Bucci Neighborhood Spankings 8:
John’s Embarrassing Moment

From: Whetstone ([email protected])

It was Sunday afternoon. Twelve-year-old Meghan had telephoned her best friend Brittany and asked to meet her in their backyard where they could talk and be sure no one could overhear them. They were sitting behind the pool. Meghan had a story to tell. It was a story about Meghan’s fourteen-year-old brother John.

“Just what is so important and so private that we had to meet out here?” Brittany asked Meghan.

“Well, you still have a crush on my brother John don’t you?” Meghan asked.

“You know I do.” Brittany answered. “But don’t tell him that!”

“I won’t tell him but I thought you would like to know what happened yesterday evening after I left your house.” Meghan answered. Then she went on and told the story.

“As soon as I got home, I knew John was in trouble. Mom, Dad and John were sitting at the kitchen table and nobody looked very happy. Mom sent me up to my room so they could keep talking in private.

“Whenever us kids are sent to our room and we aren’t the one in trouble, somebody is in BIG trouble. I was kind of glad it was John. He had been picking on me and he had even invited one of his friends to come inside when I was naked and doing corner time after my spanking (good thing mom stopped him). Anyway I was hoping John was going to get a good, long, hard spanking. As it turned out, I wasn’t disappointed.

“When I got upstairs, Jeff was in his room too so I asked him if he knew what was going on. Like a typical 8-year-old boy, he was clueless. I would just have to wait to find out.

“I didn’t have long to wait. Mom called Jeff and me downstairs and told us to go into the living room. When we got there, mom had us sit in the lounge chairs facing the sofa. Dad was sitting on the sofa and John was standing in front of him with his back towards us. Dad was undoing John’s pants but John wasn’t being very cooperative and was trying to stop dad from pulling down his pants.

“Dad didn’t like that and told John that because he was struggling he was going to be naked for his spanking and that if he continued to resist, his spanking would be worse. John started to cry and plead about being naked and that he was too old to be treated like that. But dad insisted that it was all part of his punishment and that it was just too bad don’t make it any worse for yourself.

“Dad finally got John to hold his hands above his head out of the way. Dad pulled John’s pants and underpants down and made him step out of them. Then Dad pulled John’s t-shirt over his head. John was now standing completely naked in front of Dad.

“I couldn’t resist looking at John’s bare bottom. When we were little we used to see each other nude all the time. I had never been very interested then. Now the only time I see him naked is if he has done something really bad and gets a spanking or corner time in front of the family – and that hadn’t happened to John in a long time. Too long if you ask me, I think he deserved a hard spanking long before this one.

“At any rate, his bottom is kind of cute. It isn’t round like a girl’s anymore and he is getting some muscles. His legs are starting to get some hair but there isn’t any hair that I could see on his bottom. His back is really tan from him being out in the sun all summer but his bottom and halfway down his thighs is completely white. I was sure that Daddy was going to target that white and make it really red before much more time went by.

“Then Daddy told John to put his hands on top of his head and to turn around and tell Jeff and me why he was going to get a spanking. John pleaded with Daddy not to have to do it, that he was too embarrassed. Daddy told him that he had to and the humiliation was part of his punishment. John just shook his head no. Daddy reached around John and gave his bottom a little smack and told him that if he didn’t he would physically turn him around and then he would get spanked every night for a week.

“John was sniffling when he turned around and told us that Daddy had caught him smoking at the playground and that was why he was going to be spanked.

“But guess what Brittany? His boy thing was sticking up!” Meghan said.

“What do you mean his boy thing?” Brittany asked.

“I mean his BOY THING! You know. It was sticking up!” Meghan said again.

“Oh. OH! Wow, what did it look like? Did you get a good look?” Brittany asked.

 “Yeah, I got a good look. I couldn’t miss it. It was about the size of a hot dog but not the same color – its color was darker than John’s bottom but it wasn’t really tan either – it was kind of like the color your bottom was after I spanked you. And he had some hair there too. Not on his boy thing but around where it sticks out from. His ballies had some hair on them too. I almost felt sorry for John, he was so embarrassed being exposed like that and he saw me looking at him but he had just seen me after my spanking so I was happy to get even.

“Then mom did the funniest thing. She said that ‘it was inappropriate’, at least that’s the word I think she used, and said she was going to ‘take care of it’. She stood up, walked over to John and flicked her fingernail right on the tip of John’s boy thing. John screamed in pain and grabbed his thing.

“Dad got mad at mom and said that she didn’t have to do that. He said it was a natural reaction and that John’s bottom was going to be hurting enough she didn’t have to hurt him there too.”

Brittany said, “Wow, that must have been something!”

“It was.” Meghan continued. “But that is not all. Mom had the effect she wanted. When John moved his hands away, I saw that his thing had shrunk and it wasn’t sticking up any more!

“Dad didn’t show John any mercy even after what mom did to him. He made John open his mouth and Dad shoved a couple of cigarettes in and told him to chew them up but not to swallow them. He told John he had to keep them in his mouth while he was getting spanked. You should have seen the look on John’s face! They must have tasted awful!

“Then Daddy made John kneel on the left side of the couch and bend over the back cushion.

“You know how we could ‘see everything’ from the back when we spanked each other?” Meghan interrupted her story to ask Brittany.

“Yes, I know.” Brittany answered, wondering what was coming next.

“Well you can see everything on a boy too!” Meghan said.

“No way! What does it look like from back there?” Brittany asked.

“Actually, kind of funny. John was kneeling on the couch and was bent over the back of it. Dad had made him spread his knees apart. I could look between his legs and just underneath his bottom I could see the back of his ballies and the tip of his boy thing hanging down.

