Mrs. McConnal XIII

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Chapter Thirteen: The Party

The play went great, as far as all of us were concerned. I got a bunch more hugs from Sally Ann. When the play closed the seniors went out of their way to let me know that they wanted me at the cast party. I thought they probably really didn't want some little kid around screwing things up, but were being kind anyway. Pretty Lady had us all over to her house for it. I didn't even feel that I had to get drunk or anything.

During the course of it we were all saying our goodbyes and feeling sad that this experience was over. The seniors would soon be graduating and leaving for good. And that's always sad, too, as sad as it is happy.

I knew I would miss Sally Ann. I had grown to like her a whole lot. And I think she liked me, too. She came to me during the party and said, "Jeremy, I'm going to miss you so much when I'm gone. I'm so sorry that I waited until I was almost graduating before getting to know you. I wish we had been tight all through school."

What a sweet thing to say. "Me, too." I was almost sniffling. "I'm going to miss you, Sally Ann."

And then she took me in her arms and gave me the tightest hug anyone ever imagined. I returned it with full enthusiasm. She was hugging me just below my shoulders, my head in between her breasts. My arms were around her mid section. It felt so unbelievably comfortable that I let my hands slide down, inch by inch, until they were resting on the upper part of her beautiful bottom. She didn't push me away. Certainly she could feel my hands on her butt. But she didn't push me away! I felt like coming right then and there. What a wonderful feeling.

She did finally gently back off a few inches, but my hands stayed where they were. She leaned down so that her face was inches from mine. "You little scamp." she giggled, "if you were six years older you'd be in my pants tonight, wouldn't you?"

I was gasping for breath! Getting in her pants! Oh Jeez, getting in YOUR pants, Sally Ann. Getting in your pants. Oh God, getting in YOUR pants. Moving mouth, no words. Mouth turned dry and pasty, can't talk. Can't hardly think. Getting in Sally Ann's pants. Taking her clothes off. Taking my clothes off. Oh God, if only she were serious.

I finally managed to say, and I know I seemed like a begging puppy dog, "Would I HAVE to be six years older?"

She pursed her lips and glared at me, both in amazement and trying to hold back a laugh. After a moment to regain her composure she said under her breath, "You little rascal, I don't know whether to spank you or to . . . " her voice dropped off. I didn't know what that 'or to' was, but from her I'd take a spanking or an 'or to' with glee.

She smiled sweetly, took me by the hand, and said, "Let's go outside." I couldn't speak, I just went where she led me.

What's she gonna do? Whatever it is, I think i'll like it. Am I going to get to see her NAKED? Ohhhhhh, she's beautiful, so soft but firm, so sweet, and she smells so good.

It was night and she took us into the shade of some trees where we couldn't even see each other for several minutes until our eyes adjusted.

"Wh . . . wh . . . what are we going to do?" I asked.

"Jeremy," she spoke very softly, "if I do anything you don't like, you just say so and I'll stop. That's a promise. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I was gasping for breath again, this time in more earnest. Whatever she had planned I was sure I would LOVE it.

In the dark she unfastened my belt and my trousers and let them fall quietly to the ground. I felt free to rub my hand on the full fleshy part of her whole bottom now. Even through her skirt it was fantastic. And I was rock hard.

She then slipped her thumbs into the elastic band of my briefs and slowly slid my underpants down to my ankles. Oh my GOD! "Now get down on your knees." she whispered as she helped me down and joined me on the grass.

She pulled up her own skirt, and I took the liberty now of reaching up into it and feeling her fanny through only her panties, then slipping her panties down and freely stroking her beautiful bottom. She pulled as close to me as we could get, reached back behind me and let her hand slide down the crack of my ass until she reached underneath me and tenderly grabbed my balls. I was going to pass out! I did not want to pass out. I wanted this to keep going forever!

I let my hand slip down between her legs and began stroking her wonderful pussy with my fingers. My other hand rubbed her stomach and breasts while she leaned into me and we kissed on the lips; not like any kiss I'd ever exchanged before, but she stuck her tongue in my mouth. I reacted in kind. I couldn't believe what was happening!

I was already about to explode from the kiss when I felt her other hand stroking the under side of my hard, 12 year old, dick. Ohhhhh, she's doing that to me! She's really doing that to me!

I held her as close as tightly as I could, forgetting all about being gentle. I kissed her as deeply as a 12 year old could. Don't stop, Sally Ann, please don't ever stop. My hand never leaving her sweet bottom. "Sally Ann! Sally Ann!" I kept exclaiming in a whisper, never forgetting our need for secrecy.

"Oh God, Sally Ann, I love you! I love you!"

"I love you, too, Jeremy." Her voice was so controlled and so sweet I could lap it up like honey.

I was starting to convulse uncontrollably now, gasping "Sally Ann. Sally Ann." over and over again. "Don't stop. Please don't stop." I gasped frantically.

