Remembrance VI

From: Mike ([email protected])

In Remebrance V, I recalled how my stepmom Julie had informed my mom that I now received spankings on the bare bottom and that my real mom then spanked me on the bare bottom for the first time during a stay with her.  About a month later that same summer, I was back at home with my dad and Julie and ended up receiving one of my most embarassing spankings.

Julie had invited over, Allison, a good friend of hers, and her daughter Susan to swim with us in our backyard pool.  Susan at 10 was two years younger than me at the time.

Susan and I were swimming in the pool while Julie and Allison watched us laying out in the sun.  Things were going well until I accidentally hit Susan on her face while we were splashing each other.

For a moment both Julie and Allison consoled Susan.  Because it had been an accident, I didn't think twice about being in any trouble, but Allison then turned to Julie and said, "Julie, I know it was an accident, but I think Mike should be punished as a reminder to be more careful in the future."

I was stunned when Julie nodded agreement with Allison indicating that she would give me a spanking and told  me to get out of the pool.

I got and trembled as Julie led me over to one of the sturdier patio chairs and had me face her.  With a couple of hard tugs, she lowered my swimtrunks to my ankles.  Not only was I now bare in front of Allison and Susan, I was further embarassed because the cold water had caused my penis to shrivel up, making me look like a really small boy.

Julie then took me over her lap and spanked me by hand, which was much more milder than getting the hairbrush as she normally used, but nontheless, she still spanked hard enough that I shed a few tears.  Julie then let me up, and made me apologize to a grinning Susan before helping me pull my swimtrunks back up.

Although I got back into the pool, I was still embarassed that I couldn't look directly at Susan or Allison the rest of that day.

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