A First Caning

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Julie Wood was a pupil in the sixth form of Witney Grange Mixed Grammar School. She had always been a quiet and well-behaved girl and had kept well out of the way of any serious trouble. Witney Grange was an old-fashioned school with a very good disciplinary record and all its pupils, both boys and girls, were subject to corporal punishment. Julie was not unusual in never having felt the cane, only the headmaster was allowed to use this and it was regarded as an unusually severe punishment even for boys, but she was certainly among a minority of girls in never having felt the slipper or even having had her wrists slapped.

Until fairly recently this had been no more than Julie had deserved. But in the last few months she had been rather capitalising on her position as a "teacherís pet" and had been taking liberties and seeing how much she could get away with. Julie was also counting on the fact that she was now in the sixth form and that it was rare for a teacher to take a slipper to a sixth form girl. Julieís behaviour had been noticed, and resented, by the other pupils and had come to the attention of the staff.

At a regular staff meeting one Monday it was decided to give Julie enough rope and see if she would hang herself. Miss James, her form teacher, was instructed not to use her slipper herself but to wait until Julie went far enough out of line and then send her to Mr Glenn, the headmaster. The assembled staff thought that Julie needed a good caning both for her own benefit and to restore the faith of her classmates in the fairness of things. Mr Glenn also emphasised that the news that a sixth form girl had had the cane would quickly spread through the school and would have a very good effect on the behaviour of girls in lower forms who would realise what was awaiting their own bottoms if their conduct didnít improve.

Miss Osbourne did her best for Julie, whom she liked and thought was not basically a bad girl, but just going through a rather silly phase at the moment, but she agreed with her colleagueís plan. At heart, too, she felt that Julie deserved it, although she rather regretted not having given the girl a good dose of the slipper the last time sheíd acted up. That would have put a stop to her stupidities she was sure.

She went so far as to have a quiet word with Julie and warn her to pull her socks up, but Julie just smiled cheekily. She had got away with so much from Miss Osbourne that she didnít believe she would ever give her a proper punishment.

That Wednesday several boys and girls, including Julie, were late for class, having been talking in the corridor. Miss Osbourne made no distinctions and awarded all the pupils concerned fifty lines to be done by the next day.

Julie didnít do her lines. Sheíd only ever had lines once before and she had been allowed to get away with handing them in a week late on that occasion. She decided that she would say she hadnít had time to do the lines.

On Thursday Miss Osbourne took Julieís class in the last period, General Studies, which all sixth formers had to take. Before starting the lesson she asked for the lines to be handed in. Everyone except for Julie handed in their lines.

"Julie Wood!" Where are your lines?"

At the last minute Julie felt that she couldnít say that there hadnít been enough time. After all everybody else had done theirs! She had never seen Miss Osbourne looking at her with such an angry expression. Just as though she were one of the naughty girls, not her favourite at all!

Rather disconcerted Julie replied "Iím sorry, miss. I forgot. Iíll do them for tomorrow!"

Miss Osbourne did not reply, but started to write a short note. Watching, Julie was not sure that she understood. Surely she couldnít be going to send her - Julie Wood - for the . . .

Her thoughts were interrupted. Miss Osbourne had finished the note and looked up at Julie. "Take this note to Mr Glenn, Julie. He will deal with you. Iím sorry that this is necessary, but you have had your warnings and this is the last straw."

Julie was dumbfounded. Never in her worst dreams had she imagined this. She had worried a bit during the day about Miss Osbourneís reaction when she didnít hand in the lines but had thought that the worst that could possibly happen to her was that she would get the slipper. And all her friends had had the slipper and had said that it didnít hurt much, just stung for a minute or two. "Quite a pleasant tingle!" Jill Makin had said. But the cane was another matter. Of her close friends only Emma Longhurst had had the cane. Julie had never asked her about it and they had not been particular friends at the time but she remembered Emmaís tearful return to the classroom, how careful sheíd been about sitting down for some time after the punishment and the radical change it had produced in her behaviour.

