Bucci Neighborhood Spankings 10:
Danielle's First Spanking

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This story is pure fiction. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would like to hear your comments. My e-mail address is [email protected]

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Bucci Neighborhood Spankings 10: Danielle's First Spanking

Thirteen-year-old Danielle Gallagher had never been spanked. Her father grew up getting spanked and believed in it but her mother didn't and he had deferred to her wishes over the years. Recently they had decided that their two youngest children, Danielle and nine-year-old Jimmy were getting out of hand and had agreed that spanking them would probably improve their behavior and they agreed to start spanking their children if their misbehavior called for it. Ironically their best-behaved child, sixteen-year-old Andrew, who they thought would never get spanked, had received the first spanking of the family.

The family had a meeting on Monday evening where the parents informed the children of their decision. The children were informed that it was the parent's option to spank if they wanted to and that all spankings would be given on the bare bottom. Jimmy wasn't very concerned - his best friend Tommy always got spanked, he just thought it was a part of being a kid that he hadn't experienced yet. Danielle was flabbergasted. She announced that she was too old and wouldn't stand for it. Actually Andrew's spanking had come before the meeting and he replied to Danielle's comments that since he was older than she was and had gotten spanked she couldn't possibly be too old for it. In a huff Danielle announced that that was fine, if her parents wanted to spank they could it wouldn't hurt anyway. Andrew and his father shared a look and smiled at Danielle's last comment - they were the only two in the family who really knew better.

Danielle was brooding for all of the next day. She was angry at her parents' decision and announcement to start spanking. She really thought it wasn't fair. She thought they might be bluffing and might not spank but she thought that wasn't fair either. She decided that she was going to 'show' them and get into more and more trouble so that she would call their bluff or make them spank her. Then when they saw that it didn't hurt they wouldn't do it any more. Then she really plotted and decided that she wouldn't let them know it didn't hurt because then she could really get away with things if her parents thought she was getting a punishment when she really wasn't. It would sure beat getting grounded or privileges taken away.

She was in a particularly nasty mood and it just got worse as the day wore on. She was snapping at her brothers and at her mother. She got into an argument with her mother about cleaning her room and was in general a brat. Her mother knew she should have spanked her but she didn't, she was still unsure of how to proceed. The final straw came that evening after supper. Danielle had gone to her room after eating without helping to clean the kitchen.

"Danielle," her mother called, "come downstairs and clean away your plate and help clean up."

"If you want it done, do it yourself!" Danielle called back.

"Well, that's that." Her dad said to her mom. "I'm going to give her a spanking she won't forget. Maybe if her first one is memorable she won't ever need another one. You are going to hear some smacking, crying and yelling. Don't interfere" he said pointedly to his wife. He then went upstairs and into Danielle's room shutting the door behind him.

Danielle was lying on her bed reading a teen romance novel and listening to her stereo. She looked up at her dad and said, "What do you want?" in a nasty tone.

"Danielle, what I want is for you to behave, to do your fair share of chores and to be polite," her father answered. Then he continued, "The way you have been acting has beenů"

Danielle cut him off and said, "So what are you going to do about it? Spank me?" She was continuing in her nasty and snotty tone not realizing that she was just making it all the worse for herself.

"Yes, that is exactly what I am going to do," her father answered.

"Well quit the lecturing and get on with it. I want to finish reading my book!"

"Alright, we will get on with it, but when we are finished you will be going downstairs to finish cleaning up like your mother asked. Now stand up, face the side of your bed, keep your knees straight, bend right over at your waist and rest on your elbows and forearms."

Danielle nonchalantly got off her bed and made a pretense of getting into position. Her father had to move her closer to the bed and make her keep her knees straight.

Danielle was wearing a tank top and shorts. The shorts were made of a lightweight denim and were the kind of cut that her father hated - in his opinion they were much too small and showed off too much of her. They fit very tightly and went into the crack of her rear and the lower portion of her rear peeked out as she moved.

Danielle is not yet fully mature but she is developing. Her hair is brown and is cut short and permed. Her body is tan from the summer sun. Her muscle tone is good. Her bottom is on the large side for her age but she isn't overweight at all, it is simply nice and round, firm and well developed.

Danielle's father reached in front of his bent over daughter and started to undo her shorts. "What are you doing?" Danielle cried out and grabbed his hands.

