Dione IV

From: Livia Yoran ([email protected])

When Jurek entered Lubna's room, she looked at him with wide, innocent eyes. This only increased his suspicions. He knew from experience that Lubna could look exceedingly innocent, but that she usually chose to do so when she was in fact quite guilty. He was 99% sure she had been into Dione's little stunt, but he needed to be 100% sure in order to punish her, which was why he had left the big paddle in his office. For the moment.

'Hello, Jurek,' she said pleasantly, sitting in her bed in a nightshirt.

'Lubna,' he replied in a much more distant tone of voice and sat down on her desk chair. 'Ferial told me you had to miss your Latin exam this morning?'

'Well, yes, she made me miss it, actually,' Lubna said. 'I was feeling really bad, you know... a girls' thing...' She blushed, and Jurek wondered for a brief moment if she wasn't actually telling the truth. But only for a brief moment... he knew her acting skills.

'Anyway,' she continued, 'Ferial said I couldn't take an exam in the state I was in, so she sent me to bed.'

Jurek nodded, his gaze focussed on the blanket she had surreptitiously drawn up over her lap.

'Could you please show me what you're hiding under your blanket ?' he asked politely.

She hesitated. 'NOW, Lubna,' he ordered, his voice suddenly very determined. She knew there was no point in arguing, sighed, lifted her blanket and handed him the Latin book she had been hiding under it when he had entered the room.

He took it and asked slowly: 'So you're feeling too bad for an exam, but not too bad to study?'

'Well, yes!' she said defensively, 'I'm in bed, I've got a hot-water-bottle, and I don't have to concentrate so hard. Of course I'm better now than I was in the morning! I don't know what you are getting at. I mean, yes, I missed the exam, but it wasn't my decision, and I know I'll have to do it anyway, in a few days' time!'

'Hmm,' he said, and decided to cut this short by an unfair trick. He looked at her sharply and said: 'Unfortunately for you, somebody saw you walking in from the shuttle stop at noon, together with Dione. Can you explain that to me?'

She stared at him. 'What... I mean... who... but that's not possible!' she exclaimed.

'And why not?' he pointedly asked.

She glared at him. 'Okay,' she said angrily, 'you knew it all along, so why don't you just get it over with and spank me, instead of asking me stupid questions you KNOW I can only answer by lying?'

'You better mind your tone of voice when you're talking to me,' he advised her coolly. 'I'll take care of your punishment in a minute, don't worry. But first, I would like to know exactly what role you played in this not-so-innocent prank, and what your Latin exam has got to do with it. Your friend Dione has taken great care not to get you involved, so please be so kind as to clarify the parts that are still unclear to me.'

She scowled. 'Okay, let's see, we needed to do some shopping, and we pretended to be sick so we could go. That's it. What else do you want to know?'

Her tone of voice was outright insolent. Jurek had had enough. He got up, pulled Lubna out of her bed, and got her over his lap in a few seconds. In a trice, he had pulled her nightshirt up and her panties down and started handspanking her upturned bottom, possibly more furiously than he had ever done before.

Lubna was extremely self-controlled, and it took a lot to break through her defenses. She just clenched her teeth and sucked the air in sharply with every spank; usually, Jurek needed to handspank her very long to get any sign of distress from her. He wasn't in the mood for this today, especially not after he had already worn out his palm on Dione's bottom. So, after about three dozend handspanks that had turned her bottom a solid pink, he stopped, pushed her off his lap, got up and dragged her after him towards the door by her left earlobe. To his satisfaction, she squealed loudly when she realized that he intended to march her through the corridors to his office in her nightshirt ? and without her panties, which had slid off her legs and lay next to her chair . 'Please!' she exclaimed. 'Let me get dressed first!'

He had already opened the door. 'No need for that,' he said sarcastically and gave her a push, which left her no choice but to walk in front of him to his office, having to bear lots of curious and sympathetic looks on the way.

Once arrived in his office, Jurek let go of her for a moment and went to his desk to get out his lightest paddle. It stung like hell, was much more difficult to bear than a handspanking, but didn't do any damage and left no traces. He hardly ever used it, as he preferred to give warm-up spankings with his hand and the follow-up with a ruler or larger paddle, but now seemed a good occasion to give his palm a rest. He sat on his straight-backed chair and beckoned Lubna over. She came, still having a defiant look in her eyes, and lowered herself over his lap without even being told to. He knew very well that this wasn't a signal of obedience, but of contempt.

Jurek pushed up Lubna's nightshirt and immediately started smacking her bottom with the light paddle. After about twenty swats, he felt by the frantic movements she made on his lap that it was much more difficult for her to keep her composure now than it was when he handspanked her. After thirty swats, she started yelping. After forty swats, she was crying. That was when he stopped.

'Perhaps now you'll be able to be more polite when you talk to me,' he said calmly. 'Will you answer my questions now?'

Lubna took a deep breath and stifled her sobs. 'Yes,' she said, her voice only shaking a little.

He couldn't help but admire her courage, but at the same time he wished she wasn't so damn stubborn.

'Tell me whose idea this was, Dione's or yours,' he ordered.

She thought about this quickly. Of course she could say it had been Dione's idea, as Dione apparently had already been punished, but somehow this seemed pretty mean to her, so she admitted: 'It was Dione who needed to do the shopping, but it was my idea to pretend to be sick and skip school.'

'Did Dione know you had a Latin exam this morning?' he enquired.

'I don't think so,' she answered. 'I didn't tell her.'

'And why not?'

