A Very Long Day

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Heather was Laura’s stepmother and had been in the household since she was six. For five years she had felt sorry for the girl and had not had her help around the house much. Laura’s inactivity with housework had been getting on her nerves. She had talked to Laura’s father and he said she should begin to handle her. Her husband had packed for a two day stay out of town and had left that morning after breakfast. Laura complained and stalled as she helped clear the table. Laura put the broom in the closet and slammed the door. Heather decided to begin putting her foot down. Laura had never spoken about her mother in many years. She had died in a car accident and Heather decided to begin handling her by talking about her mother. That would be a good place to start.

“Laura come to the living room with me, I want to talk to you.” Laura smiled.

“Okay Mommy.” Heather escorted Laura into the living room walking by the stairs up to their rooms and front door. Heather sat in her husbands’ soft large chair and sat Laura on her lap. Laura leaned against Heather’s chest and hugged her. She loved her stepmother with all her heart.  Heather put her left arm around Laura’s bottom and rubbed her back with her right hand. Heather noticed Laura’s eyes were closed.

“Laura, I want to talk to you today.”  Laura nodded.

“Can you tell me about your Mommy?”  Laura tensed up and hugged tighter.

“You are my Mommy.”

“I know baby.  I want you to tell me about your first Mommy.”  Laura’s eyes closed tighter.

“She died.”

“I know baby. Can you tell me about her?”  Laura whimpered.

“She left because I was naughty.”  Heather was startled. Laura had never said anything like this before to her. Heather stopped rubbing Laura’s back. Laura reached behind her, took Heather’s hand and placed it on the portion of her posterior that was available and made Heather’s hand rub her. Heather began to rub and she crawled up onto Heather and nestled on her shoulder.

“Tell me, what did you do that was so naughty baby?” Heather said softly. Laura whimpered.

“I was naughty, very naughty. She did not hold me like this. Please Mommy, put your hand under my pajama’s and rub me.”

“All right baby.”  Heather put her hand under Laura’s pajama top and rubbed her back.

“Mommy, please, do my bare bottom too.”  Heather complied and slipped her hand under the waistband catching her thumb on the elastic and gently lowered Laura’s pajama bottoms. Laura felt Heather warm hand on the bare skin of her bottom and hugged her tightly. Laura loved the feel of Heather’s hand rubbing her bare skin and she closed her eyes at the closeness she felt for her. Heather rubbed Laura for a while.

“Laura, what did you do that was so naughty?”  Heather asked. Laura whimpered.

“If I tell you what I did, are you going to spank me if it was very naughty?”  Heather thought a moment.

“If baby needs a spanking, yes.”

“I love you Mommy. Please… rub me…more.”  Heather put her hand gently on Laura’s bottom and rubbed lightly. Laura loved Heather with all her heart and gripped her tightly, she wanted this time to never end and savored the hand gently caressing her. Heather held Laura and rubbed her for half an hour. She felt Laura needed the closeness of a mother after so long without one.

“What did baby do that was naughty?”  Heather asked softly.

“I…I lied many times to her, and… and stole something.”  She whined.

“I see…and what did you lie about baby?”  Laura was quiet a moment.

“Will you get mad at me Mommy?”

“No baby, I will not.”

“Will you spank me?”  Heather thought a moment.

“Do you think Mommy should?”  Laura whimpered more.

“Yes Mommy…you should. I love you Mommy…and I need…you to take care of me.”

“I love you too. You are my baby girl. Now tell Mommy what you lied about.”

“Mother asked me…if I had swept and cleaned my room…many times I didn’t…. and told her I did. She never came to check it…and I wanted her to.”  Heather paused.

“Well, what did you want her to see?”  Laura whimpered again.

“That…I…did sweep and clean or when…I didn’t.”

“Oh…Did you want your mother to get mad at you?”

“Sort of…I mostly wanted her to…talk to me…or hold me like you are now.”

