Bucci Neighborhood Spankings 13:
Danielle Learns Woodworking

From: Whetstone ([email protected])


It was a Friday afternoon, mid-September, two weeks into the school year. Jackie Gallagher was pacing up and down the walkway into her house. She had a letter clutched in her hand. She was angry and was waiting to meet her daughter Danielle when she got off of the school bus. Danielle is 13 years old and is in eighth grade at the local middle school.

It seems that Danielle had been changing clothes at school into what her parents would call 'inappropriate attire'. It was inappropriate under school rules as well because Danielle, unbeknownst to her parents, had already been given two detentions and been made to wear a large men's gym t-shirt over her clothes to cover everything. The letter in Jackie's hand was from the school principal indicating a third offence and requesting a parent-school meeting. It also indicated that previous notes sent home with Danielle were returned with "questionable" signatures.

Jackie knew that Danielle must have been changing at school because she saw what she wore when she left in the morning and what she wore when she got home. Jackie wondered where Danielle had even come up with the 'inappropriate' clothes as they had cleaned out Danielle's drawers and closet over the summer at her father's bidding because he was uncomfortable with the way his daughter was, as he put it, "showing off too much of herself". She was chastising herself now for letting Danielle talk her into buying those types of clothes for her on their shopping trips together in the first place and for allowing her to go to the mall with her friends. "Well that is where she got those clothes anyway." Jackie realized and said to herself - out loud but no one was around to hear her.

Jackie also knew that Danielle had lied to her about the detentions. Danielle had told her that the Science Club had been meeting after school on the detention dates that were noted in the principal's letter. Danielle had even made up a story to tell on the way home in the car about what they did in the meeting.

Jackie was fuming but she admitted to herself she had no clue what she was going to do with Danielle when the bus finally arrived. She had called her husband Michael at work and told him what had happened. He just told her to be calm and they would handle it when he got home. "Easy for him to be calm" she thought - "I'm the mother - she's the daughter - she's supposed to be following my example - some example she must be getting from me. But I never wore those kinds of clothes…what can she be thinking…"

Finally the school bus arrived. Jackie didn't care how much she embarrassed Danielle. She started yelling at her the moment she appeared in the bus doorway, grabbed her arm when she stepped off of the bus and continued yelling at her as she marched her into their home. When they got into the house, Jackie made Danielle sit at the kitchen table as she continued to rant and rave at her. Danielle couldn't get a word in edgewise but there was really nothing she could say anyway, she just basically tuned her mother out. After about ten minutes of yelling Jackie sent Danielle to her room - Danielle was only too happy to go.

Jackie continued to stew downstairs and then she realized that there was something she could do. She told her oldest son, 16-year-old Andrew, to look after his 9-year-old brother Jimmy when he got home from elementary school. Then she called to Danielle and told her to come down that they had an errand to run together.

Danielle came downstairs with a question mark look on her face. When she asked her mother where they were going Jackie just told her, "Be quiet and get in the car. You'll find out soon enough."

Their destination did soon become apparent. Jackie had driven to the middle school and together they went inside and to Danielle's locker which Jackie had her open and clean out of all 'inappropriate' clothing. She came away with two plastic grocery bags full of tank tops, belly shirts and tight, short shorts along with an assortment of makeup.

The ride home was a very quiet one. When they arrived home Jackie sent Danielle back to her room and told her to wait there until her father got home.

When Michael got home, he and Jackie conferred about Danielle's misbehavior. Obviously neither was very happy about it. Not much in the way of discipline tools had worked with Danielle over the years. They had grounded her, taken away privileges, given her extra chores, etc. she had even gotten one spanking - her first - during the summer. Both parents agreed that the only thing that had seemed to make any kind of impression on Danielle had been the spanking, for weeks afterwards she had been on her best behavior. They agreed that another spanking was in order, Michael was to administer it and he decided to be a little creative.

Michael went upstairs to Danielle's room, knocked on the door and walked in. Danielle was sitting at her desk doing homework; she looked up smiled and said "Hi dad."

"Hey, Danielle" Michael said as he walked over to her and planted a kiss on the top of her head. "How was school?"

