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Spanking by Others

My Uncle's House

Smoking and Pain

Spanking by Others

This is the first of several stories about spankings I received growing up that were not administered by my parents or teachers.

When I was 12 years old I started a yard service where I cut the grass for several of my neighbors each week and made extra spending money. One of my customers was a widowed lady, in her thirties, who taught math at our neighborhood high school.

One week I messed up one of her flower beds and when I asked to be paid, she asked me about the damage to the flower bed and I made a smart remark about wanting my money and I didnít care about her flowers. At this point she told me to come into the house while she got my payment.

A few minutes later she returned carrying a large wooden hairbrush, and she told me that the only payment I was going to receive was a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking. She grabbed my hand and, told me that nobody talked to her that way and that I needed to learn some manners, across her knee. She then picked up the wooden hairbrush and told me to lower my pants and bend over her knee to get the spanking I deserved. I argued with her and as a result when I finally ended up over her knee, my pants were at half mast and she pulled down my underpants and used the big hairbrush on my bare behind.

The first spanking consisted of about 50 hard swats delivered carefully so that not an inch of my bare behind was left unattended to and that turned my bottom bright red and had me crying and begging for her to stop. When she was finished paddling my backside she made me remove my pants and underpants and stand in a corner where she could see my red and obviously sore behind and everything else.

I spent two hours in her house that afternoon with my pants and underpants off, and I received two additional spankings, each one as hard as the first. I continued to cut this ladies yard every week for the rest of that summer and for years to come, and found other jobs to do for her during the winter until I left for college when I turned 18. After each job when I received my pay, she always found a reason to give me a spanking with her hair brush, and I looked forward to having my pants removed and my bare bottom spanked more than the money I received for the jobs I did.

I got this neighbor as my teacher for my Sophomore Algebra class, and went to her house twice a week for extra tutoring after school. These math tutoring sessions usually lasted for at least 1 Ĺ to 2 hours and always started and ended with a bare bottom spanking, with additional swats delivered to my bare behind if I missed a question or didnít work hard enough. I learned a lot about algebra that semester, with my pants off, my bare behind red and either at or over her knee. I got such good grades in Algebra that my parents paid her to provide tutoring sessions once a week for the other math classes I took during my Junior and Senior year. Little did they suspect that in addition to helping me in my math, they were giving me the opportunity to receive an extra spanking(s) from this lady each week. My math grades improved greatly, and they gave most of the credit to this teacher, when it should have been given to the hairbrush and the impression it made on my behind.

During my four years of college, whenever I was home from school, 60 miles away, visiting my parents, I always visited this teacher to talk about how college was going and to get a spanking, which she was always more than ready to give me. I enjoyed these sessions so much that I came home at least 3 weekends a month to visit my parents, even if just for a Sunday afternoon. The spankings she gave me during college never varied, I always was told to remove my pants while she got the hairbrush, then she turned me over her knee, pulled my underpants down and off then she proceeded to give me 100 hard and very carefully placed smacks with the back of that large wooden hairbrush that ensured my entire behind was bright red and very sore, she didnít leave an inch of my bare bottom that had not felt the hairbrush. Afterwards I was made to stand in a corner with my sore red behind showing, and before I left she generally gave me a second spanking as hard or harder than the first to remember her by.

After college I moved out of state and my parents moved to another state, so I had no reason to visit my old neighborhood, but I missed having my behind blistered by this neighbor. When I was 25 I did return to my home town for a week on business. I stopped to see this teacher and after we had visited, I asked her to spank me and she willingly obliged with one of the hardest bare bottom spankings I had ever received, 200 swats with the hairbrush, followed by time in the corner with my pant off followed by another 100 swats before I left. I spent 7 days in Chicago during that business trip and visited her every night for another serious and I mean serious bare bottom spanking. I have a family of my own now but I still remember what it was like to have this neighbor blister, and I do mean blister, my bare behind with her old wooded hairbrush and I often wish that I could visit Chicago again so that she could give my behind the attention it deserves.

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My Uncle's House

When I was 14 my folks and I went to Alabama in the summer to spend six weeks at moms sisterís house to take of her daughters while my aunt and uncle went on a vacation to Europe and I looked forward to the trip, because my three cousins were about my age and we always had fun together, except for the spankings they had given me the summer before.

The girls were ages 13, 16 and 17 and we had always gotten along great together, during our short vacations we had spent together. On the way to Alabama dad explained to me that my uncle did not believe in having other people spank the girls and that they had other ways to be disciplined, but dad made it clear that if I misbehaved during my visit he would not let the presence of the girls keep him from spanking me when I needed it. I listened to dad but the fact that he had left his strap on its hook in his bedroom, gave me the impression he was bluffing.

We had been at their house for about 4 days when dad and I got into an argument during a trip to the store where I made a scene and talked back to him in front of my cousins and other shoppers. Dad ended the argument by grabbing my hand turning me around and giving me about 5 good swats to the seat of my pants in the middle of the store, and then announced in a loud voice that I needed a good spanking, and he would give me one when we got home. He did not have his strap with him so when we got home from the store he asked the girls to go outside and cut him a few good stout switched that he could use. The girls didnít understand what he wanted, and how he intended to use them, so he explained what size and type of switch he wanted and why, and they went into the back yard to try and find some. The girls returned in about 10 minutes with some small switches, and in the mean time dad had stripped me to my underpants. The girls gave dad the switches they had found and giggled at the sight of me standing there almost naked. Dad took the switches and told the girls that these would not work but that my behind needed immediate attention, so he turned me over his knee and removed my underpants and gave me a good spanking with his open hand in front of the startled, but excited girls.

