Maternal Matrimony IV

From: Crimson Kid ([email protected])


"RULES AND CONSEQUENCES" ["Maternal Matrimony" #4] by the Crimson Kid

 (All rights reserved. This story's setting is the mid-28th century at Rebecca McMichael's residence in Yamamoto on the planet Vladivost, almost immediately following "MM" #3.)

Sobbing piteously, Carlton was hugged tightly but lovingly by Rebecca while he gamely struggled to regain a modicum of self-control. With his sleepers' rear flap still unbuttoned, the five-year-old rejuve had his scarlet-striped, brightly glowing buns still on open display, but his attention was overwhelmingly focused on the flaming, intensely-stinging sensation centered upon the tender 'spank spot' at the base of his exposed posterior.

Enveloped in his wife/guardian's gentle embrace, Carlton was gingerly massaging his thoroughly-leathered buttocks with both hands while she maternally comforted him.

"Yes, I know it stings so much...Go ahead, cry it out...Remember that you're a young child, not a grown man anymore--there's no shame in your tears." Rebecca peppered her new ward's tearstained face with quick, soft kisses, tasting salt water from the corners of his cornflower blue eyes; then she pulled back and smiled fondly at her soundly-spanked little boy.

"Besides, I managed to make you blubber for me even during your adult 'woodshed sessions,' honeybun," Rebecca remarked lightly, "So I'm certainly expecting you to be bawling like a red-bottomed baby now that you're a cute kindergartener." She chuckled condescendingly. "You didn't disappoint me at all in that regard, darling--very convincing crying."

Carlton nodded tearfully, half-smiling at her as he considered how "convincing" his beautiful disciplinarian's leather strap had been, cracking against his unprotected buttcheeks with clockwork regularity.

Although the emphatic chastisement applied to his bare behind had seemed to last an extremely long time from his perspective over the maternal lap, Carlton's leathering had actually taken just over six minutes. Rebecca had administered six dozen seat-striping licks of the supple strap to his highly-vulnerable hindquarters--a very sound, lengthy fanny-tanning for a five-year-old boy.

"Let's get some nanolotion on those glowing glutes." Rebecca patted the middle of the junior bed. "Lay down on your stomach, sweetheart." She picked up a newly-purchased tube of the cool, rapid-healing gel from the nightstand.

"Okay, hon--uh, Mommy." Carlton climbed onto the soft, comfortable bed and laid in a prone position, hugging his pillow tightly to his chest as he tried to control his ragged sniffling.

"We'll have to get you a nice cushiony teddy bear to sleep with after your bedtime spankings," his spousal guardian suggested as she knelt facing his well-chastised sleeper-framed posterior, stradling his ribs. "Maybe Nannie has a stuffed animal that you could borrow for tonight, to comfort you."

"I'd rather count on the nanolotion," Carlton remarked, his voice sounding subdued.

"You'll have that too, but a little boy should have a teddy bear." Rebecca sharply pressed the tube's button twice, once over each of her ward's well-chastised crimsoned buttocks, depositing a measured globule of the aquamarine cream on each bare cheek. Seconds later, she was tenderly rubbing the healing lotion onto her spousal ward's leather-ravaged posterior rounds.

"Aaaahhhh..." Carlton sighed contentedly, lost in the immediate moment of stinging intensity being nearly extinguished--a truly childlike reaction, he realized intellectually as his body relaxed completely, but still something he'd also experienced as an adult.

"Feels wonderful, doesn't it?" Rebecca's gentle massaging continued. "It will itch somewhat once its healing agents are activated, but that can't be helped. Of course, the overnight effect will be to restore your boyish bottomcheeks to almost pristine condition by tomorrow morning--just in time for Nannie's 'wake-up paddling' to descend upon them."

"Uhhh!" A shiver coursed through Carlton's body, making his coolingly-soothed nether cheeks tremble beneath his guardian's gently-rubbing palms.

"That's the devilish aspect of being a Penitatas, or in your case a kind of quasi-Penitatas at home." Her words were wryly ironic. "Your derriere's going to be restored to a sensitive state by the nanolotion, young man, so Nantessa and I can administer your bare-bottom blisterings smack against tender, babyish buns." She chuckled. "Cleverly diabolical, isn't it?"

