Maternal Matrimony VI

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 "REFLECTIONS" ["Maternal Matrimony" #6] by the Crimson Kid


(All rights reserved. This story's setting is twelve hours following "Maternal Matrimony" #5, still at the McMichael residence in Yamamoto on the planet Vladivost, mid-28th century.)

Sniffling and sobbing, Carlton stood facing into the far corner of his new bedroom; he was wearing his teal blue 'Doctor Denton' pajama outfit, with its 'trap-door' seat flap hanging unbuttoned below his exposed posterior. His boyishly-plump lower bottomcheeks were crisscrossed by bright scarlet stripes, the result of an extended, blistering-hard chastisement applied to them via Rebecca and her wickedly-flexible leather strap. Since Carlton's 'sit spot' at the base of both naked buttocks had received almost all of his new guardian's punitive attentions during the sharply-stinging strapping, it was emanating a fiery glow of blazing heat.

"What a pitiful sight you are," his spousal guardian noted cheerfully, "With your bouncy bare bumcheeks glowing so deeply like the embers of a fire." She smiled with satisfaction at the visible effects of the over-the-lap maternal strapping that she'd just finished administering to her one-time husband's naked hindquarters. "They must feel quite a bit like glowing-hot embers too, I would guess." Her eyebrows arched slightly. "Am I correct, dear boy?"

"Oh, yuh-yes, uhhhhhh...muh-ma'am," Carlton replied sobbingly.

"When Mommy wields her strap, her little boy's bare behind pays the price for his disobedience." Still holding the short but formidably-effective leather implement in her right hand, Rebecca sharply snapped it in the air to produce a pistol-shot report--CRACK!!

"Uhhhhohhh!" Carlton's body jerked nervously as he barely managed to keep his hands clasped together in the small of his back--a position he'd been warned to maintain.

Rebecca strode over to her ward and affectionately tousled his somewhat sweaty blond hair.

"Relax, sweetie," she assured him, "You've received your six dozen hot bare-bottom kisses from this whippy, stingy little bedtime visitor for today. Of course, Nannie will be arriving with her paddle to rekindle the fires on those strap-stripes in about five minutes." She shook her head ruefully. "Are you sorry that you went into your sister's room and mistreated her stuffed animals?"

Carlton's body shivered momentarily as he struggled to reply without bursting into childish tears.

"Ahhh, I'm suh-so sorry, M-Mommy." His voice quavered with a mixture of dread and despondence. "Wuh-Will she paddle me ruh-real hard?"

Rebecca chuckled lightly. "Is there some other way that a naughty child's bare buns should be walloped, darling?"

"Ummmm...I g-guess not, Mommy." His five-year-old's body shuddered.

"You know that you deserve the bare-assed blistering that Nannie's going to apply to your sore little seat, Carltie." Gently touching Carlton's tearstained face, his tall, dominant wife-turned-guardian clucked softly. "If you think that you're sorry now, my little mischief-maker, wait until your big sister starts making your bare bumcheeks bounce with that 'Seat-Sizzler' paddle." She tenderly patted each of his well-striped, fully-rounded buttocks twice. "You stay here and reflect upon your conduct today, and consider improving your behavior in the future--that's assuming that you want to limit your 'woodshed sessions' to just two tomorrow."

"Oh-Okay, Mommy." Her young ward gulped, then heard Rebecca's firm footsteps gradually diminishing as she walked out of the room.

Standing in the corner with his flaming-hot, flannel-framed buttcheeks on open display, Carlton did indeed engage in serious reflection regarding that day's highly-punitive experiences that he had yet to conclude...

It had begun with a wake-up paddling from Nannie, gleefully applied to his bare derriere with the brand-spanking-new 'Sibling Seat-Sizzler' paddle, one that had been custom-ordered from A Penitatas supply shop in the city of Guderian.

Carlton had been whacked while across his elder sibling's lap for a good twelve minutes; his chastisement had seemed to last twelve hours to him as he'd frantically but futilely kicked, squirmed and wailed while his sleeper-framed exposed nether cheeks had reddened steadily under Nannie's blistering paddleswats.

After being allowed to frantically dance around the bedroom while rubbing his blazing-hot bare buttcheeks for several minutes, Carlton had been directed to stand in the far corner with his hands on top of his head while his sleepers' seat flap remained lowered. Although he'd spent only ten tearful minutes in that position, he had chafed resentfully over his former daughter's obvious delight at his crimson-bottomed humiliation and her ability to make him blubber babyishly via energetic application of her solidly-crafted spanking paddle.

