Returning III

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Karen and Donna were entranced with their new room, and rushed about examining everything. They admired the beautiful canopy beds, and hurried out through the french doors to the balcony. It was too dark to see anything, so they quickly came back into the room and were a bit awed by the large corner shelf unit and floor area filled with a veritable zoo of stuffed animals. Lions and tigers and teddy bears of all sizes and shapes silently watched every move the women made with bright glass eyes. A stuffed giraffe's head nearly touched the ceiling. A fuzzy smiling gorilla hung from the long neck. Twin blue elephants, large enough to ride, with trunks raised high, stood guard by twin white vanities. Two desks and chairs completed the furnishings. Karen soon noticed that unlike the other parts of the house, the furniture seemed to be of normal proportions.

Donna and Karen began to open the drawers in the vanities. A few minutes later, they were looking inside the closets. They were only slightly surprised to find the closets and drawers filled with children's clothes, one side labeled DONNA and the other KAREN. While they oooh'd and aaah'd over the beautiful dresses, Masha was busy in the bathroom, and soon Donna and Karen could hear water filling the tub. She came bustling out while they were still admiring the little girl apparel, and clapping her hands smartly, demanded their attention.

"Children, children! There will be plenty of time for that later! Right now it is time for you to have your baths. Get out of those clothes RIGHT NOW! I won't stand for any fooling around! We have much to do before you can go down for dinner, and your Daddy likes to keep a firm schedule. You are already late, and he will be very upset if we take too long! Now stop dawdling and get undressed. I want to see both your little bottoms bare and in the tub in TWO MINUTES, or you will be VERY sorry! DO YOU HEAR ME?"

"That's the first time in a very long time that anyone has called my bottom little." said Donna, and the women burst into laughter.

"I will be calling it RED, if you two little brats don't get GOING!" Masha interrupted, and Karen and Donna subsided into giggles as they began to disrobe.

As they undressed, each could not help eyeing the other woman, and appraising. Donna admired Karen's petite, five foot, two inch, taut figure and olive complexion. Karen was impressed with Donna's slim, curvaceous, golden tanned body, only an inch or so taller. When they were both naked, Karen couldn't help herself, and was just a bit embarrassed. Covering her pubic area with one hand, she crossed the other arm over her breasts. She noted that Donna was doing exactly the same. Their eyes met and they grinned. Masha blasted their joint embarrassment into smithereens as she grabbed each by an ear and dragged them to the bathroom.

"Owwwwwww," cried Karen. "Let go...ooooo!" moaned Donna.

Masha ignored their pleas, leading them to the double sink and large mirror. She released their ears, and told them firmly to remove all their makeup before taking a bath. When their faces were clean, she urged them to immerse themselves in the huge bathtub, which was steaming and filled with bubble bath. Going to the sink, she opened the medicine cabinet, and handed each woman a safety razor and a can of shaving foam.

"Now we are going to shave every bit of hair off your little pussies, and wash off everywhere and shampoo your hair. We want you all cleaned up when you see your Daddy for dinner. Little girls don't have any hair down there, and they certainly don't wear any makeup." When you have shaved and bathed, I will give each of you a shampoo, and do your hair in a style appropriate for young ladies. Now get busy, and let's not waste any time!"

Donna stood up in the tub, and announced: "I'M NOT SHAVING MY PUSSY FOR ANYBODY!" She threw the razor and can down on the bath mat, and crossing her arms over her chest, her face flushed, scowled at Masha.


Seconds later a dripping Donna was upended over Masha's ample lap, having her wet bare bottom soundly smacked! Masha gave her at least fifteen very hard spanks, then lifted her up and sat her warmed behind firmly on the sink counter.

"Don't you dare move young lady!" You are going to be shaved, BY ME, right now, and that is the end of it. Any more fuss, and I will REALLY heat your behind for you! DO YOU HEAR ME?"

