Trouble in a German School

From: Gayle ([email protected])

This story takes place in Germany during WWII. This story is in altered form as the book called Safe Harbor that is currently trying to be published by myself does not contain details of corporal punishment as this one does. I do not in any way condone corporal punishment, but have used it with children in the past and not at all in the manner of this story. The Doctor in the story is a widower and has now married Gina. He has been selected by Hitler to make drugs for the Black Coats to create hypnotic robots and the Doctor is threatened that if he does not, his family will be killed. Fear in operation, he reacts as any father would. Gina was Mary's nanny since she was born and when Mary's mother died, Gina had married the Doctor. She is not familiar with the duties of being a mother and is learning quickly. Mary is desperate for a mother and has been too afraid to ask Gina to become hers. Mary had been told many times that she was to do what her teacher told her. Mary had wholeheartedly promised.
  One sunny afternoon Gina rushed into the dispensary wringing her hands on her apron, her face worried.

"The teacher at school called. Mary is ill and she needs you there right away."

The Doctor smiled, he had seen and heard many mothers do this same thing when their children were ill. He tried to calm her.

"Gina, that is not unusual. I always get called when there is a student at school who is sick. I've been there many times over the years. I have known the teacher since she was ten years old and if I have to quarantine anyone, why we'll all be together." He walked over and kissed her then smiled.

" But for you, I will go check on her."

She smiled.

"I am overreacting a bit aren't I."

He held his fingers out to her showing a small distance.

"Just a little bit." She smiled shyly, and turned to go into the house. He found his medical bag, put on his hat and coat, walking the six blocks to the school.

The day was beautiful, the sun was out, and so were the Grey coats on their relentless patrols. He arrived at the one room building and opened the door. Hitler's image decorated every wall while twenty-three children sat at their desks and watched him. He smiled, and all of them looked down at their desks in unison and began studying their books intently. One desk, which he knew was Mary's, sat empty. This was strange. Every student knew who he was, and he was usually greeted with smiles. He sensed something was very wrong. Becoming alarmed, he looked into the teacher's office and the teacher stood, relief showing on her face at seeing him. He rushed to her office and looked inside the door and breathed a sigh of relief himself. There sat his daughter on a long wooden bench against the wall near the door of the office. Her arms were folded and her eyes stared at the floor. She said nothing to him when he walked in the door and he knew she was in some kind of trouble. The teacher stood from her chair behind her desk and greeted him. He walked over to the front of her desk. She was a small woman with light blond hair that flattered her blue eyes; the perfect Aryan teacher for Hitler's school children.

"Thank you for coming."

Her voice was worried, and she smiled a small smile speaking softly enough so the students in the other room could not hear her.

"Herr Doctor, we have been friends for a long time."

She looked at Mary and spoke with disgust in her voice.

"We know about freedom, and now is not the time to write about it or talk about it." She looked back at the Doctor and spoke softly again so only the Doctor could hear her.

"I told your wife to tell you that Mary was ill so you would come here. Mary refuses to write her assignment correctly and I am ordered report it to the authorities. There will be trouble if she doesn't do this. I have told her twice to do the assignment correctly and she refuses. I said I was going to call you and she said she didn't care. You know your daughter, she won't listen to anyone but you. To handle this properly, I let the class know you were coming to get Mary and check anyone over if they felt ill. Here is the assignment she wrote."

The teacher picked up a piece of paper off her desk and handed it to the Doctor. He put his medical bag on the floor. He read the paper and what he read, he understood. The assignment given to her was to tell how America was evil and how Hitler would win the war and crush America. Mary had written about America's freedom and Abraham Lincoln. This could be used against him. There were the other children to think about, their parents, and the teacher. How he dealt with this could cause the death of them all, or the survival of them all. He looked at Mary sitting on the bench with her arms folded. His anger and fear stirred at the thought of her disobeying his order to mind the teacher, and the possibility of her being taken away. He held the paper out to her and his voice strained.

"Mary! Your teacher told you to do this paper correctly, and you will re-do it like she said." She stood and faced him with her arms still folded glaring at him in defiance.

"No! I will not!"

This startled him; she had never defied him or acted this way before. The other students heard everything and nervous tension filled the whole building from her answer. Every student including the teacher could feel it and the Doctor felt it pushing in on him stronger. He became angry, tore the paper up in front of her, and tossed the pieces on the teachers' desk. Anger replaced his fear.

"You disobey your teacher, and now me? You will do this work the way the teacher wants you to, this minute or you will be getting a whipping with my belt."

Mary stood there unmoving with her arms still crossed over her chest and eyed him. He wouldn't do it, he had never whipped her before. Boldly she said.

"I won't do it, and no one can make me, not even you. I will write what I think and I will write what I know about freedom!" Her answer shocked and unnerved him. He looked out into the classroom and saw every eye watching him, begging him to control her. Every student knew the threat lurking outside in Grey and black. They had witnessed people being taken away never to be seen again for saying things like this. There were laws against it and every student knew the laws. Black Coat Rudi's face and evil smile and visions of his intention towards his daughter appeared in his memory, he became desperate from fear and anger. He took his coat and hat off, placed them on the bench, and began to unfasten his belt. A stunned look crossed Mary's face as she watched him remove his belt and fold it in half. He sat on the bench in front of her. The teacher stepped towards the door to shut it and the Doctor said.

"No. The door stays open. I want every student to hear this." The teacher stepped back and sat at her desk. Mary was aghast. She had only been over her mother's knee twice in her life, but her mother had only used her hand on her bare backside.

"Papa! You don't mean it. No Papa." The Doctor looked at Mary and said.

"Mary, come here and get across my knee." Mary stepped back and put her hands behind her. Tears formed in her eyes and she began to cry.

"Papa, no…please…I will do my work." The Doctor raised his voice.

"Young lady, you will come here and get across my knee this instant!" Mary began to sob.

"Papa…please…I will do what the teacher wants...Papa, don't whip me…please." The Doctor leaned forward, took her by the arm and moved her to the bench. He leaned her over his knees and raised his voice.

