The Guest House III

From: Paul Crewe ([email protected])

Colin Peters had recently inherited a Guest House in Margate, Kent, England. After several weeks he had realised that the peace of his new life was being shattered by the unruly behaviour of his guests, or more specifically by their children. He figured that the parents were reluctant to punish their offspring in front of strangers, so Colin had placed a cane, paddle, strap, and inviting notices in each bedroom. See Part one for the full story.

The effect was dramatic. Parents did indeed make spectacular use of the equipment, and the Guest House became a happy disciplined holiday environment. Word spread, and the place was fully booked, mainly by couples with several children, looking for a good holiday with no disturbance. It seems most of the guests were also glad to get away from the antics of wild youngsters. Certainly those that did arrive made frequent use of the available equipment.

By mid-summer Colin was exhausted. He was no longer kept busy repairing the fabric of his building, but was run off his feet cooking, cleaning, washing bedding, running reception, and listening to the eager visitors in the bar in the evenings. Colin decided to employ somebody. But would the new employee fit in?

And then a letter came out of the blue. Colin was a single man, no close relatives, but did have a sister much younger than him. She had a son, Mark, who had just finished school. Well, finished was a generous way of putting it, actually he had been asked to leave having wasted his time for the past two years, and then larking about in an important examination. Colin's sister, a single parent, was at her wits end. She asked Colin if he would take the boy on, both as an employee and as a ward, and try to sort him out.

After a telephone call to his sister's home, and several ground rules were agreed between Colin and Mark, the deal was done.

So Colin went to Margate Railway station one Tuesday Morning, to collect his wayward nephew. The boy was average height for a sixteen year old, thin, muscular, and had a cheeky confident grin, even though his teeth had a yellow stain. Colin was disturbed by the boys clothes. A baggy T-shirt in weird design topped a pair of filthy and very wide bell-bottom jeans. The baseball cap perched on his head completed the impression of a roller-blade enthusiast. The hair below it was a greasy tangle of dark brown dreadlocks, each about two inches long. Colin was aghast.

"Hi Colin" the young man beamed, "Got any fags, I smoked my last on that boring train"

"Hello Mark" Colin looked stern "You must call me Uncle, and Sir when we are at work"

"Ease up, old man" the boy lightly punched Colin in the chest "You'll spoil my holiday"

"This is not a holiday for you, boy" Colin stared at the youth. "You are here to work, and I will spank you if you slip up"

"Yeah, right. Where do the girls hang out"

"I am serious, Mark. You are here to work hard, and to learn to behave, and I will see that you do"

"But I thought all that discipline talk was just to get Mum off my case"

"No, it was for real, if you don't accept my absolute authority to smack you when I see fit, you can just wait here for the next train home"

"But I can't go home" the boy almost cried "Mum won't let me back in. She made me sleep in the garage for two nights, just because I caused a little smoke in the bedroom"

"How did that happen" Colin was concerned.

"It was just an accident, my fag-end made the pillow smoulder"

"You were smoking in bed?" Colin was stunned.

"It was no big deal"

"Your mother allowed you to smoke in bed?

"She was always on my case, nag nag nag, I had it under control. We had too many pillows anyway"

"Under no circumstances are you to smoke in my house, in any room, ever. Is that clear"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can we go now? Have you got any grub, I missed breakfast?"

"We are going, straight to the hairdressers, that mop is totally unsuitable for working in my house. I don't want any of the Guests to see you with hair like that."

"No way, man, I want to go to the house. I'm hungry"

"Mark, the Barber's is just around the corner, it won't take long. Now, don't refuse me, or you will regret it"

"I need foooood. Just get me to the kitchen, OK" Mark was snarling.

"I know what you need, lad" Colin stayed calm. "Home first then"

By the time they reached the Guest House it was nearly noon. All of the Guests were out. Colin took his nephew to the attic.

"Your room is up here" He announced. "It is rather small, but it is the only space that I can spare during the peak season"

"It's a f**king dump" Mark declared. "I wouldn't put a dog in here."

