Bucci Neighborhood Spankings 12:
Brittany and Meghan In Trouble at School Part II

From: Whetstone ([email protected])


It was later that same afternoon. Tricia was waiting for an opportunity to ask Brittany what had happened. They were finally alone upstairs.

"Brittany, what are you doing home before I am? Your school's dismissal is after mine. What happened?" Tricia asked.

"I got in trouble at school." Brittany replied.

"You what? What did you do?"

"It was kind of stupid. Meghan and I were painting our nails instead of working and then we mouthed off at our teacher and anyway we got suspended. Mom had to come get us. When we got home I got spanked and I think I'm gonna get spanked again when dad gets home and then another time on Sunday cause mom says I did three things wrong and should get punished for each one." Brittany said.

"Wait a minute, mom spanked you? She hasn't spanked you in about a year, only dad has. Mom says her spankings don't hurt anymore. How come she didn't just make you wait until dad got home?" Tricia asked.

"Tricia, believe me - you don't want mom to spank you. It was the worst spanking I ever got, including when dad uses his paddle. It really, really stung. Mom bent me over her leg and then she spanked me with grandma's hairbrush. I had never seen it and I looked at it after the spanking was over. It doesn't look like much but believe me, it stings." Brittany said seriously.

"A hairbrush? Mom never spanks with a hairbrush, wouldn't it break? And what is mom doing with Grandma's hairbrush?" Tricia questioned.

"Tricia, it was a hairbrush. I didn't see it before she started but when it was all over I asked her if I could look at it. It was definitely a hairbrush and it was hard and wood so my butt would have broken before it did. She said something about grandma giving it to her when Katie was born. I don't know, ask her." Brittany said.

"All right, I will ask mom. Now let me see your bottom. Does it still hurt?"

"TRIIISSHH!" Brittany stretched out her sister's name in annoyance.

"Come on. I want to see how red it is. I've seen it before and I've shown you mine when you wanted to see it after I got spanked. Just lay down on your bed and pull your shorts down."

Brittany hesitated then did what Tricia asked her to. Tricia was right, they had checked out each other's bottom after spankings before. It had become a routine to resist at first but always to show. They always checked out their 9-year-old brother Tommy's bottom too but they never showed him theirs - he didn't think to ask either. One thing they never did was tease each other after a spanking. They knew they would be the recipient of a spanking again sooner or later.

"Wow Brit, it's still kind of red. But there's nothing on your thighs or even the lower part of your bottom." Tricia said after examining her sister's bottom.

"I realized that and I looked in the mirror too. I don't think mom could swat there the way she had me pinned with her other leg. It's not good - I've been thinking about it and I think dad is going to make up for it. He'll see I didn't get spanked there and that's where he'll concentrate his spanks." Brittany said.

"You know sis, I think you are right. I feel bad for you. Don't worry too much about a spanking from dad though - you know he never gives you any more than you really deserve." Tricia said.

"Trish, that's what I'm afraid of. I got suspended from school, I wasn't doing my work, I disobeyed my teacher, I cursed at her, I got Meghan in trouble - dad is going to think I deserve another long hard spanking and I think I'm going to get it." Brittany said with some worry.

"Do you think you deserve another long, hard spanking?" Tricia asked.

Brittany laughed in nervousness and said "probably."

"I think so too." Tricia said, "But don't worry about it before you get it. That is the worst part of knowing you're going to get a spanking. Read a book or something so you have something else to think about. I'm going to go downstairs to talk with mom. I love you sis."

Tricia walked downstairs and looked for her mom. She found her in the den rearranging things from the repainting they'd done.

"Mom, can I talk to you about Brittany's spanking? She says you used grandma's hairbrush on her? What kind of a hairbrush? Why did grandma give you her hairbrush? Why would you use a hairbrush to spank?" Tricia asked in a rush of words.

Amanda smiled, "Well, to answer your questions in order. Yes. I did. Wooden. She thought I would need it. It works. Any other questions?"

"Come on mom - you know what I mean. Tell me about it."

"Tricia, it was so nice of you to offer to help me in here. I certainly can use your help."

"I'm sorry mom. I should have offered. What can I do for you?" Tricia said in mild embarrassment. She knew she should have been helping her mom.

"I just want to get the couch back where it belongs. Everything else is finished. This was a bigger job painting this room then I thought it would be. I'm glad it's done. Give me a hand pushing it and then we'll go in the kitchen and talk. The hairbrush is still on the table anyway."