"You will raise your skirt and take down your drawers right now." Mary was shocked.

"Papa NO!" The Doctor raised the belt above his shoulder and brought it down on his daughter's posterior sharply three times. Mary could not believe what her father was doing. The belt felt like fire. He paused, the belt poised over her and said louder.

"You will raise your skirt and take down your drawers!" Mary was sobbing louder.

"Papa….No, please…." He did not let her finish. He brought the belt down again five times. Mary's backside was stinging. She lay over her father's knees sobbing. He said.

"You will do as I say, and you will raise your skirt and take down your drawers!"

"Papa! Please…" The Doctor did not wait and brought the belt down again harder eight times and paused, holding the belt over her. This was nothing like she had ever experienced before. She knew her father would continue and she resigned. Sobbing, she said.

"I will Papa….No more….please. I will do my work I promise." Mary reached back and lifted her skirt quickly, she found the waistband of her drawers and hesitated at taking them down. The Doctor said.

"Now!" Mary put her thumbs under the waistband of her undergarment and slowly began to pull them down over her already sore backside and stopped lowering when they reached her thighs. She could feel the air on her bare skin and tried to protect it with her hands knowing what was coming. The Doctor moved her hands away and raised his belt over his shoulder. He said loudly.

"You will mind your teacher and do what she says." Through her sobs, Mary said.

"Yes Papa, I will…please…don't…" The Doctor brought his belt down on Mary's now bare backside. Mary felt the belt across her backside and shouted out in pain and struggled to get loose. The Doctor held her fast over his knee and continued while Mary sobbed and said.

"Papa!! I will be good." The Doctor brought the belt down nine more times. The students in the other room all looked down at their desks knowing it could be them next. The Doctor stopped and held the belt over Mary saying.

"You will never tell your teacher 'no' ever again. Do you understand me?" Mary wanted nothing more than to have her backside covered and to stop the belt her father held in his hand. She sobbed.

"Yes Papa… I understand…I will never tell her 'no' again. I promise. Please…no more…" The belt came down again causing her backside to light with fire once again ten times. The Doctor held her tightly over his knees while his daughter lay limply and sobbing over them. He said.

"If I am called again to this school for your behavior, you will be receiving a whipping in front of the class this same way. Do you understand me young lady?" Mary lay over her father's knees, her backside on fire exposed to the teacher and her father. He waited for her answer.

"Yes…Papa…" The Doctor raised his daughter in front of him and sat her on the bench next to him. He pointed his finger at her and said sharply.

"You will sit there and not move until I take you home or I will be giving you another whipping."

Mary's face flushed knowing everyone heard her whipping. She sat silently on the bench, her thoughts in confusion. During her time over her father's knees, her panties had slipped down to her ankles and she dared not retrieve them.

The Doctor composed himself and put his belt in his coat pocket. He stepped into the classroom. Every student stared at him while sitting straight in their chairs, their hands folded on top of each desk and wondered what he would do next. In a calm voice he told the students.

"Who ever is not feeling well, line up over here and I will look at you."

The tension in the building faded and several of the students lined up in front of the Doctor. They saw Mary sitting behind him, her under clothes around her ankles. Mary hung her head in silent shame. She could feel students looking at her, and she continued staring at the floor in disgrace, not daring to look at them.. She was not going to do that assignment, no matter what! Watching her father out of the corner of her eye. He picked up his medical bag and opened it, getting his things ready to inspect the children. She wanted to help like she always had before, but only watched as he checked them for throat infections and any diseases that might be contagious. When he was finished and had put his medical supplies away, he stood in the doorway of the office and spoke to the class.

"You will all mind your teacher and do what she says or she will be giving me a call."

Every student responded quickly.

"Yes Herr Doctor".

"I am taking Mary home because she is ill."

"Yes, Herr Doctor." Each child said again.

The Doctor went to the teacher's desk and had her mark in her records every child he checked and had her add Mary's name to the list stating she had become ill in school. He assured her Mary would return the next day with her assignment, and relief shown on her face. Knowing the teacher for so long did have its advantages and the Doctor knew she would take care of the Black Coats and the other students for him if any questions were asked. He turned and looked at his daughter on the bench, her eyes were downcast and she was sulking.

"Mary, Go get your things, its time to go home."

She looked up at him, "No Papa, I want to stay at school."

This surprised him, and his anger returned. He needed her to come with him without question. He stepped towards her, lifted her by the arm and leaned her against him. He leaned down, pulled up her skirt and swatted her still bare and sore backside four times. Mary burst into tears once again. The Doctor pulled up her panties for her and pointed into the classroom.

"Mary!" his voice was distraught "You heard me! Now go get your things."

Not wanting any more trouble, Mary stood up and looked away from him abruptly and walked towards the classroom. She hesitated in the doorway knowing every eye was on her and her face flushed with embarrassment. She held back her cries and tried to cover her tear stained face. Reluctantly, she went to do as she was told. The Doctor went to the entrance of the school and watched while she put on her coat, picked up her books off the desk, and walk slowly towards him in humiliation. Every classmate watched her in silence. The teacher had come into the classroom, resumed her position in the front of the class and said as if nothing ever happened.

"We will now read Chapter six in our History book." The Doctor and Mary left the school and walked towards home. Mary wanted to explain everything and calm her father down before arriving home, she began and then stopped when a Grey coat spotted them and started towards them. Mary became frightened when his eyes fixed on her father, and as he drew closer, his eyes focused on her.

"What are you doing here?" he asked. The Doctor knew how to handle him.

"I am the Doctor here, and have come for my daughter and check the other students. She became ill in school." The Grey coat stared at Mary.

"Is it true that you are ill?" Mary didn't know what to say to him, she only wanted to talk to her father and fix the trouble she was in. She dropped her books, hugged her father around his waist, and began to cry. The Doctor answered.

"You can ask the teacher if you like. I need to take her home right away. She might be contagious."