“Daddy didn’t fool around. He had taken off his belt and wrapped it around his hand a few times. He stood to the side of John, swung the belt back and then straight across John’s bottom cheeks. John howled in pain and a bright red stripe appeared almost like magic right across the middle of his cheeks. Daddy kept strapping John’s bottom. John started to cry like a little sissy. He couldn’t take the spanking he deserved at all. He kept reaching back and covering his bottom. Daddy got so mad at him for doing that that he had mom hold John’s hands out of the way while he continued to spank.

“John still didn’t stay still; he kept trying to wiggle his bottom out of the way of the belt. It didn’t work, Dad always hit his target. But wiggling his bottom had another effect, it made his ballies and boy thing swing back and forth – it was the funniest thing to watch – even from behind and between his legs I could see them swinging!

“When Daddy got finished using the belt on John, the poor guy was striped from the middle of his thighs all the way up to his back. Dad did a good job on him and I was kind of happy but I still felt a little bad for him too.

“Mom was upset though because John had spit out the cigarettes while he was getting spanked and it had gotten all over her. Between cries he was still spitting out what was left in his mouth. Mom asked dad to take John into the bathroom to rinse his mouth out and said that when they got back she was going to finish giving John his spanking.

“John was acting like a sissy again and really started crying and begging and pleading not to be spanked anymore. He said he had learned his lesson and would never smoke again. Mom and Dad weren’t hearing any of it and Dad just took John by the arm and led him away towards the bathroom. Mom sent me upstairs to get the old leather sole so she could spank John with it. I ran all the way up and back because I didn’t want to miss a thing.

“Dad was leading John back from the bathroom just as I got back. And guess what, Brittany?” Meghan asked her friend.

“How am I supposed to know?” Brittany said. “Don’t stop, keep telling me what happened.”

Meghan went on. “His boy thing was sticking up again!”

“No way!” Brittany exclaimed.

“Way!” Meghan said. “Mom didn’t say anything about it but I stared at it. Mom had sat down on the couch and told dad to drape John over her lap. John started to try to get away from dad but it didn’t work. When dad got him next to mom, mom reached up and grabbed his thing – as dad lowered John across mom’s lap, mom guided it between her thighs and then closed them tight! John’s boy thing was caught between mom’s thighs!”

“Holy smokes!” Brittany said. “Then what happened?”

“Mom started to spank. I know how much that leather sole hurts. John’s bottom must have felt like it was on fire, especially since dad had just given him the belt. Dad held him down and mom spanked and spanked. She covered the tops of his thighs and his whole bottom. She even put the sole down for a while, spread his cheeks apart with one hand and spanked the inner part of his bottom with her other hand. It was some spanking!

“John started out crying and pleading. Then he was screaming and crying. Then he was kind of blubbering and crying. I had no idea what he was trying to say. None of it did any good for him. Mom just kept spanking. He was really a sissy. I know it hurt but he had it coming to him and he should have taken it better than he did. I know I wouldn’t have been screaming and pleading the way he was.

“Finally mom must have thought he had enough or she just got tired because she stopped. Dad helped John get up and the three of them hugged each other. Mom and Dad both told him how much they loved him and were concerned about his health and well being. John said that he knew and promised never to smoke again.

“Then they made him apologize to Jeff and me and give each of us a hug too. It felt really weird hugging him when he was naked and I could tell he was embarrassed too. Lucky thing his boy thing had shrunk again and it wasn’t sticking up any more!

“He had to do corner time in the kitchen for the rest of the night but not in the corner, Mom made him stand in the middle of the room with his hands on top of his head the whole time. I think Daddy was annoyed that Mom made John do corner time that way but he didn’t say anything. John sure was embarrassed! And you know what, his boy thing started sticking up again! It would stay up for a while then go back down and then back up again! I didn’t know it would do something like that. I made sure I had something to do in the kitchen so I could look at him. I didn’t tease while mom or dad were around because I knew I might have had to take his place but I made up for it when they left the room. He was such a sissy; he had it coming to him.

“When Mom and Dad were in the living room watching TV, I asked John if I could touch his bottom and see how hot it was. We’ve done that to each other before so I knew he would say yes. It was really warm and it had ridges going across it from Daddy’s belt – I know Daddy calls them ‘welts’. The surprising thing was John’s boy thing; it was down when I first touched his bottom but it stood right up as soon as I rubbed his bottom a little bit! And I don’t think John was embarrassed any more, in fact, I think he was proud of it! He actually asked me if I wanted to touch his ‘Peter’ (that’s what he calls it) too.”

“Did you?” Brittany interrupted, “Did you touch it? What did it feel like?”

“Darn right I touched it!” Meghan answered, “I wasn’t going to let that opportunity pass. I felt kind of weird, I mean he is my brother and all but I did it anyway.

“John gasped as soon as I touched it. But not from pain, I think it must have felt good to him. It was really stiff but soft and smooth at the same time. The very top part was especially soft but it had a bright red mark on it where Mom hit him with her fingernail. John was smiling at me but I was really embarrassed. I just let it go and ran up to my room.”

“Well any way, I thought you would like to know.” Meghan had completed her story.

Both girls were quiet for a while. Then Brittany just said, “Wow.” And they were both quiet for a while again.

“That must have been some spanking and some show afterwards. I wish I had been there. I think I would like to touch your brother’s bottom and boy thing too.” Brittany said. “I know one thing though.”

“What is that?” Meghan asked.

“I sure won’t smoke around your parents!” Brittany said.

“Yeah, really! Probably not yours either.” Meghan replied and both girls started to laugh.

The End

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