They moved the couch into its usual position against the wall and opposite the window. Amanda puttered around for a few moments making sure everything was in place - it was her husband's den and she wanted to surprise him having everything done for him when he got home. Then they went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Tricia spied the hairbrush and picked it up.

"Is this it? It doesn't seem like much?" Tricia said in surprise.

Amanda laughed and said, "It may not seem like much but go ahead and give yourself a sharp smack with the back of it and then say it doesn't seem like much."

Tricia experimented with it by swatting herself in the palm of her hand. Then she stood up and pulled up a leg of her shorts in back exposing her upper thigh and lower part of her bottom. She gave herself a sharp smack with the brush and hollered out, "Yowee! That stung! No wonder Brittany said that was the worst spanking she ever got."

Amanda laughed and said, "I can't believe you just swatted yourself like that."

"Well, I wanted to see what it was like. Did grandma spank you with that? How come she gave it to you? How come you never used it before? I mean I'm kind of glad you didn't. How come you never showed it to us?" Tricia asked her mom.

Amanda got a bemused expression on her face; she was a little surprised her daughter was asking so many questions. She had never really expressed an interest in talking about spankings before. When they had talked about them it was usually just before or after she got one and the conversation was centered more on behavior than spanking. "Well Tricia, you know I got spanked when I was growing up. Your grandma and grandpa never tolerated much misbehavior from any of us. Grandma and grandpa shared the spanking duties, not like here where your father gives most of them now that you are bigger. When we were little I think grandma used to use her hand but when we got big she started using that brush - and boy I still remember how much it hurt. I don't think she ever used it on her hair; she just used it to spank. I don't know where she got it, you might want to ask her about it when you see her. I actually don't even think it is a woman's brush, look at how thick the bristles are - they don't easily go through long thick hair - try it." Tricia did try it on her hair and her mother was right, it was hard to use as a brush. Amanda continued to talk while Tricia was trying to brush her hair, "I thought about it a lot and I think that brush is actually an old fashioned brush for a man in the military. He would have had short hair that would have been easily brushed.

"At any rate grandma used to always make us bare our bottoms for spankings and go over her lap. Back then that usually meant skirt or dress hitched up and panties down, not like now where you usually where shorts or jeans. Then she would just wail into our backsides with that thing. Believe me it hurt, I know Brittany's spanking hurt but she deserved it. Grandma used to leave bruises that would last a day or two. I never wanted to do that, and I actually went easy on Brittany with the brush - the spanking stung but it didn't bruise her. I only used the brush because I knew my hand wouldn't be enough.

"Grandma gave me the brush when Katie was born. She knew I would eventually have to spank her and I guess she thought it would be a nice family heirloom to pass on. It kind of was a nice gesture. I knew she meant it to mean that she looked at me now as a mother and more a peer of hers than as her little girl anymore.

"I am her oldest child and Katie was her first grandchild. Your aunts and uncles still lived at home and I know some of them still got spanked. I don't know what grandma used after she gave me the brush. You'll have to ask them or her.

"I never wanted to use the brush because I just thought it was too severe for spankings. Your father and I don't spank you guys just to cause pain - we spank to get your attention, to punish you, clear the slate so to speak and to get you refocused on correct behavior. Sure pain is part of it but it isn't the whole part. I don't know why I never told you about it or showed it to you, I guess it just never came up. It isn't a secret or anything; your father knows grandma gave it to me. He never wanted to use it either. I think he sometimes got spanked with a hairbrush too - it used to be pretty common when we were growing up.

"So that's it. Any more questions?" Amanda asked her daughter.

"Not really," Tricia said as she continued to examine the brush. "Do you think you will use it again?"

"Actually I was wondering that myself." Her mother answered. "I may, now that I know I can give a stinging spanking with it without leaving bruises. It just might come in handy if one of you decides to misbehave. Why," she asked eyes twinkling and taking the brush from Tricia's hands, "are you planning on misbehaving?"

"No way, mom!" Tricia said. "I don't want any part of that thing. Is Brittany really going to get another spanking tonight, her bottom is still pretty red?"

"I still have to confirm it with your father but probably. She deserves it so she will most likely get it. Now give me a hand getting supper ready." Amanda said.

Tricia and her mom got supper prepared together. They continued to chat about spankings and other things while they worked together. When Mr. Steven Bucci got home Amanda went with him to their bedroom to keep him company while he cleaned up and changed and to discuss Brittany's misbehavior.

Tricia went right to the telephone and called her boyfriend Andrew Gallagher. "Andrew, it's Tricia. What are you doing tonight?"

"Nothing much, why." Andrew answered.