The Grey coat hesitated and shied away from them. He eyed Mary, picked up her books, and handed them to the Doctor saying.

"You may go now."

The Doctor thanked him and continued his walk home holding Mary's hand in his. Gina was waiting and opened the door for them when they arrived, taking his bag and Mary's books from him. She knew something had happened. She could see tears sitting on Mary's cheeks and she refused to look at her. They hung their coats in the hallway by the door. The Doctor pointed to the kitchen.

"Mary, go to the kitchen and get your schoolwork out." And he watched her.

 She took her books from Gina, avoiding her eyes and went into the kitchen. Throwing her father an angry stare, she slammed her books on the table while sitting down. The Doctor studied her for a moment, and his anger returned. He turned back to Gina in front of him in the hallway. Mary watched them both and listened as her father told Gina what had happened in school. Gina looked at her and it made her feel more ashamed. She lowered her head in disgrace. Both of them came into the kitchen and Gina stopped besides her wringing her hands on her apron. She always did this when there was trouble. Mary didn't want to see her and looked at her book on the table, opening it. Gina walked to the sink and began to prepare dinner, and the Doctor sat down next to Mary.

"You will do the assignment your teacher has asked you to do."

She formed the word 'no' with her mouth and spoke the word softly. The Doctor heard it and turned his head facing her, and said nothing. Mary gave him a sideways glance and pulled a piece of paper from her notebook. She was still angry and upset with him, and would let him know about it. Reaching for a pencil in her notebook, she stopped and folded her arms in defiance. The Doctor pointed to the pencil.

"You will pick up that pencil and start writing now."

Mary became angrier at being made to write these lies and she slowly picked up her pencil and began writing in a pained way while her father watched her. Every word she wrote was difficult and her tears fell on the paper. He knew how she felt. He was making drugs against his will to harm others. When finished with her assignment, she pressed the paper in his hand, and sat staring at the table. He read her paper and forced back his own emotions. She had done her work correctly. While handing her paper back to her, she glared at him with contempt and angrily put it in her notebook. He pushed his chair back and stood looking at his daughter. The outward display of disobedience in school and since their arrival home stirred his anger and his patience was now gone. Black Coat Rudi's words echoed in his mind. 'If you do not do what I say, I will be the one to make your daughter a woman.' He shuddered at the thought. It was time to deal with his daughter. He took Mary's hand in his, and began leading her out of the kitchen.

Mary could feel the warmth of her father's hand in hers, and knew he was taking her to the study where everything would be worked out. She was upset and angry with him for embarrassing her in the school and making her write the assignment and she was going to make him listen to her.

 In the hallway, the Doctor stopped and removed his belt from his coat pocket still folded in half. He took his daughter's hand in his, and continued walking towards the study. Mary's mouth opened as if to speak while tears came to her eyes. This was not supposed to happen! When she tried talking, her voice wavered.

" No Papa! You have to listen to me!" Abruptly he said.

"No! You disobeyed me in school and your behavior in the kitchen will not be tolerated. You are getting a lesson in obedience. When I'm done with you, you will be listening to me." The Doctor continued walking towards the study his one hand holding hers, the belt at his side in the other.

Mary was shocked. Something was wrong with her Papa! They had an agreement! Abraham Lincoln always listened to his children and explained things to them. Even when he was in meetings with important people, they could always talk to their father! Her Mama and him always used that story and listened to her when she had something to say. She needed and wanted her Mama! Mary looked behind her hoping for Gina's help and only saw her standing by the kitchen table wringing her hands on her apron, watching them both, her face worried. Mary anxiously looked to the large portrait of Lincoln hanging on the wall as it drew closer to her, and only saw him staring back at her with anguish.

The Doctor stood Mary in front of him and sat down in his chair. He must have his daughter obey him at all times willingly or unwillingly, and he was going to make sure she did. He couldn't tell her why, she wouldn't understand. She was putting her own life in danger by what she said and her conduct. Drawing attention to herself at school and breaking the law of writing about freedom. 'Rudi's' punishment would be far worse than the whipping he was about to give her. As Mary stood in front of him, her mind tormented with the situation she was in, she nervously put her hands behind her and tried holding back her tears. Looking up briefly, she saw Gina watching her from the kitchen. She lowered her head in humiliation and wished Gina were standing next to her just as her Mama used to. Her fathers' tone of voice was harsh.

"You disobeyed your teacher and I have told you about this before. Tomorrow, you will give the teacher your assignment and apologize to her for your behavior and disobedience. Do you understand me?"

Mary looked at the belt in his hand and wiped away tears that were falling down her cheeks. She wasn't going to turn in that assignment or apologize to anyone. He lied in school, to the grey coat and told every student to lie even the teacher so she would lie. She lied nervously.

"Yes, Papa." The Doctor continued.

"We all agreed not to do anything to draw attention to ourselves. You have gone against that agreement today, and you will not break our agreement again. Freedom and its ideas are not survival. You will never speak of it or write about it again until I give you permission to do so. From now on, you will do what your teacher tells you even if you disagree with it and you will be doing what Gina and I tell you. Now come here and get across my knee."

The Doctor pointed to his knee. Mary backed away from him, her heart pounding in her chest. He was supposed to listen and explain things. He always listened to her and she couldn't understand why he wouldn't this time. She began to sob and tried to explain.

"No Papa, don't… Please listen to me. I can't promise you what you want. I cannot write these things the teacher wants for you or her. It is against what I know is right. You have taught me all of these things that I know and it is part of me and how I think. I can't stop knowing what I know, can I?"

The Doctor became angrier. This was exactly what he couldn't have her do or say any longer. His angry voice was loud.

"You disobey your teacher and now me? Now you tell me you will disobey me in the future putting us all in danger? That's enough! I won't allow this behavior of yours any longer and I will only tell you one more time. Come here and get across my knee!"

