Introducing Mrs. Vickers

From: George Sangster ([email protected])

This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone and I do not endorse or encourage the actual spanking of real children in any way. All characters are the products of my imagination. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental. Copyright 2001.
  Mrs. Samantha Vickers sat in the ornate staff room of the Shandon School for Children of Visiting Naval Officers. The school was housed in an old; some would say ancient, mansion that once belonged to a wealthy shipbuilder from the days when the Clyde was a world centre of shipbuilding. Samantha had met Mrs. Virginia McCallum the headmistress of the school at a reception for the newly arrived Canadian Naval officers posted to Faslane for submarine training. Virginia was the wife of the local Royal Navy flag officer, Rear Admiral Brian McCallum, and she governed the school strictly, somewhat along military lines in keeping with the origin of her charges. Samantha's husband, Commander Harold Vickers, Royal Canadian Navy, would be the Officer Commanding the Canadian sailors for the next three years and would be working closely with Admiral McCallum. When Virginia learned that Samantha was a school teacher she immediately began her recruiting drive to press Samantha into service at the school. Samantha thought it would be a good idea, and looked forward to meeting Virginia after the day's classes.

Samantha stood and walked to a window looking out at Loch Gare, she wondered how often Harold would sail out of the Loch, his duty would require many trips to sea. When Virginia came in she saw Samantha gazing at the sea and walked up to her, saying, "Good afternoon Samantha, I have stood in exactly the same spot looking for Brian's submarine to return."

"Good afternoon Mrs. McCallum, the waiting is sometimes hard, especially with three children to rear."

"Quite, well let us go to my study and we can talk, hopefully I can convince you to join our small faculty."

Arriving at her study the headmistress and Samantha found two pupils, Marcy and Virginia's daughter Shannon, both 16, standing outside the door waiting and definitely looking nervous. Virginia thought to herself, "More trouble, what has Shannon gotten into this time?" She gave the two a piercing stare and said sarcastically, "Shannon! I don't suppose Marcy and you are standing here to welcome Mrs. Vickers to Shandon are you?" "No miss, I talked Shannon into going to the pub at lunch, we were caught out of bounds and told to report to you for punishment.", Marcy interjected. Marcy knew they were both going to "get it" and wanted to spare Shannon some of her mothers' anger by admitting to being the leader. Shannon handed her mother a note from Mrs. Hunt-Jones, their teacher. "I didn't ask you Marcy, but never mind. Both of you turn around and put your noses to the wall. Remain there, I will be some time with Mrs. Vickers, I will deal with you later!"

Samantha followed Mrs. McCallum into her study, "Please, have a seat Samantha, would you like some tea?" "Yes please, I understand the pub is off limits?". "Yes, we are very strict about where the pupils can go at lunch time, only those 16 and over can leave the grounds. The pub is always out of bounds, too many sailors, especially on Fridays! It doesn't stop some of them however, even knowing the consequences." "I see, that's good, a pub is no place for a child. So, how will you punish them?"

Mrs. McCallum finished making the tea and put a tea cozy over the pot, she carried the tray and set it on the coffee table in front of Samantha. She smiled at Samantha as she sat down and said, "I shall have to strap the both of them!", she looked at Samantha to gauge her reaction.

"Good! If I ever caught my Mary even trying to get into a pub, she wouldn't sit comfortably for a week!"

"Shannon is my daughter, I expect exemplary behavior from her, Marcy is from Australia and tends to be more adventurous. Both will feel my strap on their hands and Shannon will have an extra dose on her backside this evening. So you agree that pupils sometimes need firm correction of their behavior, Samantha?"

"Oh yes, Mrs. McCallum, I couldn't agree more, my rule has always been: 'Strapped at school means strapped at home', I have used the strap throughout my teaching career. Fairly, but strictly. No misbehavior in my classes."

"Well and good Samantha."

The two ladies continued to talk and get to know one another for about an hour. Samantha agreed to teach for the headmistress, Virginia invited Samantha to stay for dinner.

"Well, now to deal with our two waifs, bring them back to the fold. You are welcome to witness my correction of these two if you like, in fact I would appreciate your staying."

"That would be quite alright Mrs. McCallum, I will have first hand experience with your disciplinary requirements."

"Excellent Mrs. Vickers."

Mrs. McCallum rose and went to fetch the two young ladies; sure that the past hour of waiting had given them time for reflection on their misdeed. Marcy had been doing most of the verbal reflection, quietly. Shannon had mostly kept silent, she liked Marcy but wished her roommate would just quit babbling, they'd done it and now had to pay the price. Her mother appeared and ushered them into her study. "Have a seat ladies, and we will discuss this atrocious breach of school rules." Mrs. McCallum said, giving the girls a frosty look.