"Well I think Brittany's going to get another spanking. Want to come over? We can peek through the window again and watch."

Andrew hesitated, he really wanted to be with Tricia and he wanted to watch but he wasn't sure it was right. "I don't know Tricia, what happens if we get caught?"

"Come on don't be a chicken Andrew. Dad is oblivious when he spanks - you saw that the last time. Nobody is going to see us. I'll call you when I find out when it is going to happen. We'll meet outside, ok?"

Andrew was actually looking forward to it. Watching Brittany get spanked the last time and then thinking about it afterwards was kind of exciting. He had gotten spanked since then and knew they weren't any fun but watching someone else get it - and especially watching with his girlfriend Tricia - now that could be fun. "Ok, I'll be there. Make sure you call in time. See ya."

Meanwhile Amanda and Steven were discussing Brittany's misbehavior.

Steven was saying, "When you called me and told me she got suspended, I was really surprised. She certainly deserved the spanking you gave her. I'm glad you finally used your mom's brush - I kind of don't like being the bad guy when it comes to spanking the girls. You can do your share again. But do you really think she deserves two more spankings?"

"Think about it Steven. If her teacher called and said she was painting her nails and not doing her work, you'd spank her wouldn't you?"

"Yes, I would."

"Ok, that's one. If her teacher called and said Brittany didn't obey her - she was told to put her nailpolish away and get back to work and she didn't - you'd spank her wouldn't you?" Amanda asked.

"You're right and I know where your headed but…" Steven said when his wife cut him off.

"Just bear with me. That is number two. If Brittany cursed her teacher you'd give her a spanking wouldn't you?"

"You're right, I would."

"Well that is number three. She did all three of those things. She deserves three separate spankings. I already spoke with Abby, Meghan is going to be getting three spankings also. I think you should give Brittany another one tonight and then one on Sunday evening so her bottom stings a little bit on Monday morning when she sits in class. If you won't do it, I will but I think it would be better coming from you." Amanda said with certainty.

Steven hesitated and thought things out for several moments. Finally he answered, "You know, you are right. In fact when Katie got in trouble at school they paddled her and then we spanked her at home - she got it twice for doing only one thing wrong. Brittany did misbehave three separate times. Do you think I should let her stew until after dinner or get it over with right now?"

Amanda's reply was quick; "She's been worrying since I finished her first spanking. I told her she'd be getting three. I think the sooner the better for the second. If you do it now, supper will be about ready when you are finished. And Steven," Amanda paused as she looked pointedly at her husband. "It needs to be pretty hard and long - getting in trouble in school is serious. She needs to know we think it is serious. Her bottom is probably still a little red; don't let that deter you from giving it to her good. She deserves it and I know she is expecting it. If you give her any less she'll think you don't think it's important and that would be the wrong message to send."

"Your right as usual." Steven said. "Now give me a hug and kiss and reassure me that hurting my kid is the right thing to do. You know I hate this."

"I know." Amanda said as she hugged her husband. "I feel bad too, but it is what she deserves. It is the best thing for her. She knows it too and is expecting it."

Amanda and Steven hugged each other for a while. They kissed and then Steven went to get Brittany and carry out the spanking. Amanda's parting message to him was that she had finished clearing up in the den and that he could use it.

Brittany looked up with a start when her father walked in the room. From the look on her father's face she knew she would be getting spanked soon and she felt awful but she tried to hide it. "Uh, hi dad! I didn't know you were home." She stood up from her bed, walked over to her dad and gave him a hug. He hugged her back and bent over to give her a kiss.

"Hi, Brit! I love you." Her father said as he hugged her. Then he stood back and looked at his daughter for a moment trying to appraise her. "Your mom tells me you had some trouble at school today?"

"Yeah well, I guess I did." Brittany hedged.

"Do you want to tell me about it?" her father prompted.

"Dad do I have to? Didn't mom tell you already?"

"I'd like to hear it from you."

"Well alright." Brittany sighed. "Meghan and I were painting our nails instead of doing our work and then we didn't put the nail polish away when Ms. Schonover told us to and then I kind of cursed at her." And then she went on in a rush, "But I'm really, really sorry and I won't do it again and mommy already spanked me and she used a hairbrush and it really hurt and I won't do it again, I promise. Please don't spank me again daddy."

"Brittany, what you did was very wrong. I don't have to tell you that, I am sure you know it. Your mother and I take your education very seriously. It is important that you do well. You have to take your education seriously and always do your best. We will not tolerate misbehavior at school. You misbehaved three separate times. You deserve to be punished for each misbehavior."