When he had finished, he told the girls that my behind needed more attention, but the switches they had gotten would not work. He told me to go with the girls to help them select 6 good stout switches and to bring them back to the house so that he could finish my punishment. I picked up my pants, but dad told me that I didnít need them and I should go outside just like I was, buck naked.

My aunt lived in a nice neighborhood with large wooded lots, but had neighbors with a lot of kids and I argued with dad about going outside without my clothes on and he gave me a second spanking and sent me outside.

We went into the back yard and started to cut some switches out of one of the trees when several of the neighbor kids noticed that I wasnít wearing any pants and that my behind was red and asked what we were doing. The girls told them that I had just been spanked and that we were switch hunting so that my dad could finish the job and within a few minutes there were about 10 neighborhood kids helping us hunt.

When we had the 6 switches, the girls and I went inside and gave them to dad while the other kids waited outside. Dad picked the three biggest switches and took me back into the yard, where he bent me across the picnic table and proceeded to whip my behind, with the switches until all three of them broke and I was sobbing and begging him to stop. By this time the crowd of neighborhood kids had grown and there must have been 25 kids of all ages watching my bare behind being spanked, but it hurt so much that the embarrassment of a public spanking didnít even occur to me.

After the spanking I was sent to my room for the afternoon, and the girls and several of their friends were sent to collect another 10 switches, which dad told them he would probably need in the upcoming weeks.

The next morning when I came down for breakfast dad told me he had some chores for me, but first he wanted to see the result of yesterdays spanking and made me lower my pants and bare my behind so that he and my cousins could see the red welts that covered my behind.

After breakfast I had to take the 13 switches to the garage and clean them up, by trimming off the small branches and sanding the switches until they were smooth and ready for their intended use. The girls helped me to prepare the switches and asked a lot of questions about how it felt to be spanked, and how often I was spanked at home. They seemed to be amazed when I described the spankings I received with dadís strap and the fact that I usually got anywhere from 2 to 3 spankings a week.

Dad used up these 13 switches on my bare behind by the end of the second week and sent the girls and neighborhood kids out to cut 20 more that the four of us prepared the next morning. By the time we left for home when my aunt and uncle returned, these 20 switches had been used up and there were only 2 left out of the next batch of 20. The switches were always in use because I kept getting into trouble with my smart mouth and my cousins and their friends spent a lot of time and effort setting me up, so that I would get spanked. These girls really got a kick out of seeing dad spanking me and made sure that they always had a lot of their friends around when they caused trouble that would get me spanked, so that their friends would get to watch my bare behind get blistered too. I think that I spent more time during our visit with my pants down, either being spanked or standing in a corner after a spanking, than I did with them on.

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Smoking and Pain

When I was 12 years old I was at a friends house on a Saturday morning when we decided that we wanted to try smoking, so we went to a neighborhood store and stole a pack of Luckies and went back to his garage to give them a try.

We had each smoked one cigarette and were lighting a second when his mother caught us and made us go into the house. She had me call my mom and ask if I could stay for lunch and the afternoon, which mom agreed to. She then took us both to Steveís room and she told us how upset she was to find us smoking and that she was going to have to do something about it. She had Steve lower his pants and bend over the bed while she went out and got an 18" wooden ruler.

When she came back she pulled down his underpants and gave him 35 hard swats with the ruler. When she was finished she had him take off his pants and underpants and made him stand in the corner with his bare red ass showing. She then told me that it was my turn and to remove my pants and bend over the bed. Then she removed my underpants and gave me 35 of the hardest smacks on my bare behind that I had ever had. I then stood in the corner next to Steve with only a tee shirt on and my very sore behind, and everything else showing.

When lunch came she called us into the kitchen to have a hot dog and I put my pants on and went to get lunch, but was sent back to the bedroom to remove my pants. We had lunch, but I was embarrassed walking around naked from the waist down.

When lunch was over she took us back to the bedroom and asked us where we got the cigarettes, and we were afraid to tell her we stole them so we said that a friend had given them to us. His mom didnít believe us and had Steve bend back over the bed and then gave him 60 swats with the ruler which left him crying like a baby. She then gave me 60 and by the time she reached 20 I was sobbing and trying anything to avoid the ruler. When she was finished we were made to stand in the corner again.

In about 30 minutes she came back to the bedroom and asked us again where we got the cigarettes, and this time we told her the truth. Steveís mom then told us that she was disappointed in our behavior and that she now had to punish us for stealing. She had Steve bend back over the bed and had me sit on the bed to hold his hands, while she delivered 100 swats to his already sore red behind. As I watched her deliver these 100 swats, my bottom began hurting just by the thought of what was to come. When it was my turn, she delivered 100 swats that I will never forget as long as I live, because it felt as if I was on fire, and I couldnít stop sobbing.

About an hour after the final spanking, she had us get dressed and took us to the store where we had stolen the cigarettes. We apologized to the owner and his wife and told them we would never steal again. The manager wanted to know was going to happen to us, and Steveís mom had us lower our pants, bend over, and bare our behinds, so that they could see the results of the three spanking we had received. The manager decided that Steveís mom had handled the situation correctly.

The real trick was acting naturally at home that night and for the next two or three days so that my parents were not aware of the spanking I had received, and why. It took three days before the marks on my behind had cleared up, but I could still feel the pain of the spanking for at least a week.

It seems unusual in todayís society to be spanked by someone other than your parents, but when I was growing up it was fairly common. I was spanked by many adults other than my parents, and especially by my friends parents when we misbehaved around them. But that is another story or stories.

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