"I'm going to lower your shorts and your panties so that you are bare for your spanking. I told you that is how you would be getting spanked"

"But, but I am almost a woman. You can't do that. I thought you just meant Jimmy and Andrew." Danielle protested.

"Danielle, you may be almost a woman but you are still my child and you will always be my child. Stop being silly and move your hands. You are going to be spanked on your bare bottom."

Danielle sighed in indignation and said defiantly, "alright, get on with it then," and she put her arms back on the bed assuming a bent over position.

Danielle's father reached around from behind her and unbuttoned her shorts, then he unzipped them and lowered them to her ankles. To his surprise she was wearing thong panties. He didn't say anything but made a mental note to chat with his wife about Danielle's attire, he thought she was dressing inappropriately for a thirteen year old and he was going to see that fixed. He then lowered her panties to her ankles as well.

Danielle followed her father's instructions when he told her to step out of her shorts and panties and to put her feet shoulder width apart. Danielle was bare from the middle of her back down. She was bent straight over from the waist with her knees locked. She was resting with her forearms on the bed for support. Her legs were slightly spread exposing the inner portion of her upper thighs and lower part of her bottom. Danielle was still thinking that this punishment was going to be a 'piece of cake'.

As her dad was taking off his belt to use on her he said, "Danielle, this is going to hurt more than you have ever hurt before. I want you to understand that I am doing this for your own good. You have to learn that you have responsibilities in this family and in life and if you don't fulfill those responsibilities you will suffer for it. Your mother and I love you very much, that is why we decided that this is necessary. Do you understand me?"

"Yeah sure dad. Whatever you say. Just get on with it ok?" Danielle replied flippantly.

Her father just shook his head as he stood to the side and rear of his bent over daughter. He measured the belt for length wrapping the excess buckle end around his hand. Then he took aim and with a good firm swing brought the belt across the roundest part of his daughter's bent over bottom.

Danielle heard a whistle and sharp crack as the belt swung and landed on her bare bottom. The pain didn't sink in yet and all she did was take a sharp intake of breath. She heard the whistle and crack of the belt as her father landed another stroke overlapping and just below the first.

The pain then exploded in her rear end. She had never felt anything so painful before. Danielle jumped up, grabbed her rear and cried out, "OWEE, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts," over and over again as she faced her father and hopped up and down.

Her father couldn't help but smile. "Danielle, it is supposed to hurt. We haven't really even begun your spanking yet. It is going to hurt an awful lot more before I am finished with you. Now get back into position or it will be much worse."

"No daddy, please. I'll be good I promise. I don't want to get spanked any more. I promise I'll be good. It hurts too much. Please daddy!" All thoughts Danielle had of a spanking not hurting and not being a punishment at all were gone with just two strokes of her dad's belt across her bare bottom. And her dad said he hadn't even begun yet!

Danielle's father looked at his distraught daughter, still hopping up and down and holding onto her bottom. He wasn't having second thoughts about spanking her at all; in fact he was wishing he had started years earlier. He was considering that this was her first spanking and perhaps there was another way of doing it.

"Danielle, I am still going to finish spanking you but I am going to do it in a way that will be easier for you take but you have to cooperate. Ok?"

"Yes, daddy. Anything that is easier. I'll do whatever you say." Danielle answered with desperation in her voice.

Her father picked up her bed pillow and placed it at the side of the bed. "Danielle, I want you to lie across your bed. Put your hips over the pillow so your bottom sticks up in the air a little. Let you legs dangle over the side of the bed but I want your chest to be completely rested on the bed."

"Wa, wa, what are you going to do to me, daddy?" Danielle asked in a quaking voice.

"I am going to finish spanking you. Only I am going to do it by hand with you lying over the bed. The hand won't hurt as much as the belt but you won't know the difference, it will hurt plenty to you. And if you try and get away, I will be able to hold you down. Now get over the pillow and across the bed," her father answered firmly.

In a daze of unbelief that this was really going to be as bad as she now thought it was going to be which was so much worse than she ever imagined, Danielle did as her father told her.

When Danielle was in position she was laying width ways across her bed. Her bare bottom was slightly propped up by her pillow; her legs were hanging over the edge of the bed. Her father told her to stretch her arms out in front of her, which she did. He told her to try and keep her hands out of the way and not to try and cover her bottom. He knew that she would try and he would just hold them out of the way.

Danielle started to shake and to sob in fear and anticipation of what was going to happen to her. She knew she would survive. Andrew had, and she had friends who told her they were spanked and that it really hurt - she just hadn't believed them.

