Maternal Matrimony VII

From: Crimson Kid ([email protected])


 "DISCIPLINE AND FORGIVENESS" ["Maternal Matrimony" #7] by the Crimson Kid


(All rights reserved. This story's setting is immediately following "Maternal Matrimony" #6, at the McMichael residence in Yamamoto on the colony planet Vladivost, mid-28th century.)

"I think I'll put you in a restraint position," Nantessa informed her newly-rejuved brother as he faced her thighs on her right, ready to lower himself across her skirt-covered lap, "Even though I'm not ideally dressed for it--I should have worn slacks instead." She pulled the emerald green knee-length skirt up to the top of her thighs, effectively baring them, then swung her right leg outward as much as minimal modesty permitted.

"Over the left leg only," she instructed her one-time father, "Just like you used to do for Mom when she wanted to control your kicking and wiggling during a good hard bare-bottom blistering." She patted her left knee with her left hand.

"Yes, Muh-ahhhh-Miss Nan-annn-tessa, huhhhh..." Already sobbing in anticipation of the sound paddling about to be applied to his scarlet-striped, boyishly-compact buttocks, Carlton reluctantly jacknifed his five-year-old's body over his big sister's left thigh. Nantessa's right leg promptly clamped over her brother's thighs, just above knee level, and she locked her right foot under her left ankle.

"Oh, this position really does make your exposed fanny stick up, just where I want it to be." Nantessa giggled, gently rubbing her 'Sibling Seat-Sizzler' paddle in small circles on Carlton's upthrust bare seat as she admired the crisscrossing bands of angry-looking deep red covering the 'spank spot' at the base of his chubby buttcheeks. "Mom is such an artist with that leather strap of hers--such beautiful handiwork all across your plump undercheeks, Carltie dear."

"Yeh-Yes, Miss Nah-Nantessa." Carlton gulped, fighting back sobs in his awareness of two key items--that his naked buttocks were humiliatingly open, giving his strict sibling full access to the tender 'sit spot' just above his thighcreases, and that his imminent sisterly walloping would sting much more intensely on his freshly-strapped seat. That impending chastisement would be his fourth of the day, and it was clearly going to be the most sizzling-hot ordeal of them all--which was saying quite a lot.

"Right hand on your back, palm up," Nantessa instructed briskly, then she used her left hand to pin her young spankee's wrist against the small of his back. She smiled delightedly at the helplessly vulnerable sight her brother made.

"I don't think you'll be going anywhere, Carltie," she teased, raising the solid poplar paddle in her right hand, "Except to Sorebottom City." She laughed lightly. "That's an expression Mom liked to use when you were due for a bare-bottom blistering from her, didn't she?"

"Uhhhh...Right, Miss Nantessa." So much for marital secrecy, Carlton told himself--but it hardly mattered anymore, he conceded. If he was stuck with two eager female disciplinarians, they might as well share the same spanking-oriented vocabulary.

"Sweetie, I do want to discuss your misbehavior toward me," Nantessa told him almost fondly, the paddle raised in mid-air above his trembling defenseless buttcheeks, "But I'm going to have to break you down totally first for it to work...So here it comes!"


Methodically but energetically, the pretty thirteen-year-old administered an emphatic, blistering-hard chastisement to her squirming, struggling sibling as he vainly tried to avoid the cracking-sharp smacks of the paddle. Focusing her disciplinary attentions to her new brother's sensitive, thoroughly-striped underbuns, Nantessa alternated between his gluteal globes as she delivered her resoundingly-loud, searing-hot paddleswats.


Although he'd somehow managed to avoid crying until his spanking had actually started, Carlton wailed and wept continuously all through the entire bare-assed fanny-whacking. Five-year-olds have very little self-control, and his evaporated completely by the tenth whack of the hardwood against his stripe-streaked undercheeks. His pitiful bawling didn't deter Nantessa at all, however--with womanly determination, she continued vigorously paddling her brother's bare bumcheeks for over eight seat-scorching minutes before finally ending the disciplinary session.

His sibling spanker kept Carlton across her knees, gently rubbing his back with her left hand, for several minutes.

"Okay Carltie, it's over now," she remarked gently, "No more spanks tonight...Just relax and cry it out, that's my baby boy."

Finally she guided him to his feet, helping him steady himself as tears continued to trickle down his flushed face.

