Bucci Neighborhood Spankings 11:
Brittany and Meghan: In Trouble At School

From: Whetstone ([email protected])


Brittany Bucci and her best friend Meghan Cartwright are sitting in the back of their 7th grade Language Arts classroom. They are both twelve years old and have been best friends ever since they can remember. Ms. Schonover, their teacher, had given the class a project to work on. The students were permitted to work in small groups but Brittany and Meghan weren’t working at all. They were painting their fingernails with nail polish that Brittany had brought to school.

This is Ms. Schonover’s first year of teaching. She just turned 22 having graduated from college the previous June. It is still early September.

Ms. Schonover was circulating through the classroom stopping with different groups of students to offer encouragement and advice. Even though it was early in the school year she was well liked by her students. Although the boys in her classes would never admit it most of them had a major crush on her because she was so cute, young and nice. The girls sort of thought of her as an older sister - a few of them did have sisters who were her age or even older. When she saw Brittany and Meghan painting their nails instead of working she decided to take a minimalist approach and simply told them to put the polish away and get back to work. Then she moved on to the next group of students.

Instead of getting back to work Brittany and Meghan grinned at each other and continued painting their nails. Neither one of them was really a “bad” kid; they were just feeling a little frisky today. It was Friday morning, a nice day out, summer vacation only just ended and they didn’t really want to be sitting in school.

When Ms. Schonover saw them continuing to paint their nails she approached them and said, “girls, I am going to have to confiscate your nail polish. You have to get back to work on your project. You can get the nail polish at the end of the day from the office.” She picked up the polish from Brittany’s desk and started to walk away.

“Hey!” Brittany called out. “That’s mine you can’t take it! Don’t be a bitch. I thought you were a cool teacher.”

Before Meghan knew what she was doing she blurted out, “Yeah, that’s hers. Don’t be a bitch!”

The rest of the class had been busy at work and there was the normal hum of chattering and activity. The whole class fell silent when they heard what Brittany and Meghan said. Most students were surprised at the comments; all were interested in Ms. Schonover’s reaction, as this would be the first real test of her authority.

Ms. Schonover was shocked and hurt. She was trying very hard to be a good teacher and to be someone the students could like. She felt almost like an older sister to them because she was so young. Her face colored red and she almost started to cry from hurt feelings but then she became resolute. She remembered that she had been told by her principal and from veteran teachers that the students would try and challenge her and that she shouldn’t take it personally. She knew the school rules about disobedience and disrespect towards a teacher and the rules called for her to send the students to the principal’s office for discipline. She didn’t really want to get the girls in trouble but she knew she had to do it.

Ms. Schonover stood up straight, walked back to the girl’s desks, looked directly at them and said, “Meghan and Brittany, I will not tolerate that type of conduct in my classroom. You are to both report to the principal’s office immediately. Take your books and leave now. I will call him and explain your misbehavior.”

It was Meghan and Brittany’s turn to be shocked. Neither of them had ever been in any serious trouble at school before. They had certainly never been sent to the principal’s office. They hadn’t really meant to cause trouble it just sort of happened. Both of their faces now turned red as they realized the trouble they were in. Some of the other students started to titter and giggle at their embarrassment. The girls were afraid to move and stayed sitting at their desks and looking down.

Ms. Schonover got on the classroom phone and called the principal to explain what happened and why the girls were being sent to him. He listened and when she was finished he reassured her that she had done the right thing and that he would take care of punishing the girls. He knew she needed some encouragement and told her that he thought she was doing a good job and that some of the veteran teachers had told him the same thing. He reiterated to her that discipline problems were bound to happen, not to take them personally and that she had done the right thing.

When she got off the phone, Brittany and Meghan were still sitting red-faced at their desks. The rest of the class was pretty much just making jokes at their expense and laughing at them. Ms. Schonover “shushed” them and had them get back to work. Since no one else wanted to take a trip to the office they made the pretence of getting back to work although they all kept glancing in Brittany and Meghan’s direction. Ms. Schonover said, “Girls, enough dawdling. What is done is done, now you have to face the music. Gather your books and report to the principal now.”

In a sense of disbelief that this was happening to them they both slowly gathered their books and shuffled from the classroom trying to ignore the laughing and comments from their classmates. When they got into the hallway and started walking towards the office Meghan said, “I can’t believe you did that.”

“Me?” Brittany replied, “You did it too. I can’t believe we called her a bitch. I am going to be in SOOO much trouble if my parents find out.”

Meghan laughed ruefully, “What do you mean, ‘if your parents find out’. Don’t you know that he is probably calling them now? We are both in big trouble.” Brittany realized that Meghan knew what she was talking about. Meghan’s older brother John had often been in trouble at school and she had heard the stories. They were both quiet as they walked the rest of the way to the office.