Heather was moved by what Laura said and was silent a moment, she tried to remember a time Laura’s mother held her close and talked to her. She could not remember a time.  Her father had always talked to her, but not hold her like this. She was probably being naughty to get attention and held. Laura was dying for some attention and comfort for the loss she had suffered.

“I will hold you like this all you want baby.”  Laura began to cry and hugged Heather tightly.

“I love you and I miss my mother.”  Heather continued to rub Laura’s bottom.

“I know.”  Laura’s crying stopped. “Now tell me what else you did Laura.”

“I took…I took…one of Mommy’s rings.”  Heather knew what ring it was, her husband had told her about it..

“The one with the red stone in it?”  Laura nodded on Heather shoulder.

“Your Mommy looked for that ring a long time. Do you still have it?”  Laura nodded again.

“All right baby. It is good you told me. Did you do anything else?”  Laura whimpered and hugged Heather tighter.

“I lied mostly…Are you going to take me over your knee?”  Heather did not know what to say. Laura wanted her to spank her.

“Do you need me to?”


Heather gently raised Laura’s pajama bottoms, sat her on her lap and smoothed her hair. Laura nestled against Heather chest and cried softly. Heather caressed her and after a while softly said.

“All right Laura. I am going to spank you for lying all those times and stealing your mothers ring. It might help to clear everything up.”

“It…might help how…I feel. I feel like…my mother never loved me.”  Heather kissed Laura on the forehead.

“I understand Laura, I love you and will be here for you always.  Now I want you to go upstairs to your room and stand in the corner until I come upstairs. Then I will be talking to you once again, and then I will spank you.”

“Will you talk to me and hold me after you spank me?”

“Yes I will…Now go on upstairs and do what you are told.”

Yes Mommy.”  Laura got off Heather lap and cried as she climbed the stairs to her room. Heather sat in the chair and sighed. She made a vow to help this girl, and it seemed as though her conscience had been bothering her for a long time. Her mother must  not have talked to her when she was young about anything that may have been bothering her or praise her for doing things correctly. Laura was desperate for a Mommy to talk to and care for her. Heather sat in the chair and waited. Five minutes past and Heather stood and climbed the stairs slowly. She went to Laura’s doorway and looked in. Laura was standing in the corner softly crying, her hands behind her. Laura had pulled the chair from her desk and it sat in the middle of the room. Heather stared at her a moment, then sat in the chair.

“Come here Laura.”  Laura turned around, her head lowered and walked slowly in front of Heather.

“Sit on Mommy’s lap first.”  Laura put her arms out and Heather lifted her onto her lap. Laura put her arms around Heather and hugged her.

“Mommy, do you want me to…get Daddy’s belt?”  Heather rubbed her back.

“No Laura, I will spank you like your mother should have when you were little.”

“Okay Mommy.” Laura whimpered. Heather held her closely.

“You know what you did was naughty don’t you?”  Laura looked at Heather and tears filled her eyes.

“Yes Mommy.”

“I have talked with you before about lying haven’t I? Laura hung her head.

“Yes Mommy…But my mother never did.”

“I know. But you asked me to be your Mommy and now I am, and I am going to spank you for all those things you did before that were never found out about. Now go get me the ring you stole.” Laura wiped tears off her cheeks and Heather helped her off her lap. Laura went to her closet, rummaged around and came back with the ring in her outstretched hand. Heather took it from her and put it in her apron pocket. Laura stood in front of Heather, her hands behind her and head hanging

“You’re daddy told me about that ring and I asked you about it before Laura and you told me you didn’t know where it was. Do you remember telling me that?”  Laura put one hand over her eyes. She whined.

“Yes Mommy…I remember.”

“Well then. I am your Mommy now and you lied to me. I am very disappointed in you for that. Since your mother did not find out about you stealing her ring or lying about it to her or your Daddy, I am going to be spanking you for that and lying to me. Do you understand?”