"But daddeee!" Brittany tried to interrupt.

"Don't, 'but daddy' me. You are going to get another spanking in a few minutes and then another one Sunday night. And Brittany, since misbehavior in school is a very serious offence, your spankings are going to be pretty long and hard."

Brittany had known this was coming all day but to hear the pronouncement from her father had quite an effect on her. She gasped and her face turned all red. She involuntarily clenched her bottom cheeks as she stood there and her hands reached back and covered her bottom. She looked down at the floor and started to sniffle. She tried to plead with her father again, "but daddy, my bottom is still sore. I won't misbehave in school again, I promise - I'll do whatever my teachers say. I don't need another spanking. Daddy please…"

Her father had long ago learned to ignore the pleas of a misbehaved child trying to talk their way out of a well-deserved spanking. He knew that the best thing for Brittany was to give her a long and hard spanking both as punishment for her misbehavior and also as a deterrent for her never to misbehave in school again. Spankings are a mainstay in their family because they work. The Bucci children are all basically well-behaved, well-mannered, polite, responsible, self-motivated children. They are 'good kids'. The Bucci parents have created an ideal family environment - they provide love and guidance; and when necessary - firm discipline.

"Brittany," her father said. "Let's go down to the den for your spanking." He took her hand in his and they walked out together. Except for the doomed expression on Brittany's face they looked like a loving father and daughter going out for a nice walk together.

Tricia had been listening from her room. Things were going along faster than she had planned, she didn't think Brittany would get spanked until after supper. As soon as she was sure her father and sister had cleared the hallway she made a mad dash from her room to get to the phone at the top of the stairs. Unlike many teenagers her age she wasn't allowed to have a phone extension in her room - her parents were pretty strict about that although she could get privacy when she really wanted it because the phone in the kitchen was a portable and if she asked permission she could take it to her room to talk. She quickly called Andrew.

"Andrew it's Tricia. Get over here quick. Dad just took Brit to the den. She's going to get spanked. Meet me at the window."

"Ok. I'll hurry."

"See ya. Bye." Tricia hung up without waiting for another reply. She walked downstairs and nonchalantly out the back door. She was glad that she had already adjusted the blinds in the den and that she hadn't met her mother on the way out of the house.

Meanwhile, Brittany and her dad had arrived in his den. Mr. Bucci let go of his daughter's hand and took a moment to look around - his wife and kids had done a nice job repainting and cleaning up and he appreciated their work on his behalf. His subconscious had been active all during his conversation with Brittany and their walk to the den, he thought about what his wife had said about making Brittany's spanking a long and hard one and he finally admitted to himself that she was right - until this moment he was really undecided. He resolutely walked to his desk, opened the top drawer and removed the wooden paddle.

Brittany had been watching her father. She knew she was going to get another spanking but she had really been hoping for a symbolic hand spanking - sometimes she got them from her dad when it was her mom that was angry with her and he was just appeasing his wife. When she saw her dad pick up the paddle she knew she was in for it, she hadn't felt the paddle often but she knew it really stung. She also knew that when her dad was acting as 'matter of factly', as he was doing now, it was going to be a long and hard spanking. She got a sick feeling in her stomach and she started to whimper softly, her eyes filled with tears and she decided some pleading might be in order, "Daddy, please, not the paddle! I know you are going to spank me but can't you just use your hand? Daddy the paddle hurts too much and mommy already spanked me with the hairbrush and that really hurt and my bottom still stings and it's not fair and I promise I'll be good you don't even have to spank me again…please, Daddy please?"

Tricia had arrived outside the den window moments before and, at about this time, Andrew arrived all out of breath from running. They crouched down to peer into the bottom of the window. The window was open about two inches from the bottom and the window sash concealed the tops of their heads. They were in shadow from the coming twilight and the shade from the bushes. Mr. Bucci wasn't paying any attention to the window and even if he were he most likely wouldn't have seen that they were there.

"Did I miss anything? I got here as quick as I could." Andrew said.

"Shhh!" Trisha whispered, "the window is open, they'll hear us." She took Andrew's hand in hers and continued to peer into the den listening to what was going on.

Mr. Bucci eyed Brittany coldly and cut her pleading off, "Brittany, put a cork in it! You know why you are going to get this spanking. Pleading and whining isn't going to help your bottom one bit."

Brittany hesitated a moment and then made a sudden dash for the door. The door was closed and locked - the lock was only a simple bathroom style lock but it was enough to slow Brittany down. As she fumbled with the knob her father roared, "BRITTANY BUCCI, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? STOP RIGHT THERE!"

