Returning IV

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As the hard spanking went on and on, Karen became increasingly agitated and fearful. This was REAL punishment, and she was beginning to regret her decision to spend the weekend with 'Daddy' Robert. Karen was not sure she wanted to go through with this 'childhood' scenario, if she was going to get a spanking like the one unfolding before her. Heart beating wildly, her mouth dry, and her bottom twitching and tingling in awful anticipation of her own turn over Daddy Robert's big knees, Karen was genuinely scared. She had looked forward to this weekend until now, but the reality of the experience was quite different than she had imagined!

Karen had been spanked from about the age of four by her Father, but never touched by her mother. While Mommy never spanked, she was quick to refer any naughtiness or disobedience to Daddy, who was equally quick to mete out justice. Daddy's justice always meant being sentenced to a sound over-the-knee spanking. Little Karen's punishments were always bare bottom: brief, but intense and quite painful. He was stern and unwavering before she was spanked, and tender and loving afterwards. Daddy was very careful to explain exactly why she was being punished, his deep voice a rumbling whisper in her ear as she lay over his lap, panties stretched between her knobby knees. As Karen listened to the explanation and scolding, her small behind would twitch. Her whole body became a quivering tuning fork: its plaintive note a faint fearful anticipatory moan. When father spanked, he never used anything but his hand on her small behind, but he did spank very hard.

When the paddling was finished, he would let Karen cry for a few minutes, then stand her on her feet. He would perch her on his lap, cradling her still burning behind with the hand that had just spanked it. Gently rocking and hugging her while kissing away her tears, he quietly reviewed the behavior that had gotten her into trouble. Karen's Daddy made sure she knew that he loved her, even when she had been naughty, and especially when he had to spank her little bottom. After Karen turned eleven, the spankings ceased, and she was lectured and restricted instead. She didn't miss the spankings, but she did miss the special and close tenderness that followed, and was not the same after a lecture or restriction.

Karen had always had an overactive imagination. Her childhood daydreams and imagined scenarios had never stopped: they had just become more elaborate, more vivid, more sophisticated and more sexy. An intense fascination with spanking, especially bare bottom spanking, had started shortly before her twelfth birthday. She began to construct elaborate punishment playlets, with herself as the star. In these scenes, Karen was always soundly spanked, her bare behind turned bright red by her co-star: who sometimes was her Daddy, but was often one of her male teachers or a handsome and powerful man she had glimpsed at the mall or somewhere.

Karen had imagined that the weekend with Robert would be an exciting and sexy tete-a-tete, with a powerful and dominant male. Not knowing exactly what to expect, was in part a bit scary, but was also very titillating. Although she was clearly aware of the possible danger involved, Karen's excitement was intensified by the risk she was taking. She had thought that the spankings would be playful, perhaps slightly tingly and highly sexually charged. They would role-play firm father and naughty little girl. She would be spanked, and perhaps--- if the chemistry, the situation and the stars were right, they would have sex. But The situation that she was in right now was certainly not sexy.

Her surprise at discovering that another guest would be sharing the weekend with 'Daddy' Robert had completely dissipated. Although Karen had been displeased at first, she was now glad that Donna was here to share the experience, and felt she had made a new friend.

What was happening to Donna did not match her fantasy at all, and she was just plain scared! The little girl pretense and childhood re-creation sounded like fun, and seemed to make sense when Robert had explained it in the study. But the intellectual construct was hard to remember or validate, while watching your new friend crying her way through a very real and very hard spanking!

Karen briefly considered the idea of running for her car, getting out of this crazy place, and never coming back: but quickly discarded the plan. She realized that her keys were in her purse and with her adult clothes which Masha had put away in some unknown location. Her mind in a whirl of fear, Karen decided that she would hide somewhere until she could find her things and escape. This plan also was thrown into her mental trash bin. She really did not know the layout of the house, and it was too dark outside to go exploring in totally unfamiliar territory.

A fog of helpless confusion seemed to envelop Karen as she waited for her inevitable and inescapable punishment. She knew with clear and terrible certainty that all too soon she would be occupying Donna's place over that massive lap, and feeling Daddy's large palm impacting on her own bare behind! Rigid with anticipation, Karen wondered just how much Robert's spanking hand would hurt her already tingling buttocks.

Karen's fateful turn came much sooner than she would have preferred. Donna got ten more blistering slaps, and then was put on her feet. Daddy told her to go stand in the corner, and to hold her dress up so that he could see her bright red bottom. Karen's heart beat wildly as Daddy Robert turned and fixed her with a baleful glare. He crooked a finger and motioned her to come to him. Frozen with fear, Karen couldn't move, but Daddy swiftly broke her trance.

Suddenly she was lifted high into the air, carried to the other chair, and quickly turned over and put into position on Daddy's big knees. He grabbed her right arm above the elbow and firmly held it, locking his lower arm across her upper back like a gigantic vise. Karen could wriggle slightly, and kick her legs but her torso was effectively immobilized. She felt very small and helpless lying with her tummy firmly supported by Daddy's warm thighs, and her body clamped in his steel-like grip. Her arms and legs hung free of the floor, and this added to the feeling of being completely powerless. Daddy Robert drew his right leg back and extended his left forward slightly, raising Karen's behind high and into perfect punishment position.