“Please don’t spank me, I will be good.”  Heather’s voice became stern.

“Young lady, I asked you if you understood me?”  Laura became startled and put her hands behind her standing straight, tears welled up in her eyes.

“Yes Mommy, I understand.”

“All right. We are going to finish that part of your life when you did those things, now come to Mommy’s side here, come on baby.”  Laura went to Heather right side.

“Take your pajama bottoms down and climb up over Mommy’s knees.”  Laura whimpered while slowly taking down her bottoms making certain her panties remained in place. She began to lean over Heather knees. She was not quite tall enough to bend over her lap, so Heather helped her over her knees and positioned her. Laura held onto Heather left thigh with her hands.

“That’s a good girl, now take down your panties.”  Laura started to cry and held her panties in place.

“Mommy, not my bare bottom…please. You didn’t say anything about taking my panties down.”

“Laura, I am your mommy, and you will take those panties down right now.” Laura whimpered. Heather put her hands on top of Laura’s and helped her lower her panties. Heather moved her panties down to the middle of her thighs then placed her hand on Laura’s bare bottom. Laura whimpered and said.


“Yes baby, what is it?”

“I’m sorry Mommy…please don’t spank me. I changed my mind. I don’t want one now.” Laura began to cry softly.

“Young lady, you have been naughty…and as your Mommy, I am going to spank you. Do you want to tell me anything before I spank you?”

“Mommy…I love you…I won’t lie or steal ever again…I promise.”

“I believe you. Now baby…” Heather raised her hand and she felt Laura grip her thigh. “I am going to spank you now.”

“Please Mommy don’t…”

Heather did not let her finish and her hand came down on Laura’s bare bottom. Laura jumped and whimpered. Heather raised her hand again and brought it down, then continued to spank the bottom in front of her repeatedly. Laura lay over Heather knees and felt the hand spanking her. Her bottom began to sting. Laura put her hand behind her and tried to cover herself. Heather stopped and said.

“No Laura. Now put your hands in front of you.”  Laura was close to real tears, which Heather wanted. Laura needed to cry.

“Mommy, no…please no more.”  Heather took Laura’s hand and moved it in front of her.

“Do not put your hand behind you.”  Laura took hold of her apron and put it over her eyes.

“Mommy…I will be good…I promise.” Heather raised her hand again and came down harder on Laura’s bare bottom.  Laura started to cry and Heather kept up her work on the bottom in front of her. She watched as her bottom started to turn pinkish red.

Laura gripped Heather’s apron in her hands and cried. She thought of the lies she had told her mother and about the stealing of her ring, she had held it all inside for too long. She wished her mother had found out and spanked her like this herself. Laura felt her bottom getting warmer and the stinging increased to burning. Heather was beginning to spank her harder.  Laura cried louder with the increase of Heather spanks. She was not missing any part of her bottom. Just before Laura had enough, Heather stopped and lay her hand on Laura’s now red bottom. Laura lay over Heather knees and cried.

“Mommy…no more…I will be good.”  Heather rubbed her bottom.

“I will tell you when I am done…now I want you to know that I am very disappointed in you. If you lie to me or steal ever again I will be using your Daddy’s belt on you. Do you understand me?”  Laura was holding Heather’s apron over her eyes.

“Yes Mommy…I understand.” Heather raised her hand again and Laura put her hand behind her and wailed knowing what was on its way.

“No Mommy!”  Heather held her hand in the air and said.

“Young lady, you will not tell me ‘no’ again or put your hands behind you. If you do, I will finish with your Daddy’s belt, do you hear me?”   Crying, Laura quickly moved her hands in front of her and said.