When they got to the office the principal’s door was closed but the secretary had them sit down on a hard bench outside the office in the hallway. She also told them they were not permitted to talk.

The girls were still sitting there when the bell for the period change sounded. They were so embarrassed as students changing classrooms passed by and saw them sitting there. They all knew that it meant they were in some sort of trouble. Both girls remembered laughing at other students when they saw them sitting there. It had seemed fun at the time but now that it was them sitting on the bench it wasn’t fun.

Both girls were lost in their own thoughts but their thoughts were along similar paths. First off they were ashamed at what they had done. They liked Ms. Schonover and didn’t want to hurt her. Then they were afraid of what was going to happen to them. They hoped for just a lecture from the principal but realized it would probably be worse - if it were just a lecture they wouldn’t have had to sit and wait as long as they were. They wondered if he would paddle them but didn’t think he was allowed to. Perhaps he would just give them a recess detention or make them clean blackboards or something. They hoped he wouldn’t call home because they both knew that they would get some pretty severe punishment from their parents - both of them thought of how hard the bench they were sitting on was and knew that they wouldn’t be able to sit on it very comfortably after their parents got finished with their bottoms if their parents found out what they had done.

Both girls jumped up with a start when the secretary called their names and told them to go into the principal’s office. As they entered the office both girls were shaking with fear. Brittany was almost crying. Mr. Hartzell, the principal, was sitting behind his desk and the girls stopped in front of him. This was their first year at the middle school and they didn’t really know the principal, the stories were that he was generally a nice man but that you didn’t want to cross him. He looked stern as he caught each of their eyes in turn.

“Well ladies,” he said. “It seems you have been causing some problems in Ms. Schonover’s class. Do you have anything to say for yourselves?”

Brittany and Meghan looked at each to see if the other wanted to say anything. They realized neither did. They both sort of mumbled, “no sirs” and looked down at their feet.

“So you don’t deny what happened?” he asked.

Both girls just shook their heads no.

“Well that is good.” Mr. Hartzell said. “I never like it when students try and lie their way out of punishment. This is both of yours first offence however it is early in the school year. I looked at your records from elementary school and neither of you was a discipline problem there, so that is a good thing.” Both of the girls were feeling a little relieved at this point but then Mr. Hartzell went on, “However, we consider cursing, disobedience and disrespect towards a teacher as fairly serious offenses. Normally you would be suspended from school for at least a full day but since this is your first offense, I am only going to suspend you for the rest of the day. You may have a seat back outside while I call your parents to come and get you and explain to them what you did.”

“Oh no!” Brittany blurted out before she could stop herself.

Suppressing a grin Mr. Hartzell asked, “Is calling your parents a problem Brittany? What do you suppose they will do to you?”

“Uh, no problem, Mr. Hartzell. They won’t do anything, they never do.” Brittany replied. But her tone of voice and body posture said something completely different.

Meghan snorted in laughter and looked in disbelief at her friend.

“Something wrong Meghan?” Mr. Hartzell asked.

“No sir, nothings wrong except what Brittany said. I know I am going to get spanked something fierce and I’m sure Brittany is too. I know her parents and I know she has gotten spanked for stuff a lot less than getting in trouble at school.”

“Is that true, Brittany? Are you going to get spanked too?” Mr. Hartzell asked.

“Yes sir.” Brittany said dejectedly casting a piercing glance at Meghan as if to say ‘how could you tell him we are going to get spanked, aren’t you embarrassed enough?’

“Well actually girls I am rather glad that you are going to be spanked. At least that tells me that your parents care about you and your behavior. You most likely will not repeat your misbehavior of today if your parents deal with you firmly enough. Just a few short years ago you would have been getting a paddling from me before I called your parents. Many students then would have gotten spanked when they got home as well. Actually you are lucky it isn’t a month from now - the school board is going to vote on restoring corporal punishment, that is spanking and paddling, and the way the discussion has been going I am sure they will vote in favor of it. At any rate I have phone calls to make. You may go back in the hallway and wait on the bench.”

“Uh, Mr. Hartzell? May I ask you a question?” Brittany asked hesitatingly.

“Certainly, Brittany, what is it?” Mr. Hartzell replied.

“Uh, well, if you were going to paddle us, how would you do it? You see, I heard some stories and I kinda want to know.” Brittany asked.

Mr. Hartzell smiled, “you heard some stories did you? From whom?”

“My older sister, Katie. She is 19. She says you paddled her more than once. She says you even gave it to her on her bare bottom.” Brittany said.

Mr. Hartzell’s grin got bigger. “Katie Bucci! Now I know why you look so familiar. I knew your other sister Tricia too but she never got in any trouble. Yes I paddled Katie a few times…she must have been among the last students to get paddled because it was 6 or 7 years ago when the school board put a prohibition on it. So, you want to know if what she told you is true do you?” Mr. Hartzell’s mood had lightened considerably. He really was a kind man. The students often thought of him as a neat grandpop. That is the way he was treating the girls now.

