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This story is pure fiction... it deals with M/f punishment spanking - so don't read it if you don't like spanking scenes with minors involved. The "business part" was written by my cyber Daddy - I only did the bratty part.

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Teresa and Daddy are finishing their Sunday breakfast. As on most Sundays Teresa prepared breakfast all on her own. Weekend breakfasts are special, Teresa is laying the table always very carefully - she always puts flowers and candles on the table and they listen to a nice CD instead of to the radio.

Daddy enjoys this relaxed atmosphere when they have time to talk about the good and the bad things of the previous week as well as about their plans for next week. They are very jealous of that special time of the week. When they have finished their breakfast Teresa is sitting on Daddy's lap while he is talking to her in his typical calm and reassuring manner:

"You have been a good girl last week, Teresa - and apart from your backtalking on Friday I am very pleased with you. I want you to keep up that good behavior in the future. Just like you, I don't like it when I have to punish you - but you know that I am taking my responsibility seriously - and you will get your bottom warmed whenever I feel you need it - is that clear, young lady?"

"Hmmm... yes Daddy, crystal clear!"

She gives him a funny look while reaching back to rub her bottom, which makes him laugh.

"I see we understand each other, and now, little one, I am afraid there is some work to be done outside, it snowed last night and I will have to shovel the snow from the driveway. You can dress, do your chores in the house and join me outside afterwards, ok?"

"Ok Daddy - and I want to build a new snowman - Aurora knocked the other one over. I will be with you in a few minutes!"

"But make sure all of your chores are done first, you have all morning to build that snowman - and I will be busy for quite some time anyway!" Teresa is running up the stairs before Daddy has finished his sentence. He is shaking his head, smiling at her enthusiasm. He cannot believe that she has been so good during the whole last week but he also knows that sooner or later she will get into mischief again.... Well there is nothing that can be done about it, some day she will be a perfect young lady, but he also knows that they have ways to go.

Daddy is half done shovelling when Teresa is storming out of the house in her jeans and sweatshirt and a pair of mittens. She starts forming a snow bowl when Daddy's voice makes her stop:

"Teresa - what on earth are you doing out here in your sweatshirt! You go back into the house this instant and fetch your jacket!"

"No Daddy - I am not cold at all, really!"

"Teresa - you had a cold only two weeks ago, you do as I say, and I suggest you do it without any further discussion if you don't want a spanking right here in the driveway!"

"Oh, ok Daddy - I am going!" Teresa is quick to run back into the house before Daddy is announcing any further drastic measures for the whole neighborhood to hear. She would die of embarrassment if Dennis and Nick overheard her Daddy threatening her with a spanking! The two sons of their neighbors are two and one year older than her, they moved here about two years ago - and even if she suspects that they get their fair share of spankings, too, she doesn't really KNOW it - and she doesn't want them to KNOW how Daddy handles her discipline. They are really cool and even shared a cigarette with her two weeks ago after school. She would be dead meat if Daddy knew, she didn't even really like the taste but she would never admit it, of course.

She gets her jacket is when she is coming out again she sees that Daddy is chatting with Mrs. Pembrooke, the lady who is "babysitting" her occasionally. Teresa is not fond of this arrangement, to say the least. Mrs. Pembrooke is a former headmistress at a girls' school and she doesn't take any nonsense, she is nice but strict. Teresa hates being under her supervision.

She mumbles a "Good morning, Mrs. Pembrooke" and is scampering off with Aurora before Mrs. Pembrooke starts asking embarrassing questions about school and things like that. Daddy seems to be in a very talkative mood this morning, and Teresa is pissed off. She was hoping that Daddy would play with her outside - a snowball fight had been planned and now he is chatting for hours!

"Daddy!!!!!! Are you coming? You said we could have a snowball fight!"

"I know, little one, one minute, ok?"

After the third reminder Daddy is getting a bit angry.

"Teresa - mind your manners, I am talking to Mrs. Pembrooke right now, and I don't want to get interrupted all the time, do you understand?"

Teresa is not happy with that response and she is getting angry, too. It is not fair. Daddy promised to play with her and now he seems to have forgotten completely! That is not fair.

She throws a few snowballs for Aurora who never gets tired of running after them. It is not Teresa's fault that some these snowballs almost hit Daddy or Mrs. Pembrooke who is giving her some of her special headmistress looks.