"Ok, I guess. Mom told you about my clothes and stuff didn't she?" Danielle said in a hesitant tone of voice.

"Yup, she sure did. You know how I feel about clothing like that, I don't think it is right for a self-respecting girl to wear stuff like that. You won't do it again will you?" Michael said and turned to walk out of the room.

"Uh, no dad, of course not." Danielle said. She was surprised her dad was leaving. She thought she was going to get some kind of punishment or at least a lecture.

"Well, good." Michael said. Then he turned back around and said, "By the way Danielle would you do me a favor and help me down in my workshop please? I've got something I need to make and I would like your help while I make it."

"Sure dad," Danielle said, "what is it?"

"You'll see, it's a surprise." Michael said and turned and walked out heading for his basement workshop.

Danielle put a bookmark into her book, closed it, turned off her desk lamp and followed her father to the workshop.

When they arrived in the workshop Michael put on his apron and a pair of safety goggles, Danielle did they same with the spares that were always around. Michael enjoyed working in his shop and his kids often spent time with him there, sometimes helping him sometimes just being with him.

Michael started to explain what he was doing. He found that a good way to teach shop skills were to talk about whatever he was doing while he did it. "It is important to always start with good materials. Most of the cost of doing a project is really in the labor not the materials so you need to make sure you always have good materials. Now, what we are making is going to see a lot of hard use so it needs to be made out of something good and sturdy. Let's see here…" he said as he picked up a length of wooden oak shelving.

The oak board was 12 inches wide, 8 feet long and ½ inch thick. "Hmmm. This piece should do nicely but certainly it is much too big. We'll have to measure and cut. What I want is going to end up about 18 inches long but let's make our first cut at 20 inches just so we have some extra to work with."

He involved Danielle in the project. "Danielle why don't you measure from the edge and mark where the cut will go. Remember the old saying, 'measure twice and cut once'."

Danielle did the measuring and marking. Michael checked it, then they both donned earmuffs and Michael cut the board on his table saw.

Michael continued, "Ok, that was a good cut. Now we need to make it 4 inches wide. I guess we could make more than one from this piece. We only need one today though so that's all we'll make. Go ahead and measure and mark 4 inches for width."

Danielle again did the measuring and drew a line lengthwise down the board 4 inches from the edge. Again Michael made the cut on his table saw.

Danielle was getting curious and she asked, "Dad, what are we making?"

"You'll find out soon enough, Danielle." Michael answered. "I need a pattern for the next part. Do me a favor and run upstairs and get your mother's hairbrush and bring it down here to me, please."

"Mom's hairbrush?" Danielle asked surprised. "We're making a hairbrush?"

"No, we're not making a hairbrush. I just need to see it. Run and go get it, I want to be finished before supper."

Danielle did as she was asked wondering what her dad wanted the hairbrush for. When she got back to the workshop she handed her dad the hairbrush.

Michael took the hairbrush in his hand and felt the handle for comfort. "Well, this is a little small for my comfort. I was afraid of that. I guess I can use it for a general idea on the shape but I'll have to do it freehand."

"Do what freehand, dad?" Danielle asked.

"Why the handle portion of course." Michael answered. "This is going to be a little difficult. It's important that the handle is centered and even and also that it fit correctly. I want this to be good and comfortable in my hand when I have to use it."

While he was talking Michael was pencil sketching a handle onto the board marking where he was going to cut. Danielle was looking over his shoulder and it was beginning to dawn on her what they were making.

"We're making a paddle aren't we daddy?" Danielle asked.

"That's right, honey" was all her dad said in reply.

Danielle was getting very red in the face and she worked up the courage to ask, "Is it for me?"

"Yes it is." Michael said as he finished his sketching. "Now get the C-clamps down so I can clamp this to the bench while I make the final cuts."

Danielle did as she was told. Michael held the board while Danielle tightened the clamps to the bench. Then using his scroll saw, Michael cut out the handle portion of the paddle. He then re-measured the length, marked 18 inches from the end of the new handle and cut off the tip making sure he rounded the corners.