Lubna sighed. 'Because she would have chickened out, I guess.'

'Which means she has at least a tiny little bit more sense than you do,' Jurek commented. 'Did you do this to miss your exam, or was that a welcome side effect?'

'Well...,' she said, pondering the question, 'today was really the most convenient day to do this, so missing the exam was rather a side effect.'

He let the paddle rest on her bottom, which made her flinch. 'Later this afternoon, you will have a chance to show how well you were prepared for your exam,' he remarked. 'But first, I'll provide you with a sore bottom that will make sitting through an exam extremely uncomfortable and will perhaps make you wish you had taken yours in the morning.' With this, he resumed spanking her.

As always, she put in only a minimal amount of struggle. As the paddle kept coming down on her already sensitized bottom, however, she was soon in tears. Jurek spanked her hard and fast, not missing a single area of her bottom and upper thighs. Her sobs grew louder and turned into wails. She started uttering incoherent pleads: 'Pleeease... I'm sorry... Stop... PLEEASE! OWWWW! DON'T! AAAH!' Finally, she gave in to the pain and just cried with loud, heaving sobs. Jurek knew how much her bottom must hurt to get her this far. He nevertheless forced himself to continue for about a minute. Then he stopped and, much like he had done with Dione, pulled her off his lap and marched her into the corner.

'Half an hour,' he told the crying girl, glancing at his watch. 'Don't budge, don't touch your bottom, and don't turn around.'

With his, he left her and went to sit at his desk. Luckily, Lubna had had her socks on when he had dragged her out of her bed, and the room was rather well-heated, so she probably wouldn't get too cold.

Jurek put the light paddle into its drawer and got out the big one. Staring at it, he sighed. He hated to do this, but he didn't feel he had a choice.

He wrote a text message to Ferial, asking her if she could let Lubna take her exam later on. Of course it would be a different exam from the one Lubna's classmates had taken in the morning. He was pretty certain Lubna would have contacted one of her classmates to ask about the text and the questions. Ferial answered she was free in the afternoon, and it wouldn't take her very long to look for a suitable text and write down some questions.

After half an hour, Jurek called Lubna out of her corner and told her to sit down. He intended to give her quite exactly the same punishment he had given Dione... apart from the fact that Lubna had already been rewarded for her leadership role by the paddling she had gotten instead of a handspanking; and the fact that she would have to sit through her exam on a thoroughly paddled bottom later on.

Jurek told Lubna that she would be grounded and suspended from floorball practice until the end of interterm, including the match at the school feast. Lubna bit her lip, but didn't argue, which surprised him and nearly made him feel uneasy. He hoped he hadn't spanked her too hard.

He drummed his fingers on his desk a few times and then said: 'You have still got twelve swats with the big paddle coming. But I will give you a choice between taking them now or taking them after your exam, which you will sit for in about half an hour. It's your decision.'

She nodded and pondered this for a moment. Finally, she said: 'I'd rather take them now and get it over with, please.'

He raised his eyebrows in respect. Lubna had gotten six with the big paddle the last time he had spanked her, so she knew how much this hurt.

'Alright,' he said, getting up and taking the paddle. 'You know the procedure.'

She nodded and slowly walked over to the desk. Taking a deep breath, she pulled up her nightie, bent over and grabbed the other side.

He stepped to her side. He hadn't tried to lecture her during her spanking, because he had felt that she wasn't very receptive to such an atttempt in the beginning, and much too preoccupied with the pain in her bottom later on. But now seemed like a good idea.


'Skipping school is completely unacceptable.'


'Skipping an exam is even worse.'


'Pretending to be sick is deceitful and dishonest .'


'I won't have you pulling a stunt like this!'


She sobbed frantically. Jurek gave her some time after this spank and raised his voice to make sure she heard him.

'And I won't have you talking your friend into joining you!'


'You know perfectly well that I will not tolerate any insolence from you!'


'I really hope this won't be necessary again any time soon!'

'No, Sir, it won't, I'm sorry, I...'


He gave her the last four spanks fast, one after the other, which elicited a single loud and drawn-out cry from her.



He let her cry out her pain for a few minutes and then gently pulled her up and patted her back. To his surprise, Lubna, who usually brusquely rejected any display of kindness or affection, threw herself against his shoulder and sobbed. He hugged her, stroked her tangled curls and murmured comforting words. Gradually, her sobs became more quiet. Finally she pulled herself free and said with a sniff: 'I'm sorry. It was just... I don't know.'

'Never mind,' he said kindly. 'Why don't you use my sink to wash your face a little, and then get some proper clothes?'

She nodded, thankful for the opportunity to at least clean her tear-stained face a little before walking back to her room.

Ten minutes later, Jurek escorted her to an empty classroom where Ferial was waiting. The teacher had a stern look on her face and said curtly: 'Hello, Jurek. Lubna, sit down. Your paper is on your desk. I hope your stomach feels better now.' That last one was said in a rather sarcastic tone of voice.

Lubna bit her lip, fidgeted a little and said quietly: 'I'm sorry I deceived you. It was ... dishonest and... well, just wrong. I won't do it again.' She raised her eyes to look at Ferial, a bit embarassed.

Ferial was taken aback, and Jurek was flabbergasted. Lubna had never been know to apologize to a teacher without being forced to, and he had never forced her, as he didn't believe in forced apologies.

'It's ... it's okay,' Ferial finally brought out. 'Let's forget it.'

'And let's get you a pillow,' Jurek said with a smile.

The End

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