Maternal Matrimony II

From: Crimson Kid ([email protected])


"AWARENESS" ["Maternal Matrimony" #2] by the Crimson Kid

 (All rights reserved. This story's setting is the mid-28th century on the Terran-colonized planet Vladivost, one day after "Maternal Matrimony.")

The plastitube bulletcar trip to the planetary surface from Starbase Seventeen, locked into geosynchronous orbit over the capital city of Guderian, had taken twenty-five minutes at 600 miles per hour.

Carlton Kristain, a newly-rejuved Medicalos and recent Starfleet medical officer, was still trying to adapt to his childlike (5 years, 8 months old physiologically) body while seated between his wife/guardian Rebecca McMichael, a Starfleet admiral, and his thirteen-year-old daughter Nantessa in the luxury-style hovercar Rebecca was expertly piloting.

Rebecca, superbly-conditioned at 6' 2"/185 pounds, had been an inch taller and five pounds heavier than her trimly-built adult husband--she towered over his rejuved form. Nantessa, effectively Carlton's older sister, possessed her mother's height and athletic build. Sitting to his right, she smiled fondly down at her biological father--but he suspected that her warm feelings were disciplinary rather than affectionate, and was keenly aware of her physical superiority to him.

Not that his sixteen years' worth of adult bare-bottom spankings from Rebecca had been based on physical force, Carlton acknowledged; they had been fully consensual, based on her greater maturity and emotional development, and had significantly strengthened their romantic relationship. Since his blistering-hard chastisements had always been agreed to, albeit reluctantly, was it different now that Rebecca could administer them nonconsensually if necessary? It shouldn't matter, Carlton told himself, yet somehow to him it did.

Nantessa was another matter, likely a humiliating one. While she had been disciplined only by Rebecca during her childhood, she had never been involved in her mother's corporal punishment of her father. Nannie wasn't even aware, Carlton believed, that his naked buttocks had been regularly walloped by her mother--or at least she hadn't been aware...

"Honey--uh, Muh-Mommy," he began, remembering his new required form of address, "Did you tell Nannie about how you...uh, well...kind of...modified my behavior...before this?"

Nantessa chuckled. "Do you mean all those spankings you got from Mom, little brother, even though you were a grownup? Across her lap, or lying over pillows on the bed, or bent over the back of a chair or couch--getting it so good and hard with her hairbrush, or a paddle, or a leather strap, or the wooden cooking spoon, or even with that wicked, whippy English cane, and ALWAYS with your plump round rump so nicely naked?" She beamed down at Carlton. "Is that what you mean, Carltie?"

"That's what he means, sweetness," Rebecca confirmed, "I'm pretty sure."

"I've known about those bare-bottom wallopings for over six years," Nantessa explained. "I've listened in on them since I was seven, and watched them whenever I could--which was most of the time. You should see the HV disk I shot of that caning Mom gave you last month, little brother--all those bright red stripes across your chubby buttcheeks, and you bawling like a five-year-old..."

"Foreshadowing," Rebecca noted wryly. "At least now your boyish blubbering during fanny-tannings will be age-appropriate, darling."

"Did you know she was listening, hon--Mommy?" Carlton's face was pinkishly flushed.

"I figured she was," his spousal guardian replied. "Why do you think I insisted on you wearing those bare-bottom spankybriefs for your punishment sessions the last three years? No adolescent girl should be viewing an adult male's exposed organs, but during a spanking 'southern exposure' of his buns is an entirely different story."

"Lots of fun to watch," Nantessa affirmed gleefully, "But it will be much more gratifying to participate now."

Carlton swallowed, feeling and looking highly embarrassed. "I thought that my wearing those supporter-style briefs was some Sorority regulation..."

"The Interstellar Sorority of Spanking Spouses?" Nantessa asked.

"How do you know about the Sorority?" Rebecca glanced sharply at her daughter, then refocused on their driving route.

"Some instructional HV disks that you left around, Mom," came the girlishly innocent reply, although Rebecca didn't remember ever being that careless with I.S.S.S. holovideo materials.

"Do you remember that 'Curiosity killed the cat,' sweetness?" she demanded.

"Yes, but my motto is that 'Knowledge is power,' Mom." Nantessa smiled with winning impishness. "So when do I get to exercise my hairbrush power, anyway?"