“Yes mommy, please….”  Heather swung her hand towards the red bottom harder and did not let up.  Laura began to sob and kick her legs, she could feel her bottom burning hotter from the sharp pain of each spank. Heather meant business and it was almost a comfort to her knowing Heather was becoming strict with her. She sobbed for all her wrongdoings.  Laura lay limp over Heather knees sobbing deeply. Heather gave Laura five more spanks and stopped.  She rubbed Laura’s back and now red bottom. She sat quietly while she allowed Laura to sob over her knees.

“Mommy…I need…to…hug…you now.”  Heather helped Laura up and then lifted her into her arms. Laura sobbed and choked on her shoulder hugging her with one arm while her free hand went to her bottom and rubbed it.

“Mommy…I am sorry…please don’t be mad at me.”

 “There there now…let it out now baby. I’m not mad and I know you are sorry.”  Laura continued to sob. When her sobbing died down, Heather spoke quietly.

“Now Laura…I am going to set down some rules for you. I see now that I have not done this with you. I want you to go take a bath, get dressed and come down to your Daddy’s chair in the living room so we can talk. Laura wiped her eyes with her hand.

“Yes Mommy.”   Heather helped Laura off her lap and Laura whimpered as she went into the hallway to the bathroom. Heather went to the living room and waited for Laura. Heather heard the water pouring into the tub and after a while heard it stop. She heard a few sobs come from the bathroom. Heather stood and went to get the laundry. She brought the laundry basket to the living room, sat down and began to fold clothes. As she finished laying one of Laura’s blouses on top of the pile, Laura slowly came down the stairs and came into the living room. Heather sat back in the soft lounge chair of her husband’s and motioned Laura to her lap. Laura quickly went over to Heather, climbed onto her lap, and lay her head on Heather shoulder. Laura loved this woman and as she hugged her tightly, she whispered into Heather ear.

“Mommy…I love you so much…please rub me again.”  Heather rubbed her back. Laura reached behind her and lifted her skirt then adjusted her position for Heather’s hand. Heather put her hand under Laura’s skirt and rubbed the pantied bottom. Laura let go of her skirt, wrapped her arms around Heather neck and began to cry lightly. She felt Heather cool hand on her warm bottom through her panties.

“Mommy, I need you to do my bare bottom…please.”

Laura felt Heather put her hand under the waistband of her panties. She eased her bottom outward more and felt her panties slide down to her mid thighs. Laura whimpered as she felt Heather cool hand on her bare skin. She loved Heather and their time together like this. Tears fell down her cheeks at the thought of how she loved her. She whimpered from the very feel of the hand rubbing her bare skin. The sensation calmed her and she adjusted herself over Heather shoulder more to provide the fullest amount of her bottom and upper thighs to the tender caress of Heather hand.

“Mommy…I love you…I am sorry for being naughty.” She whimpered.  Heather felt the still slightly warm behind on her hand. She loved this girl deeply. She returned Laura’s tight hug, and kissed her on the cheek.

“I know honey. I love you very much.” Heather continued to rub Laura and spoke to her softly. “So now Laura. We have some things to talk about. You will start helping me more around the house and I will be checking on your work to make certain you did it and it is completed.  We will start today, and if I find your work not done, I will give you a spanking just like the one you had.”

“Mommy…no. Please.” Laura whimpered. Heather swat Laura’s warm behind and Laura started to cry. Heather continued to rub Laura’s bottom and said.

“I told you about telling me no. Now we will start by having you listen to me young lady. You will clean up after yourself, help me in the kitchen with no complaining and you will be making your own bed in the mornings and help me with laundry on Saturdays.”  Laura sniffled.

“Yes Mommy.”

“That’s good. Today is Saturday and we are going to start now.” Heather kissed her on the forehead and gently raised her panties. Laura hugged her tighter not wanting the moment to end. Heather helped her down off her lap. “Now let’s go to your room and you put your laundry away.”

“All right Mommy.”

Heather stood and picked up the laundry basket and went up the stairs, Laura following her. She stepped into Laura’s room and set the basket on her bed.