At her father's words Brittany stopped, her shoulders slumped; she dropped her hands to her sides and looked down at her feet.

"Come over here." Mr. Bucci ordered firmly as he walked to the couch and sat down placing the paddle on the cushion beside him. Brittany slowly turned around and shuffled to her father, her eyes never leaving the floor.

Tricia whispered in Andrew's ear, "boy oh boy is she ever in for it. I have never seen daddy this angry before!" Andrew just nodded and grinned in reply - he was feeling something new and exciting inside, he wasn't sure what it was.

When Brittany stopped in front of him, Mr. Bucci paused a moment then reached out, cupped Brittany's chin and lifted it forcing her to look at him. "I don't know what has gotten into to you, young lady, but that was the icing on the cake. I know that you know why you are going to get the get the original spanking - misbehaving in school is an absolute 'no-no' and you know it! Now you make matters worse by trying to run away - I don't know where you think you could have gotten! You are going to get an extra long and extra hard spanking, hopefully it will make you think twice before you ever decide to misbehave at school and then try to get away from your deserved punishment."

Mr. Bucci paused before he continued, "Brittany, your mother and I love you very much. You are being punished for your own good. School is extremely important for your future and we will simply not tolerate any misbehavior or lack of full effort. Do you understand me?"

Brittany was sniffling again, her dad had released her chin and she was looking back down at the floor. At her father's question she nodded her head and said softly, "yes daddy."

"Tell me in your own words why you are going to be spanked." Mr. Bucci asked.

Brittany answered softly, "because I messed up at school and then I tried to run away. And that's against the rules."

"Ok, lets get on with it then." Mr. Bucci said. "Put your hands on top of your head and leave them there."

Brittany did as she was told. Her father reached out and folded up the bottom of her t-shirt until it was well above her waist, then he unsnapped her shorts, unzipped them and lowered them to her ankles. Brittany stepped out of them when her father told her to. Then he took hold of her panties and lowered them to her ankles as well. Brittany also stepped out these when she was told to leaving her wearing only a folded up t-shirt and a pair of white socks.

Mr. Bucci stood up then and gently took hold of the back of Brittany's neck. He steered her towards the lounge chair and had her bend over the back of it. He took his time arranging her properly for the spanking that was to come. Brittany was a little short to be bent from her bottom over the chair so he lifted her by the hips and draped her, leaving her toes just barely touching the floor. Her hips on the back of the chair were supporting most of her weight. He made sure her legs were slightly spread so that he would have easy access to spanking her inner thighs - an area he knew to be very sensitive to stinging smacks.

He knew he was angry and he took a moment to compose himself. Although he had often spanked when angry he had never spanked a child 'in anger'. For the Buccis spanking was a reasoned response to a child's misbehavior - they never lashed out in anger at their children. Often they would discuss things first and then, as was often the case, they would decide that a spanking was in order and one or the other of the parents would administer it. The spankings were given in love, certainly they were temporarily painful for the child receiving one but the goal was to have well behaved children growing into responsible adults. And, as they say, the proof was in the pudding - for the most part - the Bucci children were polite, well behaved, responsible, good students, good athletes, overall they were simply 'good kids'. For the Bucci family, spankings worked.

Mr. Bucci stepped to the couch and picked up his paddle then he walked back to Brittany and took stock of his bent over daughter. The marks from her earlier hair-brushing were clearly visible on her bottom, they covered both cheeks from just below the middle to the very top of her bottom. The lower part of her bottom and tops of her thighs - the sit spot - was devoid of any marks, that area having been inaccessible to Mrs. Bucci's capable hairbrush in the position she had been held in. Mr. Bucci rubbed his free hand over Brittany's bottom feeling for any welts or particularly warm spots that he should avoid to prevent excessive bruising. He didn't find any and noted that his wife had done a particularly fine job, Brittany's bottom was clearly red and must have stung something fierce during the spanking but it wasn't bruised and had no welts. He knew that the spanking he was about to give his daughter would be more severe, she would end up with some slight bruises on her bottom that would last a day or two but he felt that her misbehavior warranted such an action - an action he didn't take lightly.

While Brittany appeared to be completely complacent, she was lying placidly over the back of the chair; her mind was going a mile a minute. She couldn't believe she had misbehaved in school; it had been such a stupid thing to do. And now she had actually tried to run away from her father's spanking - how dumb could she be?? She was trying hard not to think about how much the coming spanking was going to hurt. She knew her dad was angry and that was never a good sign. She usually got her spankings lying over his lap, she had only been in this position a few times and she knew the spankings this way hurt so much more - it wasn't just that her dad was going to use the paddle it was that he could get in a much fuller swing this way. She knew she had done wrong and deserved to be punished, she was resigning herself to the spanking to come, she hoped that she would take it well, she knew her father loved her and that she loved him, she knew he would give her no more than her misbehavior warranted, the problem was that she knew the misbehavior warranted a lot!

