Mrs. McConnal XV

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Chapter Fifteen: Birthday Licks?

We hugged each other good bye the afternoon before she left. It was to only be a month, but it felt like a year to this 12 year old. I was determined to keep my sadness from showing, though. She promised to send postcards.

"Buy lots of postcards, Pretty Lady." I asked. "Bring back all you can. I want to see the pictures."

"Well, we'll all be shooting lots of pictures, darling." she smiled.

"I know, but postcards are like National Geographic pictures." I pointed out. She knew what I meant. Postcards are lots better pictures than any of them would shoot, but I was polite and didn't say that. And I added quickly, "And I want you to show me all the pictures and tell me about every place you go. OK?"

Smiling and nodding she replied, "I'll get lots of postcards, precious. And we'll have a month to talk all about it before school starts."

We hugged and I rode home, sad but at the same time looking forward to my first dance lesson which Gloria had scheduled for tomorrow.

A week into the dance lessons Gloria asked me, "Don't you have a birthday coming us soon? You'll be 13! A teenager! Mama will still have a teenager around the house even once I turn 20 in a few months."

"Yeah," I said smiling at the thought that she knew about my birthday.

"When is it?" About a couple of weeks away. "Exactly when?" (as if getting irritated) Exactly two weeks away. "Oh! Great!" she said, "That means we'll get to celebrate it here."

"What?" I was laughing, "You going to get cake and ice cream?" I thought it sounded like a childish idea. Cake and ice cream for your birthday? For a 5 year old, maybe. (Shows you how out of touch I was.)

"Of course!" Gloria said, stunned that I could be so jaded. "You become a teenager. You damn right I'm gonna get cake and ice cream for you, little brother. I'm not going to just toss away your 13th birthday like it was nothing."

"OK," I said sheepishly, "should I bring something?"

"YOURSELF." she said, even more amazed. We had been getting a little rough with some of the dances that afternoon. But she still caught me by surprise when she grabbed me by the waist, picked me up and slung me onto the couch, still holding me, while I almost screamed with laughter, "I swear, Rugrat, sometimes you do the dumbest things. Asking if you should bring something to your own birthday party. What a nerd you can be." I stopped laughing.

She kneeled upright on the floor beside me. "Oh, Jeremy, I'm sorry." she really was looking sad about what she had said. "You're not a nerd, baby."

God dammit, I'm not a baby, either.

She covered her mouth with her hand, "Oh, I can't say anything right can I?"

I laughed again. I knew she didn't mean 'nerd' and 'baby' like so many others did. I sat up and gave her a hug around her bare tummy between that halter top and short shorts (God, it felt great). "That's OK, Gloria." I said. "I'll be your nerd baby."

Now it was her turn to screech with laughter. Yea, I had just gotten real fresh. But I was so cute.

"I can see I'm going to have to give you your birthday licks, too." she said. Birthday licks? What's that? "You don't know about birthday licks?" No.

"You never got a spanking on your birthday?" she exclaimed. No. "On your birthday, Jeremy, you get one lick on your bare bottom for each year, one for good measure, and one to grown on." This sounded interesting. Surely it would be more like Sally Ann than Pretty Lady. Pretty Lady had never given me any play spanks. Her's were all for real. I didn't think I wanted that from Gloria, not for real at least (I was always imagining).

"But not really on your bare bottom, right?" acting like I might dread the idea. I didn't want to act too much like I liked the prospect of any kind of spanking. I didn't want her thinking me a pervert.

"You'd better believe on the bare bottom, 15 licks on your bare fanny. I might even get down Mama's paddle if you keep getting fresh with me." I hadn't thought she noticed. Of course she noticed.

I held back a broad grin, looked around the room a moment and asked, "You are kidding, right? I mean about 'birthday licks' and stuff." (stuff?)

"No! I'm not kidding." she still couldn't believe I was that ignorant. "Everybody gets birthday licks, Jeremy! You've been sheltered too long."

"So," I had to ask, "when you turn 20 in a couple of months, I get to give you 22 licks on you bare bottom, right?" Now THAT sounded like a plan.

Her mouth flew open in amazement, "Why you little . . . "

With both of us laughing and I hardly able to catch my breath, she pulled me off the couch, over her knee on the floor and popped the seat of my gym shorts 5 times. She wasn't hitting so hard as to really hurt, but they did sting. And she was working right on my spank spot. My guess was that she knew how to give a real spanking if she needed to. Probably learned it from getting them from her mother, I guessed. "I should blister your little butt now and again in two weeks." she said.

She rolled me off her knee and I lay on the floor catching my breath. She had mentioned her mother's 'paddle'. "Your mom has a paddle?" I asked.

"Yes," Gloria answered. "She used to use it on my uncles when they were young."

So Mrs. McConnal did have a paddle. "You don't think she'd ever use it on me, do you?" I asked, this time seriously.

"Jeremy, from what I've heard, I feel certain that she will." She was smiling about that. Hay, we're talking something serious now, Gloria, don't kid about something like that. "You think I'm kidding don't you? I'm not."

"She told you that she spanked me?" I wasn't sure how to feel about this.

"Yes. She spanked me when I was younger, but when I was younger than you. Boys need spankings longer than girls." Then she giggled, "And you, Jeremy, need a lot of spankings. I don't know why Mama waited so long."

Blushing, I got on my knees facing her. I leaned close into her as if sharing a secret. "Yeah, Gloria," I said only slightly louder than a whisper, "I'm a bad boy."

"No, you're not a bad boy, Jeremy, you're just wild." she said gently.

"No, Gloria," I said intently, "I'm a bad boy." and laughed before leaning in closer and kissing her on the lips. She was delighted. I knew she would be. "But now I'd better go."

The End

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