Dione I

From: Livia Yoran ([email protected])

It was quite a shock for Dione when she was caught trying to manipulate the system.

On the interstellar research platform she had grown up on, she had been tampering with computers on a daily basis since she was about five years old, and the last time she had allowed herself to be caught had been six years ago, at age nine. Her parents had been quite angry at her, so she decided to be a bit more careful in the future - to cover up her traces a bit better, that is.

Well, she hadn't really done anything dangerous. She was not stupid enough to tamper with the life-support systems or anything like that. Most of the things she had done concerned her studies. She had so far completely avoided learning foreign languages, while her parents thought she had quite good grades (she had been clever enough to choose Japanese and Hindi, which her parents didn't speak); and she had faked all her music, programming the pieces she was supposed to learn into a chip in her electric violin, carefully building in a few mistakes (different ones each time, of course). Sometimes she had played around with the research computers, but mostly she hadn't changed any data, just tried to find out things she wasn't supposed to know.

Janus had disapproved, of course. He was her twin brother (named, like her, after one of the Saturn moons because that's where the research platform was when their mother had given birth to them), but that was difficult to believe if you compared the two - Dione having her mother's dark hair and skin and a very feminine shape, Janus being tall and gangling, with brown hair and a rather fair complexion. He was quiet, friendly, always busy studying and reading and practicing music. And he never got into trouble, which couldn't be said of Dione.

She wasn't at all sure if she liked coming 'back' to Earth, the planet she had never seen before. Jason was excited - their parents had arranged for him to go to a renowned boarding school for musically gifted children, situated at a place called New Zealand. About Dione, they had not been so sure. Yes, she had good grades (or at least they thought so), but she didn't seem to be especially interested in anything, or really brillant at anything - except for computers, maybe.

They had the impression that she hadn't used her computer for much more than playing games and chatting since that incident six years ago, when they had cut her off from most of the ship's network (Dione had to suppress a smile every time they mentioned that - they really seemed to believe it); but it couldn't hurt to have her tested in maths and computer sciences, anyway - perhaps she would be good enough to be admitted at a reasonable specialized school, like that little institute in Venezuela, or...

Well, Dione somehow exceeded her parents' expectations. She got the highest score any person of her age had ever received on that test. And she hadn't tampered with the scoring system at all.

And so she had ended up in Damascus. In the world's best school for children who had an extraordinary talent for maths and computers. Unfortunately, as she found out the very first day, that didn't mean she wouldn't have to do any foreign languages, history or geography. And she had real teachers who wouldn't be fooled by toying with the score register and entering top marks everywhere.

Her personal tutor was Jurek, a tall, broad-shouldered, blond man of about thirty-five who seemed quite pleasant at first, but made some very unpleasant decisions the very first day. After having read her test scores and having talked to her for about an hour about her level in the different subjects she was supposed to take, he stated that obviously her level in computer sciences and maths (she had always taken an interest in maths, in order to understand complex algorithms she needed for programming) was far above average for her age even at this very select school, and that contrarily her level in all the other subjects was deplorably low. She would therefore spend about 80% of her time studying all the stuff she had always avoided doing, mostly with children much younger than her, and only 20% with the things she had come here for.

She became very upset when she heard this, and immediately started complaining.

Jurek interrupted her after the first five words and said very determinedly: 'Listen, Dione, your timetable is not open to discussion at the moment. If you want to spend a higher proportion of your time with computer studies, you will just have to make a bit of an effort in the other subjects. You won't be able to trick yourself out of them like you apparently did on the space platform.'

Dione flushed. She hadn't realized that the teachers here would obviously wonder how she could have acquired such good grades with knowing so little.

Jurek went on: 'There is one thing I really would like to draw your attention to. As you may have heard, the school's policy on discipline is very strict, and your parents, when sending you to this school, gave us the right to take every disciplinary measure we consider appropriate. We frequently get children who are real talents at working with computers, but whose social behaviour leaves a lot to desire. You may be assured that we know how to deal with these cases. We hardly ever have problems with children your age, but that's because we hardly ever accept them. The only exceptions are children like you, who grew up far from Earth.'

'Would you please stop referring to me as a 'child',' Dione asked, frowning.

'No,' said Jurek simply, and smiled. 'Why should I?'

He got up. 'One last word of warning,' he said. 'I would advise you not to try and tamper with our computer network the way you seem to be used to. It is much better protected than you probably imagine.'

Dione was fuming after he left. And she felt insulted and at the same time challenged by Jurek's last words. Was he suggesting that she wasn't good enough to get into their computer system? Well, perhaps the other kids here weren't, but she sure was ? her test scores were proof of that. She certainly didn't care about their stupid policy on discipline. After all, what could they do to her? Nothing, because they wouldn't catch her - she had really learned her lesson when she was nine years old.