"Mrs. Hunt-Jones note states that she observed you two coming out of the pub at lunch, is this correct?"

"Yes, miss. I cajoled Shannon into coming with me. I just wanted a bit of pub food, and though I knew it was wrong, I convinced Shannon to go with me."

Mrs. McCallum rose and retrieved Marcy's file, "You have been in my study for discipline three times since you arrived two years ago. Your mother returned to Australia three months ago. Do you know where your father is presently?"

"Yes miss, his sub is at the Portsmouth Naval yard for repair."

"I see, do you recall the discussion we had prior to your mothers departure? Never mind I'm sure you do. Shannon, will you please explain to Marcy why some areas, especially the pub, are out of bounds for pupils?"

"Yes ma'am. It is for our safety, there have been incidents in the past at the pub and the Navy doesn't like these. Our pupils are guests of the Navy, and we have to follow the rules."

"Very good Shannon. Did anything untoward happen at the pub?"

"No ma'am," Shannon replied, "We had our lunch, no beer, and left. Mrs. Hunt-Jones spoke to us after classes ended and gave me the note."

Mrs. McCallum made some notes in Marcy's file, taking her time. Shannon and Marcy shifted nervously in their seats. Mrs. McCallum looked up and began to lecture her two charges.

"Shannon and Marcy: You have broken a very important rule, one made for your own safety and you did this knowingly. Your actions have consequences, in this instance I can deal with it, but it could have been much worse. At this school Marcy, I stand in for your parents when they are away; this has been discussed with you. I have no choice but to administer a salutary punishment to ensure this never recurs, you will each be given eight strokes of the strap. In addition you are restricted to the grounds of the school for one month unless accompanied by an adult. Finally, you will both report to me here, one half hour prior to bedtime, when I will give you some parental punishment. Do you have anything to say?"

"I'm very sorry this happened miss, I really was all my idea. I'm so sorry, Shannon."

"I'm sorry too, ma'am. I know I've let down you and the school. It won't happen again."

"Right then. Stand up, take off your jackets, stand over here."

Mrs. McCallum removed a long, thick, brown strap that was split in two at the business end, from her desk drawer. Mrs. McCallum held it up and glanced over at Samantha Vickers, who had remained silent throughout Virginia's investigation and lecture of the two girls. Samantha was clearly impressed by the proceedings and Virginia's bearing and force of personality.

Samantha looked at the girls and saw the beginning of tears in both their eyes. Both obviously knew that the next few minutes were going to be painful. The headmistress approached the girls and began her duty to them. Virginia didn't enjoy this part of leading these young girls, but firmly believed it was her duty to correct misbehavior.

"Both hands up, one on top of the other!"

With that, she raised the strap and brought it smartly down on, first on Shannon's then on Marcy's. "Change hands!" Again the strap flashed through the air, cracking down on each hand.

"Hands at your sides, ladies, don't rub them. You find yourself in this position because you were disobedient, this will remind you to obey rules set by your elders."

Virginia stared at the two, clearly in great discomfort. After about a minute she said, "Hands up!" and repeated the dose.

"Hands down! You are not to be out of bounds, you will remain lady-like. There will be no pubbing at this school!"

Both were clearly going to be crying after the next round, Virginia could see. Good! Better this than another horrible incident. That young boy was still in prison, the young girl disgraced.

"Hands up!" The strap flicked down again on each hand, that made six, normally the maximum, but this merited extra. Marcy began bawling, shortly followed by Shannon, the pain was so great.

They both began to furiously shake their hands, but Virginia quickly stopped that. "Hands at your sides! Do you want extra; I'm in just the mood to dish out extra! You both know what you did was wrong, now take your punishment properly. Let this lesson be remembered by both of you for a long time!" Virginia paused a while longer prior to giving the last two to each girl.

Virginia made the last two the hardest of all, better to bring home the lesson. Both girls were bawling, and looked very well chastened. "Stand still, hands at your sides." Virginia put the strap on her desk and sat down to record the punishments in her book. That completed she rose and gave the girls tissues to wipe their faces. "We are done with this incident officially. I will make the appropriate announcement tomorrow at assembly regarding the pub and other out of bounds places. You may go to your rooms now." Marcy and Shannon fairly fled the room.

"Well Samantha, that was a lesson in what happens to pupils who are out of bounds, any comments?"

"No Mrs. McCallum. I can see these things are treated very seriously, and properly."

"Feel free to explore the school and grounds Virginia. I'll meet you here a six for dinner and introduce to our other staff."

Samantha left Mrs. McCallum's study and walked the grounds, the school would be good for her children.

The End

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