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Chapter Thirty Nine

Even in Miss Andrews' class it was difficult to think in any terms but chess. Everything wanted to move as a chess piece. Everything fit on a chess board somehow or another. At least until Richard and two of his friends decided to give Miss Andrews one of their most obscene performances.

Richard always enlisted support in his misadventures. He never stood up and was the sole cause of trouble or the sole person picking on someone. He always got one or two others to join him. Whether it was safety in numbers or to add force I didn't know, but as they and I were soon to find out, it was always to their detriment.

Richard, Jody, and Allen decided to gross out the whole class that day, not just the girls. Even all of the guys felt that they had gone over the line in their obscene remarks, sounds and gestures during class. Miss Andrews tolerated it for probably longer than she should before going to her closet and retrieving her shorter cane.

She opened her classroom door into the hall and ordered them to come with her outside.

"We don't have to go anywhere with you." came Richard's reply. He was smiling.

A deathly silence fell over the room. No one had ever refused any teacher's invitation to come out into the hall before. No one had ever challenged any teacher like that, refusing to take the licking they had earned. Even if they hadn't earned it, they may put forth their defense but never had anyone outright refused to follow those instructions.

Jody and Allen followed Richard's lead. All three sat at their tables, smirking. Miss Andrews was the youngest and most easily intimidated of all the teachers there, and they were determined to totally defy her.

She glanced at me. What to do? I gazed back, wide-eyed. I knew she couldn't let this pass. She could not give into them. If she did it would mean the end of her teaching career right now. I tried to communicate that with my eyes as best I could.

She nodded her head to them. "Very well." she said. And put the cane back in her closet.

No, Miss Andrews! No, you can't let them do this to you! Don't!.

Then, with the cane stored safely away again, she said to them, "Then meet me here after school this afternoon." They continued to smirk, as if there was no way they'd show up.

"Come dressed in your gym clothes." she went on. "I'll let Coach Grant know to wait on you after school so that you can change in the locker room. He'll be expecting you."

And she continued with her lesson. this time in total silence from the three culprits.

Everyone knew that they would be there. Coach Grant would be certain that they were there. They'd be dressed in tee shirts, paper thin gym shorts, and jock straps. And the presumption was that Miss Andrews no longer intended to warm their butts up with a few strokes with her cane, but that she intended to take them to spank land, all three of them.

Whether anyone else besides me suspected that Coach Grant and Miss Andrews were on their way towards becoming a pair, I wasn't sure. But I had no doubt that Coach Grant would be certain that they would all three show up right on time. Any one of them that did not come to him to change into his gym clothes after school that afternoon would be in even more trouble that he was now. And they were all three in deep enough trouble without adding to it.

I was particularly glad that the library was only two doors down from Miss Andrews' room. The hall opened into the large library. And I, of course, would be in the library after school, preparing for the chess match. I felt certain that I could take a break from my work to watch these three jerks entering this lovely young girl's room and then being marched out of it towards the teachers' lounge. Maybe, if I was lucky, she'd march them back there afterwards so I could see how badly they'd been crying. I doubted I could hear the activities from that far away, but I might get to see and hear some begging on their part for her to have mercy on them. Hopefully she'd show them none. They hadn't shown her any.

Word spread quickly that pretty little Miss Andrews was going to be taking her first students to spank land after school that day. In fact, her first spanking was not just to be one trip to spank land, but she was taking three guys.

Never, to my memory, did anyone ever refer to themselves as getting a spanking. It was always a "paddling", or a "whipping", but the term "spanking" always felt too juvenile, as if it were something reserved for little children. It may have been that we chose to think of a spanking as when a small child got turned over an adult's knee and got a hand fanning on his behind. But I think it was an attempt to think of ourselves as being more adult than someone who was subject to being "spanked". From everything I gather, this remains the case with high school kids.

Of course, they were spankings. And as severe as some spankings could be in our school, they really weren't all that common, not an everyday occurrence at least. And a really severe one only came around once or twice a year or so. There would only be a few trips to the teachers' lounge during the course of any school year (usually). So when one was in the works, it was an event to be taken notice of.

Different kids thought of them in different ways. To some it was a day at the circus, sort of like what I've read public hangings used to be; an event to strive to get a front row seat for. The fact that these spankings were not given in public did not dissuade a few from trying to stay around close enough to listen in on the proceedings, even at the risk of their own bottoms. Anyone caught sneaking around the teachers' lounge to hear one of these tannings was subject to getting the same thing themselves.

More girls tended to be gleeful about it than boys. Girls were virtually never subject to getting one of these spankings, so could view them in a much more detached light. They would often giggle when in the presence of the boy whose ass was scheduled to be destroyed. No doubt he could feel their eyes on his butt all day long. This must have been embarrassing.

Boys could be serious and offer some solace if the victim was a friend of theirs. Or, they could be even more openly jovial than the girls, kidding him about the barbeque he had been invited to after school.

If a younger boy was to get it, then often some older boys would take delight in describing, moment by moment, what he was about to go through. If it was a hot teacher to give the spanking, then they got off on it even more. And, of course, this was definitely the case with Richard, Jody, and Allen.

No one had ever gotten it from Miss Andrews, so there was no verifiable first hand account of that it would be like. But this left all sorts of room for speculation. Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Wilkerson were almost old enough to be our mothers, yet they were still foxes, definitely to be desired by some of the guys. But Miss Andrews was even younger, maybe older sister age. No doubt lots of guys had dreamed of getting naked with her. Some of us little spankos (and I realize now that there were a goodly number of us) had, no doubt, dreamed of having her take our pants down for one of these demolition jobs; not really wanting to get whipped that severely but liking the idea of having her gaze upon our bare bottoms before warming them up a bit.

Some of the guys tormenting these three boys probably secretly envied them, at least envied the anticipation, envied everything they would go through up until the licks started landing. In all honesty, I was one of those, but would never admit that to any of my fellow students. I don't think I envied what was really going t happen to them, but I did envy Coach Grant in my fantasies about his lessons with her; having her sting his ass a few times with one of those canes, stinging her ass a few times with one of them.

So, for the owners of three condemned behinds, three o'clock raced towards them at lightening speed. For the rest of us, it couldn't come quickly enough.

The End

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