"It is the original servant's quarters, and that is what you are. Now, drop your bag, we have a few matters to attend to"

"Like what?"

"Like your first spanking, for swearing, snapping at me, and refusing to obey an order"

"My first spanking, you must be nuts" Colin was looking out of the skylight at the distant ocean. A storm was brewing.

"Get off" Mark screamed as Colin grabbed the boy's left arm, and twisted it up his back. A few spots of rain landed on the glass skylight.

"Let Go" he yelled as Colin pushed the boy against the wall, pinning Mark's right arm into the corner.

"Stop that" he squealed as Colin used his free hand to undo the boy's wide leather belt.

"You can't do this" he cried as his baggy trousers were tugged to his ankles.

"Pervert" he called as his black boxer shorts were pulled down to his knees.

"This is out of order" Mark was nearly hysterical now. Heavy balls of rain were now pounding onto the roof.

"Pack it in" he yelped as Colin dragged the half-dressed boy to the bed. He sat down and dropped the shocked youth across his lap. Mark's left arm was trapped against Colin's stomach. Colin used his own left arm to press the boy's spine down onto his lap.


"Ouch" he complained when Colin's big muscular hand slapped his bare buttock.


Mark instinctively put his right arm up to cover his buttocks. Colin grabbed it and twisted it up the boys back, holding it in place with his own left hand


"I'm going to the Police" Mark cried as the spanking progressed.


Finally Colin spoke. "Fine. Be sure to show them the letter from your mother, that she put into your bag this morning"


"What letter" Colin vaguely remembered something about a letter for his uncle.


"It's the one that gives me legal custody of you, and authorises parental discipline"


"I ditched that Man"


"She posted several copies to me, even sent one to the Police station" Colin informed the screaming boy


"They will be expecting you, but they'll march you straight back here"


"I am an adult now, I've left school" Mark thrashed his legs about.


"Not true boy. You are still a minor until your 18th birthday, nearly two years off"


"Pack it in" the boy wriggled.


"Not just yet" Colin put his right leg over Mark's right knee, then tucked his right foot under his left shin. The boy was pinned, with his leg over Colin's right thigh, and his right leg passing under it.


"You're hurting my arm" Outside the weather was torrential.


"When I think you will accept your punishment, I'll let go"


"Get off" the boy arched his back and thrashed about. Mark's legs were tangled in his own trousers, and Colin's grip was too secure.


"You're hurting my arse"


"Your bottom" Colin corrected


"OK, OK, I'm sorry" Mark tried another tack


"A step in the right direction, but we have a long way to go"


"Please, stop it"


"I'll be good" tears were forming in the boy's eyes


"You Bastard"


"I hate you" Tears were escaping from the boy's eyes




"Arggh" Tears were dripping onto the floor


Mark was now crying freely


Gargled noises ensued.


Saliva dripped from Marks mouth onto the floor.


A Clear liquid ran down from within the boy's nose and hovered on his top lip.


The snot ran into Marks mouth. He felt ashamed.


At last the boy went limp. Colin had broken the foal.


Colin rested, released the beaten child's right arm, and breathed heavily. They stayed, exhausted, in that pose for several minutes. Colin panting like a marathon runner, Mark crying like a baby. Eventually the sobs subsided, and Colin regained his breath.

"After punishment you will do corner time" Colin spoke softly.

"Pardon, Sir"

"Stand in the corner with your hands on your head"

"OK Sir" Mark got up "I am sorry I was rude to you" Mark cupped his hot bottom in both hands.

"That's good to hear, Mark" Colin was moved. "No, take them off" He ordered as Mark pulled his trousers up.

"I have to stand in the corner with no trousers, what if somebody sees me"

"That is part of the punishment, I learned it in USA, works really well"

Mark slipped the wide trousers over his trainers

"And the pants"

"Do I have too?" Mark looked pitifully at his uncle.