Karen felt her dress lifted and pulled up over her back, and then her panties were peeled off her bottom and tugged down to her knees. The prelude to her spanking concluded as Daddy's big warm palm gently came to rest on her twitching behind. Karen was rigid with fright and holding her breath.

"Now little miss, I want you to explain to me just why you find yourself over my lap, with your bare little behind waiting to be spanked....."

Not wanting to make the same mistake as Donna, Karen was quick to respond to Daddy Robert's query.

"Cause I didn't get home on TIME!" she shrilled, and continued:

"And I should have called n' let you know that I was gonna be late. I'm soooo sorry Daddy, and I promise I'll be really, REALLY GOOD, from now on, and I won't forget to call!"

"Very good answer, Karen, and I truly hope that you will have learned an important lesson by the time I get through with you."

The pre-spanking inquisition was finished, and Karen knew that a hot bottom was only seconds away! She twisted her head around just in time to see Daddy Robert's large hand raised high above her naked behind. The sight was terrifying, and Karen clenched her buttocks, bit her lip, and squeezed her eyes tight shut.

With her eyes closed, In a microsecond, Karen's wonderful and wacky imagination again activated! Even under her present duress it was always ready to bring up an unexpected picture. The image was of Daddy Robert as Symphony Orchestra Conductor! His right hand was raised for attention, his left extended to the large orchestra, which was entirely peopled by identical Karens. All the violin section Karens raised their bows, and waited for the downbeat. The horn section Karens were poised, lips to their instruments. The percussion Karens were frozen, drumsticks at the ready, the cymbalist Karen held her golden discs dramatically high.

All the orchestra eyes were on the conductor except for one pair. Those eyes belonged to the soloist, Karen: her eyes were tightly closed, and her squinched face bore a rather peculiar expression of painful expectancy! The suspense was ended, it was now time for the first movement of the premiere performance of The Concerto for Spanking, Squirming, Squealing and Squalling, with Solo Soprano; Opus One: TO A VERY NAUGHTY CHILD.

The first spank was an explosion of pain, and felt like a bomb going off on her bottom! The image of Daddy the conductor disappeared with the first slap, instantly replaced by Daddy the stern father. Robert's huge palm covered and burned her entire behind, and his fingers completely cupped her curves with each blistering smack! The slap that followed was another bomb, and by the sixth swift spank, Karen was sobbing convulsively and kicking her legs as her soft bottom was set aflame!

Sobbing and frantic kicking are her only options, as she is firmly held over Daddy Roberts knees, suffering through a very sound and very painful spanking. As the big palm continues to punish her bare bottom, Karen completes the transformation from chic young woman into naughty little girl. All her adult thoughts are blasted into nothingness by the horrible pain and her humiliating position. She knows she deserves the spanking for being late, and she is very sorry, but it HURTS SO MUCH, and she just wants this AWFUL terrible experience to END!

It does not end, and Karen is powerless to stop it. As the hard resounding slaps rock her body, there is absolutely nothing she can do or say that will have any effect. She can only submit; receive her punishment, and wait for it to stop. Daddy Robert will decide when it is enough, and she just has to lie there and be spanked! Her strength is as nothing against the size and power of this giant man, and her weak struggles soon cease. All Karen can do is wriggle a bit, kick and cry bitter hot tears as the big spanking hand turns her behind into a painful palette of overlapping red palm prints.

It was not a very long spanking, as spankings go, only about one hundred hard wallops. To Karen, however, it had seemed to be an eternity! She is VERY SURE it had been quite long enough, and that she has been very soundly punished. As she is lifted from Daddy's lap and put on her feet, the roaring fire that still consumes her swollen bottom confirms the thoroughness of her spanking.

"Now that you have had your naughty little bottom well warmed, you can just put your nose in that corner, and stay there until I tell you that you can come out!"

With a firm push to her back, Daddy Roberts propelled Karen toward the unoccupied corner, and added:

"And I want those skirts held up so that I can see your bad red behinds, but I don't want to see either of your faces. If I see either of you turn around, you will be back over my knee before you can say jackrabbit! IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"

Both girls nodded into their corners; Donna still snuffling, and Karen spattering the corner walls with her still streaming tears.

Staring at the corner only inches from her nose, hands behind her, holding her bunched skirt against her back, her panties twisted around her knees, Donna wondered how long they would have to stay in their corners. Buttocks ablaze, and her stomach still growling, Karen's only question concerned the conflagration in her rear, and how she would ever be able to sit down for dinner.

Donna and Karen heard Daddy Robert's receding footsteps and the door close behind them, and simultaneously turned to each other in shared misery. The two red and tear-streaked faces, although not identical, mirrored pain and humiliation. There were no women present; just two very sorry and soundly spanked little girls. Their only thoughts at the moment were focused on their hot bottoms, and a growing unease about the rest of the weekend.

To Be Continued...

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