Dione VI

From: Livia Yoran ([email protected])


This is a schoolgirl story set in the future. Fifteen-year-old Dione has grown up on a space platform and has recently come to Earth, where she goes to a boarding school in Damascus for students who are gifted with maths and computers.

If you haven't read Dione I-V, look them up, or read this without knowing the setting and the characters. :-)

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Have fun, Livia


Spring term had started a couple of weeks ago, and Dione had a problem.

Each term, there was a prolonged weekend on which the students could go home and visit their families, and the next such weekend was approaching. Unfortunately, at this exact time, the half-year vacation that Dione's parents had taken after their return from space was over, they were due to start their new assignments as teachers at the space academy, and they were just in the process of moving the household to New Zealand. They were very sorry and hoped to have a chance to visit their daughter in Damacus soon, but now was simply too inconvenient a time for her to visit.

Dione was disappointed when her mother told her this, but she knew it couldn't be helped. So she got her drum and went to ask Nuri if he wanted to have a practice session. They practiced for half an hour and then went to have a drink. That was when Dione told him that she couldn't go home for the week-end.

'Oh, that's too bad,' Nuri said sympathetically. 'Do you have anywhere else to go?'

'No,' Dione said, 'I don't know my relatives very well, I'd really feel better just staying here.'

'I didn't mean relatives,' Nuri said, 'I meant, like, friends or classmates. You know, when you can't go home for some reason or other, you can stay at a friend's place, if his or her parents don't mind.'

'I hadn't thought of that,' Dione said.

'Well, err...' Nuri started and hesitated. 'I mean, you know... If you'd like to, you could come and stay with my people. If you don't mind, of course. I'm sure my parents wouldn't. Mind, I mean. Anyway, you don't have to, if you'd rather stay with Lubna or...'

Dione stared at him. In the past months, she had developed a major crush on Nuri, and here he was, offering her to spend the weekend with him and his family! She had always thought he couldn't possibly be interested in her, so she had hidden her feelings as well as she could... and now it looked as if he was at least as interested in her as she was in him! She felt nervous, and excited, and her stomach was reacting to her emotions in a way that was new to her.

'I... I'd love to spend the weekend with you, Nuri,' she whispered and felt herself flushing. The next thing she knew was, his hand was touching hers, and jolts of electricity went through their bodies.

They were both late for dinner that day.

Now, Dione's problem started the next day when she asked Jurek about staying with Nuri's family, trying very hard to sound casual. To her enormous relief, he didn't comment on her wish to spend the weekend with a boy. He just told her that her parents would have to decide.

'Oh,' she said. 'Nuri's people said it would be okay.'

'That's good, but I still need your parents' consent,' he replied. 'Tell them, and tell Nuri's parents, to just notify me shortly, okay?'

Dione rushed off to phone her parents. She reached her mother and told her that a friend had invited her to Alexandria, and could she go?

'Well, is that alright with her parents?' her mother asked.

'Err... actually, it's HIS parents, and he's asked them, they don't mind. Mom, it's Nuri, the one I play tabla with. We're in the science project together. You met him at the school feast.'

'Dione, please tell me honestly - is he just a friend, or are you involved with each other?'

Dione had always been a bad liar, and she had given up trying to lie to her mother's face long ago. She had hardly needed to, because so many of the things Dione did on the space platform just went completely unnoticed.

'Weeeelll...' she tried to stall, 'what exactly do you mean by involved?'

Her mother sighed.

'Are you in love with him, or is he in love with you, or have you been going out with him, kissing him, whatever? You know very well what I mean by "involved".'

'Mom, that's really none of your business!' Dione cried indignantly.

'Well, maybe not,' her mother conceded. 'But nevertheless I don't think it's a good idea for you to spend the weekend with his family. If you had been going out together for a year or something like that, that would be different. But look, imagine you discover during this weekend you don't like him all that much after all... you would still have to spend all this time with him and his family, and that might be really embarassing. Or maybe you find out that he expects things of you you are not willing to do, or not yet willing to do... you might find that having been invited to his place makes it very awkward to refuse.'

'But MOM!' Dione whined. 'He's a decent guy! He's really one of the most responsible boys I've ever met. He doesn't drink, he...'