Then Michael got out some sandpaper and a sanding block. He handed both to Danielle saying, "You know how to sand. Make this paddle good and smooth. Pay particular attention to the edges, you need to round them so they won't cut into your bottom. And pay attention to the handle, I don't want any splinters either. We won't finish the project before it gets its first use - I still want to put a nice stain on this but that can wait. You have half of an hour; do a good job. When that time is up, I will come back downstairs and we will put this paddle to its first use." At that Michael took off his apron and safety goggles, put them away, then walked upstairs.

Danielle stared at the paddle still in the c-clamps. She looked at the sandpaper and block in her hands. She couldn't believe she had been gullible enough to help her dad make the paddle that she was going to get spanked with. 'Oh well' she thought resolutely 'I better do a good job or I'll get splinters in my butt and I sure don't want that'. With that thought, she went to work.

When exactly one half hour had gone by Michael went back downstairs to the workshop. Danielle was surprisingly proud of her workmanship and she handed the finished paddle to her dad with a smile. She had done a very fine job; she even had found the cheesecloth to pick up the residue from the sanding. Michael examined the paddle critically and noted the smooth rounded edges and the almost polishing that Danielle had given the flat surfaces. He nodded his approval to Danielle whose smile had gone away in the realization that the paddle was soon to be put to use.

When Michael saw the change in Danielle's expression he said, "Well, I guess you know what this is for don't you?"

Danielle just nodded in reply.

"Let's get the workshop cleaned up first then we will go over to the playroom." Michael said. Both of them worked together quickly. They swept up, threw away the small scraps of wood and put the tools away. Michael took note of where he put the piece of board that still had the makings of two more paddles in it - he knew he could always use Danielle's paddle on his other kids if he needed to but he thought this making the paddle was a pretty good exercise. When they were finished Danielle hung up her apron and put away her goggles and just stood there looking at her dad wondering what was coming next.

"Come with me." Michael ordered his daughter as he stepped outside his workshop, through the hallway and into the downstairs playroom. Danielle meekly followed him.

Years ago Michael had semi-finished the basement. He had built his workshop, a laundry room, a storage room, an extra bathroom and the playroom. The playroom took up most of the basement. It didn't have much furniture only an old couch and a few old chairs. It did have a ping-pong table, a pool table, a card table, shelves with countless board games and books along with old sports trophies, an old TV with loads of video games and lots of large beanbag chairs.

As he entered the playroom, Michael flipped on the overhead fluorescent lights, walked over to the pool table and nonchalantly put one leg up on it and half sat down. Danielle followed him in and stopped about three feet from him. They looked at each other for a few moments then Michael said, "I guess you know that I am going to punish you for what you have been doing in school, don't you?"

"Yes, daddy" Danielle replied. "Are you going to use the new paddle?" She couldn't help herself from smiling as she asked this question.

"I sure am." Michael said smiling also "but it is no laughing matter. That paddle is a good one and it is going to hurt. You deserve it though. I can't believe you have been so deceitful - changing clothes at school and then lying about detentions. That behavior is totally unacceptable! We will not tolerate it."

"I know daddy. I won't do it again, I promise." Danielle hesitated and then went on. "I know this is going to sound silly but I was thinking about it while I was sanding the paddle. I really didn't like the way I was dressing - I kind of liked all the attention I was getting at school but it wasn't good attention. The boys were always looking at me and treating me…well funny. The girls who used to be my friends were avoiding me and girls who I never wanted to be friends with - the ones who always dressed that way - wanted to be my friends. I am kind of glad it's over. And dad…" Danielle hesitated again and then went on "well…I'm kind of glad you're going to punish me. I think I need that to feel better about myself."

Michael looked at his daughter in admiration, "Danielle that was a very mature, grown up thing to say. I am proud of you. You know your mother will be proud too when I tell her. We both really love you very much, you are really basically a good daughter."

"I know dad. I love you guys too." Danielle said and then to her dad's complete surprise she unsnapped her shorts, unzipped them and in one motion lowered them and her panties to her ankles. "Where do you want me for my spanking?" she asked, quite matter of factly.

