Playing Doctor

From: [email protected] (Sam)

When I was 12 years, three friends (2 girls and another boy)and I were in Alice's room on a Saturday morning around 9:30 playing doctor. Her mom heard a lot of hushed giggling and thought she would see what we were doing, and was surprised when she stepped into the room to find two couples with their hands inside the others pants doing a little exploring.

Alice's mom immediately called all of our parents and told them what she had caught us doing and our fathers came over so that they could discuss what to do.

The decision was an unusual one, that I am still not sure of, but will remember forever. First they came into the room where the four of us were waiting and took turns spanking our bare backsides, after being made to strip to our birthday suits.

After the spankings (each dad and Alice's mom took turns and spanked each of us) were told that we were going to stay at Alice's house for the rest of the day and that our parents would pick us up at 10:00 p.m.

In addition, we were not going to be allowed to get dressed and would have to remain naked all day and they hoped that our natural curiosity would be solved. In addition, Alice's would give us each another spanking every two hours to ensure that we understood that what we had done was not acceptable.

The next hour she had the boys sit in a chair with the girls in front of them, and let us take a good look, and ask any questions we had. She even allowed limited touching and then let us spank the girls by turning them over our knees. We both got to do this to both of the girls and then we switched places and both of the girls got to look at and spank each of us. She then had the boys pair up and girls pair up and take turns examining and then spanking each other. (It felt really strange being spanked by my friend Bob.) When we were finished each of us had closely examined and then spanked each of the other three children. (I was surprised when it was the girls who asked the most pointed questions and especially when they did the most touching.)

The rest of the day under Alice's moms close supervision we played games, watched TV, swam in her pool and ate, in the buff. She spanked the four of us several times that day, as the other parents suggested, and after a while we didnít seem to pay any real attention to the fact that we were all naked, we just didnít want another spanking. The novelty of not having any clothes on had worn off.

Alice's mom told us that if we wanted to do any future exploring or needed to ask any questions about sex in the future that we could do it at her house, but under her supervision.

At 10:00 our fathers picked us up and took us home, just as naked as the day we were born. My dad then spent 20 minutes wearing out my behind with a belt, before I went to bed. This didn't stop us from playing doctor, but we were more careful.

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