"Teresa be careful with those snowballs!" Daddy's tone of voice should have been enough of a warning to her but she thought that she was fighting for a just cause.

The next snowball hits Daddy's back.

"I am sorry Daddy - I didn't mean to...."

Her voice is trailing off when Daddy runs over to her, grabs her wrist, spins her half around and puts her under his arm and places five hard smacks on her jeans-clad bottom.

"I warned you to be careful, young lady, now you can finish your snowman SILENTLY or spend the rest of the morning in your room. Your choice, Teresa!"

Teresa is mortified being treated like that in front of Mrs Pembrooke, and everybody who passed by could have seen it, too!

Aurora is barking, thinking this is a new funny outdoor game. Mrs. Pembrooke gives her another one of her "this-is-exactly-what-naughty- little-girls-should-get" looks and Daddy walks back to Mrs. Pembrooke with an apology.

Teresa is fuming inwardly. She doesn't see that her behavior provoked Daddy's action - she only sees that he is wasting his time with Mrs. Pembrooke. She looks at the snowman which is almost finished and her eyes sparkle with mischief.

She walks back into the house, gets a red scarf, a big fat carrot and two smaller potatoes, tells Aurora that this is not for her to eat. Aurora is turning her head indignantly to show Teresa that she is not interested in the least.

Teresa goes back to her snowman, puts the scarf around his neck and sticks the carrot not like a good little girl into his head to indicate his nose but much deeper. She takes the two small potatoes and puts them side by side just below the carrot and is very pleased with her snow"man", a work of art, indeed! She thinks that Mrs Pembrooke is way too old to remember what these things are supposed to be and hopefully Daddy will be very impressed her creativity.

She is still admiring her sculpture when she hears Dennis shout:

"Nick! You have to see this - look what Teresa did - this is really kewl!"

Mr. Robinson, who is also shovelling snow is bursting out with laughter when he looks across the fence and suddenly Teresa is no longer sure whether her snowman was such a great idea.

She sees Daddy turn around, sees the incredulous expression on Mrs Pembrooke's face and decides it is is a good time for her to quit the scene of crime.

"I need to go to the bathroom, Daddy!" With these words she turns around and disappears in the house.....

Turning around Daddy looks in the direction everyone is looking and laughing and he is absolutely mortified at what he sees.

"Excuse me Mrs. Pembrooke, I have some business to attend to."

Walking quickly he opens the door to the house, takes off his jacket and heads upstairs. As he reaches the top of the stairs he hears the toilet flush.

"Teresa leave your panties and jeans down and come out here. Daddy is going to teach you that decorating the snowman with private parts is something you won't do again."

"But Daddddddy you wouldn't pay attention to me."

"Young Lady you now have my full attention, now come out here." The door opens and she slowly shuffles out, panties and jeans at her ankles, her head down knowing what is coming.

"Okay Missy lets get this over with."

In one motion he picks her up and puts her over his left shoulder. She doesn't know what is happening but one thing is clear, it is not going to be good. He gives her bottom a quick swat with his right palm and heads downstairs. As he reaches the bottom of the stairs he hears her starting to sob.

"Young Lady you'd better save your tears for when I really start."

That brings a new batch of sniffles. He goes into the living room with her bare butt hanging over his shoulder. Placing her down he puts her in the far corner, backside facing towards the window still covered with the drapes.

"Now stand there hands on top of your head, you naughty little girl."

SWAT! SWAT! He gives her two swats, one on each cheek which starts a new round of sobbing. Bzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzz! The door bell buzzes.

"Daddy please let me pull my jeans up, someone is at the door."

"No stay just like that until I see who it is."

He answers the door and there stands Mrs. Pembrooke with the carrot and two potatoes.

"Thought you might want this in here instead of on the snowman."

"Thank you Mrs. Pembrooke, why don't you come in and see what happens when Teresa is naughty." "Nooooooo Dadddddy please just spank me. I don't want anyone to see me. Pleaseeeee."

"Enough Missy." he calls up to her.

"Come on up here, Mrs. Pembrooke, this will give Teresa something to think about next time she decides to embarrass me."