Michael covered his surprise quickly, thought for a moment and said, "Right here at the pool table. Bend over the side and stretch your hands out towards the other side."

Danielle immediately shuffled up to the pool table, bent over and stretched her arms out. Michael took up a position to her left side and started to chuckle. "You're not going to believe this Danielle."

"What is wrong dad?" Danielle said and stood up to look at her father.

"We left the paddle in the workshop!"

Danielle laughed and said, "I'll get it." She pulled her shorts and panties up to about mid-thigh and jogged off quickly to the workshop and back. She handed the paddle, handle end first to her dad with a grin. Then she lowered her shorts and panties back to her ankles turned to the pool table and bent over it again.

Michael held the paddle in his hands and looked at his bent over daughter. He momentarily thought of letting her off with just a warning because of her mature comments and actions but he realized that his daughter truly expected to be spanked and that was probably the best thing for her. He noted her creamy white bottom cheeks and ruefully thought how he was going to be turning them a crimson color.

He held the paddle in his left hand and with his right reached out and gave Danielle's bottom a good rub and a few light pats. "Are you ready, Honey?" he asked.

Danielle whispered, "Yes daddy."

With that, Michael switched the paddle in his hands. He now held the paddle by its handle in his right hand. He placed the flat of the paddle firmly against the center of Danielle's bottom; taking careful aim he brought the paddle back and then sharply down right where he was aiming.

The paddle landing on Danielle's bottom made a loud WHAP sound that echoed in the large, mostly unfurnished room. Danielle's YEEOW of pain was even louder.

Michael paused a moment, then took careful aim again, brought the paddle back and then sharply down on Danielle's bottom - this stroke landing slightly lower but overlapping the first. The WHAP sound was just as loud as the first. The YEEOW of pain from Danielle was slightly louder and higher in pitch than the first.

Michael got into a rhythm with the smacks of the paddle. He paused about five seconds between each swat. Each swat went across the crack in Danielle's rear covering both bottom cheeks. Each swat overlapped the last. He covered the top of Danielle's rear to the bottom of her rear. He wasn't counting but he ended up giving Danielle a total of 10 sharp, hard, paddle swats to her bottom and two each individually to the top of her thighs.

Michael stopped and assessed the condition of his daughter and her bottom. Danielle was crying loudly - each individual 'yeeow' having been replaced with a constant crying accompanied by a louder wail each time the paddle contacted her bottom. Her buttocks were a bright shade of red from top to bottom but only on its 'high points'. He realized that he was striking with the paddle straight on - it made for an even spanking across both cheeks but the paddle could only cover the high points because it was flat and large. He decided that Danielle had been punished but not quite enough for her offense. He set the paddle down with the intent of finishing Danielle's spanking by hand.

Michael wanted to let Danielle know what he was going to do and to make sure she was ok despite the pain she was in. He had to say her name several times before she responded. "Danielle, Danielle, Danielle…"

"sniffle, sniffle, What dad? sniffle, sniffle"

"Danielle, your spanking isn't over. I just wanted to let you know I am through using the paddle and will finish spanking you by hand. I wanted to make sure you knew what was going on and that you are comfortable."

"sniffle, sniffle, whimper, OK dad. Dad? Dad? Actually I need to blow my nose cause I can't breathe too good and … well the side of the table is kind of digging into my hips and it's cold."

"Ok lets get you up and a little more comfortable for the next part of your spanking." Michael said as he helped his daughter stand up. "Go to the bathroom to get some tissues to blow your nose."

Danielle stood up a little shakily but not really too worse off for wear. While she had never been paddled before lots of other kids had - and many had gotten it a lot worse than she had. She walked off to the bathroom to get a tissue.

Michael watched her go and he couldn't help smiling - she looked so cute he thought. Her bare, crimson bottom jiggled slightly side to side as she walked. And she had kicked off her pants and panties from around one ankle while she was getting paddled - they were now getting dragged along behind her and she didn't even realize it. He was proud of the way she recognized her wrong doing and accepted and cooperated with her paddling.