"Yes, it will only be for a short while, this time, and then I will fix you some lunch"

Mark slipped off the black boxers, and stood up straight, facing the corner of the attic room. His bright red buttocks were a sharp contrast to his white thighs.

"Now, hands on top of your head"

The boy did as he was told, his T-shirt rode up to reveal his lower spine, white, slightly hairy, no fat at all on his torso. What a spectacle he made. A handsome teenager with dreadlocks, top of the range trainers (no socks of course), latest garage music T-shirt, standing hands on head, bare spanked bottom, tears-stained face.

"Now, don't turn round, speak, or take your hands down, for any reason. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir" Mark answered smartly. The rain had stopped. A rainbow appeared in the skylight.

Colin lay back on the bed. The spanking had taken more out of him than he realised. He knew it had been important to break the boy, and this punishment had had to be a spanking, raw physical wrestling between master and servant. If Colin had lost this tussle, he would have had no control over the youth. But Colin had won, and now discipline would be much easier, the boy would co-operate when he was to be caned, and Colin had every intention of swishing the lad at every opportunity. Not for sadistic reasons, but as a favour to his sister. Colin felt guilty that he had not seen the problems she was having, and had not done anything to help earlier. He had been too busy with his own career in the Civil Service, which had taken him all over the world. Now he resolved to repair the neglect at home, and to make a fine young man out of this sweaty youth.

Colin lay there, deep emotions passing through his tired body. Mark stood obediently.

Some time later Colin glanced at the clock. My God, he has been there for almost an hour. Colin realised he must have drifted asleep. In the corner the boy was wilting, but remained facing the wall. His hands were still on his head, but the forehead was leaning on the wall. Colin noticed the boy's bottom had swollen, the bright red colour had now faded to a duller hue.

"OK, time's up" Colin declared.

"Thank you, Sir" Mark dropped his arms and cupped his buttocks. "I swear I will be good from now on"

"I'm glad to hear it" Colin smiled, "but if you slip up, I will have no hesitation in caning you"

"Caning me" Mark looked scared. He had read stories about boys who had been caned, but had never seen or felt one.

"Certainly, but don't panic, even six of the best will not be as bad as that spanking"

"You sure can hurt" Mark rubbed in an exaggerated manner.

"You are one tough kid" Colin rose from the bed and held out his arms.

Mark swept into them, into a hug which felt right, and then burst into tears.

Mark was overcome by new and unfamiliar emotions. He felt forgiveness, submission, belonging, hope. Colin felt a wonderful sense of responsibility, pride, duty. Words were not required.

After a few minutes Mark calmed down. Colin gently patted his still bare bottom.

"Let's get something to eat" he announced.

"Shall I get dressed" Mark enquired.

"I have bought you some clothes which are more suitable. Take off that T-shirt."

The boy removed the black stained garment. Sweat was still evident on the boy's muscular chest.

"You need a shower" Colin decided. "Put this on and follow me" he added, handing Mark a white towelling dressing gown.

Mark put it on, it felt soft, good, he thought. Then Mark sat on the bed and slipped off his trainers.

"Ready" Colin asked, it was not really a question, so Mark just nodded.

Colin led the way to the shower. "Have a good wash, while I fix lunch"

"Yes Sir" Mark beamed when he saw the bathroom. This place was neat.

The shower was powerful, hot, refreshing. Mark felt good. He stood in the massaging jet for a while, then turned off the water and applied the gel which hung in a bottle. then Mark scrubbed with a plastic net thing, an odd device but very effective. His skin tingled all over. Mark paid particular attention to his buttocks, the gel made them tingle in a surprisingly pleasant way.

"Lunch is ready" Colin announced through the bathroom door.

"Coming, Sir" Mark confessed.

The boy rinsed off and towelled down. A few minutes later he sat at the kitchen table, feeling very much at home. Colin had laid out a wonderful selection of salad and cold meats, fresh bread rolls, all sorts of pickles and mustards, a slice of hot pizza, cola, and three cream cakes.