"Now, baby brother, go stand in the corner for five minutes with your paddled bare bottom on display--absolutely no fanny-rubbing, hands on your head. When I come back in here, we're going to discuss your invading my privacy and mistreating my stuffed animals--I'll want some truthful answers from you then, little boy."

Nantessa leaned forward and softly kissed his face, once on each cheek. "Ummmm...Salty!" She turned his body towards the far corner of the bedroom, then gave his deeply-glowing crimson rump a brisk slap with her palm. "Move, sweetie."

Still sniffling raggedly, Carlton walked into the corner as Nantessa stood and left the room. Obediently putting both hands on top of his damp blond hair, he then stared at the converging walls as he considered his just-concluded chastisement. Although Nannie had spanked his naked posterior very forcefully and effectively, as he'd expected, he found her affectionate behavior afterward to be rather puzzling.


Nantessa's patent-leather footsteps quickly drew nearer, then she re-entered Carlton's bedroom.

"Come over here please, Carltie." Her voice was again gentle, even loving, as she sat down on the bed's edge--the exact same spot that she'd occupied earlier, while administering her brother's bare-bottom discipline.

He turned and slowly strode over to stand in front of her, his eyes downcast.

"Recovered a little, sweetheart?" she asked calmly, lightly touching his shoulder with her right hand.

"Mah-My bottom's s-so hot and sore, Miss Nantessa," he replied dejectedly.

"Just Nannie now," Nantessa told him, "The punishment's over for tonight." She smiled sympathetically. "I took you on a pretty hot trip to Sorebottom City, didn't I?"

"Y-You sure did, Nannie." Carlton hesitantly met her unexpectly-mild gaze. "May I please rub my rear end now?"

"Certainly, honey." She smiled indulgently as his hands flew behind him, reaching back to gingerly massage his stinging, sizzling bumcheeks.

"Listen carefully to me, Carltie," she said firmly but sweetly, "Before you apologize for your blatant misbehavior and thank me for paddling your bare derriere for you, I want you to explain why you did it."

Her little brother looked startled. "Why I did it?"

"Yes, sweetie," Nantessa explained patiently, "Tell me why you went into my room and pummeled my stuffed animals. What was your reason for doing that?"

If Carlton's rational adult consciousness had been responding, he would have said that his logical analysis hadn't been able to explain his impulsive misbehavior. However, having a soundly-spanked bare behind had the effect of bringing his five-year-old's feelings to the forefront of his awareness.

Suddenly, as if a mental dam had burst, Carlton's raw emotions raged outward in a flowing torrent...

"Because you spanked me so long and hard with that hairbrush, just for a simple mistake in how I talked to you! I didn't deserve that much punishment, I didn't mean to disobey you...But Nannie, I just woke up in the infirmiry as a child and you were so mean to me... Sure I deserve some discipline, but I need some caring too!"

He paused for breath, his tears flowing again but from emotional pain, then the verbal flood abruptly continued...

"I'll take the spankings and the teasing, but I need your love too!...You loved me as your father, but now I'm your little brother...Can you love me as a brother, Nannie?... It's easy to love a grownup Starfleet doctor, it was easy to be one most of the time, but it's SO HARD being a five-year-old boy!"

Finally, the barrage of speech slowed down as Carlton gasped for breath while Nantessa nodded at him encouragingly--then he continued, but more slowly and haltingly...

"I'm so sorry, very sorry this happened...I know I should have listened and obeyed...that I deserve the paddlings and corner time...Buh-But I need some forgiveness too!"

His big sister's arms encircled him then, as she pulled him into a fierce-yet-fond embrace. Still sobbing, he hugged her back as well as he could while his body trembled uncontrollably and she spoke comfortingly.

"It's okay now, baby brother, I really do love you...Oh, this whole situation is SO HARD and I feel so angry at times...But you were so totally honest just now, and I love you for that...We'll work this out somehow, sweetheart."

Finally she released him, and he smiled shyly at her as he stepped backward and looked into her glistening soft brown eyes--it was, they both realized, the first time that they'd felt truly comfortable together since Carlton had been rejuved.

He shook his head ruefully, trying to process their unanticipated interaction.

"I, uh...don't know what huh-happened here...All those things I said, Nannie..."

"They needed to be said," interjected Rebecca's voice. She was standing in the doorway, attired in a baby blue terrycloth bathrobe, regarding with relief her daughter and her new ward. "Once you were spanked thoroughly enough for your child's persona to emerge in control, darling, then you were ready to release your inner feelings--and admit them to yourself."