The first thing to do, she decided, would be to change her timetable. She couldn't change it too much, or Jurek would be suspicious, but certainly one or two hours less of Japanese conversation wouldn't hurt. Apparently, the whole system of classes was very flexible, so probably nobody would notice as long she went to the lessons she was registered for in the computer. She sat down at her terminal and carefully started trying to find out about the kind of network they had, the security systems they used and the traps they had laid. Pretty standard stuff, most of it. She had brought some routines with her on a chip for the simple things, and started running one of them - quite an ingenious one, actually, she thought - when suddenly an alarm went off in the whole building. She froze to her seat. No, they can't mean me, she thought. That must be a smoke alarm or something. She thought for a moment, then slowly got up and went to the door. I'll just have a look at what's going on, she decided, and opened the door a bit. In the same second, her arm was grabbed and she was drawn out on the corridor. Jurek was looking down at her, and he seemed quite furious. 'Follow me,' he said coolly, and strode away. She pondered for a moment, but finally decided that there was no point in disobeying him right now. Perhaps, if she complied and said she was sorry and everything, he would calm down and she could talk herself out of it. Well, she might be grounded or so, but what the heck. She wasn't interested in seeing this stupid Earth city anyway.

Her way to Jurek's office wasn't pleasant. Jurek had switched off the alarm from his pocket terminal, but the siren had caused quite a commotion, and from all directions, students were coming, searching for the cause of the alarm and looking curiously at her as she meekly walked behind Jurek, blushing deeply at all the attention. Jurek held the door open for her and closed it when she had entered. He folded his arms and looked at her. 'Care for an explanation?' he asked, still in that quiet cool voice which didn't deceive her at all over the fact that he was really angry.

'I'm sorry, Jurek,' she said with a meek little-girl kind of voice which had proved quite effective with her parents. 'I... I didn't mean to set off an alarm. You see, I just wanted to concact my parents in Brussels in a rather personal matter, and I wasn't sure how secure the standard connections from here were, as I've got no experience with the Earth network, so I wanted to check and perhaps install an additional firewall, and...'

'Enough,' he said sharply. 'Do you really think I believe one word of this bullshit?'

She was at a loss for words. Jurek, however, wasn't.

'I warned you,' he said. 'I had hoped not to have to do this on your very first day, but you leave me no choice. Drop your pants, please.'

'WHAT?' she yelled. 'What the fuck...'

'That's enough', he said again, louder. He grabbed her shoulders, turned her around, and started smacking the seat of her pants, hard. She yelped, first out of surprise, but after the third hard spank on the same spot, it really started to hurt. She struggled to free herself, but he was much stronger than her and continued to smack her bottom until she cried out loudly with each spank. Then he stopped.

'Will you now do as you're told and drop your trousers, or shall I go on?' he asked quietly.

Dione had completely lost her composure. She was furious at Jurek, but at the same time, her bottom hurt a lot, and he had shown her that he was a lot stronger than she was. So she slowly unzipped her trousers and let them drop around her ankles, at the same time pleading:

'Please, Jurek... I'm sorry. I really won't do it again, I promise!'

'I intend to make sure you won't,! he said grimly. 'You are not the first of my students who thinks rules are made for others, not for himself. They tend to change their mind quite quickly after I'm through with them, though.'

He sat down on a chair without armrests and said calmly: 'Come over my knee, please.'

'WHAT?' she yelled again, but he said sharply: 'Or shall I have to make you?'

She saw no other choice than to comply, step out of her pants and lower herself on Jureks lap. She felt like she was dying of shame. Here she was, fifteen years old, lying over a grown-ups lap. She had never been spanked before, and the slaps Jurek had just given her on top of her pants had been more than enough for her. She was starting to be really sorry she had been so stupid. And she froze of terror when Jurek took hold of the waistband of her panties and started to pull them down, while with the other hand slightly lifting her hips.

'No! Please! You can't do that! I'm fifteen years old!' she cried.

'All the more reason you shouldn't behave in such an irresponsible manner,' he said, lowering her panties further until her bottom was bared. He put his hand on her bottom and calmly asked:

'Now, Dione, do you know why you're being spanked?'

This was so humiliating.

'Yes,' she whispered.

'Louder, please,' he insisted.

'YES!' she barked, immediately regretting her tone of voice, but it was too late. Jurek gave her five extra hard slaps on her naked bottom which made her cry out loud.

'Sorry, I'm sorry,' she sobbed.

'Good,' he said. 'Then tell me why you are being spanked.'

'I... I tried to tamper around with the network and get around the security stuff,' she sniffed.

'And why did you do that?' he inquired. 'The truth, please. No more lies if you know what's good for you.'

She hesitated and received another hard slap that made her cry out.

'Stop!' she yelled. 'I'll tell you!'

'I'm waiting,' he said.

'I... well... mainly I just wanted to prove that I can do it,' she admitted.

'And what exactly were you planning on doing in order to prove that?' he persisted.