Sobbing in despair and frightened by his anger, Mary reluctantly began to follow her father's order and begged him to listen to her. He didn't listen. Gina silently watched as Mary slowly leaned over her father's knees, and her heart was filled with sorrow. Turning around and staring at the counter, she listened to Mary sobbing. She understood why this had to be done. Mary had to obey, or they could all die. Mary lay over her father's knees sobbing, awaiting the order she knew he would say.

"I will only tell you one time. Take your skirt up young lady and lower your drawers." Mary put her hands behind her and raised her skirt.

"Yes Papa… Please…please only your hand. Don't use your belt Papa." The Doctor did not answer. Mary let go of the skirt in her hands and it fell on her waist, she then put her thumbs in the waistband of her undergarment. Sobbing harder knowing what was next, she slowly lowered them over her already sore backside to her thighs. She put her hands back up in front of her over her father's knees and watched as her long braid fell in front of her and hung towards the floor. The Doctor positioned his sobbing daughter and put his left hand gently on her back, he lifted his belt in the air. Mary felt him move and looked behind her. She saw the belt held over her bare and already crimson red backside and quickly looked down at the floor again continuing to sob. The Doctor said softly.

"You will never disobey me again and you will do as you are told. We are not in a time where you can question what I tell you to do. Do you understand me?" Mary sobbed.

"Yes…Papa… I understand. Please…" The Doctor swung his belt. The belt landed hard on Mary's backside and she felt pain she never thought possible. She began to struggle and her father only held her tighter. The Doctor brought his belt down four more times. He paused and said.

"You will never tell me 'no' again and if you ever tell Gina 'no' you will be getting more of this. Do you hear me young lady?" Mary sobbed.

"Yes Papa…Please…I will listen to you…please Papa, no more of your belt." The belt came down again five more times. Mary sobbed as she lay over her father's knees. She desperately wanted to put her hands over her backside, but did not dare. The Doctor poised the belt again over her.

"You will do as your teacher says and you will do what Gina and I tell you to do. You will not be going outside without permission and I will never be called to school for your behavior again. Do you understand or do you need more of this?" Mary sobbed.

"No more Papa…I understand you…" The Doctor lowered the belt and raised his daughter in front of him. Sobbing and trying to cover her face with her hands, he put the belt in her hand, forcing her to take it and warned her.

"This is for the next time you even think about disobeying me. Now go to your room!"

Mary turned, ran up the stairs, and slammed her door. The Doctor sat staring into the fire feeling regret and guilt after what he had done. He could hear his daughter crying alone in her room, and he put his head in his hands. Gina went into the study and stood behind his chair. She put her hands on his shoulders lightly, and he reached and held one of her hands in his. She leaned down, and said softly.

"I am sorry it had to come to this." She patted his arm. I'll go take care of her for you." And she turned and left.

The Doctor realized Mary was like him. She wouldn't go against what she believed in and she even risked being punished for the sake of her beliefs just like he did. He admired her willfulness and courage.

Mary was sobbing from anger. She went to her dresser and opened a drawer hiding the belt under the contents and slammed it shut as hard as she could. Her eyes glanced to the picture frame with her mother's photo on the dresser. She picked it up holding it close to her. She sat on her bed gingerly and thought of her. She wished she were there to listen and comfort her. Lying down, she cried in her pillow from loneliness, anger, and shame. She was right and was not about to turn in that assignment or apologize. She had lied to her father and didn't care. It was his fault and she hated him for refusing to listen to her and punishing her.

She heard a knock on her door, and holding back her tears, she hid the photo under her pillow. It was Gina. She came into the room and sat down next to her. Wiping Mary's tears away with her apron, she spoke quietly.

"Mary, I have come to talk to you."

Humiliated and angry, Mary resumed crying and spoke with bitterness.

"I don't want to! I don't want anything to do with him. He is not my Papa anymore. He doesn't love me, and he wouldn't listen to me. Papa and Mama had me understand things first, long before I ever got punished. When I did something wrong they both knew when they talked to me or scolded me I felt bad enough. Mama would have made him listen to me. I want my Mama!"

Her voice trailed off and she continued to cry, remembering her shame and embarrassment in the school, and downstairs in the study.

Gina smoothed Mary's hair away from her face. Mary's answer startled her. She was right. The Doctor didn't scold Mary or explain why she had to obey. He only told her what to do with anger and punish her when all she might have needed was an explanation. Mary's mother would have been sitting in the chair beside the Doctor with Mary in front of them both, helping him to understand her and explain things, and she wouldn't have been in the kitchen watching. Mary's mother and the Doctor both agreed that punishment never solved a problem or helped anyone when used incorrectly with anger or force. It had to be used sparingly with understanding and love, to get a child to do the right thing. But she wasn't Mary's mother, she had no right to say anything when it came to disciplining Mary.

A thought came to her mind. There was a difference between standing by and letting something happen, or becoming involved and trying to do something about it. Mary's mother would have done something to help the situation or been there with Mary. That was part of being a mother and also someone's friend. Gina spoke to her soothingly.

"Mary, I have known you since you were born." Mary stopped crying and was listening. " As you know, your Mother and I were very good friends. I promised her before she died that I would take care of you, because I love you very much. I should have been there next to you and I wasn't. I am very sorry. You put your teacher and us in great danger today when you didn't do what she said, she even told you that and you didn't listen to her." Gina continued to smooth Mary's hair. Her voice became serious.

"We are in a time where we must do what we are told, and right now you will mind your father and myself even if you don't want to. You could have prevented all of this if you would not have broken our agreement and behaved yourself in school, done what you were told and spoken to your father about your assignment later. And to think the teacher called him to the school for your behavior? And you disobeyed him in front of everyone? You surprise me! You didn't handle yourself appropriately in school or downstairs, so your papa had no choice but to handle you the way he knew best in order to keep you safe. You have disobeyed him and our agreement more than once today and I am very ashamed of you for that and the behavior I have seen you display in this house."

