From: [email protected] (Sam)

My father was a strict disciplinarian and believed in spanking as the only method. He did not believe in grounding, because this took policing on his part. He especially believed in embarrassment as a major part of the punishment and was more than willing to spank my bare behind in public or in front of my friends. He also did not want to waist his time giving me a couple of smacks, each spanking was long and hard, often with a paddle, switch or belt.

Until I was 8 my mother did the discipline, and she also believed in spanking. When I turned 8 my father took over and the punishment got much more severe. He continued to spank me when he thought I needed it until I was 17 years old, and bigger than he was.

After I turned 13 the public spankings stopped and I received my punishment in the privacy of my room, just before bedtime.

When I was 12 I got into trouble for shoplifting a girly magazine at a local discount store, and the manager called my father instead of the police. My dad came to the store and talked to the manager. They decided that something needed to be done about the all of the shoplifting and that I was going to be an example to the other kids. My dad took me to the area by the cashiers and blistered my bare behind in front of all the customers withone of thoes paddles that has a rubber band and ball on it. I then had to stand by the front door with my nose in a corner and my bare red ass showing while a sign reading "shoplifter" was put on my back. For the next two weeks my father took me to this store after school every day and on weekends and repeated the performance, which by this time had drawn quite an audience of parents and children. I later found out that the manager had posted a sign saying that a shoplifter was going to be punished in the lobby at 3:30 each day, and inviting everyone to come and see what happened to thieves in his store, and this accounted for a lot of the crowd.

Shoplifting by local children in that store dropped to almost nothing that summer.

At the end of this two weeks dad had me go into the yard and cut six long stiff switches from our apple tree. I then had to bend over a chair with my pants off and he beat me with these switches until they each broke. I had never been beaten like this before and I had huge red welts all over my bottom and the tops of my legs that did not go away for almost two weeks. I had trouble sitting for over a week and could barely walk the day after the spanking. This wasn't a problem because I spent the next three days at home without my pants or underpants on so that mom and dad and my two younger sisters could admire his handy work. He wanted to make sure that I understood his opinion of stealing, and he made his point. I never took anything that did not belong to me again.

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