After cleaning up, dressing and consuming a delicious but hurried (due to his being uncomfortably seated) breakfast, Carlton had been presented with his "Rules and Regulations for Little Boys" by Rebecca; the list was quite extensive and included detailed prohibitions against disrespect, dishonesty, disobedience and the use of profanity--it additionally required various types of positive behavior under certain circumstances.

Although feeling somewhat daunted by the numerous rules, Carlton had been relieved to discover that the recently-purchased Cornerstool and bee-riefs would come into contact with his childish posterior only as part of his punishment for very serious offenses or on what were identified as "personal punishment days." These dates were not the standard special punishment days, generally public holidays, that were assigned to Penitatas rejuves, but rather dates relevant to his relationships with his one-time wife and daughter. There were shown two dates oriented towards each female--Father's Day and her birthday for Nannie, Valentine's Day and their wedding anniversary for Rebecca--although the list was subject to expansion.

The document contained no mention of any relief from Carlton's regular twice-a-day regimen of bare-bottomed chastisements on general public holidays, although the daily spankings were described as "optional" punishments which could be foregone on any particular occasion at the discretion of the womanly disciplinarian administering them.

How much time would pass before his female family members demonstrated any forgiveness for his critical disregard of his then-wife's spousal instructions, through occasional relief from his scheduled morning-and-evening disciplinary engagements--that was something that Carlton couldn't determine.

Based on the early-afternoon hairbrush walloping that Nannie had administered to him, ten minutes he'd spent upended over her lap with his shorts and briefs tangled around his knees, Carlton didn't expect his big sister to be in a forgiving mood at any time in the near future.

Awakening her new brother from his after-lunch nap, Nannie had reminded him of his failure to address her properly the day before, when she'd paddled his boyish bare behind in the backseat of their family hovercar. Flourishing the same flat-backed wooden hairbrush that she'd spanked Carlton with that first time, his sister had curtly lectured while he'd resignedly awaited his fanny-whacking fate.

"From now on you'll remember to speak to me respectfully during a spanking session or your impudent little derriere will pay the price for your forgetfulness--IN SPADES! Now pull those pants and undies down to your knees, and you'd better be quick about it. I'm giving you ten seconds to show me your full southern exposure, my naughty toddler."

"Yes, Miss Nantessa." Carlton's facial cheeks had flushed pinkly as he'd quickly dropped off his bed to the floor.

Smiling smugly, Nannie had smacked the punishment brush's hard back against her left palm as she watched her downcast sibling reluctantly but urgently lower his mustard yellow trousers and royal blue briefs to knee level.

"Tsk, tsk...The blazing red color I spanked onto your saucy seat this morning has faded almost completely," she'd murmured playfully, seating herself on the bed's edge as her new brother's compactly-rounded buttocks were exposed to her view, "But I know exactly how to restore it in all its glowing glory--and it'll be my pleasure to do that for you, brother dear." She had patted her lap with her left hand, then motioned beckoningly with the spanking brush held in her right.

"Climb aboard, Carltie, and get your plump bare rump sticking up for a lesson in respect from my hard-hitting hairbrush."

"Yes, Miss Nantessa." Hampered slightly by the clothing clinging around his knees, Carlton had managed to drape his body across Nannie's firm thighs, then she had tugged his torso leftward, elevating his bent-over naked posterior to her right.

"Mmmmm...Very inviting target, your brazen bare bumcheeks--just daring me to discipline you." Nannie had momentarily patted his upturned nether cheeks with the paddling brush's smooth back while her sibling spankee had shivered across her lap."You definitely need a long, red-hot hairbrush lesson about showing respect for women, don't you, young man?"

Given his awareness of his behind's highly-vulnerable position and that he was already going to be spanked quite soundly, Carlton had resisted commenting on his thirteen-year-old disciplinarian's referring to herself as a woman.

"Yes, Miss Nantessa, I certainly do." He'd gulped, goosebumps forming on his cool, exposed buttocks.

"Then I'll happily teach you that lesson, Carltie, because I love you so much." Nannie's left arm had tightened around her brother's waist as she'd raised the punishment brush in her right hand, high above his trembling, defenseless derriere.

Unable to control himself, Carlton had as usual started sobbing even before the first hairbrush swat had impacted sharply against his nakedly-exposed nether cheeks. He'd begun wailing as soon as the spanking had started and had continued to weep and blubber for the duration of his bare-bottomed chastisement, his childish cries merging into one continous loud bawling "Waaahaaahaaahaaa" that had been broken only by his gasping sobs for breath.

Nannie hadn't tried to admonish her howling young spankee during the seat-smacking procedures--she'd simply concentrated on emphatically walloping his invitingly-upturned bare backside, alternating steadily from one chubby cheek to another and focusing on his sensitive undercheek areas, while he'd futilely squirmed and kicked across her lap. Finally, after almost ten minutes of continuous bare-assed chastisement with her cracking-hard paddling brush, the gleeful teenager had ended her new brother's spanking session.