When Mary heard those last words, she felt a terrible sense of remorse for what she had done, and began crying long deep sobs. What Gina said was worse than the punishment she just received. It was the truth and she didn't want to see it. She loved Gina, and the loneliness she had carried with her since her mother died was unbearable. She needed a mother and she thought about the picture under her pillow and how Gina was sitting with her now caring about her.

Her mother used to explain things to her this same way. And it made her feel the same way. Mary's heart was filled with sorrow and deep loss at the thought. If she loved Gina as her mother, she might forget about her own mother and disappoint her. She remembered her mother telling her before she died that Gina was a caring and kind woman and it was all right to love her as a mother, and she told her father he should marry Gina when she was gone. Her father did, so it must be all right. Gina sat with Mary and allowed her to cry until her crying subsided. Gina told her softly.

"Mary, its time that you go and get cleaned up for dinner. Come downstairs when you're done and you can help me get things ready." Mary sat up and hugged Gina around her neck, not wanting to let her go. Gina put her arms around her and held her tightly.

"Gina?" Mary said, still holding her. "I miss Mama so much, and I want you to be my mother now. Please don't say no. I need a Mama who will take care of me, and who won't ever leave me. Please don't ever leave me Gina, Please."

Gina was startled at first and didn't know what to say. She loved this girl as much as if she were her own. She kissed her and said.

"I miss your Mama too. I would like it very much if I was your Mama, and I will do the best that I know how. I will never leave you Mary." Mary cried with relief from the words Gina spoke to her and said.

"Mama, I feel better now."

The Doctor was standing at the window of his study looking out at the sky. He could feel the presence of Lincoln staring at him, and felt that he was disappointed and ashamed of him for punishing his daughter out of fear, for telling the truth and saying what she believed. He had taught her what was right, and now it was wrong. All wrong. He had betrayed her and gone against his own beliefs about what was right. But he had to keep her safe, any way possible. The thought kept going over and over in his mind, and avoiding Lincoln's gaze, he took the portrait down and faced it against the wall next to the fireplace. He went to the window and watched the sun hanging low in the west, setting on a country he was not proud of.


It was afternoon and Gina was in the kitchen, her worried expression vanished when she saw him. He went into the kitchen and began telling her what happened when Mary entered the room. She wouldn't look at him. It had been three days since he had punished her, and the distance between them had remained.

"How are your studies going?" He asked her trying to be friendly; Mary looked down at the floor.

"Fine Papa". She did not want the subject of school or anything about it to be brought up. She hadn't turned in her assignment and he might find out. She quickly poured herself a glass of water, drank it and left the room.

The Doctor felt a sense of loss in his heart when she left, and looked out the window to wipe away his tears. Everything was wrong. He had tried to talk to her and explain things, but she had refused to listen, walking away from him. She did not help him in the dispensary any longer or go with him on his calls. He sat down on a chair and put his head in his hands. Gina stood behind him and put her hands on his shoulders, her heart grieved with his. She leaned down and kissed him on the cheek and said.

"Mary is angry with herself and what she has done. She is trying to run away from you, just like your stories. There will come a time when she can no longer run. I will take care of her until then."


The distance between the Doctor and his daughter disturbed him greatly. Gina had tried to help with the situation, to get them to talk to each other but it seemed hopeless. In the evening Mary's vacant chair in the study made the room seem desolate. Gina had spent the last few evenings in the study with him, it was the only reprieve from the sadness he felt. The empty space over the fireplace remained lifeless adding to the desolation.

Gina looked at her watch, she was running late and pulled her scarf around her neck a little tighter to keep the cold away. She was on the way to pick Mary up from school and the six blocks seemed far with the wind and cold. At the school, she opened the door and could feel the warm air as it poured through the opening. She could smell the books, paper and ink and it reminded her of when she was in school herself.

School was over for the day, and everyone had their coats and hats on heading for the door. Students smiled and greeted Gina while exiting out the door towards their destinations. The teacher was standing in front of the class and Mary was waiting, her coat and hat on. Mary quickly took Gina's hand and began leading her towards the door.

"Come on Mama, let's go home." The teacher's voice was heard.

"Mary. Before you go, I would like to speak to you in my office a moment. Gina, I would like you to wait outside my office door for Mary". Mary's heart raced. Gina could feel Mary tense up, and knew something was wrong. Mary quickly said.

"I need to go home, I have things I need to do." Surprised by Mary's answer, Gina abruptly stopped and turned Mary towards the teacher.

"What did your Papa tell you about minding your teacher? She asked you to go with her into her office and you will do as she asked you to. Now you go with her."

"Yes Mama."

Mary didn't want to remember what her father said and she surely didn't want to go into the teacher's office. A tight knot formed in her stomach. It was common knowledge everything in the teachers' office could be heard in the classroom, and if the door was closed, the conversation could be heard right outside the door. The teacher wanted Gina to overhear their conversation. Mary knew it and so did Gina.

The teacher led Mary into her office and closed the door while Gina stood outside waiting to hear what the teacher was going to say. In the office, the teacher sat against the front of her desk while Mary stood in front of her. She picked up her record book off the desk next to her and opened it. Mary was getting nervous, and put her hands behind her. The teacher spoke innocently in a louder voice than usual.

"Mary. You are the finest student that I have, and I noticed that your work has not been what it normally has been the last few days. Can you tell me anything about that?" Mary didn't want the teacher to know what really happened and wished she would lower her voice. Mary swallowed and spoke as quietly as possible.

"Well, um. I haven't been feeling so well."

"Oh. I am sorry to hear that." The teacher looked in her book again and then back to Mary.

"I see in my records that you are still missing an assignment. The assignment your father promised you would turn in and I know he always keeps his promises. You told me that you lost it. Have you found it yet?" Her father did keep his promises, and fear gripped Mary as her father's warning came to her mind. She couldn't tell the truth.

"Um. No". The teacher took a piece of paper out of her record book. It was her 'lost' assignment. The teacher held it out to her.

"Is this your lost assignment Mary?" Mary didn't want to touch the paper. Her mouth and throat went dry seeing it. She could hardly talk.

"No… I don't think so."