Brittany answered, “well yes Mr. Hartzell. If you wouldn’t mind telling us I would like to know.” Meghan was nodding her head and smiling as well. They had almost forgotten that it would soon be them getting spanked - although by their parents and not by Mr. Hartzell.

“Well let’s see.” Mr. Hartzell mused. “This is your first offence but we consider it a fairly serious offence. You would probably have gotten 8 hard smacks with the paddle over your clothes. You would have had to empty your back pockets and bend over at the waist and stretch right over my desk keeping your hands stretched out in front of you and your knees straight. Since you are girls my secretary would have come in to witness. On the first offence it was usually over your clothes, on the second offence it would have been on your panties and on the third or more offence it would have been on your bare bottom. I used to give between 3 and 12 swats for any offence depending upon what it was and who the child was. If I thought the offense was serious enough, even if it was only the student’s first or second offence I would make them bare their bottom - it hurts more that way you know.” Mr. Hartzell’s comment wasn’t said for an answer but Brittany and Meghan both nodded knowingly from experience. Mr. Hartzell continued. “I might even give students a choice, more swats but they could keep clothing on. For example I might have said to you two - ‘8 over clothes, 6 over panties or 4 on the bare’. Which would you have chosen?”

Brittany and Meghan looked at each other and then replied in unison, “4 on the bare.”

“Well,” Mr. Hartzell said, “I can tell you two have been spanked and paddled. You know that clothes don’t offer much protection anyway. Better to get it over with quickly and with fewer smacks. This incident counts as your first offence, after the school board votes if you get in trouble again it would be your second offence, in this case it would mean 8 on the panties or 6 on the bare, so you see it pays to stay out of trouble.

“At any rate enough talking. You two have a suspension to serve and probably a spanking to get. It is time I called your parents. After the weekend if you want to talk to me about anything you know our school policy, my door is always open. In the meantime you should go wait on the bench until your parents come to get you.” Mr. Hartzell smiled as the two girls shuffled out of his office to go sit on the bench. He looked at the girl’s records for their parent’s phone numbers and made the calls.

A few minutes later the phone rang at the Bucci home. “Hello?” Amanda Bucci said in some consternation.

“Amanda, oh I am so happy you are home. This is Abby, Meghan’s mom. I’m in a bit of a dilemma. Meghan got in some trouble at school and she has been suspended. I have to go pick her up but my van is in the shop. I was hoping you could give me a ride to the school.”

“Well Abby, I am headed that way myself. Brittany got suspended too. Mr. Hartzell just called me. He told me another student was involved but he wouldn’t tell me who because of privacy reasons. I had a sneaky suspicion it might have been Meghan, those two do so much together and they’re in the same classes this year. I’ll swing by and pick you up in just a few minutes. We can talk in the car.”

Mrs. Amanda Bucci hurried out of the house and drove to the Cartwright’s. Abby Cartwright was waiting for her on the sidewalk and she got right in when the van stopped. “Thank you for the ride, Amanda, I really appreciate it.” Abby said, “I’m sorry this happened, I’m sure it was Meghan’s fault.”

“Your welcome to the ride anytime but don’t be so quick to blame Meghan. I think it was Brittany that caused things. Mr. Hartzell told me that they were putting nail polish on. Brittany just bought some when we were at the mall last night - I’ll bet she brought it to school this morning.” Amanda said.

“Well that may be but it’s no excuse for Meghan, she should have known better. Did he tell you they called their teacher a bitch too?” Abby asked.

“Yes, he told me that too. Believe me, I am not too happy about all of this. Brittany is certainly going to be punished. She is not going to find sitting down very comfortable for the next few days.”

“Meghan is going to get it too, just as soon as I get her home. Her father will probably give it to her again when he finds out about what happened. I don’t want to think about what he did to John the last time he got suspended, I am sure he won’t be as hard on Meghan though, John is always in trouble at school.” Abby replied.

The mothers were quiet for a moment as they both thought about what they were going to do to their daughters when they got them home. Then Amanda spoke up, “you know, we shouldn’t just spank them, we should probably forbid them to see each other for a time. That would probably be a worse punishment than the spanking for those two.”

“That is a good idea. Say two weeks? Although we can’t control their seeing each other at school it would probably have a good effect on them.”

The mothers agreed on the additional punishment as they pulled into the school parking lot. Amanda parked the van and they got out and walked into the building to the principal’s office. When they got there they saw Brittany and Meghan sitting outside the office on the bench. The girls looked pitiful and scared sitting there, they knew the fate that was awaiting their bottoms. When the girls looked up and saw their mothers walking toward the office and saw how angry they looked they knew their goose was cooked. Brittany started to cry softly, Meghan got all red in the face and started to sniffle as well.