"Oh, no miss! Please! Donít send me to Mr Glenn. Canít I have the slipper from you?" The day before Julie could not have imagined getting the slipper from Miss Osbourne, still less asking for it, but circumstances alter cases.

In any case it was no use and a very reluctant Julie left the class holding the note to make her way to the headmasterís office. She trudged miserably along the empty corridors. The very best for which she could now realistically hope would be the slipper from Mr Glenn, but she knew it was much more likely to be the cane. But it couldnít be! Not to her!

She looked at the note, wondering what Miss Osbourne had written. Should she look at it? Superstitiously she decided not to do so. So long as she didnít know what was on it she could hope that Miss Osbourne had not suggested the cane to the headmaster. She continued on her slow journey, reached Mr Glennís door and knocked on it.

"Come in!"

Feeling he stomach turn over and aware that tears were very close the eighteen year old entered the headmasterís office and, at his request, closed the door behind her.

Mr Glenn, seated at his desk had recognised her and, of course remembered Mondayís staff discussion. And, bearing in mind the expression on Julieís pretty face, he had no doubt that this young lady had stepped out of line just once too often and been sent to him for a well-earned comeuppance. Nevertheless he asked her why she was there.

"Miss Osbourne sent me, sir!" And Julie gave the headmaster the note.

He read it slowly and carefully and allowed his expression to become angrier and angrier as he did so.

Finally he looked up. "So you didnít do your lines, Julie?"

There was a pause. Julie had to gather her courage to speak in the august presence of the headmaster who, she knew, had the right to subject her poor never-smacked bottom to awful pain unless she could, somehow, persuade him to let her off.

"No, sir. I . . . forgot them. Iíll do them tonight, sir, I promise!"

"Yes, Julie, you will. But not just the fifty lines Miss Osbourne gave you. Iím doubling them. You will give me one hundred lines before assembly tomorrow."

He looked closely at Julie. She obviously guessed that there was more to come as she moved uneasily from foot to foot. He decided she was probably unconscious of the way her hands were protectively clasped to her bottom through her navy school skirt.

Mr Glenn rose from his seat without continuing his remarks. He walked over to a small cupboard in the corner of the room and took out a crook-handled cane, light-brown in colour and about eighty centimetres in length - the senior school cane. He turned and faced Julie, who was beginning to tremble.

"Miss Osbourne doesnít believe you Ďforgotí your lines, Julie, and neither do I. I am going to punish you for lying and for trying to evade a well deserved, and lenient, punishment. Iíve had complaints about you, young lady, from more than one of my staff and itís more than time for all of this nonsense to end. I donít like it when I have to cane a sixth former, I like it still less when itís a pupil I havenít caned before, and I like it least of all when itís a girl! [This, by the way, may not have been quite true, but Mr Glenn did try to act as though it were] But I think that the only thing which will get through to you is . . . this!" Mr Glenn swished the cane through the air and continued:

"I will give you six strokes over your knickers. I think that will remind you to do your lines in future! Now, pull out that chair and take your blazer off!"

Horrified, Julie tried her best to persuade Mr Glenn to let her off. When that failed she pleaded with him to be given the slipper, telling him sheíd never had it before. But Mr Glenn was implacable, it had to be the cane. Then she tried to get him to reduce the number of strokes - she remembered that Emma had only goot four strokes. But six was Mr Glennís minimum for sixth formers and he told her so. Desperately Julie persevered, asking if she could be punished on the hands. She would have gone on to ask if her bottom could at least have the meagre protection her school skirt would provide, but Mr Glenn had had enough. He interrupted her pleas and addressed her angrily:

"You will receive six strokes over your knickers and thatís all there is to it. Youíre not the first naughty girl at this school to be caned and thereís nothing special about your bottom! Pull that chair out and get your blazer off right now!"

