Birthday Spanking

From: [email protected] (Sam)

During my 10th birthday party I was feeling cocky and talked back to my mom when she asked me a question, causing her to go into the house in tears. I knew that I could be in real trouble, but apparently my dad had not heard me and mom hadn't told him, so it looked as if I had gotten away with it.

At the end of the party my 14 friends were chasing me around the yard trying to give me the traditional birthday spanking (10 plus 1 to grow on and 1 extra), when my dad stopped them and said that he wanted to give me the first spanking, because I had talked back to my mom.

He took me inside the house with all of my friends and took my pants off, pulled down my underpants and blistered my bare backside, with a ping pong paddle. He then had each of my guests line up to give me a birthday spanking. Each of my friends (8 boys and 6 girls) took turns turning me over their knee, pulling down my underpants and spanking my bare bottom. After they were each finished, my dad spanked me again with the paddle until my behind was so sore that I was crying like a baby and it hurt so bad I no longer cared who was watching the spanking. When he finished he had each guest give me another spanking.

We repeated this routine until I had my bottom tanned four times by dad and each of my friends had spanked me three times. A couple of my friends really got into spanking and asked to use the ping pong paddle the third time they spanked me.

My dad really believed in embarrassment as part of punishment, and often spanked me in front of my friends or in public, but this bare bottom spanking at my birthday party is one I will always remember because of the pain and the fact that my friends enjoyed taking turns spanking me.

Happy 10th Birthday!

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