The mothers ignored the girls and walked into the office to talk with the principal. They also needed to sign legalese paperwork acknowledging the suspension and a release to take the girls home. It was a new experience for Amanda - one she didn’t like - she never had a child suspended from school before, when Katie got in trouble she just got paddled and went back to class and Tricia had never been in trouble. Abby knew the routine from the times John had gotten suspended.

When they finished in the office they called the girls and told them they were leaving. As soon as Meghan stood up her mother grabbed her upper arm, spun her around and landed two hard hand spanks to her bottom. They didn’t hurt but Meghan cried out in surprise, “MOM!!” Meghan was just happy that class was in session and there was no one in the hallway to see her except Brittany and her mom.

“That is just an opener to what you will be getting when we get home young lady. Now get your things together and let’s go.” Abby said and then started walking out towards the van. Amanda fell in step beside her. The girls trailed a few steps behind looking down and with a worried and scared expression on their faces.

“We’re in big trouble, Meghan.” Brittany whispered to her friend. “I’m sorry I got you into this. I’ll call you later if I’m allowed.” Meghan just sniffled and nodded her head in reply.

When they reached the van, the girls climbed into the back seat. After getting buckled in the girls slid as close together as they could and held hands for support. No one said a word on the drive home.

Mrs. Bucci pulled into the driveway of the Cartwright’s home to let Abby and Meghan out. Abby was out of the van first and as Meghan was climbing out Abby grabbed a hold of her daughter’s upper arm and hurried her out. She called into the van, “Thank you Amanda. I guess I’ll call you later on today.” She then started towards her house with Meghan in tow. As she neared her doorway she started swatting Meghan’s bottom with her open hand.

Mrs. Bucci watched for a moment and then started backing out of the driveway. Brittany spoke up in a quiet voice and asked, “Do you think Meghan is going to get a spanking?”

“No, honey.” Mrs. Bucci replied, “I think Meghan is going to get a beating. You are going to get a spanking.”

“What is the difference?” Brittany asked.

“I am not sure you would understand,” was all her mother said. They were quiet again for the rest of the short drive to their home.

Meanwhile Abby had hauled her daughter into their home. Their back door opens into a small ‘mud room’ and laundry room and then leads directly to their kitchen. Abby headed for the kitchen counter with her daughter in tow. She picked up a sturdy wooden spatula and led her daughter directly to the kitchen table and bent her over it. Meghan was only tall enough to rest her upper body over the table. She was more bent over from the stomach then the waist and her bottom wasn’t really bent much at all. Her mother made her stretch her arms out in front of her then her mom held her down by pressing into her back with her left hand.

Meghan is a cute girl. She has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair that she keeps cut short. She always smiles quickly and you are treated to a view of white teeth that she hasn’t quite grown into yet. She is still fairly tan from the summer sun. She was wearing a white pullover shirt that came down to her waist, a pair of black nylon soccer shorts that said “soccer”-her favorite sport- right across her backside, and a pair of sandals without socks.

With Meghan bent over like she was the ‘soccer’ lettering on her shorts was centered over the lower part of her bottom. The two “c”s were at the center of each cheek and the “so”and “er” were at the left and right sides of her bottom.

Her mother started right in swatting her with the wooden spatula. She might as well have been using the “c”s as targets because that is what she kept hitting. Meghan tried to keep from crying but she couldn’t stand the pain and began to whimper and then cry out in yelps with each smack.

Her mother wasn’t counting but she gave her at least 30 smacks before she paused and caught her breath. She then said to Meghan, “you know we will not tolerate your getting in trouble at school. You are going to be severely punished. This is just the beginning.” Meghan wasn’t surprised at all; she knew she was in for it as soon as Ms. Schonover had sent her to the principal’s office. She was actually pleased her mother had left her shorts up this long although the next thing she felt happening to her was her mother pulling them down along with her panties. For a moment the air felt nice and cool on her stinging bottom cheeks but that quickly gave way to pain as her mother started spanking again.

This time Meghan’s mom was swatting her entire bottom including the tops of her thighs. There was no rhythm or order to the spanking just a constant smack, smack, smack of the spatula on bare skin. The area of Meghan’s bottom, the lower center part that had been covered by the “c”s was now a very dark red almost purple color. The other high rounded parts of her bottom were a dark red, the tops of her thighs and sides of her bottom cheeks were red with the fringe areas a pink color. The only uncolored portion of her bottom was that area between her cheeks that could be seen with her in the position she was in but that the paddle couldn’t cover.

Meghan was crying uncontrollably from the pain she was in. She had gone beyond promising to be good and blubbering about it. She was aware of nothing but the increasing and unbearable pain in her backside. But then there came another feeling and it was rising in need and intensity, she became conscience of it even over the pain of her paddling. “MOM!” she shouted, “I have to pee! Please let me go pee!!” She had to shout it several times before it registered with her mom.