Mary was feeling trapped and her attention went to the door. Gina heard her tell another lie. The teacher put the paper on her desk.

"Your name is on it, Mary, and it's in your handwriting. I've been waiting for you to tell me how it ended up in the trash container here in the classroom. Can you explain this to me?" Mary tried to answer without answering.

"I don't know." The teacher paused and re-positioned herself on the desk.

"When I was a young girl I didn't feel so well either one-day. My parents called your father to find out why I was ill. Well, he came over to our house and tried to find out what was wrong, and didn't find a thing. I had done something I was ashamed of and didn't want to tell my parents. Your father talked to me and I learned that honesty with yourself and the people you love is very important. I had made myself ill by worrying they would find out what I did. I told my parents what I did and I felt much better. You need to get honest and straight with the people you love most. I think you have lied to me about your assignment, and your parents think you gave it to me. Is that true?"

Mary hung her head. Her attention went to Gina outside the door listening. Mary didn't want her to hear the answer she was about to give, but she couldn't lie any more. Mary could hardly speak.

"Yes…I didn't want to turn it in... so I threw it away." Mary raised her head slightly and waited for the teacher to get angry with her. Instead she said.

"Thank you for telling me. I expect your work to be finished on time and done in the correct form from now on and there will be no more missing assignments. I suggest that you get honest and straight with your parents so your attention can go back on your studies. You may go home now."

 The teacher walked to the door and opened it. Mary saw Gina standing outside the door disapproval showing on her face and her arms crossed. Gina heard every lie she told in the room and she hung her head in shame. Her lies were causing everything to become worse. Gina thanked the teacher for her for her time and turned her attention back to Mary. Mary asked her to be her mother, and this time she was not going to sit by and do nothing, that was the wrong thing to do. She stepped beside Mary and lifted her chin.

"Wait until you get home! You are in a lot of trouble with your Papa and me!"

Mary would have cried if she had not become so uneasy with Gina. She never said anything like this before and she never added the word 'me' to the last sentence. She only said it as if she were sorry, while wringing her hands on her apron. Gina took Mary's hand and began walking towards the door. Mary felt like pulling away from her, running as far away as she could, never coming back. She hung her head while Gina towed her along, her father's warning weighing on her. Seeing the dispensary, Mary became worried and knew Gina was taking her to her father to tell him what she did, and then leave. That's what she always did as a nanny. When Gina passed the dispensary and walked up the stairs into the house, Mary became hopeful that Gina wasn't going to tell on her.

In the house, Gina removed her coat and hung it up then crossed her arms. Mary's behavior required a mother's guidance, and that was exactly what she was going to give her. Mary finished hanging up her coat and became very uncomfortable when she noticed Gina was not wringing her hands on her apron like she normally did, and she had not wrung her hands in the school. Gina pointed to the kitchen and said.

"Young lady! I think you better go into that kitchen and sit down while you still can."

Mary was surprised. This was something only her mother said to her when she was in trouble, and she knew what it meant. She had gone too far and Gina was angry. This was not like Gina to get angry or take matters into her own hands and Mary was not used to this course of action from her. Not knowing what to expect from her, Mary walked nervously into the kitchen with Gina following close behind her, and they both sat down. Gina was very serious and anger showed in her voice.

"I cannot believe you lied to your teacher right in my presence! Your father told you to give that paper to your teacher in order to keep you and everyone else safe, and you didn't. Your papa warned you about disobeying him and you know when he finds out about this, he is going to warm your backside. I told you myself that you were to mind both of us even if you did not want to, so I consider that you have disobeyed me too. I am very disappointed in you. You knew when you wrote that paper you weren't going to hand it in, didn't you?"

Every word Gina said tore into Mary's conscience; hard. Tears filled her eyes and she looked down at the table. She did not want to answer. But knew by Gina's voice, just as her mother's sounded in the past, she had better.

"Yes Mama."

"So you purposely disobeyed your father and lied to him. No wonder you have been avoiding him, you were worried he would find out. You didn't apologize to your teacher, did you?" Gina was not missing anything and Mary could not stop the broken sob that escaped from her mouth.

"No, I.. didn't." Mary's tears fell on the table.

"Well, you're going to apologize to her tomorrow and I don't mean maybe! Do you understand me?" Mary choked back more sobs she could feel welling up in her chest and answered.

"Yes Mama. Are you going to be the one to spank me?" Gina was surprised. She looked at Mary, she could see desperation on her face. Mary wanted her to be her mother. Gina sat at the table silent and thought about how to handle the situation at hand. She pushed back the anger she felt building. Gina softened her voice and motioned Mary to come to her.

"Come here Mary." Mary went over to Gina. Gina hugged her and Mary whimpered and began to cry on her shoulder. Gina let her cry for a minute and then held Mary in front of her, her hands on her waist.

"You just turned eleven years old Mary, and it's time that you begin to take responsibility for yourself and the decisions you make. You have two choices. The first one, I bring you over to your father and tell him what you did and let him handle you. But I remember a young girl asking me to be her Mama and I will ask you now. Do you want your Papa to handle you or your Mama?" Mary thought a moment. She put her finger to her mouth and put one hand behind her. Shyly she said

"You to handle me…and to spank me?"

"Yes, me as your Mama fully…and to spank you when you need one." Mary looked at her feet and softly said.

"I want you to handle me fully as my Mama."

"Alright then. Now look at me young lady." Mary shyly looked back at Gina. Gina crossed her arms.

"Do you have anything to say about your lying to your father and teacher and your behavior in school today?" Mary looked at the floor. Gina put her hand under Mary's chin and lifted it. Mary looked into Gina's eyes.

"I'm sorry Mama."

"And what did your Papa tell you to do with your assignment?" Tears filled Mary's eyes.

"He told me to give it to the teacher."

"And did you young lady?"

"No Mama." Gina crossed her arms again. Gently scolding she said.

"So you disobeyed your Papa, lied to him and lied to your teacher. I told you to mind your teacher myself and you did not. Is this true?" Tears rolled down Mary's cheeks. She whined with her finger still in her mouth.