'I didn't doubt any of that,' her mother interrupted her. 'In fact, as far as I can recall him from the school feast, he seems extremely nice. That's just not the point. Listen, I knew you'd sooner or later start seeing boys, especially in a co-ed boarding school, and I'm not really against that. Heck, I had my first boyfriend at fifteen, so why shouldn't you? I just think it's not a good idea for you to spend the weekend with his family after you have known him for such a short while, and I don't think your father will see this any differently. Now please, do me a favor and stop arguing. Can't you ask your friend Lubna if you can stay with her? I'm sure you'd have lots of fun.'

'Yeah, I guess I'll ask her, then,' Dione said glumly. 'Bye, Mom.' She knew her mother and was fairly certain that if she started nagging her, she'd end up going nowhere on the weekend.

She went to see Lubna and tell her about everything.

'Are you kidding?' Lubna asked. 'Nuri actually invited you to stay with him, and your mom refused?'

She thought for a while.

'Now listen,' she finally said. 'You know you are welcome to stay with my family, and I'd be pleased to take you, though I usually just stumble from one family reunion into the next on these weekends... might be very boring for you. Anyway, unless I'm very much mistaken, you really want to go with Nuri, right?'

'Yes, of course I do!' Dione exclaimed. She hadn't told Lubna exactly what had passed between her and Nuri, but Lubna knew enough to guess.

'Okay, here's the plan,' she said.

Dione cringed. 'Every time you say these words, I see a big spanking coming,' she said.

Lubna groaned. 'Here I am, trying to do you a favor, and you start complaining before you've even heard me out. Now, do you want to go to Alexandria, or don't you?'

Dione knew it was a mistake to listen to Lubna's plans when she was in her mischievous mood, but she really wanted to go with Nuri more than anything else, so she said: 'Okay, you're right, I want to go. So, go ahead.'

'Right,' Lubna said. 'You tell Nuri that your parents have given their permission for you to go with him. His parents are going to notify Jurek and give their okay.'

'Oh, come on, Lubna, this is...' Dione started.

'Hey, I haven't finished!' Lubna exclaimed. 'Okay. Then you go to Jurek and tell him your parents have for some stupid reason not given their consent to your going to Alexandria after all, so you'll have to change plans. You ask your parents if you can stay at my place, and they'll agree, of course, and give notice to Jurek; at the same time, I'll tell my mother that you're coming, and she'll give her okay to Jurek as well... who won't find that odd, because you have told him that you've had to change plans. Got it so far?'

'Well, yes... but you don't mean to say...'

'Oh yes, I do,' Lubna said with a grin. 'On Friday, masses of people will leave the school, and the two of us just get into the same shuttle as Nuri, who'll of course still think that your parents have given you permission to stay with him... if he didn't, he'd blow the whole thing, he's too goody-goody.'

'Aww, come on, Lubna, he's just decent.'

'Yeah, he's decent AND goody-goody. Anyway, you'll throw your ticket to Tunis away and get a ticket to Alexandria at the turbo station instead, they're really cheap. You're lucky Nuri lives so nearby. Do your parents control your credit card bills or anything?'

'No, they don't.'

'There you are. I'll just tell my parents you got sick and had to stay at school. They won't ask, they are far too busy. On Sunday, I'll take an early turbo and I'll wait for you at the shuttle station... you should beep me inconspicuously when you're leaving from Alex, so I can meet you by pure coinicidence at the station, and we'll get back to school together.'

Dione sighed. 'And what if Nuri tells anybody about the nice weekend we had in Alex?'

'Well, you'll have to tell him, eventually,' Lubna said. 'Just don't do it before the weekend.'

Dione's head spun. Lubna's plan actually sounded good. But her plans always did. Only they hardly ever worked, because there were always a thousand things that could go wrong, and even if most of them went right, it was enough if one of them didn't. Dione told Lubna she'd have to think about it.

It turned out that "thinking" wasn't exactly what motivated her decision.

When Nuri asked her at dinner if she had already asked her parents, she found that she couldn't bring herself to tell him they'd refused. So she followed her first impulse and said: 'Yeah, and they agreed! Great, isn't it? Could you call your parents tonight and tell them to give Jurek their consent?'