Sniffing back incipient tears, Julie obeyed. She placed her blazer over the back of the chair. Sixth formers at Whitney Grange did not have to wear uniform but, as it happened, Julie was wearing full uniform that Thursday. Her blazer, like her knee-length skirt, was navy-blue, with the golden crest of the school sewn into its top pocket. She was also wearing the regulation white school blouse with the blue and yellow school tie.

"Bend over the back of the chair and hold onto the seat!" ordered Mr Glenn.

After casting one backwards, imploring, glance at the headmasterís unchangingly stern countenance Julie lowered herself over the chair back. She was only just tall enough to reach the edge of the seat and had to stretch to do so. As she bent down her bra strap became clearly visible through the white material of her school blouse. Julie felt as though she was in a daze, she still could not believe what was about to happen to her.

Suddenly she felt the headmasterís hands at the hem of her skirt. Her body tensed as he rolled her skirt and underskirt up in an efficient, well-practised way - he had had years of experience at this task - and pinned them in position, well out of the way. Her navy-blue knickers, the only protection her upturned bottom would have from Mr Glennís cane, were now exposed to sight, Julie shivered.

Mr Glenn was not satisfied with her position. "Legs straight, girl!" he ordered. And when Julie did not immediately respond he delivered a resounding slap with the palm of his hand on Julieís right thigh.

"Oww!" Julieís head jerked up sharply, sending her blonde hair flying. She had been taken by surprise by the sudden smack. It really stung! Sheíd been smacked at home sometimes, when sheíd been particularly naughty, but never anything like as hard as that. At first she actually thought it was the first stroke of her caning but then she realised and straightened her knees, putting her bottom into an even better place for Mr Glenn to aim at.

He watched for a few seconds, seeing the red mark on the teenagerís white flesh spread angrily. Then he stepped backwards, lifting the cane behind him, and spoke to her.

"Right, Julie. Six strokes. And youíd better stay in position, or itíll be the worse for you!"

SWISH . . . WHACK!!!

The cane whipped down across Julieís knickers. The schoolgirlís reaction was immediate! Julie yelled out loud, released her grip on the chair and leapt upright. She twisted round to face the headmaster, her hands pressed to her stinging bottom. She made a strange sight, with her skirt and slip still pinned up.

"Oww! Oww!! That hurt sir!" she said, accusingly, her pretty face screwed up in pain.

"Itís meant to hurt, Julie. Youíre here to be punished. And if you donít get back into position right now, youíll get extra strokes and itíll hurt a lot more!"

Julie looked back at him without speaking, measuring her will against his. After a few moments her eyes began to fill with tears. Very slowly she turned round and re-assumed her humiliating position over the chair. This time Mr Glenn bent down and pulled her knickers up tight so that they practically disappeared in the centre of her bottom, revealing the dull red marks left by the caneís first visit.

"I meant what I said, Julie," he reminded her. "If you stand up again youíll get extra strokes!"

Julieís had not been an unusual reaction to a first stroke of the cane for either a girl or a boy but Mr Glenn meant what he said. This was a punishment and he was not prepared to have his time wasted unnecessarily.

He drew the cane back again.

SWISH . . . WHACK!!!

This time Julie took it in silence, although a shudder passed through her whole body as the sting made itself felt. Her curvy bottom wriggled involuntarily, as if inviting further punishment.

SWISH . . . WHACK!!!

"Owww!!" Despite her best endeavours Julie could not restrain a yelp of pain. She was breathing quickly and desperately in big gasps and she frantically drummed her legs on the carpet trying to handle the sudden stinging pain. She was halfway through her punishment. She had taken three strokes, surely she could take another three.

Mr Glenn waited until Julie was still. When she was . . .

SWISH . . . WHACK!!!

This time the stroke was laid on slightly diagonally, crossing marks left by earlier strokes. Julie jerked her head back and shrieked loudly. She stayed bent over the chair, but one hand came back to delicately explore the surface of her cane-marked bottom. Tears were now coming in earnest, rolling down Julieís cheeks and dripping onto the carpeted floor of the office. This was what Emmaís punishment must have felt like, but her own was not over yet.