Mark tucked in, gorging as only a teenage boy can. Colin ate slower, more cautiously.

"Thank you, Sir" Mark spoke when he could not eat any more.

"That's very much appreciated, Mark" Colin could see the boy had charm as well as flaws.

"Shall I wash up?" Mark was keen to impress.

"No need, we'll just put the plates in the dishwasher, and put the untouched food in the fridge." The kitchen was cleaned in just three minutes.

"Now, if you will come to your room, I will show you your new clothes."

Mark trotted behind Colin to the top of the house. No wonder he is so strong, the boy thought, all these stairs. The man must train like an Olympic athlete, up and down all day.

"There are three outfits for you" Colin said as they climbed. "One for general duties, one for waiting in the dining room, and one for lessons."

"What lessons" Mark was shocked.

"I have arranged a tutor to help you to prepare for next year's examinations" Colin announced. "He is going to come over three times a week, and will set homework for the other days."

"But I have left school" Mark objected.

"You left with nothing. You can do better than that, and if you are going to get anywhere in this world you will need some qualifications"

The duo had reached the top of the stairs. Colin entered the attic bedroom first.

"The outfits are in the wardrobe, let's start with your study clothes. I got your sizes from your mother, so everything should fit, but we will try them on now." Colin handed the boy a pair of white briefs. The boy turned away and stepped into them, pulling them up under his dressing gown.

"Try this, please" Colin held out a grey short-sleeved shirt.

Mark removed the dressing gown, and stood in the centre of the room. He took the shirt and put it on.

"There is a tie, which you will wear when the tutor is here" Colin passed the red and yellow striped tie, Mark put it on.

"These socks are for summer time" Colin said as he passed them over. "They are to be worn with all of your outfits. You have six pairs, and must change them twice a day."

Mark sat on the bed and put on the short grey socks. Each had two red bands around the top, which turned over.

"They go with the sandals" Colin continued, as he passed a pair of brown leather sandals to the boy. Mark silently put them on. He had already guessed what was coming next. The dull ache in his bottom told him not to argue, not yet.

Colin held up the grey short trousers. They had a white lining, two side pockets, zip fly, and belt loops.

"You will wear these for your lessons, and whilst doing your homework"

"Yes Sir, do I have to go outside like this?"

"No, lessons will be in my office, unless the tutor requests other arrangements"

"Will anybody else see me?" Mark wondered.

"Only the guests"

Mark put on the shorts. They were quite comfortable, he was surprised. The wide legs reached down to mid-thigh, and the waist-band was adjustable. Mark pulled up the zipper and put his hands into the ample pockets.

"Very smart" Colin commented. Mark looked into the full-length mirror. He had to agree he did look neat, at least from the neck down.

"When it gets colder there is a red pullover and some longer socks"

"When do my lessons start?"

"Tomorrow, at 4pm, for two hours."

"But school is nearly out for the summer"

"True, but you have a lot of catching up to do, and the tutor needs to find out just what you are capable of so that he can plan your work" Colin looked firmly at his nephew. "OK, let's try the next outfit."

Mark peeled off the shirt, tie, and shorts. He stood in his white briefs and sandals with ankle socks. Colin took the garments and placed them carefully onto hangers.

"For waiting at table, you will wear this shirt" Colin passed over a white long-sleeved shirt. Mark put it on.

"To begin, you can have an elastic tie, but later I will show you how to tie a real one." Colin passed over a black bow-tie. Mark had never seen anything like it. He pulled the elastic band over his head, and fitted the tie under his stiff collar.

"These are only to be worn for dinner" Colin declared. He held up a pair of black short trousers. These also had a white lining and belt loops. Mark stepped into them.

"They're too small" Mark declared.

"No, they are the same waist as the grey ones"

"They're too short" Mark complained. The inside leg was about an inch.

"No, they're ideal"

"I don't like them" Mark sounded petulant.

"OK, try these ones" Colin held out another pair. Mark quickly changed.