'Of course,' Nuri said, and he seemed delighted. Dione felt a bang of bad conscience. She would have to lie to him a lot in order to pull this through. But it couldn't be helped.

The plan collapsed before it could even be put into action. On Wednesday night, there was a knock on Dione's door, and she called: 'Come in!' It was Nuri.

Dione had been lying on her bed, reading. 'Hi Nuri!' she said brightly, rolled over and opened her arms for a hug.

Nuri, however, sat down on her desk chair and looked at her seriously.

She sat up. 'Why are you looking at me like that?' she asked, her bad conscience stirring in her stomach.

'Well,' he said, 'I just talked to my parents, and... Jurek apparently called them to thank them for their offer to invite you - but he seemed to be under the impression that your parents refused to give permission, and that you made arrangements to stay with Lubna instead. Now, can you tell me what to make of that?'

There was a long, awkward pause. Dione felt decidedly sick now. She didn't even dare to look at him.

'Dione, you are hiding something from me, and I want to know what it is', he said, and there was such a disappointment in his voice that she broke into tears. He didn't come to soothe her as she had hoped, though.

'Dione, I want an explanation, or I'll go and get Jurek... whom I have up to now made to believe that there was just an innocent misunderstanding at the bottom of this.'

Dione had no choice but to confess, so between many sobs the whole story came out.

'I'm sorry I lied to you, Nuri,' she cried. 'I just wanted so badly to spent the weekend with you, and I knew you wouldn't take me if I had told you the truth. And besides, I was ashamed that my mother didn't give me permission to go ? I felt so childish!'

'Well, what you did was far more childish. And I would have thought being truthful to me would matter more than getting what you want,' he said sadly. 'I won't even start talking about the other things... deceiving Jurek, deceiving your parents, using Lubna's parents for your plot; your parents and Jurek not knowing where you are...'

He sighed and got up. 'I won't tell on Lubna and you, of course. It's your decision how you deal with this. I expect you'll just go and spend the weekend with Lubna, then. Have fun.'

He went to the door.

That got Dione into action.

'Wait!' she shrieked, jumped from her bed and rushed after him, standing herself between him and the door.

'You don't... you won't just walk out on me, will you?' she asked.

He looked at her, his face closed.

'What do you expect, after such a performance?' he asked back. 'Dione, please don't make this any more difficult for both of us. Just let me leave.'

'Nuri, I know what I've done is wrong. Sometimes I'm too impulsive, and I do things I know I shouldn't do. I'm so sorry for this. Really, I mean it.' He didn't react, just waited for her to get out of the way. Her mind raced. What else could she say or do?

'Look,' she said desperately, 'we can go to Jurek this minute, and I'll own up to everything. I know I deserve to be punished for this. You can be sure that I won't ever do this again!'

That DID get a reaction from him. He looked genuinely surprised, but after a moment, he shook his head.

'I really don't see how you can pull this off without compromising Lubna,' he said. 'Anyway, this is not only about a breech of school rules, for which Jurek will punish you and then it's forgiven. This is also about a breech of trust towards me, and I can't just forget about that.'

Dione slumped. He was right. And she hadn't thought about Lubna. Her mind raced even faster. What else could she offer?

'So...' Dione's voice faltered, but she plucked up her courage and went on: 'So, what if YOU punished me?'

There was a moment's silence.

'Me, punish you?' he said incredulously. 'Now, that's original.'

She sensed an opportunity here and rushed on, words just tumbling out of her mouth without passing her brain: 'Please, Nuri, think about it. I'll do whatever you say. I don't know if you can ever forgive me, but perhaps, if you punished me yourself, then... oh, Nuri, I'm so sorry! I'll do whatever it takes to make up.'

For the first time this evening, he looked her in the eyes. 'Now, how exactly do you suggest I "punish" you?' he asked, his voice ironical, but with a hint of seriousness to it.

She shrugged, embarassed. 'Like... for example, like Jurek does. Whatever he would do. All kinds of punishment,' she whispered.

