Uncle Mike and Aunt Lynn

From: Paul Francis ([email protected])

I never will forget my 13th summer. And I will never want to repeat the turn of events again.

Every summer my cousin Leah and I would spend as much spare time together as possible together while growing up. she was 6 months older than me and I guess you could say she was my best friend. We did everything together, good and bad. The bad is what I will never forget that one summer when I was 13.

All the way back to Leah's, riding in that sedan belonging to her Mom and Dad, My mouth was dry and my heart was pounding so hard you could hear it over the gloomy silence but cold stares coming from the front seat. The fact that Mike and Lynn had to leave work and come to the mall to pick us up didn't make the situation any better. Leah looked stunned.

It was mostley Leahs idea to take the CD's from the tightley secure music store. I went along because, well, we did everything together. Oh how I wish I hadnt. As we were leaving the store there it was, the grab on the shoulder followed by "would you two come with me, please." I knew we were doomed, what would my Mom say. Maybe they would let us slide because my cousin is, I must say, a charming and rather cute young lady.

It was to no avail. The security officer made the call to Mike and Lynn, seperately, and now we had to wait.

We waited for what seemed like hours, then they arrived. Uncle Mike was glaring down at Leah and then me and then back. Aunt Lynne talked the security officer into letting us off with a warning and the assurance that 'they will be very sorry they stole from your store and I'm sorry and embarrased.'

"Let's go theives" said Mike.

We both got up slowey and headed for the door, which was semi blocked by Aunt Lynne. As I passed through I saw Lynne grab Leah by her ponytail and proceed to smack her on the bottom over her rather tight shorts. After about ten smacks, Lynne released Leah saying."you'll be gettin yours when we get home."

That brings us to the ride home... It was hell. I didn't know how I was to fit into all this. I was in for a surprise.

As soon as we pulled up in the drive way, Mike turned around and said, "I want the two of you to go upstairs, to Leahs room, Take off your pants and wait for me and her, pointing to Lynne, to come up." "Move now, thieves."

When Leah and I got to her room I asked,"Does Uncle Mike want ME to take off my pants too?"

Leah was removing her shorts and I noticed she was whimpering. "yes and your... underpants too... We're gonna get whipped." She turned her back to me and quickley removed her pink panties, laid them on the floor and sat on the edge of her bed. she folded her hands in her lap and bowed her head. I was down to my underpants, but nervous about removing them in front of a girl. After all, I was 13 now and Leah was almost 14. She turned and said,"James, you really need to be ready when they come up."

Just then I heard foot steps at the bottom of the stairs which made me react to what Leah just said by quickly removing my underpants and putting them on the floor and sitting in the same motion. I too crossed my arms over my lap out of shame, I guess.

The foot steps were getting closer and I could hear the 'tinkle,tinkle,tinkle' of a belt buckle getting louder. but wait, there is another voice, could it be Lynne pleading our case, not likely. The shame I had in my nakedness was replaced with the fear of what lay ahead, (the footsteps were right out side the door), I knew It wasn't good and couldn't beleive this was happening to me.

Suddenly, the door burst wide open and, without hesitation, Uncle mike made a beeline for Leah, grabbed her by her arm pulling her to her feet. He had wrapped the buckle end of the belt a couple of times around his hand leaving the rest hanging and with this, without a beat or pause (swish-smack, swish-smack,swish-smack) he began to methodically spank Leah on her bare bottom (swish-smack, swish-smack, swish-smack) to her protests of 'daddy please, no, I'm sorry' (swish-smack,swish-smack,swish-smack).

Just then Aunt Lynne turned and faced me (swish-smack,swish-smack), and in her right hand I saw a freshly cut switch about 1/2" thick. She closed the door (swish-smack,swish-smack) Pleease daddy... and said" james, please lay across the bed. You're getting one too." (swish-smack,swish smack). Hesitantly I arose and trying to keep covered, I assumed the position. I was on my belly and could see Leah and Uncle Mike had moved into a corner and leah was on the floor (swish-smack, swish smack, swish-smack) still getting a whipping and bawling loudly "daddy Please, I'm sorry" (swish-smack) suddenly I heard Swish over me and the smack was followed by a sharp sting, followed by an immediate Swish smack which made me put my hand down over my bare and stinging bottom.

"Move your hand, now James" said Lynne, "it looks like we'll have to start over again." (swish- smack)... this went on for what seemed an eternity. I tried to fight back the tears but Lynne was switching me hard and I had to cry. Finally the whipping Leah was getting was over and so was mine. She was still lying in the corner, crying rubbing her very red bottom and legs.

Uncle mike was putting back on his belt and said, "I will not raise a thief and I will not have one in the house. Is that clear Leah?" Leah answered back curtly "yes sir"

"Are you smarting off young lady?" said Mike as he was taking his belt back off, and doubling it over. "We'll just have to nip that in the bud now"

At that, he rushed back over to leah and (smack,smack,smack).

"You may get up and get dressed now James." said Lynne (Smack,smack). "Your mother is coming to get you and she has been told of your whipping. [doorbell] (saved by the bell?)

Uncle Mike was putting his belt back on and said "I'll walk you down James, Leah has some more thinking to do." As we left I saw Aunt Lynne closing the door and I heard her, faintly through the door saying, "well young lady..."

The ride home with Mom was a long one, and I might say, a sore one. I never will forget that summer. I never will steal again either...

The End

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