"Right now, if you wish." Rebecca motioned backward. "There's plenty of room in the back for you to put your brother over your lap, Nannie. Is your hairbrush available?"

"In my purse, longing to make the acquaintance of Carltie's unprotected bumcheeks." Nantessa quickly produced the smooth-backed wooden brush, then gracefully slipped over the front seat.

"Climb back here, little brother--right now," she instructed.

"Oh, but--yes, Nannie." Reluctantly and clumsily, not yet adjusted to his small body, Carlton obeyed his newfound sister. Resistance was futile, he realized.

"Darling, it's 'Miss Nantessa' or 'ma'am' during a disciplinary session," Rebecca reminded her spousal ward while her daughter sat down on the leather couch-style back seat and set down her hairbrush.

Nantessa pulled Carlton to her right, turning him to face her lap; she then gripped the elastic waistbands of both his royal blue shorts and his powder blue briefs, and lowered them smoothly to his knees.

She giggled. "Even as a kindergartener, his rump is still so nicely rounded--perfect for spanking." She firmly pushed his back, guiding his childish body across her skirt-covered thighs until his naked buttocks were upturned over her lap.

Adjusting the dashboard's upper mirror to view the punitive proceedings, Rebecca felt a surge of satisfaction--Carlton's extended retribution was finally underway.

"That bubblebutt was one of the things that first attracted me to him," she stated. "As a cadet, he looked like a young man designed for receiving feminine butt-smacking--which he still is, even with a little-boy rear end."

Nantessa picked up the hairbrush, hefting it in her right hand while her left arm encircled Carlton's slim waist. Amazingly, he began to sob softly as his body shuddered--before his chastisement had even begun.

"Uhhhh...huuuhhh...wuhhauhh..." His premature reaction mystified and embarrassed him, but he couldn't control it.

"Remember that having a child's body makes a rejuve childlike emotionally," Rebecca reminded him clinically, "And young children tend to take 'head starts' on the crying they'll do while their bare bottoms are being paddled."

"Don't worry, Carltie," Nantessa informed him devilishly, "I'm going to give you something to REALLY bawl about, right now!"

"Before you start reddening those cute boyish bottomcheeks," Rebecca interjected, "Keep in mind that your brother, when he was still your father, did what he thought was necessary and right--he was brave and conscientous to a fault. This spanking, and the thousands that we'll be administering over the coming years, is for his extremely poor judgement in not following my instructions when I had more information than he did."

"So I should respect his good intentions, but condemn his bad judgement?" Nantessa asked, raising her hairbrush.

"Yes--but for now, just set his bare fanny on fire!"

"Gladly, Mom." Nantessa swung the hairbrush swiftly, and her brother began wailing even before it connected sharply to his lower right buttock...


As she methodically and soundly plastered her new sibling's well-elevated bare backside with her spanking brush, Nantessa effectively applied all of the second-hand disciplinary knowledge that she'd gained from watching her mother's chastisements of the grownup Carlton--plus viewing numerous clandestinely-borrowed I.S.S.S. holovideo disks. Whacking from one buttcheek to another and applying the hairbrush swats to overwhelmingly favor her hapless spankee's 'sit spot' at the base of his buttocks, she was delighted at his squirming, kicking and continuous crying, and especially the rapid reddening of his defenseless derriere as she paddled steadily away.

As for Carlton, he was dismayed at the effects that smacking hardwood had on his way-too-youthful bare rump: No buildup to sobbing and howling via dozens of blistering wallops that produced gasps and yelps, but immediate weeping and wailing that intensified as the seat-stinging spanks continued to crack across his compact yet bouncy bare bottom. Although Nantessa was an inexperienced paddler, she spanked with enthusiasm and energy; her hairbrush was only marginally shorter, narrower and thinner than the wide-backed, long-handled punishment brush that Rebecca had applied to his adult asscheeks, but Carlton's five-year-old posterior was considerably smaller and his little-boy tolerance for chastisement much lower.

Watching the big sister/little brother 'woodshed session' in the dashboard mirror, Rebecca calculated that they'd reach home in the Yamamoto suburb in ten minutes--perfect timing for the duration of her new ward's first long, hard spanking as a rejuved Medicalos.

"The first of so many you're due, my darling disobedient boy..."

The End


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