"Yes Mama...Are you going to spank me now Mama?" Gina looked deep into Mary's eyes. The girl needed a mother and Gina knew she missed a mother's discipline. Mary was acting at this very moment as a five-year-old, the same age as when her real mother died. Mary wanted her to spank her and Gina knew what to do. She hugged Mary and said softly.

"Yes Mary, I am going to spank you. Now you go to your room, and put your bedclothes on. I am going to go next door and tell your father that Mama is going to handle you tonight for what you have done. Then I will come up to your room, give you a lecture and then take you over my knee and give you a spanking." Mary began to cry and hugged Gina tighter. Gina noticed her crying was almost that of relief. Gina swatted Mary's backside lightly and said.

"Go on upstairs now little girl." Mary whimpered at Gina's swat and wiped her eyes with the back of her hands. She whined.

"Yes Mama. I will be upstairs waiting for you in my room." Mary turned and left the kitchen. Gina went next door and told the Doctor what had happened. She explained her reasoning and told him her thoughts regarding Mary needing and wanting a mother desperately to discipline her. One who would keep her in line. The Doctor agreed and Gina went over to the house and up the stairs to Mary's room. She knocked on the door. Mary said tearfully and infantile.

"Come in Mama." Gina entered the room. Mary sat on her bed in her nightdress, her hands folded on her lap. Gina took Mary's study chair and moved it in front of the bed facing Mary and sat down. She crossed her arms in front of her and said.

"All right daughter. Stand in front of Mama and tell her what you did in order to earn a spanking from her." Mary slowly got off her bed and stood in front of Gina. She wiped her eyes and put her hands behind her.

"Mama…I'm sorry." Gina softened her voice.

"I know little girl. Now tell me what you did." A tear rolled down Mary's cheek.

"I disobeyed you and Papa and did not turn in my assignment like you both said for me to do. I lied to my teacher about my assignment and I threw it away on purpose." Mary started to whimper. "And I lied to my teacher today hoping you would not find out what I did." Gina put her hands on her lap and leaned forward towards Mary.

"I see. And what did your Papa tell you about disobeying him?" Mary wiped her eyes and started to cry.

"He gave me his belt for the next time…I …disobeyed you…or him." Gina was quiet a moment.

"Yes daughter he did. Now go get me your Papa's belt." Mary went to her dresser and opened the drawer retrieving her father's belt and handed it to Gina. Gina put the belt on the floor next to her. Mary stepped in front of Gina, her hands behind her. Gina said.

"All right little girl. Your Mama is going to spank you now for lying and disobeying. You have been very naughty by doing that, and Mama is very disappointed with her daughter. Now pull up your night dress and lean over my lap." Mary looked at Gina tearfully while she stooped down and lifted the bottom of her nightdress. She lifted it up to her waist and stepped next to the woman she had chosen for a mother. She looked into Gina's caring eyes and with help from Gina, was soon over her knees, her feet off the floor. Mary could feel Gina's warm hand gently holding her right hip and her attention went to the past. Her mother had spanked her twice, and it was done in the same quiet spoken way. Mary started to cry as she remembered her mother, and how much Gina was like her. As Gina held Mary over her knees, she thought about how everything had gotten to this point to begin with. If she had put her foot down earlier for this girl, she would not have gotten in all this trouble. Gina knew she was partly to blame and realized the girl over her knee right now might have done everything intentionally in order to be in this position. Gina said quietly.

"Mary…It is time for your spanking now, take down your panties." Mary reached behind her, put her thumbs in the waistband, and began to move them down. She stopped three inches below her waist. Crying she said.

"Mama…please. I do not want you to use the belt on me." Gina quietly said.

"I will not use it, but next time you disobey me or your father, or I catch you lying in any way, I will be putting that belt across your backside and then send it with you to your father. Do you understand me young lady?" Mary knew Gina was serious.

"Yes Mama…I will behave for you and Papa, I promise."

"All right. Take them down." Mary began to cry harder knowing what was on its way. "Mama, I need help to take my panties down." Gina put her hands gently on Mary's and slowly helped Mary lower her panties to the middle of her thighs. Mary lay over Gina's knees just as she did over her mothers, her bare backside exposed feeling the cool air upon it and her hands holding the side of Gina's left leg. Crying Mary said.

"Mama…I love you and...I am sorry Mama." Gina smiled and raised her hand in the air.

"I know Mary and I love you." Gina began to spank Mary's bare backside and Mary burst into sobbing. Tears rolling down her face. Mary could feel Gina's hand as it left her backside stinging, and then began to burn. Mary began to struggle and Gina held her tighter.

"Mama…please…no more…I will be good." Gina stopped and held her hand on Mary's now red backside. Mary felt the warmth of Gina's hand. It was comforting and she did not want Gina to remove it.

"Yes Mary, I know. You have been a very naughty girl and your Mama is not done yet with your spanking." Mary sobbed and tried to put her hands behind her. Gina gently put them back in front of Mary.

"No baby." Mary complied. Her heart was heavy at the loss of her real mother. She had not cried for her since she died, and now it seemed that while over Gina's knees and getting her backside warmed, she could let it out. Broken sobs poured out of her as she felt Gina's hand once again come down harder against her backside. She sobbed as the burning sensation increased. Gina heard her crying change to deep sobbing and continued to apply her hand over and over to the crimson red backside in her view. She was making certain her new daughter would cry everything out she needed to. Gina stopped and lay her hand on Mary's backside. Mary was sobbing. Gina said.

"When I am done with you little girl, you will go downstairs and tell your Papa what you have done and that your Mama has spanked you for it." Mary lay over Gina's knee crying and began to suck her thumb.

"Yes Mama…Please no more…I will be good." Gina raised her hand.

"I know you will be good little girl. But you have been avoiding your Papa because of lying and disobeying him. He feels badly because you have not spoken to him and I am not done yet with your spanking."