Finally her mother stopped swatting, took a deep breath and said, “go pee but I’m not done with you yet. You come right back in here and bring your father’s leather sole with you when you do.”

Meghan didn’t say anything she just pushed herself up from the table and tried to dash for the bathroom. She almost tripped over her shorts and panties that were bunched at her ankles. She pulled them up past her knees to allow her to walk and took off for the bathroom. As she left, her mother watched her without saying anything.

A few minutes later Meghan returned to the kitchen. After going to the potty she hadn’t bothered pulling her shorts back on as she thought they would just be coming down again so she had taken them off. She was bare from the waist down. She was holding her father’s leather sole, she dreaded getting spanked with it as she knew how much it hurt - she thought it was worse than the spatula her mother had been using. Meghan stopped in the middle of the kitchen and waited. Her mother was facing the sink and sort of leaning into it. Meghan realized her mother was sobbing.

“Mom?” Meghan said softly, “I’m back. Are you ok?”

Meghan’s mom turned around and looked at her daughter. She saw her tear stained face and saw that she was holding the leather sole and that she had removed her shorts and panties and was coming to her for her to continue punishing her without any argument at all.

Mrs. Cartwright hesitated only a moment as she stepped across the kitchen to Meghan, got down on her knees and held her daughter close to her. “I love you so much, Meghan. I’m sorry I had to punish you. I hate hurting you. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” She cried.

“It’s ok mom.” Meghan said, “I deserved it. I am the one who got in trouble at school. I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have got in trouble. I’m sorry. I love you mom.” They held each other close in a hug, Meghan standing and her mom on her knees on the kitchen floor.

They held each other for a few minutes. Mostly they weren’t talking but occasionally they would make soothing comments to each other. Finally Meghan’s mom stood up, took Meghan’s hand and said, “let’s go upstairs to my room, I’ve got something for your bottom.”

Meghan was unsure of why they were going to her mom’s bedroom and what her comment meant and she got a little scared when her mom told her to lie face down on the bed. She thought for a minute that the spanking was going to start again. Her mom was rummaging around on her dresser; Meghan cringed thinking she was getting the hairbrush. Then her mother said, “Your father won’t like my doing this. He always says that spanked bottoms are supposed to hurt but we won’t tell him will we? Here this should help some.” Meghan then felt a cool soothing feeling as her mother rubbed a soothing lotion onto her bottom.

Meghan said, “Thank you mom. I won’t tell dad. I’m really, really sorry I got in trouble today, mom.”

“I know you’re sorry honey. I’m also pretty confident you and Brittany won’t be doing it again. But you know your punishment isn’t over. I’m just finished. You aren’t allowed to see Brittany for two weeks but more importantly I’m sure your dad is going to be spanking you when he gets home.”

“Mom, don’t worry about the spanking. I know I deserve it. I kind of expected it, I remember the times John got in trouble at school and you spanked him and then dad whipped him when he got home. I figured I’d get the same thing. Can’t I see Brittany though?”

“No honey, you can’t.” Abby smiled. The smile was one of relief that her child knew why she was getting spanked and that she expected it. It was also a smile in remembrance of what Amanda had said about restricting the girls from seeing each other - that it would probably be the worse punishment for the girls. Based on what Meghan had just said, it probably was.

Meanwhile the Bucci’s had gotten home. Mrs. Bucci said, “Go put your things away, go to the bathroom if you have to, wash your hands and face, and meet me in the kitchen in five minutes. We are going to have a talk and then you are going to get a spanking. I have to get something from my bedroom but I’ll meet you in the kitchen.”

“Ok mom. But mom don’t you mean to meet in dad’s den?” Brittany asked in a little bit of surprise. The den is where she got almost all of her spankings and the change in room was a little surprising and unsettling.

“No Brittany, I mean the kitchen.” Mrs. Bucci answered, then she decided to explain, “you know we just repainted the den and it still has a paint smell. We’ll use the kitchen because of the armless chairs - you are going to go right over my leg. We don’t have to worry about privacy because it is still mid-morning on a school day and no one else is home.”

Brittany nodded and walked off to do as her mother said. Her mother watched her and smiled to herself then she walked off to her bedroom. She went to her dresser, opened the top drawer, reached in back and removed her mother’s old wooden hairbrush. She sat down on the bed and contemplated it for a minute. The brush was nothing fancy; it had boar’s hair bristles and was made from hardwood maple. At one time it had been highly polished but that had long since worn away - both on the handle portion and the back of the brush.