Mr. Bucci gave Brittany's bottom a final rub, and then he rested his hand on her bottom and asked her, "Brittany, are you ready for your spanking?"

In a small voice Brittany answered, "Yes daddy." Then she asked "Daddy?"

"What Brittany?" her father answered.

"I'm sorry, daddy." She said.

"I know honey." Mr. Bucci told her and then under his breath he said, "me too."

Brittany knew what was coming and unwillingly tensed her whole body in anticipation. Mr. Bucci took aim at the unmarked lower half of her bottom, brought the paddle back and then using a quick wrist snapping action landed the paddle square across both cheeks.

Brittany yelped in pain and surprise and her whole body flinched.

Mr. Bucci began a methodical paddling of Brittany's bottom. Each stroke was hard and firm and came quickly after the previous one. Usually his pace was slower than this allowing the sting from each swat to sink in and build a moment before applying the next one. For whatever reason he was spanking at a much faster pace than usual and the effect wasn't lost on Brittany. Each swat was building more and more pain in her bottom and it was a multiple effect. The pain from each swat didn't fully sink in when the next one landed and she felt the pain from the new one and the build up from the previous ones.

Brittany wasn't suffering in silence. She began with a yelping at each swat and was now crying constantly with each swat being accompanied by a louder screech. She would pause her crying only for quick intakes of breath. Her dad was alternating his swatting from cheek to cheek and her legs had begun an almost funny jiggling action that looked for all the world like a dog's leg when the dog is getting tickled. When her right cheek got swatted she would do a small hop to her left toes and her right leg would jiggle, then her left leg when her left cheek got swatted, back and forth back and forth.

Outside Andrew and Tricia squeezed each other's hands and without either of them realizing it they were both gritting their teeth.

In the kitchen, Mrs. Bucci tried to ignore the cries that were coming from the den, she knew her daughter deserved the spanking she was getting and would be better off because of it but it was impossible to do. Although she didn't feel each smack physically, Mrs. Bucci felt each smack in her mind.

Brittany was overwhelmed with pain. Without her being conscience of what she was doing she started to stand up to run away. Mr. Bucci simply put his free hand on her back, pushed her back down and continued to paddle. He then decided to stop and reposition her up a little higher over the chair as she had slipped down and she wasn't bent enough for his liking. He made sure the paddle covered every inch of her bottom and the tops of her thighs. He wasn't being cruel he was simply being thorough and was giving her the punishment that she deserved.

He finally set the paddle down but he wasn't finished spanking yet. With his left hand he separated Brittany's bottom cheeks and with his right hand began spanking the center of her bottom allowing his fingers to smack the area of her cheeks that the paddle couldn't reach. Once he was satisfied at this regions color change he swatted the inner surface of the tops of her thighs with his hand. While these are very sensitive areas to have spanked, and under normal circumstances would have resulted in Brittany crying out louder in pain his switch to his hand was actually a lessoning of pain and Brittany was no longer crying out with each smack or jerking spasmodically.

After what seemed like an eternity to Brittany but was only about two minutes, Mr. Bucci finally stopped spanking. He left her draped over the chair as he examined his handiwork. Brittany's entire bottom was marked from the spanking. The very high points - the area that received the most and hardest smacks - were a very deep red bordering on purple. The rest of her bottom and the tops of her thighs were a very bright red. Her inner cheeks were a deep pink as were the edges of the spanked area.

When Brittany's crying had settled down to just whimpering her dad picked her up. She turned around in his arms and gave him a huge hug, which he returned. They didn't say anything as he carried her over to the couch and sat down. He was sitting on the couch she was in front of him being held and holding tight, not standing just holding on to her daddy.

"I'm sorry daddy, I love you daddy." Brittany finally said.

"shh, shh, I love you too Brittany. Shh shh" her father answered near tears himself.

After several minutes of cuddling and mutual comforting they began to chat. They told of their love for each other. Mr. Bucci told her how proud he was of her and what a good girl she normally was. They talked about school and proper behavior. Finally they stood up and Brittany began dressing, wincing as she pulled her panties and shorts over her sore bottom cheeks. They caught each other's eye at this and both of them giggled. Brittany brought up the fact that 'I guess we'll be doing this again on Sunday night.' Her dad agreed. She apologized again for misbehaving and then for him having to spank her for it. They hugged again and he sent her on her way telling her to get ready for supper.