"You knew this would happen, Mom?" Nantessa sounded perplexed.

"Let's say I hoped it would," her mother answered cautiously, "But only if you probed his emotions in a caring manner--that's why I told you to be gentle and affectionate with your brother, but firm about making him explain."

"It felt good, treating him nicely after I'd paddled him so soundly," Nantessa admitted. "I'd felt so mean-spirited towards Carltie, but then when I was comforting him...I liked it, making him feel better after his punishment."

"That was something you needed to recognize, dear," Rebecca stated quietly, "That you have tender feelings for your brother, in spite of this situation."

Her daughter sighed, exhaling slowly as a tiny tear escaped her left eye--it glimmered lightly, trapped on her cheek.

"I've been kind of mean to you, Carltie honey." She caressingly wiped away the trickling tears on her brother's face. "Can you forgive me, baby brother?"

Taking her right hand from his face, Carlton kissed it warmly--palm first, then back.

"If you'll forgive me for my misbehavior today, Nannie," he agreed, "But especially if you'll start to forgive me for causing this situation." His childlike blue eyes shone with youthful sincerity. "I only wanted to save people, but I shouldn't have ignored Reb--uh, Mommy."

"I'll have to work through my feelings gradually," Nantessa told him softly. "You can still count on plenty of bare-bottom blisterings from me, but you'll be getting hugs and kisses too."

"Thank you, Nannie." Carlton released her hand. "I'll take the discipline, if I can just have some loving and forgiveness too."

"Okay, young man," Rebecca announced briskly, walking toward her boyish ward, "Lie face down on your bed for an application of nanolotion, then you'll have some Siberoot tea before going to sleep. Nannie dear, go check on the kettle and adjust the heat down to simmering, please."

"Sure thing, Mom." Nantessa stood up, giving her sibling's curly hair a quick ruffle as he climbed onto the bed, dropping down into a prone position.

"Did you forget something, sweetie?" she asked him playfully.

Carlton hesitated, his face looking pensive. "Ohhhh...uh, right. Thank you very much for paddling my bare bottom for me, sister dear."

"Considering what it accomplished for you...It was my pleasure, sweet boy." She beamed at him affectionately, feeling relieved but drained, then left the room.

Ten minutes later, after Rebecca had carefully massaged soothing nanolotion onto her young ward's plump posterior, buttoned up his pajamas' seat flap and given him a lukewarm cup of strongly-soporific Siberoot tea to drink, Nantessa returned to his bedroom just as Carlton was being tucked snugly under the covers by his guardian.

"I came to bring you a couple presents," the teenager told her drowsy, exhausted little brother. She handed him a medium-sized, feminine-looking teddy bear, one with fuzzy-soft, slightly-worn tan fur. "This is Miss Esmerelda, or just Esme for short--she was my favorite to sleep with when I was younger. She's yours now, if you'd like to have her."

"Thank you, Nannie." Carlton grasped the cuddly stuffed animal, originally just to be polite, then discovered that Esme truly felt quite comforting to snuggle against.

"Here's my other present, honey." She handed him a small rectangular lumnicard, with a message shining on it in red and black ink. "Mom had these made up for me, even though I didn't think I'd actually use them."

The card had the old-style negation symbol, a red circle with a diagonal line across its middle, crossing over the drawing of a paddle in its middle. Its inscription read, "GET OUT OF A WAKE-UP PADDLING FREE CARD," it having been modeled on a similar card from an antiquated Terran board game.

Carlton sat partway up, giving his sister a puzzled smile.

"Does this mean what I think, Nannie?" he asked her uncertainly.

Nantessa nodded, smiling back broadly. "Give it back to me tomorrow morning, then I'll forego your scheduled wake-up paddling." She chucked him fondly under his chin. "But don't think I'm going soft already, baby brother--it's just for tomorrow."

Her sibling nodded contently, putting the card on his bedstand before lying back down and curling an arm around Esme.

"Goodnight, Mommy...Goodnight, Nannie...Thank you very much...I love you." His eyes closed sleepily, his face looking almost angelic.

Rebecca clicked off the bedside lamp, then pocketed the tube of nanolotion to activate shortly afterward--when Carlton was in deep slumber.

He was already asleep, breathing regularly, as Nantessa leaned over to kiss his forehead.

"Sweet dreams, my darling brother..."

The End


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