“There are your clothes all folded, now put them away and clean your room. I see your pajamas in a heap and you need to make your bed. I will be downstairs and in fifteen minutes, I will be back up here to check your work. If it is not done, you will be going over my knee little girl.” Surprised at Heather’s intention, Laura could only nod.  Heather had always helped her do the work or done it all for her before and she had slacked off knowing she would do it for her.  Heather left the room and Laura sat on her bed hoping Heather would come back and put her things away for her. Heather went to the living room, sat down and looked at her watch periodically. She knew instinctively Laura would be testing her. Climbing back up the stairs, she went to the doorway of Laura’s room. The laundry basket was half-empty and her bed had not been made. Laura sat on her bed, her hands folded on her lap and was looking at the floor.  Heather folded her arms and spoke quietly.

“Laura…What did I tell you?”  Laura was silent. Heather went in the room and sat in the chair that was still in the middle of the room.

“Come here Laura.”  Laura stood in front of Heather, her hands behind her staring at the floor. Heather raised her chin in her hands.

“You will answer me when I ask you a question. Now, what did I tell you about having your room clean?”

“You would check my work.” Laura whined.

“And then what?”

“If it wasn’t done…you would…take me over your knee.”

“That is correct. I see your work is not done, now lean over my lap young lady.”  Laura hesitantly leaned over and Heather helped her up onto her lap and adjusted her position.

“Raise your skirt and take down those panties.”  Laura started to cry softly.

“Mommy…I want you to hug me and hold me for a while first.”

“I will hug you and hold you all you want when you finish your work. Now raise up that skirt and take down your panties this instant or I will be having you find your Daddy’s belt for me.”  Laura’s father had taken his belt to her once before and she wanted no part of it again. She reached back behind her, raised her skirt and pulled her panties down half way hoping her stepmother would not notice. She put her hands in front of her and as before, grabbed Heather apron and gripped it tightly. Laura felt Heather hands pull her panties gently down her thighs then felt her hand rest softly on her bottom. She relaxed a bit feeling her hand.

“Young lady, you will be doing what I tell you to do. You did not finish your work like I asked you to.”

“Mommy…please…I will do my work now.”

“I know you will, after I spank your bottom I will give you another fifteen minutes to get your work done.”  Laura was shocked. She was hoping Heather would help her. She started to cry knowing her plan did not work and she was stuck over Heather lap.

“Mommy…please don’t spank me…please.”  Laura felt Heather warm hand leave her bottom and she reached behind her covering what she could.

“Laura! You will move your hand back in front of you this instant!”  Laura started crying louder.

“No Mommy! I don’t want you to spank me again.”  Heather had enough and raised Laura in front of her holding her by the shoulders.

“I told you before you were not to tell me ‘no’ and you will keep your hands in front of you when I tell you to. Now you go into my room and get your father’s belt out of the closet and bring it to me.”  Laura looked at Heather, her mouth opened in shock.

“Mommy…not Daddy’s belt…please.”  Heather leaned Laura over her knee, raised her skirt and gave the still bare bottom five hard spanks. Laura burst into tears. Heather stood her up. Laura pulled up her panties and held her bottom.

“You will go to our closet and bring your Daddy’s belt to me!” Heather said sternly. Stunned at Heather authority, Laura quickly went to her mother and father’s room crying. Heather heard the door open and close and Laura came back in the room holding the belt in front of her. Heather took it from her and folded it in half.

“Now lean back over my lap.”  Still crying, Laura leaned over Heather’s lap. Heather helped her then positioned her and raised Laura’s skirt.

“Mommy….please…not Daddy’s belt.”

“That’s enough! Now take down your panties and do it right.”

“Mommy! Please let me keep my panties on…please.”

 “You will be taking those panties down and if I have to do it for you, you will be sorry.” Laura reached back and took her panties down as low as her arm would reach. Heather lowered them more and put her hand on Laura’s right hip holding her tightly.