Outside Andrew and Tricia had been watching and listening to the spanking and the afterward hugging and chatting in rapt attention. When Brittany started to get dressed Tricia realized that she should be getting in the house so she wouldn't be missed. She started to give Andrew a peck on the cheek when he pulled her close into a hug with one of his hands drifting down and caressing her bottom. "That was some spanking. I think I'd like to give you a spanking some day." Andrew said.

Tricia giggled and said, "shh, be quiet. Maybe someday if I'm really naughty - but I just might give you a spanking too. Now let me go or my dad will be giving me a spanking for being out here with you."

Andrew laughed. They kissed and Tricia went running into the house. Andrew thought for a moment and then started walking home. He wondered if he might get a chance to spank Tricia, then he wondered if he could get her to tell him when her dad was about to spank her so he could come and watch. Then he realized he could probably get Brittany to call him - he might have to bribe her but it would be worth it, he thought with a huge grin.

As Tricia went into the back door of the house into the kitchen her mom stopped her.

"Where have you been?" Mrs. Bucci asked.

Tricia hesitated a moment and then said, "I was just outside."

"You were watching Brittany get spanked weren't you?"

"Mom!" Tricia said in surprise, "how did you know? I was just going to go upstairs to see if I could help her soothe her bottom. Daddy gave her a real hard spanking. I'll bet she is really sore."

"We've known for quite some time that you watch each other get spanked. We figure you learn from each other's mistakes that way too so we don't mind. I didn't even mind when Andrew saw Brittany get spanked over the phone incident." At this comment Tricia's face got all red, she got a guilty look on her face and she looked down at her feet.

Mrs. Bucci gasped, then said, "Tricia! You didn't invite Andrew over to watch again did you? I know I didn't say anything the first time but you should know better than that. Your sister was half naked, you shouldn't be exhibiting her like that!"

"But mom, I didn't think it was any big deal. He is interested in spankings that's all. You even gave us permission to spank on the bare bottom when we baby sat for you." Tricia said.

"I don't care. You knew it was wrong or you wouldn't have gotten all red in the face with a guilty expression." Mrs. Bucci replied. She hesitated, decided and said, "as a matter of fact, hand me my hairbrush. It is still on the table." She placed her hands on her hips and glared at her daughter.

"But MOM!?!?" Tricia said.

"Don't 'but mom' me. Get the hairbrush and come here." Mrs. Bucci commanded.

With a feeling of disbelief, Tricia did as she was told.

As soon as Tricia was within reach Mrs. Bucci took the hairbrush in her right hand, then with her left she reached around behind Tricia's back grabbing her hip and bending Tricia slightly forward and pinning her close to her side.

Before Tricia realized what was happening Mrs. Bucci had landed four very hard smacks with the hairbrush, two each in the same spot on the very high points of Tricia's bottom.

Tricia cried out in pain and surprise. Although she didn't cry, tears welled up in her eyes.

Mrs. Bucci released her daughter and looked at her. Then she said, "don't ever invite someone over again to watch a spanking without permission first. If you think that there's a reason for someone else to watch, ask first. I might surprise you and say yes."

As soon as her mom had let go of her, Tricia's hands shot behind her to her bottom to try and rub some of the sting away. She was shocked that only four smacks with the hairbrush - and over shorts and panties - had hurt so much. She thought to herself that she sure enough wanted no part of real spanking with that thing!

"I'm sorry mom. I won't do it without asking first. Can I go check on Brittany now please?" Tricia asked.

"Wait a minute." Her mother said as she opened the freezer and took out a bag of frozen peas and handed them to Tricia. "I know spanked bottoms are supposed to hurt but Brittany got it twice in one day and she will be getting it again on Sunday. Put this on her bottom, it will help her with the sting. Then come right back down here and help me with supper."

Tricia just grinned as she took the bag from her mom and hustled off to Brittany's room.

Meanwhile at the Cartwright home Peter had just gotten home and Abby was telling him of their daughter Meghan's misbehavior at school, how she had gotten one spanking already and how she was due for two more.

As usual when he heard of his children's misbehavior Mr. Cartwright got ready to take immediate action. There was no doubt that Meghan was going to get another spanking - he thought the agreement his wife had made with Mrs. Bucci, three spankings for three misbehaviors made perfect sense. He asked where Meghan was and his wife told him that she was waiting for him in her room, that she was expecting another spanking as soon as he got home. He set off for her room making a stop on the way in his own to pick up his leather sole.