Danielle returned quickly and stood before her father. She was still blowing her nose and wiping her eyes but she looked up at him with a "well now what?" question on her face.

While Danielle had gone to get a tissue Michael had decided that the paddling was sufficient punishment and he was going to tell her so. But now looking at his daughter he realized that she didn't think so - she expected to get spanked more - in fact Michael realized she needed to get spanked more so that she could feel sufficiently punished for her misbehavior and forgiven. She needed further punishment to feel like she had a 'clean slate'.

Michael decided to give his daughter a choice, sort of as a reward for her cooperation. "Danielle, I am going to finish spanking you by hand but you can decide what position you will be in. How would you like to be?"

Danielle cocked her head to the side in surprise, she had never really considered positions before, heck she was only in the middle of her second spanking in her life, what did she know. "I don't know dad, what are my choices?"

"Well, you could go back over the pool table." Michael said.

Danielle immediately shook her head no and said "Uh, Uh"

"You could lie flat on the couch, or kneel down on the floor and rest on the couch, or you could lie across one of the beanbag chairs…" Michael was looking around the room and thinking of ideas as he spoke.

Danielle had a thought and cut him off. She remembered what some of her friends had said about the way they got spanked. "Dad, could I lie across your lap? I think I would prefer that." Without being able to say it and really without being consciously aware of it, Danielle wanted to feel and be close to her father while he spanked her - both literally and figuratively.

Michael looked at his daughter and said "Sure honey." He looked around the room and decided that the couch was the best place. "Let's go over to the couch."

They took each other's hand and walked over to the couch. Michael sat down and without being bidden Danielle draped herself across his thighs. Her head and chest were resting on the couch to his left and her legs were to his right. Michael adjusted her slightly and centered her bottom over his lap. He placed his left arm over her back and held onto her hip with his left hand. He rested his right hand on her bottom for a moment and felt the heat from the paddling.

At this touch Danielle said, "I love you daddy. I know I deserve the spanking. I am sorry for what I did. Will you forgive me when you are finished spanking me?"

These comments brought a tear to Michael's eyes. Choking back a sob he replied, "I love you too Danielle. I know you're sorry, I am sorry too. I forgave you already."

With that he raised his right hand and brought it down sharply on Danielle's bottom. Danielle gasped and clenched her bottom cheeks.

Michael began a steady rain of sharp, stinging slaps to Danielle's upturned bare bottom. He made sure he covered the parts of the bottom that the paddle couldn't reach. He spanked the curved sides of her bottom, the underside of her bottom, even the sensitive inside part of her thighs.

Danielle didn't suffer in silence, she cried and yelped throughout the spanking. Her legs were scissoring with every sharp, stinging spank. She was clenching and unclenching her bottom cheeks, she alternated between flailing her arms and pounding them into the couch cushion. To her utmost credit she made no attempt to get away or to protect her bottom cheeks from her father's stinging spanks. Although she couldn't verbalize it, she knew she deserved this spanking but more than that, she knew she needed this spanking - she needed to feel cleansed of her misbehavior.

Michael sensed her unspoken need and spanked her thoroughly. When he finished, her bottom was a blazing red from top to bottom. The tops of her thighs and the sides of her bottom were a cherry red. Even the inside of her cheeks were pink.

Danielle lay across her father's lap totally spent. She was sobbing and whimpering and although she was in real pain she felt good about herself again. With some help from her father she got up and sat down on his lap throwing her arms around him.

"I love you daddy. I'm sorry daddy. Thank you daddy" Danielle said over and over.

Michael hugged her back, told her he loved her too and that she was forgiven. For a time they just cuddled, then he tentatively started to rub the parts of her bottom she wasn't sitting on hoping to remove some of the sting.

Danielle felt calmed to be in her father's arms the way she was. She felt forgiven and loved. She loved her father's touch and she snuggled in close to him.

Before Michael knew what had happened Danielle had fallen asleep. He picked her up and carried her to her bed. He tucked her in, although she was still only half dressed, gave her a kiss and said, "Good night honey, I love you."

Danielle only murmured and smiled.

The End


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