Trouble at School II

From: [email protected] (Sam)

Here is another memory.

When I was 12 my math teacher caught me cheating and sent me to the principals office.

The principal had a waiting room very much like a doctors office and there were 6 kids already waiting to see her. When the principal came back there were 8 of us sitting outside her office. She took the teachers notes our of a box and went into her office, then called the first of us in. We all waited and then heard him receiving swats. After that each one was called in turn and 3 out of the six in front of me got 5 or 6 swats and then came out. The other 3 had over 20 swats and did not come out.

When it was my turn and when I entered her office she was reading my teachers note, with a frown on her face. She told me that normally on a first offense she would give me 5 or 6 swats and return me to my class, but that I had cheated and that deserved the maximum punishment. She sent for my teacher and while we were waiting she had me strip to my underpants and bend over the arm of a large chair. When my teacher arrived the principal pulled down my underpants and gave me a spanking with a large wooden switch, at least 20 swats. I was then put in her conference room naked along with the three other kids who had been spanked.

When she finished the morning discipline session there were 5 of us (3 boys and 2 girls) waiting in the conference room with very red and sore bottoms. We all were taken back into her office and received another session of 30 swats with the switch (I counted the ones the others got, because it hurt so much there was no way to count your swats, all you felt was pain) and then were sent back to our class rooms and a note was sent home.

That night I got the worst whipping my father had ever given me, 100 swats with his strap on my bare behind.

Won’t cheat in school, ever again.

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