“Now, you will not tell me ‘no’ again. Do you remember me telling you that?”  Laura was crying and holding onto Heather apron. She did not answer. Heather raised the belt and swung down at the bare bottom exposed. The belt landed with a crack and Laura jumped at the sharp pain it left. She cried out and began to sob. Heather swung the belt two more times and paused.

“Young lady I asked you if you remember me telling you about saying ‘no’ to me.”

 “Yes Mommy…I remember…please use your hand.”  Laura sobbed.

“I would have, but what did I say would happen if you told me ‘no’?”

“You would…use…Daddy’s belt…on me.”

“That’s right and this is for telling me ‘no’.” Heather raised the belt and brought it down three more times.  Laura struggled to get free, but it was no use. She could only sob. The belt stopped and she heard her stepmother’s voice.

“You will start to listen to me as of today little girl, or I will be using this belt on you again. Do you hear me?”  Laura sobbed.

“Yes Mommy…I do.”

 Laura’s bottom stung terribly and she wanted to reach back and rub out the sting.

“Good! Now you did not finish your work like I told you to did you?”

“I am sorry Mommy…please no more…I will listen to you.” Laura sobbed.

“I know you will be listening after this. Now I am going to finish your spanking. You will not reach back behind you and you will not try to get off my lap. Do you understand me or do you want some more of this belt in order to understand me?”  Heather had never talked to her like this. She gripped the apron hard.

“Mommy…I understand you…please use your hand.” Heather raised the belt to her shoulder and swung down again. Laura burst into new sobs as the belt landed with sharp pain on her already sore bottom. She could feel Heather move as she raised her arm again and knew the belt would land again. Two more times and she could feel her bottom burning terribly and she could hardly catch her breath from her sobs. Heather paused and said sternly.

“You will be finishing your work like I asked you to, Do you understand me?”

“Yes…Mommy…I …will…finish…my work.”

Heather raised the belt again and swung it down three more times. Laura lay over her lap limply and sobbed. She wanted desperately to have Heather hold and comfort her and her very sore burning bottom. Heather raised her in front of her and pointed to the laundry basket on the bed. Laura sobbed, one hand over her eyes and one hand rubbing her bottom.

“You will put your clothes away and clean this room. I will be up here again in fifteen minutes to check your work. If it is not done, you will go over my knee again.”

Laura was shocked.

“Mommy…I want… you to …hold me.”  Heather stood and put the belt on the chair.

“I will hold you when your work in completed. Your time is running out.”

Laura threw herself on the floor and screamed.

“Mommy! I want…you…to…hold me…now!”  Heather looked at Laura laying on the floor. Her panties now around her ankles and half her red bottom showing, the other half covered by her skirt.  She was going to be certain Laura knew there would be no comfort for being naughty, only when she was good.

“No! Not until your work is completed. Now start putting your clothes away, your time left is twelve minutes.”  Laura screamed louder, kicked her legs, and pounded her hands on the floor. Heather left the room and went downstairs to the living room. She could hear Laura’s mad sobs and shouts demanding to be held. Heather waited eleven minutes and went back up the stairs. Laura sat on the floor sniffing, her arms folded. The room had not been touched. Laura looked at Heather, her bottom lip stuck out.

“You are not my Mommy anymore.”

“Well Laura, that is too bad. I told you to put your clothes away and clean this room and you didn’t. You will be going over my knee every time until you do what I asked you to do.”  Laura did not expect Heather answer, she wanted an apology and do what she wanted. Heather went to the chair, picked up the belt and sat down. She pointed next to her.

“Come here.”  Laura sat on the floor unmoving. Laura knew better than to say ‘no’ again and instead said.

“You are not my Mommy, you can’t tell me what to do and I am telling my daddy on you.” Heather sternly said.

“Laura! What you are saying will not work. I am your mommy and I told you to come here. Now do as I say!”  Laura slowly stood and stepped next to Heather right side. She began to cry.

