Maternal Matrimony I

From: Crimson Kid ([email protected])


Note from the Editor:

These stories are set in the rejuve universe, invented by a writer called Lurking Dragon.

Lurking Dragon posted to the newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking a long series of stories (the "Melody" series) about a science-fiction universe where people could be "rejuved" (sent back to childhood, physically and intellectually).

A rejuved person may have all the memories of an adult, but will tend to have the judgment and emotional needs and reactions of a child their physical age, which is why all 'rejuves' are legally treated as children and placed under the supervision of responsible adults. There are several reasons to be rejuved. It is the only way to cure some illnesses; people rejuved for medical reasons are called "Medicalos". Some people get the treatment voluntarily (to be able to learn complex languages, for example); they are called "Voluntaras". Other are criminals sentenced to several childhood cycles, when they are subject to frequent punishment spankings; they are called "Penitatas".

Lurking Dragon later opened the rejuve universe to all writers and posted a guide for authors wishing to write rejuve stories or series. Maternal Matrimony is one of those series.


"MATERNAL MATRIMONY" by the Crimson Kid

 (All rights reseved. This story's setting is the mid-28th century, in the medical center on Starbase Seventeen orbiting the planet Vladivost.)

When Carlton Kristain's consciousness finally returned, his first concern was his medical crewmates.

"Mah-My team...Thuh-They made it?" His voice sounded high-pitched.

"All of them, doctor."

He recognized the voice of his commanding officer--and wife.

"Since you evacuated them sooner, the Kelvaron radiation damage was moderate--they've recovered without needing your...extreme treatment."

Carlton's vision was blurry, but the seemingly-towering form of Rear Admiral Rebecca McMichael appeared vaguely recognizable.

"Feel so weak, dear..."

"You'll get stronger...eventually." Rebecca smiled ironically. "If you'd followed orders and waited, the purification drones arrived only twenty minutes later--this situation was unnecessary."

"Didn't know...then...though." His tall, blue-uniformed, well-proportioned spouse looked gigantic to him.

"You could be court-martialed, Lieutenant Commander Kristain, for disobeying me," she stated.

"I thought...instructions...were personal...wifely," he explained.

"Rather than military?" Rebecca asked. "That's how I interpreted them too, in my report. Starfleet considers you a hero, saving those settlers--you've been awarded the Platinum Cross, darling." She paused meaningfully.

"However, your marital misbehavior has to be resolved--its effects have devastated our family."

Still disoriented, Carlton sighed resignedly. His receiving discipline from Rebecca, in the form of sound bare-bottomed chastisements with various spanking implements, had been part of their relationship back to their Academy days--Rebecca two years ahead of him. Through marriage, parenthood and Starfleet careers, the corporal punishment had continued unabated--to their overall advantage.

Carlton knew that he faced an intensive bare-assed walloping, possibly a series of 'woodshed sessions,' but still felt that Rebecca was exaggerating the results of his reckless behavior.

"When can I return to duty?" His words wavered.

"In thirteen years--and about three thousand backside-blisterings."

Blunt, overpowering realization impacted Carlton's awareness.

"R-Ruh-Rejuved," he stammered. "Hah-How far?"

"You're a five-year-old physically, sweetie." Rebecca smiled wryly. "You're in perfect health now, but you're in for a unique childhood as my ward. Publicly you'll be treated as a Medicalos military hero, but privately--you'll live almost like a Penitatas at home, permanently sore-bottomed and spanked like clockwork...for quite a while."

Carlton gulped helplessly, knowing that it could take years for Rebecca to finish corporally punishing him for the havok wreaked on their marriage by his disobedience. His only saving grace was that her command duties took her on frequent deep-space missions that sometimes lasted weeks--at those times, his childishly-compact posterior would presumably be safe from bare-cheeked chastisement; that relief could make his new home situation marginally bearable, Carlton hoped.

"You're quite transparent, darling--even as a cute kindergartener," Rebecca remarked. "You've forgotten something--or someone..."

Their pretty thirteen-year-old daughter, athletic and brunette, appeared abruptly.

"Nantessa," Carlton murmured. "I'm sorry, honey."

"So am I, little brother." Nantessa regarded her rejuved father with a conmingling of regret and anticipation. "Mom's explained what happened, that you ignored her instructions, and how we're going to punish your naughty-boy bare behind for it." She grinned. "I've gotten paddles, straps and switches for a five-year-old's fanny already--also a Cornerstool and stingy bee-riefs."

"This is the best way to deal with Nannie's resentment," Rebecca explained, "By allowing her to participate in this extended retribution."

"When Mom's gone, I'll be your big-sister babysitter." Nantessa removed a flat-backed, solidly-wooden hairbrush from her purse and patted it against her palm.

Rebecca nodded with rueful satisfaction. "There's a brand-spanking-new childhood ahead..."

The End


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