Her mother had given it to her as a present when Katie was born, she had said she wouldn’t need it for a few years but when the time was right it would be good to have. She knew her mother didn’t mean for her to use it to brush hair - in fact her mother had never used it for that. Amanda hadn’t told her mother at the time but she had no intention of ever using that hairbrush for the purpose her mother had in mind. She remembered all too well how much deep, penetrating pain it caused on her bottom and the bruises that had remained for a day or two after. She had spent countless times over her mother’s lap, even as an older teen, having her bare bottom spanked with the back of that brush. She remembered her sisters and brothers getting spanked with that brush and seeing their bottoms afterwards. She remembered that her father sometimes used it too but that most of his spankings were just with his hand but she remembered that that was bad enough. She tapped her open palm with it a few times and then decided to flick it against her thigh - she winced at the smarting pain. Then she made her decision, got up and took the hairbrush with her to the kitchen.

Amanda had never used the hairbrush before. When Katie was born 19+ years ago and her mother had given her the hairbrush she had made a silent vow to herself that unless absolutely necessary she wouldn’t use it. Not that she was against spanking - far from it - she was a firm believer in the benefits of administering a well deserving spanking, she just thought that a hairbrush was a tad too severe. As it turned out her hand was usually sufficient when the children were younger, as they got older her husband had just naturally taken over giving most of the spankings. He usually used just his hand and that was sufficient but he did sometimes use a small souvenir paddle to increase the stinging and on rare occasions used a belt.

It had been about a year since she had last spanked Brittany and she remembered that her hand had stung pretty badly and she hadn’t made much of an impression on Brittany’s bottom. In fact she knew that Brittany was only crying “show tears” and did her best not to laugh when she got stood back up. Amanda thought of all of this as she sat on her bed and then walked to the kitchen. She was sure that Brittany wouldn’t just be crying “show tears” after she felt the hairbrush slapping on her bare bottom.

When Amanda got to the kitchen she set the hairbrush down on the table and then poured two glasses of iced tea. Brittany arrived a moment later. “Here is some iced tea, Brittany. Have a seat and tell me what happened in school today.”

Brittany knew not to lie or make up any excuses because that would just make things worse but she wasn’t against making things sound as light as possible. “Meghan and I were just quietly doing our nails in the back of the room. Ms. Schonover got mad and set us to the office.”

“Really?” Amanda asked.

“Uh, huh.”

“And did Ms. Schonover tell you to stop?”

“Well, yeah.”

“And did you?”

“Not the first time.”

“And not the second time either, I think. And then you called her a bitch?” Amanda asked spelling out the letters and not saying the word.

“Well she took my nail polish away. And I didn’t really call her one I said for her not to be one.” Brittany said defensively.

“Brittany, you know it is the same thing. You were very disobedient and disrespectful towards your teacher. And I thought you liked her.”

“I do like her. I didn’t mean to do or say what I did. It just kind of happened. I’m sorry.” Brittany said.

“Well ‘sorry’ doesn’t quite cut it right now. You are going to be punished and I am sure you know why, don’t you?” Amanda paused and looked at Brittany who nodded her head yes.

Amanda continued, “you really misbehaved three times - once when you were painting your nails and not doing your work, once when you disobeyed Ms. Schonover and didn’t get back to work and then again when you called her that name. I am going to confirm it with your father when he gets home this evening but I think you deserve three separate spankings. You are going to get one from me now and probably one from your father when he gets home. We’ll decide on the timing of your third one but it may be Sunday night so you feel a little bit of the sting Monday morning when you are sitting in Ms. Schonover’s classroom - it will give you something to think about if you consider misbehaving for her again.”

“Mom, that’s not fair! It was all one thing!” Brittany nearly shouted.

“Brittany, fair has nothing to do with it. Besides, it most certainly is fair. Each one of those things would have earned you a spanking even if you hadn’t done anything else. You are also forbidden to see Meghan outside of school for the next two weeks.”

“Aw, mom…” Brittany moaned.

“Don’t ‘aw mom’ me. Now stand up and come here. You are going to get your first spanking.” Amanda said as she took a drink of her iced tea and then moved her chair away from the table to give herself some room to drape Brittany over her leg.

“Stand right in front of me between my legs.” Amanda said to her daughter. Brittany did as she was told.

Amanda took Brittany’s hands in hers and held them softly; she looked directly in her daughter’s eyes and said, “Brittany, I love you. Your father loves you. You are basically a good kid and we are both very proud of you. What you did today in school was wrong and you know it. I am going to punish you for that misbehavior. You are going to get a long and hard spanking.” Brittany’s eyes started to tear up, not from getting told she was going to get a spanking - she knew that already, rather from the realization that she had disappointed and let down her parents. She was ashamed of herself and her behavior.