Her father sat down on the bed with Danielle's bottom to his left. He wrapped his left arm around her waist holding her tightly in place and propping up her bottom a little more as he did so. He rested his right hand on the center of her bottom and reflected on what he was doing. Danielle was developing into a very lovely young girl; he and her mother were determined to make sure that her attitude and behavior were as lovely as her physical beauty. He knew what he had to do.

"Danielle, I am going to tell you again. Your mother and I love you very much. That is why I am spanking you. Your behavior simply has to improve or you will find yourself in this position again. If you behave, you may never be spanked again. It really is all up to you."

"I know daddy. I am sorry. I will be good, I promise. Only please don'tů" Danielle never got to finish. Her father knew what she was going to say and decided to start spanking instead of listening to useless pleas. He landed a sharp smack right in the center of her bottom, which was quickly followed by another and another.

Danielle cried out with a loud "Owee!!" Her legs kicked straight out and she shot her hands back to try and cover her bottom. Her left hand couldn't reach because her father was in the way but her right hand grabbed her smarting rear.

Danielle's father was expecting that move and he simply took hold of her wrist with his left hand and moved her hand out of the way pinning it to her side. He then calmly continued to give thirteen-year-old Danielle her first spanking.

If you were to watch the spanking you would never know that this was the first hand spanking he had ever given. You would have thought he was a master. He covered every part of poor Danielle's bottom. He started at the very roundest part of each cheek and gave them a series of slaps, one right after the other. Then he moved down slightly and repeated the process. He smacked across the crack in her bottom covering both cheeks at once and he concentrated on individual cheeks. He continued smacking over and over and over again. He even smacked the tops of her thighs and turned them as cherry red as the rest of her bottom.

Danielle didn't take her first spanking in silence or without resisting and trying to get away. She kicked and pleaded and promised to be good. She tried to roll away but her father held her firmly in position. She tried clenching her cheeks to lesson the sting but she learned quickly that that didn't help. She finally just cried and cried while her body squirmed and twisted and her legs kicked out with every stinging slap of her father's hand.

Her father wasn't being cruel in fact, far from it. He knew she deserved this spanking. He realized his daughter was at a behavior crossroads. She was on the verge of becoming a "problem child" and he felt he was partially to blame for letting her get away with too much when she was younger. He was determined not to let that happen and to get her back on the right road towards becoming a responsible individual. He hoped that by making this first spanking a serious one Danielle's behavior might improve so much that she would never need another.

Finally it was over but Danielle couldn't tell yet. She just lay there and cried and cried.

Her father relaxed his hold on her and looked over his daughter's bottom. Her entire bottom from the top of her crack down and the tops of her thighs had been thoroughly spanked. They were a deep, cherry red in color. There were two welts going straight across her bottom from the belt and he was glad he finished the spanking by hand as he didn't want her bruised. She was going to be red and sore for a few days and he thought with a smile that she wouldn't be wearing any tight shorts for the next few days. The shorts would be too uncomfortable on a sore bottom and the effects of the spanking would show below them and he didn't think she would want to advertise the fact that she had been so soundly spanked to her friends.

When Danielle realized the spanking was over and she could move again she stood up and gingerly reached back with her hands and held onto her bottom. When she looked at her father through tear filled eyes she said, "Oh daddy, I am so sorry for being nasty. I'll be good. I promise, only promise me you won't spank me again. It hurt so much worse than I ever thought it could."

Danielle's father just looked back at her and smiled, "Danielle honey, that is one thing I will not promise you. In fact, I promise you that if you misbehave again I will spank you again. But you know it is really all up to you. If you behave you won't ever be punished again. if you misbehave you will be punished. Your fate is in your hands."

This announcement from her father brought a fresh flurry of tears of Danielle.

Her father went on, "Danielle, your mother and I love you very much. We only want what is best for you. It is important for you to understand that. We want you to grow up to be a responsible individual, you have to understand that there are consequences for all of your actions."

With that Danielle reached out to her father and held onto him in a big hug, that her father returned with relief. "I know daddy. I love you guys too. I am so sorry for the way I have been acting. I guess I deserved to be punished. I'll be good, I promise."

"I know honey," her father said "now get yourself together, go downstairs and apologize to your mom and clean up like you were supposed to."

"Ok daddy, I will. I love you."

The End

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