He raised his eyebrows. 'I want to get this straight. You know Jurek pretty well by now. If he had found out tonight what you were up to, what do you think your punishment would be?'

She swallowed. 'Well, he might ground me. And he'd probably have me stay at school over the weekend, and give me work to do. And... he'd... he'd paddle me. Pretty hard, probably.'

'Hmm,' he said. 'And you'd agree to accept any of these punishments from ME?'

His voice sounded sceptical.

She nodded fervently. 'Whatever it takes,' she repeated.

'Hmmm,' he said, again, and sighed. 'I just can't decide about this right now. It needs thinking about. Please let me out. I'll get back to you later tonight.'

'I... I could stand in the corner until you come back,' she proposed, and hastily added: 'if you like, that is.'

He actually laughed about that! 'That's not a bad idea,' he said, amused. 'Go ahead.'

What did I get myself into, she thought, feeling immensely foolish when she hurried to stand in the corner, hands to her side. She expected Nuri to leave, but he didn't, and she didn't dare turn around.

After a while, she felt him step up to her and let out a surprised gasp when he pulled her pants AND panties down to her knees in one swift movement. 'Seeing you standing there made this whole punishment idea suddenly seem very apppealing to me,' he said softly. 'So why not help you anticipate what you've got coming to you?'

He went to the door. 'I'm going to think this through and make some preparations,' he said very matter-of-factly. 'I expect you to stay in the corner and not budge until I'm back. Have a nice time.'

The thought had never occurred to her before, but she somehow felt that Nuri had an uncanny similarity to Jurek.

It seemed to take an eternity until Nuri was back. Dione felt very apprehensive and embarassed. There was also a tiny little bit of excitement in the whole situation, but her thoughts were too muddled to realize it.

Finally, when standing had started to become unbearable, Nuri was back.

'Pull up your pants and follow me, please,' he said calmly, and she hastened to comply, wondering what this might lead to. She was sure he would do her no harm, but as to "not causing her pain", she wasn't so certain. He seemed very determined as he walked in front of her, leading her to one of the sound-proof music practice rooms in the rear building. Her heart sank. He clearly was taking this punishment idea very seriously. Heck, she hadn't meant him to! He had been supposed to appreciate the fact that she was willing to take responsibility for her actions, and then forgive her! Still, it HAD been HER idea, and she couldn't back off now, she was too afraid to lose him. And too ashamed of herself. Somehow, she knew she deserved to be punished. And she realized she was lucky that Nuri had found out about the whole thing before the weekend, and not after.

They entered the room, and the first thing she noticed were a broad-backed hairbrush and a ruler lying on the piano cover. 'Oh, no, Nuri ...' she groaned.

Nuri looked at her with raised eyebrows. 'YOU asked for this, Dione, not me. This is supposed to be a punishment, and that means it's me who gets to set the terms. If you feel you don't trust me enough to accept whatever punishment I decide to give you, or if you're having second thoughts about this, now is your chance to leave. Once you make up your mind to stay, you'll have to suffer through this.'

Dione bit her lip. 'I don't want to lose you, Nuri,' she said in a small voice. 'And, to be honest, I know I deserve this. But please, don't be too hard on me.'

'You'll just have to wait and see,' he said, pulled a chair to the middle of the room and sat down on it.

'Ready?' he asked. She gave a tiny nod and slowly, apprehensively shuffled over to him. Before she knew it, she found himself over his knee, naked bottom pointing skyward, pants hunched at her ankles. She clenched her buttocks in nervous anticipation. Even in her muddled state of mind, though, she didn't fail to realize that there was a kind of tingling in her crotch that had nothing to do with what she felt when Jurek was about to spank her... it rather resembled to what she felt when Nuri kissed her.

SMACK! Nuri's palm descended upon her upturned buttocks unceremoniously, and she let out a surprised gasp. Somehow it seemed a lot more natural for Jurek to spank her this hard than it did for Nuri. But she didn't have any time to ponder on this, as his hand descended a second and third time. Soon she wiggled around on his lap helplessly, squealing in pain and trying frantically to escape from the stinging blows, but at the same time trying not to slide from his lap.