Amanda continued, “I haven't spanked you in quite some time so I am going to go over the rules. You are going to get your spanking on your bare bottom. I will take down your shorts and panties in a moment. You are not to try to get away or to cover your bottom with your hands. If you do either of those things you will get an extra spanking. I am going to start with you bent over my leg, I may change you into a different position during the spanking - you are to stay in whatever position I put you until I tell you that you may move. Do you understand what you are expected to do?

Brittany just nodded her head.

“Do you understand why you are going to get a spanking?” Amanda asked her daughter.

This time Brittany spoke up, “Yes, mom. I’m sorry mom. I love you mom.”

“Ok, lets get started then.” Amanda said letting go of Brittany’s hands. “Turn around so I can tuck your shirt up.”

Brittany did as she was told and her mother tucked the back of her t-shirt into the strap of her training bra holding it up and out of the way. “Ok, turn back around and face me.” Amanda ordered.

Brittany again did as she was told. Brittany was wearing lightweight shorts cut on the order of ‘carpenter pants’ with lots of extra pockets. Her t-shirt would have come down to mid-bottom had her mother not already tucked it up, it was tan with a logo from her favorite band on the front. She was wearing white sneakers and white ped socks.

Her mother unfastened the snap on Brittany’s shorts, lowered the zipper and pushed her shorts down to Brittany’s knees. She told Brittany, “Push you shorts down to your ankles and reach down and refasten them.” Then she thought for a second and said, “you know what, untie your shoes but leave them on. Retie each lace to one from the other sneaker, just use a regular shoe lace knot.”

Brittany was baffled, “what for?” she asked.

Her mother answered, “remember the time you were 8 or 9 and I was spanking you? You rolled off my lap and ran away, you led me on a chase through the whole house - I only caught you when you tried to get outside and the door was double locked. I don’t think you would have cared that the whole neighborhood would have seen you with no pants on. Well I am not going through that again, besides you are probably faster now and I couldn’t catch you. This way you won’t be able to run.”

Brittany remembered the incident, more from the many times her mother had told the story to family and friends then from the actual memory itself. It embarrassed her to have the story told but everyone always laughed. “I remember, mom. What I remember most is how much the spanking hurt after you caught me. You told me it was for running away. I don’t want that again.”

“Nevertheless, you always struggle. Even for your father. Now do what I told you to do.”

Brittany bent down, pushed her shorts to her ankles and re-snapped and zipped them. She had a little difficulty with her sneakers only because she wasn’t exactly sure what her mother meant. Her mother gave her some directions, when she was finished she stood back up and looked at her mom. She realized she wouldn’t be going anywhere in a hurry, she was effectively hobbled.

When Brittany stood up, Amanda reached out and lowered her panties to just past her knees. It had been about a year since she last had her daughter in this position, and she hadn’t seen her naked since then, she glanced and noted that her daughter was developing normally, she had wisps of light brown hair growing at the top of her private area.

“Ok Brittany, turn to your right and bend directly over my left leg.” Amanda ordered. With help from her mother for balance, Brittany did as she was told. Amanda then closed her own thighs together effectively locking Brittany’s legs in position.

Brittany was completely bent over her mothers left leg. Her bottom was sticking straight up in the air. Her legs were together and trapped between her mother’s legs. The hair on her head was just brushing the floor; she had her hands on the floor pushing up a little for support. She felt really uncomfortable, the blood was rushing to her head, there was pressure on her tummy from her weight and she absolutely hated the feeling of helplessness from the position she was in.

Amanda surveyed the scene in front of her. Brittany’s bottom was centered directly over her left thigh. It was bent at a more severe angle than she liked and she wouldn’t be able to spank the tops of Brittany’s thighs because her own protected them. These were all tribulations that Amanda knew were no real problem at all. She reached over to the table and picked up the hairbrush. She held the hairbrush in her right hand, with her left she held onto Brittany’s right hip.

“Brittany, do you understand why you are going to be spanked?”

“Yes, mommy.” Brittany answered.

“Are you ready for the spanking to start?”

Brittany hesitated, then said, “I guess so.” Brittany closed her eyes and scrunched up her face in anticipation of the pain. She tensed her whole body. It was impossible for her to clench her bottom cheeks together because she was bent over at too great an angle but had they been able to clench they would have been.

“Well I’ll get started then.” Amanda said and she matched her actions to her words. She brought the hairbrush down hard on the highest part of Brittany’s left cheek followed quickly by another one on Brittany’s right cheek.

Brittany opened her eyes wide in surprise at the pain. She let out a loud “OW, OWEE.” She had been spanked before and knew they hurt but they had never hurt like this before this early in the spanking.

She had the presence of mind to realize that something was drastically different. Her mother’s spankings had never hurt this much before, her father’s hand never felt this bad, this felt similar to her dad’s paddle but somehow worse and she had looked for the paddle and hadn’t seen it. “Mom, mom,” she gasped. “That hurts, what is it?”

