Missy Learns How to Spank

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Summer was coming and Penny needed a babysitter quickly, for there would be no one home to take care of her children during the day when they got out of school. She was a single, working mom with three children; 10-year-old Ashley, 7-year-old Jarred and 5-year-old Cody. As if through divine intervention came a sweet, beautiful angel named Missy.

Missy was a 14-year-old Britney Spears wannabe. She had beautiful long, blonde hair framing her heart-shaped face, a dab of gloss on her ruby-red lips, and she tended to wear rather revealing clothing such as halter tops, short-shorts or mini-skirts, with little pink pompoms on her sandals. Her toenails were painted, there was a ring on her right big toe and a gold bracelet on her left ankle. But she was really very innocent, got good grades in school, was active in church and was adored by her proud parents.

The first few days after Missy was hired, things were great. Her and the kids had a lot of fun playing outside with the garden hose, going to the beach, running around and even doing mundane stuff like watching the Disney Channel or having lunch. She made lots of grilled-cheese sandwiches and soup or cans of ravioli for her young charges. Penny even allowed her to smoke in the house, as she too was a smoker and didn't see it as any big deal. Missy had only started a few months ago and wasn't allowed to smoke at home, at school or even in the mall so that was an added perk.

After a while, the kids were getting used to her. Perhaps a little too used to her. She continued to get along great with Ashley, who was almost like a little sister but the boys were beginning to test her. They were running around in the house, knocking stuff over that sometimes broke and when she told them to stop running, they tended to ignore her. If she told them to pick up their toys they wouldn't and would sometimes even say "NO!" Their mother had said to "smack them" if they get out of line and sometimes she would give them a slap across their shoulder or over their jeans but while they might have said "owwww!" in a whiny manner, it didn't do much good.

She figured it was time to learn a little more about child discipline so she started checking out various Internet Websites on the computer in her bedroom when she got home from babysitting. She came across a site that not only recommended the good, old-fashioned spanking but even gave instructions on how to do it. Missy at first laughed, thinking there wasn't anything too complicated about slapping a bottom with a hand or paddle but as she read on, she became intrigued. There were different ways to position the child for the punishment, what should be used, how severely it should be done and many other things. She gathered enough information to figure out just how to discipline Jarred and Cody when the need arises.

The next day, sure enough, the boys were as wild as ever. Ashley was great, she just wanted to chat and have Missy apply a little bit of makeup to her face, as they often did together. But Jarred and Cody were running around, making lots of noise and ignoring Missy's demands that they settle down. Then Jarred knocked over a house plant. There was dirt all over the floor and broken leaves.

"Jarred! Clean that up. Now!", said Missy.

"NO!" Jarred responded, with a smirk.

"I'm going to give you a spanking, Jarred. I'm serious," she warned.

Jarred just laughed and started walking away. 14-year-old Missy grabbed him and brought him over to the love seat like a real mom. "Just watch me," she said. Remembering the instructions she saw on the Website, she undid his shorts and pulled them down and pulled down his briefs as well, and then laid him across her shaven, tanned legs, up against her cut-offs, placing her left hand firmly on the small of his back as he squirmed.

"God you've got a cute butt," she said, adding a light-hearted moment to the rather tense situation. But the cute butt made her want to spank it all the more. Her soft hand, with the short, painted nails and rings on the thumb, index finger and pinkie, came down with a resounding slap on Jarred's 7-year-old flesh. He let out a yelp and started to squirm some more but she held him down tighter and she spanked and spanked and spanked him as he screamed and then cried, the tears flowing freely down his face.

When she was all done spanking him, she stood him up, pulled his briefs and shorts back up as he continued to cry. She placed her arms around him for a hug and gave him a kiss on his cheek. He sniffled and walked to the other side of the room, plopping down on a bean-bag chair.

"God I need a cigarette," she said as she pulled her Marlboro Lights out of her purse, placed one in the center of her mouth and reached for the matches she kept in the pocket in her cut-offs. Her right hand continued to tingle as she drew hard on her cigarette. But she started to feel better, realizing she did something that needed to be done.

Through the summer, Missy had to give a few more spankings. There was the time Cody took his black crayon and scribbled all over the livingroom wall, for instance. Or when they boys engaged in a food fight at the local McDonald's, splattering other customers with bits of hamburgers, fries and ketchup. Or when Jarred hit a girl he was playing with in the sandbox at the public park.

When summer was over and everyone, including Missy, went back to school, Penny, the children's mom, noticed a vast improvement in the children's behavior. But when they got out of line, all she had to do is say, "I'm going to call Missy and have her give you a spanking" and that got them to behave.

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