A tearful Donna could only nod her head, and although squirming, remained in place on the counter. Masha bent over, retrieved the shaving implements and proceeded to quickly and expertly shave Donna completely bare. Then Donna was hoisted from the counter and deposited back in the tub. She winced as her still tender behind touched the water, and whimpered as it made contact with the bottom of the tub.

Turning to Karen, Masha demanded: "Do you want me to shave you, or are you going to do as you are told?"

"I can do it myself, Masha." promised Karen. She hurriedly foamed her pubic area, simultaneously hurrying and trying to be as careful as possible under Masha's baleful glare. When finished, she sat back down in the tub and following Donna's example, began to wash herself thoroughly.

A few minutes later, the women were told to drain the tub and rinse, which they did immediately. Neither wanted to do anything to set off Masha's hair-trigger right hand! Masha then took Karen to the sink and proceeded to give her a shampoo. When Karen twisted and wriggled in reaction to Masha's vigorous massage, her bottom was smacked with equal vigor, and she stood submissively as Masha completed the shampoo and dried her hair. Donna was next, and she was very cooperative as her hair was washed and dried.

Karen couldn't believe her eyes! She stared into the image reflected from the mirror and saw a very pretty little girl looking back. The child was dressed in a bright yellow pinafore over a very short pale blue dress with big puffed short sleeves. Her dark hair hung down in two long pigtails, each tipped with a bright yellow ribbon that matched the pinafore. Underneath her dress were snug pale blue cotton panties. Matching yellow anklets and glossy black Mary Janes completed the ensemble.

As she pirouetted in front of the mirror, admiring the image reflected, another little girl suddenly appeared! This child was wearing a blue and green plaid jumper with pleated short skirt and a frilly white blouse. Her blond hair was done in twin pony tails with large green ribbons. Her bare legs ended in white ankle socks and saddle shoes. With a start, Karen realized that it was Donna!

The women turned to each other and began to giggle. Turning and twirling, they admired each other, hardly believing the startling transformation.

"You look like you are about eight years old!" said Donna.

"Well, you don't look a day over nine yourself." laughed Karen.

"I think this is going to be a real kick, and loads of fun." responded Donna.

"Pretending to be LITTLE GIRLS will be FUN! ......and I know we can really pull it off, especially with these clothes, and this crazy gigantic place, and Masha and 'Daddy' Robert." said Karen.

"I'm feeling more childish every minute that goes by!" giggled Donna, as she yanked one of Karen's pigtails, and scampered just out of reach.

The girls danced and skipped in front of the mirror, chasing and dodging, squealing and laughing. They were enjoying themselves enormously until interrupted by their nemesis, the massive and generally irritable Masha. She clapped her hands smartly, startling the girls, and shooed them out of their room and into the hallway.

"Donna, you better get yourself down to the study, and see your Daddy. I'm going to have to fix one of Karen's pigtails, the ribbon is coming loose. Karen will be along in just a minute or two, so you go ahead and let your Daddy know that you are ready for dinner. Now SCOOT!"

Donna continued in her obedient mode, and raced off down the hall as Masha fussed with Karen's ribbon. When she had the ribbon retied to her satisfaction, she propelled Karen down the hall with a semi-gentle slap to her rear.

"Hurry up now, missy, you always seem to be the last to arrive, and you don't want your daddy to think that you have developed a nasty bad habit!"

Karen made sure to stay a couple of jumps ahead of Masha's powerful and quick to pounce palm, as she skipped down the hallway. When Karen reached the top of the stairway, she briefly considered sliding down the long curving, highly-polished wood bannister, but was discouraged by Masha's proximity. Karen was afraid that Masha would catch up to her while she was climbing on the bannister, and concerned that she would be putting her bottom in a very vulnerable position. She hurried down the long stairway, turned into the lower hall, and clattered down its length. When Karen reached the study, the door was open and she skidded into the room; stopping dead in her tracks at the sight before her!