Nuri had a look of grim satisfaction on his face as his palm made contact with the top of her thighs several times and she cried out loud. 'Nuri, this hurts! OW! Please... OUCH! Nuri! NOO! OWWOWWOWW!'

He paused for a while to adjust her position. She was crying quietly now, feeling very ashamed of herself. When he resumed spanking her, he started to scold.

'You will never SMACK lie to me SMACK again! SMACK SMACK SMACK When your parents SMACK don't give you permission SMACK to go somewhere SMACK, you don't GO! SMACK SMACK No matter how badly you want it! SMACK SMACK SMACK You won't SMACK try to deceive SMACK your tutor and your parents SMACK SMACK SMACK! And you won't go anywhere SMACK with nobody knowing SMACK where you are! SMACK SMACK!'

She was sobbing loudly now. 'I'm sooorry,' she wailed. 'OW! Pleeease... I won't do it agaaain! OW! It hurts! Nuri, please stop! I'm so sorry!'

When Nuri had agreed with her idea to let him punish her, he had mainly done so out of anger and because he really felt she ought to be punished. Now, the more he spanked her, the more his anger subsided and the more fun he had. He was developing a solid hard-on, which he was a bit embarassed about... but after all, she really deserved this, so why shouldn't he enjoy himself? He knew she must be in great pain by now, but she wasn't beyond begging him to stop yet. He was determined to drive the lesson home today, so he reached for the ruler and smacked it across her thighs. Her howling increased another level. Satisfied with her reaction, he applied the ruler again, and again, concentrating on her sitspot and the top of her thighs. Her feet drummed on the floor, and her wails became incoherent. He decided not to exaggerate... he had no spanking experience, and he didn't want to be brutal. A final dozen with the hairbrush, and he would stop.

When the hairbrush first impacted Dione's bottom, the pain became so unbearable that she finally broke down, lying limply over his lap and sobbing her heart out. This spanking would never end, and she deserved everything she got.

It took her at least a minute to realize that it was over, and another minute for her sobs to quiet down under the soft and comforting strokes Nuri's hand was suddenly capable of. Then she realized she felt something at her hip, where his jeans were bulging. She jerked up. 'You're aroused by this!' she accused him under her tears.

He sighed and shrugged. 'I didn't know I would react that way, but I couldn't help it. I swear I didn't exploit the situation for a turn-on. And you must admit that you deserved your spanking.'

He looked at her tear-streaked, fornlorn face and was suddenly overwhelmed by tenderness. He opened his arms wide and softly asked: 'Do you want a hug?'

She hesitated a moment and then flew into his arms, sobbing more loudly than ever. He pulled her into his lap, and she clung to him and cried and cried. Finally, he got out a handkerchief, wiped her face and made her blow her nose.

'Better?' he asked kindly. She nodded and snuggled to his chest.

'Now, concerning the rest of your punishment...' he started. Her head shot up, and she looked at him incredulously.

He laughed. 'I didn't mean spanking, Di. I meant, about the weekend.'

'Oh,' she said. And then, reluctantly: 'I guess I'd better stay here, shouldn't I?'

'Yes, you should,' he said. 'And you should consider yourself grounded. No trip to the beach, shopping or whatever else is on offer. You can tell Jurek and your parents that you don't feel well and just want to rest, whatever. But you'll tell Lubna the truth.'

'You expect me to tell her that you spanked me?' she asked, wide-eyed.

'No, not really,' he said, grinning. 'But you'll tell her that I found out about your plan, that I wasn't pleased, and that I insisted you stay here.'

She sighed. 'Okay, boss.' That relaxed the tension they both felt about the situation. They laughed. Dione's bottom hurt like hell, but it felt so good to be held by Nuri. After a while, she asked quietly: 'Do you really forgive me?'

'Mhhmhh,' he said and kissed her forehead.

'Good,' she stated contently and rested her head on his shoulder.

He slowly stroked her hair, and she relaxed. She'd still have to figure out how to deal with his obvious arousal and the strange excitement she had felt when he had put her over his knee. The spanking that had followed had been much too harsh for her arousal to last... she certainly wasn't keen on a repeat performance. But perhaps it might still be worthwhile to explore this spanking thing. Another time.

The End


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