Into the living room he goes with Mrs. Pembrooke right behind him. Teresa is standing with her bottom facing them. He hears Mrs. Pembrooke click 'Tssssk Tssssk'. Daddy goes into the dining room and gets a straight backed chair and puts it in the center of the room. Taking Teresa's ear he marches her over to the center of the room and sits down. He flips her over his knee so her face is facing the window and her backside is to his right side. He places his left arm across the small of her back and runs his palm over her bottom. He gently pats her heinie indicating to her that her spanking is about to begin as she relaxes her cheeks.

"Mrs Pembrooke would you open the drapes please."

"No Daddddddyyyyy noooo everyone will know."

"Young Lady, you should have thought about that before you pulled this little stunt."

The drapes are open and the window is available for all to see. The window takes up the entire wall. Normally, she enjoys looking out, but not right now. She sees Dennis and Nick and Mr. Robinson still looking at the snowman and pointing to the spot where the carrot and potatoes once were.

"You (smack) will (smack) remember (smack) this (smack) spanking (smack) for a (smack) long time (smack) young (smack) lady." he says as he begins her lesson.

He hears her gasp and moan through the first part of the spanking. He begins spanking her even harder after her bottom begins to warm up and turns pink. Outside the threesome look up and see his hand going up and landing square on Teresa's buttocks. They can't see her backside but they can see her face and she can see their faces. They now know for sure she gets spanked like a little girl, when she is naughty. She begins to cry from embarrassment and the stinging in her cheeks.

Smack! Smack! Daddy continues to spank her.

Teresa is crying and pleading for Daddy to stop the spanking.

"Don't you ever do that again Missy or I will invite the entire neighborhood in here to see your red heinie"

Daddy dishes out a volley of swats right across the middle of her dark red bottom.

"Okay little girl, up to your room, you are grounded for the rest of the day."

Mrs. Pembroke closes the drapes as Teresa gets up slowly and pulls her panties and jeans up wondering how she is going to face her friends at school on Monday.

Sobbing and deeply embarrassed Teresa runs up to her room, ignoring Mrs. Pembrooke completely. She is getting out of her jeans and panties as soon as the door is shut behind her and reaches back with both hands to rub some of the sting out. She is plunging down on her bed, the cool air feels good on her scorched skin. She is sobbing out all her misery before she is groping for Millie, her figure skating teddybear and hugs it close to her.

Her sobbing slowly is replaced by occasional hiccups and finally she falls asleep. This is how Daddy finds her when he enters her room an hour later. He gently nudges her shoulder.

"Wake up, little one - time for lunch! I fixed us some tuna sandwiches and a mixed salad. I am sure you are hungry after your busy morning!"

Teresa is waking up, slightly embarrassed as she realizes that she is still lying on her tummy with her bare bottom sticking up. She is slightly flushed when she is looking into Daddy's eyes.

He doesn't seem to be mad anymore but he hasn't yet said that she is forgiven.

"Daddy - I am sorry about the snowman - I don't know why I did this but I didn't want to embarrass you, I just didn't think!"

She is getting into a sitting position but quickly jumps up as sitting is not too comfortable yet.

"It is ok Kitten, you have been punished and you are forgiven. I know you didn't think and that is why you got spanked. I do believe that a smarting bottom is an excellent reminder for most little girls not to do something stupid like this a second time. Now let's get you into your panties and a pair of sweatpants, you can bring down your pillow, it will make sitting during lunch easier."

He is holding out her panties and sweatpants for her and hugs her tightly when she is finished dressing.

"Everything is all right, little one - Daddy still loves you. Oh - and you needn't worry about school tomorrow. I talked to Mr. Robinson and to Nick and Dennis - they promised they won't tease you about your spanking in front of your other friends at school."

Teresa is hugging him back really tight.

"Thank you Daddy - I love you, too! Do you think we can have a long walk to the lake with Aurora this afternoon?"

"No, young lady - I said you are grounded for the rest of the day - and I meant it. You can have lunch downstairs and then it is back to your room, you can finish your homework or do some reading while I am going for a walk with the dog."

"Oh - ok Daddy - I guess I deserve it."

"Yes, you do, little one - but we can have our snowball fight when I come home from work tomorrow. And now come on - my morning was at least as busy as yours and I am starving!"

They are walking down the stairs, glad that the bad part of this day is over.

The End

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