Sky & Dev - The Computer Incident

From: Sam Jackson ([email protected])

Skyler rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as she walked down the hall to the bathroom. The clock beside her bed had showed 2:37AM when she woke. She relieved her bladder and washed her hands, then headed back for the warmth of her bed. Out of habit, she glanced down the hall toward Jordan's room. She stopped and peered at the door more closely, squinting as her eyes again became accustomed to the dark. "Damn it," she said to herself. Jordan's light was on, after she had warned her three times to go to bed and stay off that computer. She closed her eyes and rubbed her face, arguing with herself about whether to go back to bed and forget it, which is what she really wanted to do, or to do what she had promised Jordan she would do if she had to go in there again tonight. Jordan had only been living with them for a month, just since their parents had been killed in a plane crash. Skyler was only 25 and had not expected to be thrust into motherhood quite so soon, but she had always promised her parents that she would take care of Jordan if anything should happen to them. Besides their nearest uncle was thousands of miles away and Skyler couldn't bear the thought of being separated from her sister. Despite their 13 year age difference, they had always been close and Skyler had always tried hard to be a good role model. So she and Devon, her partner since she had come out at age 19, had taken Jordan. It had been a rough month for everyone, but Skyler and Devon had decided just last week that it was time to go over the ground rules for the house and to set some limits for their little charge. Here it was, not even a week later, and Jordan had just earned herself her first spanking.

Skyler stood there screwing up her courage to actually follow through with her threat. She knew she had to, because she knew Jordan was just testing her to see how much she would let her get away with. She considered waking up Devon and asking for help, but decided not to. "I can do this," she said to herself. "Just stay calm and be firm. Don't let her get to you." After her little pep talk, she walked deliberately down the hall and opened the door without knocking.

Jordan looked up in surprise, her eyes widening at the sight of her older sister standing in the doorway. "Skyler, I can explain," she started, her voice high and nervous. "I was just..."

"Save it, Jordan," Skyler interrupted, shutting the door quietly. "I have heard all your excuses twice already tonight. I have no need to hear them again." She started toward her little sister. "No, Sky, you don't understand," Jordan whined as only 12-year-olds can.

"I understand," Skyler answered, "that I told you to go to bed 6-1/2 hours ago and I have warned you three times to stay off this computer." She hit the power button on the mini-tower and watched the screen change from the game Jordan had been playing to black. "I understand," she continued, keeping her voice level and trapping Jordan in her chair with her body, "that you have not only violated your bedtime by an insane amount of time, but have further directly disobeyed me three times in less than seven hours. Well, kiddo," she said, grasping Jordan's wrist in her hand and pulling her up to a standing position, "you just struck out." She moved toward the bed, but Jordan wilted and dropped like a dead weight onto the floor.

"No, Skyler, noooo. I'll go to bed. I won't touch the computer again tonight. I promise," Jordan said in her most reasonable voice, relying on her dramatic flair to get her out of this.

"You're right, Jordan. You won't touch the computer again tonight. In fact, you have lost your computer for two weeks because of this. And yes, you will go to bed, but only after you and I take care of some business." Skyler reached down and grabbed her sister by the upper arms, picking her up easily and forcing her to the bed. She sat down, holding Jordan in front of her so she could look her in the eyes. Her little sister was scared and tears had started leaking down her cheeks. "You made a promise to me, Jordan Anne, and you failed to keep it. I keep my promises and what did I promise you would happen if I had to come in here again tonight?"

"Skyler, please. I'll go to bed right now," Jordan cried.

"What did I promise you?"

"That you would spank me," Jordan finally answered, breaking down into sobs of regret. Skyler moved Jordan to her right side and then pulled her over her lap, positioning her so her little butt was directly over her right knee so she could get good aim. She pushed Jordan's summer nightie up onto her back, revealing a yellow panty clad bottom waiting for her to punish it. She laid her left arm across Jordan's back and held her tightly against her body so she wouldn't squirm off her lap, then laid her right hand on her little sister's chubby buttocks. She felt Jordan flinch and her cheeks clenched in expectations of a spank. "Please, Skyler, please. I'm sorry. I promise I'll be good. Just please don't spank me," Jordan managed through her sobs.

Skyler took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment to focus. This would be the first time that she had spanked Jordan and she knew she had to do it right. She opened her eyes again and lifted her hand high before planting it smartly right across the middle of Jordan's bottom. SPLAT "Owww," Jordan yelled. "Noooo, please, noooo. I'll be good, I prooomisssse. Waaaaa. Ahhhhhh. No more, pleassssse." Skyler ignored Jordan's pleas and settled into a steady rhythm of three spanks, one on each cheek, then doubly hard right in the middle. The third SPANK always got a yell and more promises of being good.

After about a minute, she stopped and rested her hand on Jordan's bottom, which was feeling warm. Skyler could see little splotches of red through the thin yellow of her sister's panties. "Jordan Anne," she said after her sister's crying had died down some, "why are you being punished?"

"Because I was naughty," came the anguished reply.

"Yes, you were a very naughty little girl. What did you do that was naughty?"

"I didn't go to bed on time and, {sniffle} and I played {sniffle} on the compuuuter when you, {sniffle} you told me not toooo. Waaaaa, I'm sorreeeee."

"And how many times did I have to ask you to go to bed and how many times did you disobey me?"

"Threeee," Jordan said miserably, tears streaming down her face and her nose running. Her bottom felt like a bunch of red ants were crawling all over it, but when she had reached back to rub it, her hand had been caught and was now folded into the small of her back. She was trapped over her sister's lap with her bottom fully exposed and Skyler showed no signs of being ready to stop.

"Three times I asked you, Miss Jordan, and three times you disobeyed me. I want you to think about that every time you sit for a while." With that, she yanked Jordan's panties down to her knees amidst a chorus of renewed vows to be good and proclamations of sorriness. Her hand went to work with renewed vigor, anxious to get it over with as much as Jordan was. She worked methodically, making a circle with three SPANKs on each cheek, starting at the upper right and working clockwise to the upper left. Jordan yelled and cried and carried on, kicking and squirming as well as any well-punished child, but Skyler held fast and spanked until Jordan's once white bottom was glowing dark pink with red spots right in the middle of each cheek. She finally felt Jordan go limp and her wails turned to deep sobs.

She stopped spanking and rubbed Jordan's back while she cried, then gently lifted her up and laid her down on the bed. Her panties had long ago been kicked across the room, so Skyler gently pulled her nightgown down and pulled the covers over her sniffling charge. She sat on the edge of the bed rubbing Jordan's back until the crying stopped, then helped her blow her nose and wiped some of the tears off her streaked face. "It's all over, sweetie. All is forgiven," she said softly, leaning down to kiss Jordan's forehead. "I love you, Jordan."

"I love you, too, Sky," Jordan whispered, half asleep.

"Get some rest, kiddo. I'll see you in the morning." Jordan nodded. Skyler turned off the lamp and opened the door, looking back over her shoulder again before shutting it.

She padded down the hall to her bedroom and quietly slipped into bed. She felt her tears coming and sniffled as she wiped one away. Devon rolled over and put her arm around Skyler's waist. "You did the right thing, honey," she whispered into the darkness.

Skyler sighed, comforted by the warmth of her lover's body against her back and the safety created by having her arms around her. "That was the hardest thing I've ever done," she whispered back.

She felt Devon's hand move to her backside, patting her buttocks softly. "Everyone needs a good reminder once in a while."

Skyler smiled and rolled over, looking into Devon's face. "I love you, Devon," she said, then kissed her lover before curling into her embrace and falling into a contented sleep.

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