When he got to Meghan's room the door was closed but he didn't even bother to knock, he just walked in. Meaghan had heard him come home and was expecting him at any moment - she knew she would be getting a spanking first thing. She had been lying on her bed reading a book and even though she was expecting him, when he walked into the room she was startled and looked up in surprise.

"So Meghan, I understand you have been causing trouble at school and you got yourself suspended. What do you have to say for yourself?" Mr. Cartwright asked her sternly.

Before she answered Meghan stood up to face her father. She had changed earlier in anticipation of the spanking and was wearing only an old t-shirt of her father's that came down to her knees and a pair of panties. She knew when he was going to spank her that he wanted quick and easy access to her bare bottom, she had learned that he liked when she was in this type of outfit because all he needed to do was flip up the back of the shirt and pull down her panties and she was ready to be spanked.

Meghan had rehearsed a speech for this very moment that she knew would come. It was simple and matter of fact - the best thing to be with her father, as she knew well from experience. "I'm sorry daddy. It was a very stupid thing that I did at school. It was my fault and I shouldn't have done it. I won't do it again. Mommy already spanked me this morning but I know you have to spank me again tonight and then Sunday night. I deserve it for what I did."

"Well, I'm glad to see you are so straight forward and honest. Good for you. Let's get on with it then." Meghan's father said as he sat down on the edge of the bed. "Lie down right across my lap, Meghan."

Meghan did as she was told. She lay face down over her father's lap with her head to his left and her legs to his right. The bed supported her upper body and legs, her bottom was centered over his lap, and she put her arms under her chest with her face in her hands.

Mr. Cartwright wasted no time. He placed the leather sole beside him on the bed, flipped up the back of Meghan's t-shirt and skinned her panties down to her knees. He knew Abby had spanked Meghan earlier in the day but he was unprepared for the sight he saw. Usually when he bared Meghan's bottom he was greeted by a glaringly white, cute, little bottom; tonight Meghan's bottom was covered with ugly looking purplish, red splotches.

For the first time ever in disciplining one of his children, Mr. Cartwright was unsure of himself. Meghan had been so honest and forthcoming, she was cooperative in the spanking and he realized she had even gotten changed to make things easier for himself - and in so doing easier for her too he realized and smiled to himself. Well, he thought to himself, she deserves to be spanked but I can make it a mild one.

With that, he ignored his leather sole, raised his palm and brought it down on the center of Meghan's upturned bottom. He quickly followed it with more smacks, alternating cheeks left to right.

Meghan was surprised, not at the spanks but at the minimal sting - she had seen her father walk in with the leather sole but she knew this spanking didn't feel like she was getting it with the sole. It was too mild for that - not that it didn't hurt - it did, just not as bad as she expected. She glanced back over her shoulder and saw not the leather sole but her dad's hand spanking her. She got a sick feeling to herself as she thought that her dad was just warming up her bottom for the leather sole and that this was going to be a really bad spanking.

Even though it wasn't as bad, yet, as she expected, the spanking did hurt and Meghan began whimpering and crying. Her father continued to spank but unbeknownst to Meghan he wasn't swatting very hard and he was doing his best not to hit the parts of her bottom that were severely marked. He was listening very closely to Meghan and noting her reaction to the spanks. As soon as she began all out crying he stopped the spanking rightly figuring that she had had enough.

He left her lying across his lap as she cried herself out. He gently caressed her bottom as she cried. When she settled down to whimpering she realized to her surprise that the spanking had stopped. She steeled herself to ask, "daddy, is that all?"

He smiled to himself and answered, "Yes honey. That is all. Let's get you up now." He suited his actions to his words as he gently picked his daughter up and placed her, sitting, on his lap. He purposely left her panties down correctly thinking that she didn't need or want the irritation from them right now. Meghan snuggled in close to her father's chest as he wrapped his arms around his little girl.

"Daddy, I'm sorry." Meghan said. "Thank you for not spanking me so bad. I promise I will be good."

"It's ok honey. I know you are sorry. I didn't think you needed another bad spanking just now - your bottom looks like mommy did a pretty good job on you this morning." Meghan's father said. "But don't go thinking I will always be this easy. School is very important and I take misbehavior very seriously. Your spanking on Sunday will be a lot different, you understand that don't you?"

"I know daddy. Thank you daddy." Meghan said. They cuddled for a while then Meghan reached up and hugged her father and said, "I love you daddy."

"I love you too Meghan."

The End


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