"Come on." she coaxed, "Come on. I'm not stopping." She knew what she was doing. She planted another long, deep kiss down my throat as I was reaching the height of convulsions.

I let out a silent scream and reached deeper into her for an even more desperate kiss as she brought me to an explosion. I pulled her tighter to me. I bet I gripped so hard on her ass that it hurt. I didn't mean to hurt, I just wanted that ass so bad right then I couldn't turn it loose.

I came and came and came again, thinking I would come forever. I had no idea I was capable of that! I had no idea girls could make a guy feel that good!

Finally I collapsed in her arms, still gasping for breath that wasn't there. As I looked up at her like a dumb puppy she dried me off with some napkins she had brought from the party. (Party? What party?) I kept hugging her with one arm while still stroking the crack of her fanny with my other hand. I went soft as soon as I came, but the feel of her drying me off while I stroked her ass was also something I could live with forever.

She placed her lips up to my ear and whispered. "You'd better get your pants up before anyone catches us. If they do I'll have to tell them I that I was just about to spank you for getting fresh, and since your bottom's the only part of you that's not red right now, I'd have to tan that fanny of yours real good."

"That'd be OK with me." I told her.

She giggled. "I know it would."

Rather than going back inside immediately, which neither of us wanted to do, Sally Ann took me to sit with her in Mrs. McConnal's wooden swing in the garden. It was a perfect evening, not hot and sweaty as it would be in a couple of months, even though I was personally hot and sweaty.

I had no hesitancy now in sitting close to her and putting my arm around her while she put her arm around my shoulder. I leaned into her. We snuggled each other. I wasn't sure what to say but I had to say something to let her know how much that meant to me.

"Thank you." was all I could come up with.

"Thank you." she responded. Why would she thank me? I wondered.

"Sally Ann?" I asked.


"Was that a whole lot of fun for you, too?"

She pulled me closer to her. "Yes," she replied, "did you think it wouldn't be?"

"I didn't know." I said. "I've never done anything like that before."

She smiled. "I didn't think you had."

"You know," I said, "it's kind of like getting spanked."

"Getting spanked?" she seemed astonished. "How's that?"

"Well, there's the excitement before hand." I explained. "And there's being driven out of your mind by a physical sensation. And there's that release at the end. And then there's the snuggling when it's all over. And in both cases it's like a totally different world exists after than existed before."

"I never thought about it like that." she said.

"It doesn't hurt nearly so bad though." I added. "And where with a spanking I feel like more of a little boy after, now I feel more like a man."

"That's because you are more of a man now." she complimented me. I wanted to be a man so badly, not a little boy.

I had to ask her this but was shy to. I took several deep breaths before working up the nerve. "Does this mean I'm not a virgin any more?"

"Yeah, it does," she was pleased with herself, "I got your cherry." she giggled as she wiggled my nose.

"Yeah," I laughed. "And I'll always love you for it."

"I know," she said, "and I'll always love you, too."

"There you two are. We were wondering where you had gone off to." It was Mrs. McConnal. Had they really been looking for us? I'm glad they didn't find us

"I guess we should head inside." I said to Sally Ann, taking her by the hand and assuming the lead, whereas she had taken the lead when we came out.

"It's a beautiful evening out isn't it?" Mrs. McConnal noted as we went inside.

"Yeah, it is." we both answered, still holding hands.

Mrs. McConnal sensed the difference in me. I had grown up several years in the last 30 minutes. I could tell that she knew something had gone on between us. She wasn't sure what. And she had the good taste not to ask.

The next few days I wore decent clothes while riding my bike, which was unusual. I was looking for Pretty Lady to be working in her garden. On the second day she was. I pulled my bike into her yard. I needed her help with something.

"Hay, Pretty Lady."

"What's up, young man?" she responded. She seemed happy to see me. I'm sure she was.

"Mrs. McConnal," I got right into it, "I want to get a nice graduation present for somebody. And I don't know what I should get. I don't want to get something that would be . . . well, too forward. But I want to get something real nice. I was hoping you'd help me pick something out. Please."

"For Sally Ann, right?" I nodded. "You two seemed to have become pretty close."

"Yes ma'am. I thought jewelry would be good. But I don't want to embarrass her with something too . . . too presumptuous for someone my age. But I want to get her something nice enough that she realty will wear it and keep it all her life. Something to help her remember me, I guess."

"I don't think she'll be forgetting you any time soon." Mrs. McConnal said joking. "But I'll be delighted to help you pick something out. Come inside while I change and we'll go right now. Is that OK?"

Mrs.McConnal said it would be OK for me to get Sally Ann a string of fresh water pearls. She assured me that Sally Ann wouldn't think I was being fresh. They were simple but pretty. And they were nice enough to belong in any woman's permanent jewelry collection. When Sally Ann rocked her great grandchildren to sleep, she'd be wearing these pearls.

That was exactly what I wanted.

The End

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