Carlton replied haltingly. "Uhhhhh...Yes, Mommy...But it's still pretty heavenly... right I'll take it...for the moment."

"Spoken like a true child." Rebecca's voice was sweetly affectionate. "Speaking of which, tomorrow you'll be given a rather extensive list of personal rules that you'll be expected to follow within your new role in this household."

"Personal rules?" he asked apprehensively.

"Rules and consequences," his guardian affirmed calmly, "Which will be quite strictly enforced, involving intensive bare-bottom discipline for violations." She clucked cheerfully, still kneading his compact well-lotioned buttocks. "You've already violated one rule, which you'd been informed about this morning."

Carlton gulped. "Oh...I have? Which one?"

"The one concerning how to address your big sister while you're undergoing a punishment session from her." Rebecca paused. "What forms of address are you required to use to her, dear boy?"

He paused, searching his immaturely-developed memory.

"Let's see...'Nantessa'--no, 'Miss Nantessa'--or just 'ma'am,' I think. Is that right, Mommy?"

"Absolutely," she confirmed, "But you forgot and called her 'Nannie' in the hovercar, didn't you?"

"Buh-But that was buh-before I was being...ummm..." Carlton's speech tailed off.

"SPANKED, darling." Rebecca gently patted his much-soothed bare nates. "That's S-P-A-N-K-E-D, as in experiencing a sound bare-fanny hairbrush SPANKING from your daughter who's now your big sister." She chuckled. "Even as a rejuve child, you're so hesitant about using that word--even though you've received hundreds of them from me as an adult, and you're now facing thousands of them from Nannie and me over the course of your new childhood."

"But about that rule...?" Carlton queried somewhat reluctantly, anticipating possible bad news but also trying to change the subject.

"Oh, yes--that." Rebecca slowly shook her head, her mock-rueful grin mirrored in her voice. "Nannie's quite adamant that your disrespectful behavior warrants another pants-down butt-smacking with her punishment brush. She's scheduled it for tomorrow after your nap time, and according to the rules you are due an intense application of the spanking brush to your bare seat by the injured party--which would be Nantessa."

She shrugged nonchalantly. "I suggested to her that you could just be given a stern warning this first time, but she pointed out that we girls agreed on unyielding discipline for you, darling." Rebecca was lightly squeezing her ward's still-exposed buttcheeks as she pedantically lectured to him.

"As to your argument that the spanking hadn't begun when you addressed your big sister too informally, the punishment was officially underway once it was announced-- so forget the hair-splitting technical distinctions, little boy, unless you want an extra fanny-tanning from me too."

"No Mommy, I don't." His voice was childishly subdued.

"I didn't think so." She buttoned his seat flap up, then ruffled his slightly-damp curly hair. "Now get up and give me a long, loving hug."

Rolling over and sliding to the floor, Carlton buried his tearstreaked face in his spousal guardian's opulent breasts as her arms fondly encircled his boyishly-trim torso.

"I love you, Mommy," he murmured, "Even when you..."

"Say it," Rebecca urged gently. "What did I just do to you with my strap, right on your naughty bare bottom?"

"Even when you spank me, Mommy." He smiled shyly, looking up into her crystal blue eyes.

"ESPECIALLY when I spank you, honeybun--which is going to happen like clockwork." She kissed each of his cheeks, again tasting salty tears. "So remember to follow all the household rules for five-year-old boys very carefully, to avoid as many paddlings as possible."

"I'll do my best, Mommy." Carlton climbed onto the bed, and Rebecca helped him slip beneath the top sheet and insulated bedspread.

She knew that he would undoubtedly violate the lengthy list of restrictions and requirements fairly frequently, conduct essentially in the nature of a young boy, but she was gratified by her new ward's desire to please her via good behavior.

"I know you will, sweetie." Rebecca kissed his forehead, then clicked off the bedstand lamp. Deciding to let Carlton doze off before activating the nanolotion's miracle-healing but itch-inducing ingredients, she pocketed the cylindrical tube. She nodded to herself while exiting his bedroom, which had been their guest room.

"But I'm certain that you'll be 'escorted to the woodshed' for plenty of bare-assed lickings, my mischeivous one-time husband..."

The End


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