"Boy, Carltie, I was right about your fanny," Nannie had announced cheerily, "It's glowing again, a very shiny candy-apple red. I'll bet that it must really be stinging something fierce, especially on that 'spank spot' right at the bottom of your bottom." She'd giggled at that expression as she'd gently lifted up on Carlton's waist, helping him to his feet as he'd struggled to keep his balance while blubbering raggedly.

"Oh, yes, Nan--Miss Nantessa," he'd sobbed, "It fuh-feels s-so hot, like it's uh-on fire, like a bluh-blazing bonfire."

Nannie had grinned at her younger sibling's description, which accurately reflected the flaming-bright appearance of his boyishly-rounded buttcheeks.

"Now straight into the corner," she'd instructed briskly, "Pants and undies still down with your hands on your head, showing off your soundly-spanked bare babyish bottom. Remember, crying child--no fidgeting or rubbing your red rump, unless you want a return trip across my lap right away."

"No, I doh-don't, Miss Nah-Nantessa," Carlton had stammered.

"I didn't think so." Grinning knowingly, Nannie had patted the hairbrush's flat back against her left palm. "After ten minutes in the corner, you will be allowed to kiss my spanking brush and my hand--then you'll apologize for your disrespect and humbly thank me for blistering your naughty bare bumcheeks as you deserved. Understand, my little sore-bottomed brat?"

Nannie had obviously remembered parts of the disciplinary rituals that she had observed her mother demanding of her then-father following his adult punishments at her hands, and had decided to incorporate them in her brother's spankings--now that she had become a disciplinarian herself.

"Yes, I uh-understand, Miss N-Nantessa." With tears still trickling down his rosy facial cheeks, he'd walked dejectedly into the bedroom's far corner.

Carlton couldn't rationally explain why, half an hour later, he had entered his big sister's bedroom and had then begun to punch and kick the stuffed animals that were on top of her bed. It had obviously been an action born out of his childlike resentment at having received two hard, humiliating, bare-assed chastisements from her that day, but he'd reacted impulsively and without premeditation; as he'd watched his small fists and feet connect to his sister's menagerie without doing any lasting damage to their well-padded targets, it had seemed as though his logical adult consciousness had been observing the fitful scene from a distance.

He'd been caught by Rebecca only a few minutes into his puerile tantrum and ordered to his bedroom until suppertime, after first having been required to replace the stuffed animals on Nannie's bed. Nannie, who'd been out visiting a neighborhood friend, had been informed of her new brother's misbehavior at the supper table; she had calmly informed Carlton that his invasion of her privacy would be dealt with at his bedtime.

"After you've gotten your regular bedtime strapping from Mom, I'll be applying my paddle to your misbehaving bare behind, Carltie--right on top of the strap-stripes that she'll have given you across your blistered buns. Boy, that should really make you bawl like a baby, shouldn't it?" She'd smiled thinly at him in grim anticipation.

All too soon, Carlton had been bathed, toileted and dressed in his 'Doctor Denton' sleepers in order to receive two bedtime fanny-tannings; the first one, a very thorough session with his guardian's leather strap, had been administered while he'd shamelessly squirmed, kicked and wailed across Rebecca's thighs with his pajamas' seat flap lowered to expose his compact bottomcheeks to the sizzling licks of the steadily-cracking supple leather.

Temporarily alone in his childish disgrace, Carlton vowed silently that he would exercise much better awareness and self-restraint in the future. As his wife-turned-guardian had pointed out, it was his highly-vulnerable rear end that was quite literally at risk when he misbehaved or acted impulsively.


Carlton's reflections came to an abrupt halt as he recognized the intensifying sound of Nantessa's patent-leather footsteps in the hallway as she approached the room. He was already shuddering and sobbing when she entered his bedroom, firmly gripping the solidly-constructed 'Sibling Seat-Sizzler' paddle in her right hand.

"Hello, Carltie dear." She smirked while regarding her little brother's naked nether cheeks, framed by flannel cloth and crisscrossed with vivid scarlet stripes.

"Oh my, look at that nicely-strapped naughty bare bottom," she cooed liltingly, "It's such a tempting target for my 'Seat-Sizzler,' and you certainly deserve the paddling I'm going to apply to those chubby cheekies." She walked over and sat down on the side edge of the junior bed.

"Over here and lie across my lap, mischievous child." Nantessa smoothed her skirt over her girlish thighs, while hefting the poplar paddle with determination.

"Yuh-Yes, Mih-Miss Nantessa." Tears already trickling from his downcast eyes, Carlton turned and strode forward to face his strict sister's retribution...

The End


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