"Yes Mama…"

Mary knew what Gina said was true. She felt guilty at hurting her father's feelings and began to deeply sob again at what she had done to him. Gina swung her hand towards the crimson red backside. Mary felt Gina's hand again and her eyes widened in shock. It was searing hot. Mary cried out.

"Mama…please…" Mary tried to wriggle free and Gina held her tighter and kept on spanking the little girls backside upturned over her knee. Mary sobbed louder. Her mother had always stopped when she said she would be good and Mary finally realized it was not working with Gina. Gina had been present when her mother spanked her and known how she had gotten out of her two other spankings in the past. Mary knew now that Gina was serious about being her mother. She felt as though she had manipulated her real mother out of the other two and her heart sunk in her chest. Mary sobbed and shouted.

"Mama…please…stop…I have had enough…Mama…please…not Papa's belt…please Mama...don't." Gina stopped again and held Mary tightly. Gina rested her hand on Mary's red backside. She thought a moment about what Mary just said to her and realized that Mary wanted her to use her father's belt. Mary cherished the feeling of Gina's hand on her backside and wanted it to last longer. She sobbed quietly.

"Mama…not Papa's belt. I will be good."

Gina said softly.

"I know you will be good little girl. Your Mama is not done spanking her daughter and daughter will not tell Mama when to stop her spanking." Mary quietly sobbed.

"Yes Mama…Mama?"

"Yes daughter?"

"I…love you…Mama…and…I love Papa."

"I know Mary…and I love you very much. Now daughter…I am going to spank you more because you lied to your teacher today and I heard you." Mary burst into tears and sobbed loudly. Her heart sunk in her chest and she felt horrible remembering her lies.

Gina removed her hand from Mary's warm backside and leaned over. She picked up the belt still folded in half next to the chair. Mary suspected what Gina was doing and looked behind her hopefully. Gina had the belt poised above her backside and she was relieved knowing Gina understood her. Sobbing, she resumed her position over Gina's knees and her face toward the floor.

"No Mama…not Papa's belt…please…"

"Baby…You will not tell Mama what to do. Do you understand Mama?" Mary sobbed.

"Yes Mama…I …understand you. Please Mama…" Gina brought the belt down sharply on the bare upturned backside in front of her and Mary gasped from the directness of its stinging and sharp burning pain. Gina felt Mary jump from the sting and continued with hard swats with the belt to the backside exposed. Mary was shouting 'Mamaaa' with every one of Gina's slaps with the belt and in a frenzy sobbing.

Mary had enough and lay limp over Gina's knees. Gina stopped and lay the belt down next to the chair and allowed Mary to lay over her knees and sob. She rubbed her back and now deep red and striped backside. Comforted by Gina's touch, Mary's sobs reduced to a whimper. Gina gently removed Mary's panties from her legs and raised Mary in front of her. Mary covered her eyes with her hands and Gina lifted her onto her lap and hugged her. Mary put her arms around Gina's neck and sobbed on her shoulder. The love she felt for Gina was intense and she wanted to stay on her lap indefinitely. She sobbed.

"Mama…I love you…Mama please…don't leave me." Gina's heart was torn. She rocked Mary in her arms and said.

"I will not leave you sweetheart. Never." Gina kissed her forehead and continued to rock her in her arms until her crying subsided. Softly she spoke to Mary "This refusal to speak to your father and avoid him has gone on too long, and I won't have it in this house any longer. It is time that you go and face what you have done and tell your Papa the truth. I know it won't be easy, but you know what to do and where your father is. Now, let's go to the study so you can talk to him." Mary tensed up.

"No Mama…Not yet." Gina swatted Mary's backside sharply. Mary cried out and her eyes widened.

"You will do as I say young lady unless you want to go over my knee again." Mary was speechless! Gina had never dealt with her like this before and she quickly came to her senses. This Mama was not playing. She politely said.

"Yes Mama." Gina helped Mary to her feet and stood. Taking Mary's hand in hers they went downstairs into the study. Gina and Mary stood in front of the Doctor, Mary had her one hand behind her and her other in Gina's hand. She stared at the floor. The Doctor sat in his chair. Gina spoke quietly.

"Mary, tell your father what you did." Mary did not want to and stood quietly in front of her father. The thought of having to tell on herself was far more severe than the spanking Gina just administered to her. Gina leaned over and urged her with another swat to her backside. It was unexpected and Mary stared in amazement at Gina. Tears formed in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. Gina said softly.

"Go on Mary."

She felt the weight of the world on her shoulders. She began to sob.

"Papa." The Doctor sat in his chair and leaned forward.

"Yes Mary?" Mary looked at the floor and continued to sob.

"Papa…Mama heard me lie to the teacher today…I did not turn in…the assignment you told me to…I threw it away…and lied. I disobeyed you…and I am sorry…that I have not spoken to you in three…days. Mama took me…over her knee and spanked me…upstairs in my room." The Doctor said softly.

"Come sit in Papa's lap now." Mary let go of Gina's hand and crawled onto her father's lap. He held her close and she began to cry on his chest.

"Papa, I am sorry...Please don't be angry…with me." The Doctor rubbed his daughter's back.

"I am not angry with you Mary. Why don't I give your Mama some of my ointment and have her put it on you. Your backside feels a bit warm." Mary smiled.

"All right Papa." The Doctor took a jar of ointment off the table by his chair and handed it to Gina. She smiled at the Doctor and he winked at her. He kissed his daughter and hugged her. Gina took Mary's hand in hers and both went up the stairs to Mary's room. Gina pulled the covers back and Mary lay on her bed sucking her thumb, her posterior upward. Gina opened the jar and said.

"All right Mary, raise up your night dress." Mary closed her eyes sucking her thumb.

"Mama, can you do it please." Gina smiled to herself. She took the hem of Mary's nightdress and gently lifted it up to her waist. She opened the jar of ointment, dipped her fingers in the soft mixture and began tenderly applying it to Mary's reddened backside. Mary smiled as she sucked her thumb.

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