“Mommy…please…I don’t need a spanking…just hug me…and hold me.”

“I will when you finish your work. Now you will get over my knee this instant or I will put you over!”  Laura stepped back. Heather grabbed her, lifted up her skirt and in one movement, pulled her panties off. Laura struggled to get away and put her hand behind her..

“Mommy…please. Not my panties…please…not daddy’s belt…please.” Heather put her over her knees, and one leg over both of Laura’s and held her arm tightly to her side.

Laura tried to squirm out of Heather hold.

“I hate you…” Laura shouted. Heather raised Laura’s skirt. “I hate you!” Laura screamed again.

Heather held her squirming daughter tightly and raised the belt in her hand.

“You will do what I tell you young lady.” Laura was still struggling and shouting ‘please Mommy!’ when Heather landed the belt hard on Laura’s bottom. She was not about to let Laura get away with anything and began to spank the bottom in front of her with the belt. Laura was sobbing and each time she felt the sharp pain of the belt landing, she shouted out. Heather kept up and did not stop. She watched as Laura’s bottom turned crimson red. Laura began to cry deep sobs and finally lay limply on Heather lap, she had enough and felt Heather ease up with the belt. Laura knew now who Mommy was. Heather raised her in front of her and held her by the arm. Laura could not look at her. She sobbed and choked as she rubbed her aching and burning bottom while looking at the floor.  Heather said sternly.

“You will put your clothes away and clean this room. You have ten minutes to do it and I will be back up here to check your work. I am your Mommy, and as far as you telling your daddy on me, this is for even saying it.”  Heather leaned Laura against her leg, raised her skirt and brought the belt down sharply against Laura’s bare bottom and upper thighs three more times. Laura cried out and sobbed loudly. She fell to the floor and kicked her legs. She rubbed her bottom and upper thighs with one hand and sobbed in her free arm.

 Heather stood, put the belt on the chair and went to the door way.

“You have ten minutes young lady.” Laura lay on her side sobbing and rubbing. Heather went to the living room and watched the clock. Ten minutes lapsed and Heather climbed the stairs once again. She looked into Laura’s room and saw Laura sitting on her bed, her hands folded on her lap crying. Her clothes were put away and her room was clean. Heather held out her hand.

“Come with me.”  Laura stood, went to Heather and took her hand in hers. They went down the stairs and into the living room. Heather sat in her husband’s’ chair and brought Laura in front of her. Laura held her forearm over her eyes and cried softly as Heather unfastened her skirt and lowered it to the floor. Laura stepped over it and Heather picked it up and draped it over the arm of the chair. She unfastened each button of Laura’s blouse and removed it then lay it over the skirt on the chair. Laura stood totally naked in front of her crying and Heather patted her lap.

“Come on baby, up on Mommy’s lap and she will rub you now.”  Laura quickly crawled onto Heather lap and lay her head on Heather shoulder. She hugged her tightly and cried long deep sobs. Heather spoke to her softly and held her closely. She rubbed her shoulders to her sore bottom and her upper thighs while Laura sobbed in her arms. They sat for a long while together holding one another tightly and Heather rubbing. When Laura calmed down, she whispered into Heather’s ear.

“Mommy…I don’t…hate you…I love you…very much.”

“And I love you very much too Laura. Very much.”

Laura whimpered softly, and crawled higher over Heather shoulder wanting Heather hand to rub all of her. Heather began to rub Laura’s warm bottom. Laura whimpered.

“There there now. Mommy is here.”  Laura pushed her sore bottom outward towards Heather hand and hugged her tighter. Laura felt more loved than she ever had in her life and cried from happiness.

“Mommy…I love you…I want you to do this more with me.”  Heather smiled.

“I love you too. Now I want you to know if you behave yourself and mind me, I will rub you like this anytime you want. But only if you have been good.”  Laura cried with relief.

“Mommy…I will be good all the time.”

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