Amelia Angelina Gets in Big Trouble

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As you know my mother is making me keep this punishment diary. I hate it but I ain’t fighting with a crazed Italian mama! When my mama says jump you better ask “how high” or your butt will be roasted. So here I am getting ready to tell you about my latest adventure that ended with me getting a strapping. It all started out innocent enough.

Anna Marie and I were walking to school. We were talking and giggling and doing all the stuff that girls do. As we were walking we were talking about one of the Sisters who is very strict. Anna Marie and I are always trying to plan ways to irritate her without actually getting caught. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. When it works it’s great but when it doesn't man oh man it gets real hard to sit if you know what I mean.

We finally got to school and went to our classes. School was boring as usual. I went to all my classes and didn't even think about doing anything bad. I bet you're shocked! Anyway at lunchtime me and Anna Marie ate together as usual. I got a burger and she got a hot dog from the “poison pit.” That's what we call the cafeteria food. I love lots and lots of ketchup on my food. In fact I think ketchup should be a vegetable.

We were eating when I had a brilliant idea. I got lots and lots of packets of ketchup and started to empty them into a baggy from my snack. Anna Marie looked at me like I was nuts. She asked what I was going to do with all that ketchup. I told her that when we got to Sister’s class she would be laughing her head off. She begged and begged but I wouldn't give up my secret. After lunch I told her I had to go to the “girls room”. She knew something was up because I never go to our schools bathroom. Its dirty and nasty and all that kind of stuff.

After we were done with lunch we both went to the bathroom. I went into one of the stalls and put the bag of ketchup in my panties. I knew I had to walk very carefully so I didn't break it till the right moment. I washed my hands and we went to Sister’s class.

Sister took roll and began to teach her very boring lesson. When her back was turned I squeezed my legs together real tight and the bag burst! There was ketchup running down my legs and it was a mess. Sister turned back to the class and saw me with all this red stuff running down my legs. She let out a small yell and told me to go the nurses office. I very innocently told her I had no idea what that red stuff was. I told her before I went I had to do something. I put my hand between my legs and took some of the ketchup and put it in my mouth. I said out loud that it looked like blood, smelled like blood and then I put some in my mouth! Sister screamed and then passed out cold. The class went nuts from laughter. I was laughing the hardest of course.

The teacher next door heard all the noise and came running into our class. She saw Sister on the floor and called for help from the office. Before anyone got there Sister opened her eyes and kept saying my name. I started to get scared. I knew I was in really deep trouble. Sister told the other teacher exactly what I had done. She sent me to the office.

When I got to the office I was told to see the Disciplinary Sister. When a kid gets sent to see her you know you are in for a paddling. I knew I couldn't get out of this one. I had to explain to Sister what I did and why I did it. I swear I saw a smile on her lips when I told her the story. She asked me why I did it and I couldn't give her a reason. She had me bend over her desk with my uniform high up on my back. She got that nasty old paddle from the wall. By this time I was real scared. I begged her to paddle me as hard as wants but not tell my mama. Sister of the Holy Paddle refused and told me that when children misbehave there parents are always informed. I knew I was going to bed that night with a very sore butt.

Sister swung that paddle back and gave me the hardest whack I have ever had in my life. I let out a yell and tried to stand up. Sister told me if I moved again she'd double my punishment. I ain’t no dummy and so I laid over her desk while she fried my bottom with her paddle. She gave me five whacks. For a little lady that woman knows how to spank! When she was done she told me to sit in her office and wait while she called my mother. Sit! Was she nuts or what? Anyway I did as she asked because I did not want any further dealings with that woman.

Sister got my mother on the phone. From what I could tell my mama was madder then a wet hen in a rainstorm. Sister told me that my mother was coming to school to “talk” to me.

When mama got to school she and I had a talk with Sister of the Holy Paddle. I sat there quietly when Sister told mama I was suspended for one day. I wished that I was dead because mama sure was going to kill me. As luck would have it I didn't drop dead and I had to leave school with a very angry mama.

When mama and I got home she sent me to my room. Mama left me there for an hour. Eventually she came up the stairs and came into my room. I was laying on my bed and waiting for her to pronounce sentence on my poor butt. Mama started yelling at me and told me to get my pillows into the center of my bed. I wondered why but I wasn't going to dare ask. Mama went into my closet and got my leather belt. She dragged me into the bathroom to take off all my ketchup soaked clothes. She ran a tub of water for me. The whole time she was holding my belt. All of the sudden it hit me. She was going to spank me with my own belt. I was shocked!

After my bath I asked her if I could put my pajamas on. She told me that when she was done the last thing I would want is panties. She took my hand and we went into my room. She made me lay over the pillows. My butt was so far up I swear it almost hit the ceiling. Mama began swinging that belt. Gosh I never felt anything like that in my life! I yelled and yelled and yelled some more. I was crying and kicking and everything else I could think of to get rid of that horrible pain she was inflicting. Soon the spanking stopped but I was crying so hard I didn't even notice. Mama started to rub my back and had me come off the pillows. I cried into Mama's chest and told her I would never do anything like that again. Mama told me she believed me and had me lay down for a nap. I slept bare butt because my behind was on sheer fire.

You know I am kind of sorry for what I did but I wish you could have been there when I put that ketchup in my mouth. It was really funny. I bet Sister will never ever forget me and my “ketchup period”!

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