"Hand out of the way, girl! Youíve still got two strokes to come!" The headmasterís voice echoed her thoughts.

With a strange groan-like sigh Julie obeyed, once again exposing her bottom for punishment. She held her position bent over the chair, shaking and sobbing quietly.

Whenever he caned a naughty pupil, whether male or female, Mr Glenn always ensured that the last two strokes hurt most of all. Now he took careful aim before delivering the fifth stroke to the very lowest part of Julieís bottom, just above her thighs.

SWISH . . . WHACK!!!


This time Julie really gave voice. That stroke had really stung! She squirmed and wriggled over the chair, gasping like a grampus, desperately wanting to stand up and rub her bottom, but not daring to do so. Christ! Just one to go. Please, donít let it be on the same place . . .

But it was, of course, and the hardest stroke of all.

SWISH . . . WHACK!!!!

"Aiieee! Yeeeooww!! Owww!"

Julie leapt a foot into the air and landed on unsteady legs. Her hands flew back to her wealed backside, rubbing and massaging frantically to try to ease the pain. Tears still trickled down her face and the ends of her long blonde hair were wet. Mr Glenn looked on with a slight smile and then walked over and returned the cane to its cupboard. He walked back over to Julie and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Stand still, Julie; hands out of the way!"

He bent down and unpinned the girlís skirt and slip, letting them fall down to cover her blazing bottom. Julie resumed her rubbing, now through the material of her skirt. Mr Glenn walked back behind his desk and pulled a tissue out of a box on the desk top and offered it to Julie.

"Here you are, Julie. Blow your nose and wipe your eyes, itís all over now!"

Julie accepted it gratefully. But although the caning might have been over the stinging certainly wasnít! As the teenager sniffed away her tears, Mr Glenn was making the necessary entry in his Punishment Book. When he had completed this task he reminded her that she was to hand in one hundred lines to him tomorrow and told her to return to Miss Osbourneís class. He also warned her that if she was ever sent to him again she would realise how lightly sheíd been let off this time!

As soon as she was outside the door Julie stood still and clamped her hands to the seat of her school skirt. Then she started to walk back towards her classroom, slowly!

Walking normally was painful, her knickers rubbing onto the weals causing intense shooting pains. Julie found that by taking smaller steps the pain was greatly reduced, but even so she had to stop every so often to rub her bottom. The school corridors were mostly deserted, but as Julie paused outside her classroom for a final rub a small boy, eleven or twelve years old, suddenly appeared, carrying a note. He grinned at the sight of the naughty eighteen year old girl with an obviously very sore bottom, rubbed his own in mockery, and disappeared. Julie had never been so mortified.

She knocked on her classroom door and went in. Miss Osbourne looked up.

"What happened, Julie?" she enquired.

"I got caned, miss. Six strokes miss," whispered Julie. A girl sniggered.

"Lisa!" thundered Miss Osbourne, "Stand up, girl!" Lisa stood. Miss Osbourne turned back to Julie. "Iím sorry," she said kindly, "but you know we had no choice after your recent behaviour. I hope itís taught you a lesson. Now go to your place!"

Julie sat down very slowly and carefully, aware that everyone was watching her. It took her three attempts but she managed to sit down, although it was evident that she was still in some discomfort.

Miss Osbourne turned to Lisa and said: "Well, Lisa, so you think being caned is funny do you? What about getting the slipper, is that funny too?"

"No, miss," replied Lisa sheepishly.

"Well, letís see!" Miss Osbourne removed a plimsoll from a drawer of her desk and beckoned Lisa out. Unlike Julie, Lisa was not wearing school uniform and she took her slippering on the seat of a rather tight pair of greyish-blue trousers. Miss Osbourne was still upset that Julie had had to be caned and rather took it out on poor Lisa, who was an habitual trouble maker, giving her a dozen solid whacks. She bore the infliction in silence but there was certainly no sign of amusement on her face as she made her way back to her place afterwards.

Shifting her weight uncomfortably on her hard wooden seat Julie resolved never to be naughty again!

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