Shit. He wasn't going to be fooled at all. Totally defeated, she confessed: 'I wanted to change my timetable a bit. Only a bit. You know, a bit of Japanese conversation or so...'

He paused for a moment and then said: 'I guess I don't have to comment on that. It sounds stupid enough as it is. Alright, I think we both agree that you deserve a solid spanking, don't we?' He actually waited for her answer!

'Yes, Sir,' she responded in a whiny, childish voice, 'but please, I've never been spanked before, please don't make it too hard...'

'I'll make it as hard as you deserve', he replied calmly, and then the preliminaries were over, and his hand landed on her bare bottom, over and over again, covering every inch of her buttocks and her upper thighs till she was kicking and wailing. She never could have imagined how much this hurt. Her bottom burned incredibly, and she started pleading: 'Please! Please stop! I won't do it again! Pleeeeeaseee! I won't! Stoooop!' But Jurek continued to spank her slowly and methodically until she couldn't utter a coherent sound any more and was reduced to lying limply over his lap, sobbing, all resistance gone.

When she had finally calmed down enough to realize he had stopped spanking her, she reached back desperately to rub her throbbing and burning bottom, but he grabbed her hands firmly and said 'No touching your bottom. We are not finished yet.'

She froze with terror when she heard these words, and immediatly started sobbing again.

'Please... I can't take any more... It hurts so much,' she pleaded. He helped her up and made her look at him, all the while holding her hands.

'Dione,' he said, almost kindly now, 'the kind of thing you did today was way out of line, and you knew it. If any of my other pupils had done this, I would have gotten out the paddle. It's your first day here and you have never been spanked before, so this must be enough of a shock for you without being paddled. But I will still need to give you something more to think about before I'm done with you.'

He lead her to the desk and ordered her to bend over and grab the other end. He didn't have to tell her twice. After having been so thoroughly spanked, she was far too afraid of him to dare disobey. Suddenly, she felt something cool on her buttocks and flinched. Turning her head, she saw Jurek raising a long wooden ruler.

'No, please don't,' she whined, and immediately screamed with pain when the ruler struck the top of her butt. Jurek didn't leave her much time to recover. Again and again the ruler came down on her buttocks, until she had twelve parallel red stripes from the small of her back until the top of her thighs, and was reduced to sobbing helplessly again.

Jurek gave her a bit of time to compose herself, then handed her her panties and trousers. 'I hope you have learned your lesson and I won't have to do this to you again,' he said earnestly.

'I'm sorry,' she said, sniffling and fighting against fresh tears welling up, 'I'm really sorry I was so stupid. I won't do it again.'

'Good,' he said, and then, surprisingly, hugged her. To her own astonishment, she impulsively leaned her head against his broud shoulder and relaxed a bit. He held her like this for a moment, then took her shoulders and made her look at him.

'I want you to understand that as far as I'm concerned, you've been punished and the whole incident will be forgiven and forgotten,' he said earnestly. ' I won't talk about it any more, and I certainly don't hold a grudge against you. We often have new students who do the same kind of stupid thing you just did, trying to prove they are better than the rest. This type of behaviour is certainly unacceptable and has to be punished, but it doesn't make me think of you as a bad person. I just hope you will try to do your best here, and I won't need to do this again. You can expect only to be spanked for really serious or repeat offenses, so actually spankings occur pretty rarely here. We've got other ways of dealing with silly every day stuff. However, if you pull a stunt like the one you were just punished for again, today will seem like a picknick to you. Do I make myself clear?'

'Yes, Sir,' she said, surprised about herself for the second time this afternoon, as she had never before addressed somebody as 'Sir'.

'Fine,' he said, suddenly smiling broadly at her. 'It's great to have you here, Dione. I have a feeling you have it in you to do really well, if you try hard and don't fool around too much. Don't disappoint me, will you?'

'I'll try,' she mumbled. He smiled at her again, lead her to the door and let her out. She hurried back to her room, whincing of pain when her trousers rubbed over her sore and aching bottom, but nevertheless speeding up as much as she could because she dreaded meeting somebody on her way. One or two pupils saw her on the corridor and seemed to look at her knowingly, which made her feel utterly humiliated. She was almost running when she reached her room and slammed the door behind her. She quickly undressed, moistened a washcloth at the sink in her room, lay on her bed belly down and put the washcloth on her bottom. It eased the heat and the throbbing a bit, but it couldn't defeat the dull pain. She couldn't imagine how she would be able to sit down for dinner tonight, or for class tomorrow.

'Thanks, Mom and Dad, for not telling me about this beforehand,' she murmured.

And, after a while: 'Though I'd probably have refused to come here if I'd known.'

And, much later: 'He's right, however. I'll probably not do this again. Well, or at least, if I ever do something like this again, it had better be worth it, not just for the fun of it... and it must be pretty important to be worth the paddling I'll risk...'

The End

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