Amanda paused and smiled ruefully. “Why honey, it’s just the back of a hairbrush. Your grandmother gave it to me. In fact your grandmother gave me quite a few spankings with it when I was growing up. It’ll hurt but you’ll survive.”

“A hairbrush??” Brittany asked in disbelief.

Amanda didn’t answer she just started spanking again. She began a systematic and thorough spanking of Brittany’s upturned bottom. She gave one bottom cheek three sharp, quick flicks of the hairbrush in the same spot then moved to the identical spot on the other cheek and gave it the same three smacks. She started at the centered, highest portion of each cheek then moved down towards the thighs and back around in a clockwise direction. Each change of smacking target overlapped the previous just a tiny amount.

Brittany realized early on that this was going to be one of the worst if not THE worst spanking she had ever gotten. And it was from her mom not her dad! She didn’t suffer in silence. After her initial outburst she continued yelping at every swat, it was interspersed with pleas to stop that it hurt too much and that she would be good. Initially these pleas were intelligible, they quickly deteriorated to blubbering. Soon she was just crying in pain.

Brittany was also flailing around as much as she could in her trapped position. She couldn’t move her legs much at all but she tried. At one point she tensed her upper body so much that she had raised her head above her bottom. Her arms were flailing around but consciously or unconsciously she made no attempt to cover her bottom. Her mother just held her tight and continued to spank.

Amanda finished the spanking by giving her swats across the crack of the bottom. She started about one inch below the start of the crack at Brittany’s back and continued down giving each spot the same three smacks. She overlapped these a little more and went down to as low as she could reach.

When she finished she left Brittany in position for a while. Brittany just hung limply over her mother’s leg. Brittany’s entire bottom was a bright, blotchy red color. There was no deep bruising but some of the marks from this spanking would last more than a day.

After a minute or so Amanda helped Brittany up. They immediately hugged each other. Amanda told Brittany how much she was loved and that she was punished for her own good. Brittany said she understood and that she was sorry she caused trouble at school and that she would never do it again. She pleaded that this one spanking was enough but her mother was resolute in telling her that she had misbehaved three separate times and would be spanked three separate times. After a while Brittany sat on her mothers lap and they stayed that way, hugging and talking for quite a while.

Finally Amanda told Brittany that she needed to get up and get her schoolbooks and bring them down to the kitchen table. She was to spend the rest of what would have been the school day at the kitchen table doing schoolwork.

Brittany asked with a shy smile if it would be ok if she stood up while she worked. Amanda smiled back and said sure and told her she didn’t need to put pants back on either unless she wanted to. Brittany said she probably wouldn’t for a while, she stood up and undid her shoe laces took off her shoes, shorts and panties and carried them from the kitchen. Amanda smiled again as she watched her daughter walk away, her t-shirt was still tucked up into the back of her bra strap.

About a half of an hour later the telephone rang. Amanda was in the kitchen, she had been pretending to work but was actually watching Brittany and thinking how cute she was and what a good kid she really was. Brittany was working industriously on the language arts project that she should have been working on in school. She was engrossed in the project and enjoying herself. She was completely unconcerned that her little bare red bottom was on display as she leaned forward to work. Her spanking was already forgotten.

When Amanda answered the phone it was Abby calling to discuss recent events with their daughters. Abby told her that Meghan had gotten a good spanking and that she would probably get another one when her father got home. Abby apologized again for Meghan’s behavior; Amanda told her she was sorry too it was Brittany’s fault too.

Amanda hesitated to say more about Brittany’s impending spankings. She thought that while most of the spankings the Cartwright children had gotten were deserved, from what she had heard in conversation with the parents and occasionally with the children their spankings were on the ‘harsh’ side. She thought they spanking longer and harder than was really necessary and sometimes for things she might not spank for. She realized though that the Cartwrights were a good family and that their kids were basically well behaved much like her own were. She decided to tell Abby that Brittany was going to be getting three spankings for the three separate acts of misbehavior. Abby thought that was a very reasonable idea that made sense. She was going to talk with her husband about it but they would probably do the same thing. They chatted a little more and then said their goodbyes.

Brittany had been listening to the one side of the conversation, “I can’t believe you did that mom. You just got Meghan spanked an extra time didn’t you?”

“I wouldn’t call it extra. Besides,” she smiled, “you are the one who said three wouldn’t be ‘fair’ didn’t you? This way things are fair.”

Brittany didn’t like the thought of her friend getting an extra spanking but she got her mom’s joke and grinned.

Brittany spent the rest of the day doing schoolwork. When her sister Tricia got home from the high school at a little after 2 she decided she should put her pants on before her little brother got home. Tricia tried to ask her what happened but her mom shushed her and told her she would tell her later. Brittany didn’t get much work done in the afternoon though she was too busy wondering what her dad was going to do to her and how much that spanking would hurt.

The End


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