as she pushed her pants down, eventhough she still had her panties on, she felt totally exposed.

Uncle Jim removed the paddle from the hook. Holding Kim's upper arm he pulled her over his knees.

She lovingly held his leg and closed her eyes. "What was he thinking as he looked at her? Was he going to complete her vulnerability and bare her bottom?

She braced herself. The first smack went through her body like an electrical charge. He took his time. It didn't hurt as much as when her daddy paddled her.

"Get up, " he ordered after he paddled her about a dozen times.

She stood leaving her pants down. She could see a small wet spot on his pant leg where she had been.

"Kimmie, look at me," he spoke softly. "You wanted me to do this, didn't you?"

She looked away. "I've been a bad girl, I deserved to be spanked," she whispered.

"No. That's not what I mean, you didn't even open the cigarette pack."

He put his hand on her chin and turned her face back to him.

Kim just stood there. "You wanted me to spank you, that's why you stole the cigarettes wasn't it?"

She nodded. "Do you think I'm bad, for wanting you to...spank me?"

"No, lots of girls like to be spanked by someone they love, you still love me don't you?"

She nodded again.

"Pull up your pants and get out of here," he said as he opened the door.

"Are you going to tell daddy?"

"No. It's our little secret, now git."

"Do you like me a little bit too," she asked hesitantly.

"I love you a lot, now go. Please, Kim."

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