Daddy Robert was seated on one of the ladderback chairs in front of his monster desk. A little girl was draped face down, head low and rump high, over his big knees. The child's skirt was up over her back, and Daddy was just in the act of pulling down her white panties as Karen entered the room. He looked up, a brief scowl crossing his face and spoke in a commanding tone: "You seem to have a habit of being tardy, missy. Now you can just plant your little behind in that chair and wait your turn while I take care of your sister."

"Wait my turn?" squeaked Karen, suddenly aware that the 'little girl' was Donna, and realizing very clearly what was about to happen. She knew exactly what 'her turn' was going to be, and that it would be the exciting and painful result of her choice to spend the weekend with Robert in this strange place.

Karen climbed into the second ladderback, and turned around just in time to see Daddy Robert wrap his left hand around the middle of Donna's back. His right hand gently came to rest on her bare bottom cheeks. The hand was so large that it almost covered all of her behind. Then Robert leaned forward and began to speak directly into Donna's right ear.

"Now young lady, I want you to tell Daddy why you are getting this spanking."

Donna's reply was so soft that Karen couldn't hear it. Daddy Robert was not satisfied with her response, and gave Donna a hard slap on one thigh. Donna kicked and squealed, as Daddy spoke again.

"I can't hear you, Donna. Now you speak up loud and clear when Daddy asks you a question! WHY ARE YOU GOING TO BE SPANKED?"

"Cause I didn't knock on the door before coming in" Donna sang out.

"And why is that wrong?" said Daddy Robert.

"Little girls should not go through closed doors without knocking."

Daddy had another question. "And what should little girls do after they knock?"

Donna did not immediately reply, and got slapped on the other thigh. This apparently had the effect of concentrating her thoughts, and brought forth an instant loud response.


Now in a very communicative mood, Donna lifted her head and winked broadly at Karen, as she tried to plead for lenience in a whining little girl voice.

"PLLEASSSE, Daddy, don't spank me, I won't ever do it again, I promise I'll always knock from now on! You don't have to spank me!"

"Yes, Donna, I DO have to spank you, so your little behind will remember and remind you about your manners. This spanking will teach you not to be so thoughtless in your behavior."

Daddy Robert was through talking. He raised his big hand above his shoulder and brought it down very hard on Donna's bare buttocks! Karen winced as the loud THWACK! echoed around the room. Donna's reaction was considerably more energetic, and she yelped and kicked violently as the palm met her bottom.

Wide-eyed, Karen watched as Donna's punishment continued. Daddy Robert was spanking with real force, and Donna's bottom turned bright red after only a dozen slaps. She was howling now, her face contorted in surprise and pain, tears streaming from her eyes. The loud rhythmic SMACKS! THWACKS! and WHAPS! seemed to form a counterpoint to Donna's screams, which rose in pitch and volume each time Daddy Robert's large palm connected. After a few more spanks, Donna made the mistake of reaching her right hand back to protect her blazing bottom. The hand was immediately imprisoned behind her back.

"You just earned yourself TEN EXTRA spanks, young lady!" said Daddy Robert, as he switched from spanking Donna's bottom, to slapping her thighs. The change of location elicited a fresh burst of tears and loud yelps as this tender territory again felt the sting of Daddy's large firm palm. Donna's kicking became more frantic and she began to beg for mercy. She was no longer pretending.

"Pllleeeeeezzzee!" --------SMACK!

"Oooooowaaa.... !" --------THWACK!

"Awaaa...Waaaaaa.... Plleeease stoppPP!...oooo."

SMACK! "OWWwaaaaa... ...I'll be goooodddd...!"

WHAP! THWACK! "Waaaa...AWAAAaaaaaa....."

Donna's pleas became nearly incoherent as she howled more urgently. Her cries came in a staccato rhythm that was timed to the spanking tempo of Daddy's huge hand. She was no longer struggling, and her kicking subsided to a feeble waving of her feet. But the spanking did not stop!

To Be Continued...

Copyright 1998 by Koalabear ([email protected]) 

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