Trouble at School

From: [email protected] (Sam)

I was raised in the midwest in the late 40s and early 50s by a father who was 50 when I was born. I do not remember my early years, but what I can remember from the time I was 9 was that my father believed in spanking, and only in bare bottom spanking. Until I turned 13 if I misbehaved I was very likely to lose my pants and receive a spanking on the spot of the misbehavior. This ment that I often had my behind bared in public or in front of my friends as I was being spanked. When I turned 13 the spanking became a bed time ritual, and were usually administered with a strap. I will share some of the most memorable punishments with you. Here is the first one.

My 4th grade teacher called my father and asked him to come over after school to discuss my behavior and he took me to the meeting with him. After hearing from my teacher he took down my pants and spanked my bare backside in front of the teacher with his open hand. I was not very bright in the 4th grade and three months later I caused a lot of trouble one morning in class and then knocked two girls down during recess.

When lunch was over I was surprised to see my father in the class (the teacher had called him). He took me into the coat room removed my pants and discussed the spanking I was about to receive. He then grabbed my hand and hauled me in front of the class where he bared my bottom and gave me a hard spanking with my moms wooded hairbrush, until my behind was bright red and I was crying like a baby. He then invited the two girls I had knocked down to come up and give me a spanking, which they both did. They each turned me over their knee in front of the class and my father had them pull down my underpants before they spanked me. I was then made to apologize to the class, after which time he spanked me again. My father remained in my class all afternoon and I spent the afternoon in class wearing only my underpants.

At 3:00 just before school let out my father gave me one more spanking, harder that the two previous ones. In addition, I received a sound blistering just before bed that night at home.

I learned my lesson about behaving in school, or almost.

When I was 14 and a freshman in high school I had a lot of trouble with my Spanish teacher and she asked for a conference to discuss my behavior. Dad and I arrived and after the teacher explained my behavior he had me lower my pants and bend over my desk. He then pulled down my underpants and gave me a good spanking with his belt, that left me crying and with huge red welts all over my behind and upper legs. He then gave my spanish teacher his belt and allowed her to give me a second licking.

I never caused any trouble at school again.

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