"These are better." The new shorts were mid-thigh.

"We'll keep the short ones, as a deterrent" Colin decided.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you will have to wear them if I feel you need too"

"A sort of punishment?" Mark enquired.

"Yes, an incentive to look neat and tidy."

Mark looked in the mirror. He saw a page-boy from a wedding photo. Apart from his hair, which Mark was beginning to realise did look silly.

"OK, let's put them away until you are ready to serve"

"When will that be?"

"When you have mastered the basics of silver service. It usually takes a week of training. Until then you can help me in the kitchen."

By now Mark had removed the clothes, and was waiting in his briefs and footwear for the next outfit.

"This is for general duties." Colin passed over a red polo type T-shirt. Mark put it on. He noted the designer logo on the left breast.

"These don't have to be kept so neat" Colin handed over a pair of red denim shorts.

"Not bad" Mark said as he stepped into the bermuda length shorts with top fashion label on the right back pocket.

Mark looked at the mirror. "Cool" he exclaimed.

Colin grinned. His years of experience in the civil service had taught him how to manipulate people. Mark had been easily swayed by an old trick, start with the worst, save the best for fast.

"Now, let's take a trip to the hairdresser"

"Yes Sir" and the boy shot down stairs. Colin followed at a slower pace. The street was bathed in sunshine, the earlier storm had blown away.

"Good afternoon Sam" Colin greeted his barber. The shop was empty, it was mid-afternoon. Mornings and evenings are when most men get their hair cut.

"Good afternoon Colin" the ageing hairdresser replied.

"Can you please do something for my nephew here? Tidy him up a bit"

Mark sat in the leather chair. A dull pain reminded him he was a spanked boy.

"What'll it be, son?" asked the barber as he wrapped a sheet around the boy.

"Like uncle says. Tidy me up"

"Can't do much with this tangled matt" Sam announced. "It will have to come off" Sam reached for his scissors.

Some time later he had cut out the lumps, and combed what was left into a respectable, if somewhat short, traditional hair style. Colin was delighted.

"Thank you, Sam" he handed over a crisp big note "Keep the change"

"Thank you, Sir" Sam shook the sheet and draped it over the back of the chair.

Mark stood and admired himself in the wall mirror. "Neat" he thought.

Colin held open the door as Mark walked out.

Two teenage girls were passing the shops as Mark stepped out.

"Hi" said the nearest one "Nice job" The other giggled.

"Thank you" Mark smiled at them.

"Cool accent" said the first girl.

Colin closed the door.

"Does your Daddy still take you to the barber's, them?" asked the teasing second girl.

"He's not my Dad" Mark blushed.

"We could make a foursome then" the second girl laughed. "Do you fancy my friend?"

"Why, do you fancy old men?" Mark was quick.

"Come on" the first girl pulled her friend along, blushing.

"Will you be at the beach-party tonight?" asked the second one.

"Maybe" said Mark, looking at Colin.

"We'll see" Colin stated.

The girls moved off, after about five paces the first whispered to the second, and laughed hysterically.

"I don't" the second one pushed her friend.

"I do" the first was heard to admit.

"Can we go to the beach-party tonight, please?" Mark asked.

Colin was most impressed. First the tearaway who had got off the train this morning had turned into this polite well-spoken presentable young man. Second, Mark had clearly said 'we' not 'I' - he wanted his uncle to come along.

Mark looked at Colin with big pleading eyes. He did so want to go out, and he really did want his uncle to look after him. After all, this was his first day in a strange town.

"OK, for a while, after dinner. But you had better be on best behaviour"

"I promise I will be good, uncle. Promise you will take good care of me?"

Colin looked at the boy. Suddenly he was not sixteen, he was more like six. A sad little child needing a man's firm hand, fatherly love, parental guidance.

"I will always love you, Mark, but sometimes I will have to punish you"

"That's what I want, really" Mark hugged his uncle.

"Let's go home" Colin was equally moved. "We have work to do"

To be continued. Comments welcomed.

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